NEW: TangoDown iO MRO Protective Cover

TangoDown has developed a slim fit protective cover for the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO). Designed to take the impact of bumps and abrasions, the lightweight polyurethane cover comes in black or FDE but can be dipped or painted with most coverings. For $35, the iO cover is cheap insurance for your pricey optic.


TangoDown iO Optic Cover for the Trijicon™ MRO

TangoDown is excited to share the newest member of our product lineup, the iO Cover for the Trijicon™ MRO optic (iO-002). The cover is sleek, durable & provides a snug fit to keep the elements outside without adding bulk or weight. The solid integral caps provide protection against scratching of the lenses without risk of losing or dropping the caps. The iO-002 caps nest together to prevent them from flopping around while the optic is in use, or while in the ready position while on duty. Optics must be good to go when needed, so keeping them protected is worth it! Fits Trijicon™ MRO optics only.

MSRP: $34.95

Color Options: Black or Flat Dark Earth
Visit for more information on the iO-002.

  • iO covers feature an indestructible polyurethane material that takes most spray paints and hydro-dip process.
  • Keeps optics body and both lenses protected even in the most extreme and harsh environments.
  • One handed operation to open or close caps, covers nest together to prevent snags
  • Durable thermoplastic polyurethane material resists solvents, oils and UV exposure.
  • OA Length: 2.75” Width: 2.0” Weight: 0.9 oz.

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  • TheWarriorWorkshop

    I’m still wondering if these have any place. I use my rifles like the tools they are. One of my optics (T-1) has a cover, the rest don’t except my precision optics. There is no difference in the one that has the cover vs the ones that don’t. When you are using them, they will be in the open position, susceptible to dirt and mud and scratches. When they are stored in the safe, they are closed…but nothing’s gonna happen to them in the safe. I think it’s just another way to add unnecessary things to your rifle.

    • Blake

      You’re only considering two modes for that rifle: firing and stored. There’s transportation, packing and unpacking at the range, slung, and a ton of others that aren’t immediately thought about. For something that adds a negligible amount of weight, I would appreciate the ability to keep my lenses protected.

    • Jeff S

      Cheap insurance on a $400+ optic.

  • int19h

    Good to see these guys are still in business. They’ve made the first flip lens covers for Aimpoint Micro, so far as I know, but then it was quickly copied.