Hilarious Drill Sergeant Range Behavior Video

Amused31 is a Facebook Page ran by a currently serving U.S. Army Sergeant First Class. Unlike many videos being posted these days, making fun of Army Drill Sergeants or Marine Corps Drill Instructors, SFC Muse is a former Drill Sergeant herself as seen from the oval Drill Sergeant Identification Badge on the left side of her uniform.

Her most recent video is a short skit made of impersonating herself and other Drill Sergeants while at a live fire qualification range. And it is absolutely hilarious in every regard! I think the best part about it is that it appeals to both people who have never put on a uniform, and those who have. As an example of her diving headfirst to the ground after a recruit screaming, “Muzzle Awareness!”.

I’ve downloaded the video from her Facebook page and uploaded it to Youtube so sharing it is simplified-

However, there are some tidbits in there that some might want some clarification on as to why it is a topic of concern on a live fire qualification range. Although silly in this skit, some of the issues are gravely important while serving.

I know it’s only 1030 but can we do the Chow Run now?

For a recruit or a Soldier/Marine simply conducting a qualification, the shooting portion of a qualification range will probably only last several hours or an afternoon. But for the Drill Instructor/ Drill Sergeant/Coach/RSO, they have to be there all day. Often arriving before the sun is up, ensuring safety briefs and equipment is in place, to sometimes when the sun goes down if it is an extremely busy day or a large number of troops need to be qualified.

Congratulations you shot a 27, what about the rest of them…

The Army’s qualification course is out of 40 available targets, and shooting 23 is the lowest a shooter can go without failing. The Marine Corps uses a point system out of 250 points on Table 1 (200-500 meters) with 190 points being the lowest amount without failing. SFC. Muse was making fun of the shooter for only shooting 27 targets while missing 13 others.

You see that? There’s 16 lanes out here and… 

Similar to high power long range competition shoots, Military ranges are often very wide, often being able to accommodate 50 shooters or more per relay. Controlling this firing line can be very difficult for the RSOs on the firing line as they have to walk between each firing point to ensure shooters are safe, qualifying, etc… The Marine Corps uses Block NCOs and Coaches to make this job easier, but at the end of the day, it is quite a long firing line to control.

Muzzle Awareness!!!!

This is often a problem with recruits who simply don’t know better than to practice safe gun handling rules. For many recruits, this is the first time they are around a weapon for the majority of the day.


Y’all need help in the tower? Please get me off this range!

The “Tower” is a moving platform on a Marine Corps rifle qualification range (I think the Army uses an actual tower), that is pushed between the yard lines. This is where the range’s command and control is located throughout the day, facilitating communication between the target “pits” and the firing line. Sometimes this location is air conditioned and under shade….

Your lane is right here! How are you knocking down your battle-buddies targets?

These large ranges can get confusing at times, with experienced shooters even shooting the targets next to their lane. Especially on ranges with targets literally feet away from each other, only differentiated by a single digit. Most ranges will have the number boards in alternating colors to help avoid this issue, but sometimes it is just pure error. The situation gets worse during rapid fire sections when all 10 rounds have to be expended during a single minute of fire, and somehow the wrong target gets 20 or even 30 rounds impacting on it from two or three shooters.

We have a Soldier down there on Lane One looking at their muzzle…

Back to the muzzle awareness piece. Although this would sound like a no-brainer, there are some ASVAB waivers out there that snuck their way into the service…

Am I the only one hoping for Lightning right now?

Evidence of lightning near a Military training exercise/base/range, can be cause for “L5” or Lightning within five miles. Most bases mandate that all outdoor training cease and troops retire to the nearest available overhead cover. At Parris Island this is a huge hanger located uprange of the actual firing points. This also obviously means the range is over for the duration of the L5 strike, something she is hoping for at the height of a hot day.

Stop Aiming at the Wildlife!

Although comical, there are all sorts of endangered animals on Military bases that seem to take higher priority than Privates and PFCs at times. They often cross live fire ranges at the worst times, shutting all sorts of training down. Some of the worst examples are in the training areas of Twenty Nine Palms in the Mojave Desert with the endangered tortoises. Because they move so slowly, and can’t be physically handled/moved because they are so endangered, they can hold an entire infantry battalion’s live fire attack up for days on end.

On a side-note, some of the tortoises at Twenty Nine Palms have GPS trackers on them, being monitored back on the main part of the base. And ever occasionally, people monitoring these tortoises will just see the tracker go flying across the screen at 70 miles per hour. This isn’t because the tortoise gained wings, but rather a bored Lance Corporal chucked the endangered specimen in the back of his AAV or truck for a laugh and took off through the desert.

If you want to take a look at the sort of range environment SFC Muse is impersonating, watch this video for an Army range-

And this one from TFB TV on the Marine Corps’ range-


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  • Jay

    When I went through basic training, Drill Instructors weren’t supposed to come onto the range with the recruits; the PMIs took over once we were marched over.

  • DrewN

    Jesus, why is that boot’s sling just hanging there?

    • Lemdarel

      Here’s a question for the guys who have deployed from a know-nothing civilian. How often did you shoot while slung-up while in combat?

      • iksnilol

        I just keep the gun slinged to one arm and throw it over my back, so I’m always “slung-up” while carrying a rifle.

        • Lemdarel

          Same, but I’m was just curious if using the sling as a brace is actually something regularly used by troops under fire. If so it would make sense to train them to do so during qualification, if not then I can understand why the soldier in question isn’t using his sling that way. Not important, just idle curiousity.

          • majorrod

            I have but it really depends on the shooter. I’ve heard of others that do and some where whole units forbade it..

      • Gary Kirk

        When using a rifle with an optic you aren’t supposed to “sling up” since it puts pressure on the barrel and can throw off your zero..

  • Justin

    One of the times I was down in the butts pulling targets a sidewinder came of the berm and land on a guys back. After it hit the ground we grabbed a M16 and killed it. The RO then came over the load speaker to tell us we could not kill the snake because all Marine Corp bases are game preserve. We just laughed at him and said what snake.

  • MinusOne

    I have no respect for diversity quota hires.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      You had to be “that guy”, huh?

      • EdgyTrumpet

        Oh boy here we go again.

    • Lemdarel

      That’s ok, I doubt many folks respect you either.

    • Do you mean that SFC up there who could most likely punch you so hard your left one and right one wouldn’t be found within a hundred yards of each other? I sincerely doubt she’d spare more than two or three seconds to laugh at you, she seems like a busy person.

      • pvw20

        Don’t feed the troll.


    Cool Safari Hats.

    • Paul Wesolowski

      Pit helmets…

      • Sickshooter0


        • Keiichi

          Now now, don’t be pithy…

          • Sickshooter0

            Pith off 😉

  • Disarmed in CA

    Because they move so slowly, and can’t be physically handled/moved because they are so endangered, they can hold an entire infantry battalion’s live fire attack country up for days on end. This sounds like politicians…


      “Days”. My friend, I wish the Gubment can move that fast.

  • DanGoodShot

    During my m4 guals some jack wod hadda jam. Instead of putting down his rifle and raising his hand he decided to flank the entire division yelling out,”it won’t shoot!” while he kept pulling on the trigger. One Instructor came up behind that dude and dropped him so hard he dislocated his shoulder. Neddless to say that recruit got a free flight…. home. It wasn’t that he was a bad guy, he was and to this day, the biggest idiot I’ve ever met. This wasn’t his first incident either. The boy just didn’t have a lick of sence in him. Even the military couldn’t use him. I often wounder what came of him?.

    • Tinkerer

      Have you looked at local politicians?

    • Phillip Cooper

      Would edit, but there’s just too much irony here…

  • Madcap_Magician

    I think basically all my “One time, in the Army…” stories involve shooting at the wildlife.

    Had an RSO on a heavy weapons/mounted gunnery range one time basically teleport over to us and ruin a great story by preemptively screaming at us not to try and shoot the black bear running across the target area 150 yards downrange.

    We were shooting a couple pallets of warshot AT4s.

    I’ve always been a little bitter that the Army deprived me of the chance to to shoot a bear with a rocket launcher.

    EDIT: Also… anybody got any sunflower seeds. Can someone bring me some sunflower seeds. Army AF.

    • iksnilol

      I think it is normal to be bitter about that.

      • Tinkerer

        …can we get a support group for all of us that will never be able to shoot a bear with a rocket launcher? I-I think I need a hug. ..

        • iksnilol

          I need a drink… preferably multiple, real strong ones. To erase the concept of shooting a bear with a rocket launcher from my memory.

          • billyoblivion

            I need a drink because I start work in 33 minutes.

          • jcitizen

            Me too – I didn’t think I was so deprived until I read these comments – it would have been glorious indeed!

      • billyoblivion

        You find a couple of rocket launchers, I can find some bears to shoot them at.

        • Kyle

          I like where this is going. Bear hunting with rocket launchers sounds pretty damn awesome. Well for us anyway. Gonna suck for the bears.

          • iksnilol

            Nah, it’s gonna blow for the bears more than suck.

    • SerArthurDayne

      I really have no interest in shooting animals of any kind, just isn’t my thing, but if I was going to do it, certainly I would wish to shoot a bear with a rocket launcher. I understand your frustration in this matter good ser.

    • John Yossarian

      I love bears too much – I’d probably shoot the idiot who shot the bear.

      • billyoblivion

        Not if he was holding a second rocket launcher.

        • John Yossarian

          Well then I’d just shoot the rocket, if it blows up that way.

          By the way – My recalcitrance here is because it was a bear.

          But if you gave me the chance to launch a rocket at a shark, or better yet – a jihadi riding a shark – It’d be a whole different story!

          • iksnilol

            But bears aren’t endagnered, sharks are.

          • John Yossarian

            Not tiger sharks – But if jihadis don’t stop riding them across the Mediterranean, that’s about to change.

          • iksnilol

            Interesting, please tell me more.

      • Madcap_Magician

        It’s in the constitution, son, bears can be armed. I swear I saw a furtive movement.

        • John Yossarian

          You misread – It’s “the right for bears to have arms”. A rocket would infringe upon that.

  • Eric Lawrence

    I have….

    Watched a guy next to me score 46 out of 40 while the guy on the other side score 9 out of 40 because both shooters were shooting one target through most of the firing. The guy who made 46 got the extra ribbon while the guy who made 9 reshot and passed.

    Had a soldier with a malfunction turn while trying to clear and fired a shot down the line. Struck another shooter in the shoulder. I was in between the shooter and shootee.

    Took away an M-9 being held by the commanding general of an Infantry division after he muzzled the line while division HQ was qualifying. He turned to ask his aide a question and pointed the handgun down the line in the process. Stepped up to him. Pointed the gun back down range dropped the mag and racked the slide to eject a round. Took the gun and “requested he move to a nearby picnic bench and sit down” although what I actually said likely can’t be repeated here. I apologized for my language later but he said he deserved it, told me I did my job right, and gave me a generals coin for my trouble.

  • Scott Connors

    One time when we were running table eight several deer wandered into a bunch of pop-up silhouette troop targets for a MG engagement. My TC’s fire command? “GUNNER–COAX–BAMBI!”

    • McThag


  • Bill

    Though many mock it, the USMC has a real focus on the ecological and conservation aspects of their facilities. And don’t run over the sea turtle nests with your amphibious monster tracked tractor thing.

    People often have no idea of how tedious being an instructor or RO on one of those mass-production factory ranges can be.

    I personally laugh at the lightening gods and don’t shut down until I can smell ozone, static electricity makes my hair stand up or a tree splinters. If it aint raining’. we aint trainin’

  • Suppressed

    That’s her at 2:20? Hmmm…

  • USMC03Vet

    404 funny not found.

    US Army killed comedy.

    • iksnilol

      Well, they’re good at killing stuff. Was only a question of time til they snuffed out comedy itself.

  • Dave Y

    My wife always gives me “the look” when I tell her: “Range walk, Private!”

  • James

    I was a guns platoon commander in 29 palms and was walking the gun line when I saw a LC staring at the ground a little off in the distance. I walked to him and asked what he was doing. He stated that a sergeant told him to watch a tortoise to make sure it didn’t pass the gun line so we knew when to call for a cease fire. The rest of the day I saw him dancing around the tortoise, laying with the tortoise, and all types of weird things to keep him entertained.

  • uisconfruzed

    Major Payne’s funnier

  • Old Vet

    I remember one day my platoon leader stopping by my tank and telling us that the British unit we were shadowing during an exercise had killed a stag in the forest ahead. Someone squealed on them and there was hell to pay to the Germans. I don’t know if it really happened or was just an excuse to keep us from being tempted ourselves. I also remember another occasion being rousted at 4 a.m. and having MP’s search all our tanks for a “missing” Thompson. Don’t know the whole story there either. We were with the British in that instance also. Boy could they march though…hahaha

  • jcitizen

    HA! Hilarious! Good to see things haven’t changed too much since I was a range safety NCO!

  • Mikial

    I think I met someone like her a few times. But I have to say, I miss the Army. A lot.

  • Noble

    The “Tower” is a moving platform on a Marine Corps rifle qualification range (I think the Army uses an actual tower), that is pushed between the yard lines.

    Huh, never seen a moving tower, but I’ve only qualed on 2 ranges in the Corps. TBS and Camp Hansen Okinawa have fixed concrete blockhouses like in your picture.

    Evidence of lightning near a Military training exercise/base/range, can be cause for “L5” or Lightning within five miles. Most bases mandate that all outdoor training cease and troops retire to the nearest available overhead cover.

    Ha! In theory. When I qualed in September on Hansen, we had a sizeable thunderstorm roll in at the start of our BZO day…..they had us just sit there and get rained on with lightning overhead. “We’ve got 300+ Marines holding lighting rods sitting on this berm….somebody’s gonna get killed.” But somehow nobody got struck by lightening and we just zeroed our rifles soaked to the bone instead, while everyone wryly commented “Marines are amphibious in nature…”

  • Sid Collins

    It is obvious she has spent a lot of time on an Army rifle range with trainees.