Juggernaut Tactical CA Compliant Stock

Juggernaut Tactical showed off their new California Compliant stock at the 2017 SHOT Show. California passed laws requiring their residents to either register their “assault rifles” or take off evil features to bring them into compliance. The evil features being the adjustable stock, flash hider and pistol grip. This has caused companies to develop new products to help Californians out. Companies have been developing everything from new compliant mag locks to fixed stocks with no pistol grips. Some of them are actually pretty cool looking, and some not so much.

California based Juggernaut Tactical’s new CA compliant stock ain’t that bad. Because the new law says pistol grips are a no no Juggernaut Tactical also developed a thumb rest that attaches to your AR lower giving the user somewhere to place their thumb and get a better grip while holding their rifle. No word on a release date but they should retail for around $199. Check out jtactical.com for more info.

I got a chance to hold a rifle with Juggernaut Tactical’s new stock and thumb rest and I have to say it’s not that bad. The thumb rest really made the setup bearable. If you’re an AR owner stuck behind the lines this might be a good option for you.

Ray I.

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  • Audie Bakerson

    Ginsberg turns 84 next month. Hopefully she’s not going to sit on the court at 85.

    • Joseph Smith

      Concerned commenter will be in shortly to chastise you.

      Remember how they celebrated when Alito accidently and 100% naturally died with a pillow over his face? I’ll never forget.

      • J.T.

        You mean Scalia?

        • Joseph Smith

          I obviously forgot sooner than I thought 🙁

          • Edeco


      • int19h

        Scalia was a civil asset forfeiture supporter, didn’t have any problems with pervasive use of no-knock warrants, and allowed evidence from searches conducted in violation of the warrant to be admitted, because there are “other ways” to hold police responsible for infringing on the 4th.

        • Edeco

          Didn’t believe in a right not to be executed if innocent. Supported abuse of the commerce clause. Dropped that little “not unlimited” turd in the Heller ruling. This isn’t a complete list of stuff I despise him for.

          Someone will try to correct me, BS I say in advance; he supported the late 20th century status quo, not the Constitution.

        • MeaCulpa

          Maybe he just enjoyed the absurdity of cases with names like “the commonwealth of Virginia v. a Ford F 150” (I have no idea if Virginia is a commonwealth, if she isn’t go for it Virginia!) or “The state of Texas v. A Rolex watch”

    • USMC03Vet

      There is always the illiterate 9th circus to undermine the voter and constitution though. The enemies are numerous.

      • jman69

        The 9th Circus will one day rule the US Constitution as unconstitutional.

    • amen

  • Jason Wimbiscus

    Great idea to skirt the ban, but probably ultimately a waste. I’m sure California will successfully outlaw all semi-auto rifles that accept a detachable magazine within the next few years.

    • DrewN

      Done deal I expect. Once Jerry Brown (a very smart guy and everything you would ever want from a civil servant even if I disagree with him on quite a few issues) is gone the real dipshits will take over.

      • Mattblum

        Too true. Which is why I planning on being out of state by the time that happens. I’m pretty disgruntled with Jerry over Gunmageddon, but over all, he hasn’t been bad. Those who will follow? Disasters in the making.

  • Daniel

    “Not That bad” is definitely what I want to spend my money on.

    • Bradley

      It might be if you had no better option.

      • Gary Kirk

        You’ve got at least 45-46 better options..

        • Bradley

          My comment was referring to the “not that bad” aspect not this particular product.

          • Gary Kirk

            Mine was referring to the “better options part”.. All in good fun, believe me, I live in Maryland.. Until recently they’ve been trying to mirror image California’s laws.. Haven’t reversed any, but at least it hasn’t gotten worse.. More than I can say for our poor compatriots stuck out there..

          • Mystick

            I hear talk that CCW is easier to get now that the classes are required… I think that was a legislative oversight from the People’s Republic of Annapolis.

          • Mattblum

            I moved away from Maryland in the ’80’s. With the current set of gun laws there, although I’ll be leaving California as soon as reasonable, I’m not even contemplating moving back to the East coast. Can’t believe what my old state has done.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Not as ugly as some, but if stuck in featureless Hell, I’d take an ARES SCR for the more traditional stock look.

  • TheWarriorWorkshop

    I’m getting tired off all the “California compliant” crap coming out. I wish we wouldn’t celebrate and promote this junk. It’s their crappy gun laws and their crappy voting records that got them where they are. Sure, there are conservatives that live there and there are plenty of of good gun clingers living there, but if we’re not careful this will easily become the new norm for the whole of our country. We should veiw these items like you would a circus freak.

    • Brett

      Adapt and overcome.

    • MeaCulpa

      I’m getting tired of this “US compliant” crap coming out. I wish we wouldn’t celebrate and promote junk like SEMIautomatics, am I some sort of pinko that is suppose to pull the trigger repeatedly? My point, sarcasm aside, is that most things that’s posted or not posted on this site is the product of US gun laws including heavy restrictions – that I support, I’m not super keen on just anybody buying a Stinger – on what can and can’t be sold to civilians. Let people in California be informed of their options, limited as they might be.

      • TheWarriorWorkshop

        So you would not support a repeal of the NFA?

        • MeaCulpa

          As I’m not a US citizen or resident I don’t think that my opinion should carry weight but I do believe that DDs such as missiles should be kept out of civilian ownership. I would feel awfully nervous flying to the US knowing that anybody could buy short range AA at Walmart. Regarding SBRs, silencers and machine guns, I have no Opinion at all except that the limitations set up by NFA seems rather pointless when you consider what’s actually legal and available.

  • RSG

    I have a question… what is the real concern with the flash hider? Is that it’s removable or that it reduces the shooters visible night signature? Why can’t barrel manufacturers mill something similar into the barrel so it’s not a removable/replaceable feature? Yeah, it’ll cost a bit more, but folks could get either muzzle brake functionality with ports or reduce flash signature depending on what is milled.

    • Anonymoose

      Hell, I’d take an AR, SOCOM16, AK, etc, with milled-in compensator cuts. They do it for “compliant” handgun barrels meant for competitive shooters, so why not for rifle barrels?

      • Marcus D.

        Compensators and muzzle brakes are legal. Go figure.

    • int19h

      All AWB laws that I’ve seen target flash hiders specifically (and they usually also target threaded barrels because of suppressors, but that’s a separate clause).

      Why they do that? I’d imagine for the same reason as pistol grips – i.e. you see it more on the scary-looking “weapons of war”.

      • iksnilol

        Yup, politically correct weapons such as lever actions and stereotypical bolt action hunting rifles rarely have flash hiders.

    • Marcus D.

      Yes, the rational for the flash hider ban was that it reduced visible night signature. Of course, the vast majority of shooters, unless they are going after coyotes, do not shoot their rifles at night, especially in a state that bans IR night vision devices (and lights). The real purpose was that, after they’d banned all the “assault weapons” they could think of by name, they decided to try to prevent end-arounds by banning the features that make an AR an AR, specifically pistol grips, flash hiders (but not muzzle brakes), adjustable stocks, “barrel shrouds” and detachable magazines. They claim that these features make these rifles “mo’ dangerous,” but the truth, finally revealed in 2013 in connection with the first introduction of the bill reintroduced and passed last year, was to ban the Evil Black Rifle from the State of California, along with “ghost guns.” and other rifles that fire “60 rounds per second.”

  • Uncle Webkins

    Might be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Marcus D.

    $200 is not what I would describe as “a good option.” I tried a Thordsen the other day, and despite its odd looks, it is a pretty comfortable stock, and it still allows you to wrap your thumb around. The downside is that Thordsen just moved to a larger facility and jacked up its prices.

  • .45

    I wonder what the legality of making your own featureless stock out of say, walnut, would be. Oh well, I’m not in California, so ultimately don’t care enough to Google the laws.

  • mrpotatocat

    Californians, I feel bad for you guys. You endure all the natural disasters and liberals, and you cant even blow off some steam at the range properly! I hope things get better for the west coast.

  • Some Rabbit

    Nothing wrong with that stock that a hacksaw, dremel tool and hand file or sandpaper can’t fix.

  • Mystick

    Companies should “help them out” by refusing to ship to CA, motivating those behind the Citrus Curtain to get in the game and change things or GTFO and return to a free country.

  • Renov8

    Butt ugly….no pun intended.