NEW: 2A Armament Aethon Receivers And Rails

Adding to my growing list of “companies I wish I had the time to visit at SHOT 2017”, 2A Armament is a maker of ultralight AR parts that are both stylish and functional. Sporting a redesigned grip on the flared magazine well and integrated QD sling attachment points, the new Atheon receivers will mate up perfectly with the current Balios series of rails and receivers.

In addition, 2A just released a matching redesigned series of Atheos M-LOK rails that ship with a titanium barrel nut.

2A – I’ll see you at next year’s show.

2-A Armament Aethon

2A-Armament is proud to introduce the Aethon billet upper and lower receiver for 2017. With all the same craftsmanship and weight savings that are trademark 2A-Armament qualities the Aethon receiver set offers a different feature set than our flagship Balios Lite Gen 2 receivers. The Aethon lower incorporates a refreshed design on the mag well, a ergonomically designed ridged tactile grip, and integrated QD’s into the receiver which provide good balance for a single point sling without having to “wrap one way or another” around the receiver extension. Standard items for 2A Armament receivers are also included: a flared mag well, threaded bolt catch pin, set screw captive detent springs and a rear tensioning screw which guarantees a tight fit if running a third party upper. Best of all, the Aethon and Balios Lite receiver sets are designed to aesthetically match each other perfectly to allow our customers to pick and choose the features they desire.

Aethon RECEIVER Features:

  • CNC Machined from U.S.A. sourced 7075-T6 plate aluminum
  • Integrated QD mounts on side
  • Bolt release features screw in pin (Included)
  • Integrated and lightened trigger guard
  • Standard trigger pin sizing (.156)
  • Bead blasted and hard coat anodized black (Type III, Class2)
  • Can be interchanged with third party, Balios Lite, or Balios Lite Gen 2 uppers
  • Weight: ( Lower 6.8 oz ) Stripped
  • Product of the Great State of Idaho, MADE IN THE U.S.A.
  • SKU (2A-MCBL-3)

MSRP: $559.00/set

Aethon Rail

The 2A Armament™ Aethon Rail M-LOK series provides an alternative aesthetically progressive design that is lightweight with our signature titanium barrel nut and attach method. The innovative attachment of the rail and the barrel nut provides a solid lockup, seamless, strong joint that requires no timed alignment to the barrel nut itself. All 2A Armament rails (and receivers for that matter) are designed with a pocketed picatinny rail to further minimize weight. With new styling and attention to detail the picatinny pockets taper at the end of both the upper receiver and the rail so that one can match the 2A rail to a third party upper if desired and still have a clean transition in the design. In addition, Aethon rails offer QD mounting at both ends of the handguard.

The 2A Armament Aethon and Balios Lite rails ship with a 6AL-4V titanium barrel nut. An optional aluminum barrel nut is offered as a separate item for those looking to save maximum weight on a build.

  • Made from U.S.A. sourced 6061 Extrusion
  • U.S.A. sourced 6AL-4V Titanium barrel nut as standard
  • M-LOK mounting solution
  • Mil-Spec hardcoat black anodized (Type III, Class 2)
  • Free floating design
  • QD mounts on both ends
  • 1.3” Internal Diameter
  • 7” Rail with Titanium nut and hardware (weight tbd oz)(2A-AERML-7)
  • 10” Rail with Titanium nut and hardware (weight 7.7oz)(2A-AERML-10)
  • 12” Rail with Titanium nut and hardware (weight 8.9 oz)(2A-AERML-12)
  • 15” Rail with Titanium nut and hardware (weight 10.7oz)(2A-AERML-15)
  • 1-5/16” crows foot tool or premium armorers wrench recommended for installation (Not Included)

MSRP:  Starting at $179 

2A Armament AR-10 Buffer Tube

This billet Aluminum buffer tube is manufactured to same high 2A Armament standards and finished with hard anodize for lasting performance.

Features include:

  • 8 position adjustment with machined indicators visible through any stock with a viewing port located at the stock latch pin. At the extended positions, increment adjustments have a finer spaced length of pull.
  • Extended carrier support flange that supports the carrier for better anti-tilt performance.
  • The buffer tube is self aligning with the buffer detent.
  • Vented
  • Weight 3.65 oz
  • Note: This item ships as the buffer tube only. A buffer tube assembly with latch plate and castle nut will be available in February.

MSRP: $69

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  • nate

    I would probably only buy a receiver set like this if I wanted to build some sci fi looking ar. something that would fit in either rogue one, or maybe aliens.

    • Adam D.

      I had a chance to shoot a complete 2A Armament AR as a rental gun.
      It was ludicrously light, loved it.
      An average M4 style gun with a carbine length MOE handguard feels like a boat anchor compared to that 2A.

      I have to admit though, I wouldn’t pay the 2k-3 price for one, regardless of how light it is.
      Actually it’s not the receiver that does the trick, in my humble opinion at least.
      A regular forged receiver set is still one of the lightest things out there, you can’t really get a significantly lighter receiver set than the mil-spec one.

      The trick is in the barrel profile, and maybe, just maybe the handguard contributes a little bit as well. If you take a look at most modern modular handguards though, they have a very similar weight with the barrel nut included, a max. difference of ca. 2.5 oz. That won’t make a featherweight from you rifle.
      It’s in the barrel. The 2A rifle has a pencil barrel IIRC.
      If one wants a really light gun, the barrel is the key.

      For the price you get these gizmo receivers and parts with a pencil weight barrel, you can buy an Aero forged receiver set without FA, a Proof Research barrel and a BCM Alpha handguard.
      At least this is what I’d do if I had a lot of money and wanted a featherweight premium gun.

      • Mack

        oz add up to pounds, but yes you can do a very light build for pretty cheap.

  • thedonn007

    It would bug me to have a sling attached to QD opening above the grip. I would not want the sling or mount on my shooting hand.