Canadians Looking For New Service Handgun

***Refiled with Correct Spelling -- WAINWRIGHT, ALTA.: AUGUST 19, 2010 -- Master Cpl. Tatyana Danylyshyn, 25, fires a 9mm Browning pistol during a training and selection camp for the Land Force Western Area's combat shooting team at CFB Wainwright in Wainwright, Alta. on August 19, 2010. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal).

Possibly one of the last of the Five Eyes countries to retain a Second World War era handgun, the Canadian Forces announced plans to begin the solicitation and testing process of finding a handgun to replace the currently issued 9x19mm Browning Hi-Powers. According to the National Post, current Hi Power numbers are hovering around 13,000 and are degrading by every year of usage, especially through being carried on deployments to Afghanistan. From the news article-

Last year army procurement officers briefed industry representatives about their quest for a new pistol. Industry officials were told that between 15,000 and 25,000 handguns are needed and the military estimated the project would cost around $50 million, according to documents recently obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

That price-tag would include extra parts and related equipment.

Canadian ForcesThe Canadian military wants to replace its 1940s-era Browning handguns, shown in this 2015 photo being used by Canadian troops in the Middle East, but first will conduct a survey on whether there is still a need for pistols.

Canada’s general service pistol is currently the 9mm Browning Hi-Power, which came into service in the later part of the Second World War, according to the Canadian Army documents prepared for industry. The guns have been refurbished over the years.

A smaller number of SIG P225 pistols were acquired in 1991 and are in the hands of military police and Royal Canadian Navy boarding teams.

Sometime in 2019 or 2020 the requirements for a new gun will be defined and then by 2022 the military will seek approval from the federal government to proceed with a purchase of a new general service pistol or GSP.

“If the project timeline is not delayed, the delivery of the GSP could start in fiscal year 2022-2023 and full operational capability could be reached by 2026,” Lanouette pointed out.

The timeline for the operational requirement definition, solicitation, and testing goes into the 2020s, even including a national wide survey of the Canadian Forces as to what soldiers want to see in a future handgun. Some grumbles appear to have already come out about how long this process appears to be taking, as it looks like Canada will be suffering from the same bureaucratic nightmare that the U.S. Army’s MHS program proceeded through over several years. Judging from the equally agonizingly slow production history of Colt Canada, and the fact that Canada’s largest handgun manufacturer Para-Ordnance moved to the United States, the company awarded will most likely have to be outside of Canada.

Just from the outset, and the length of the competition, I suspect that Sig Sauer, Glock, and Beretta will be eyeing the solicitation to see what can be sent in. Usually Military handgun contracts stipulate a manual safety, but this trend was reversed with the British Army’s adoption of the Glock 17 to also replace Browning Hi-Powers then in service.


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  • Tyler John Richards

    My brother in law is stationed at CFB Petawawa, we were talking about this last time he was down, he is hoping they decide soon because he would rather throw his hi power than shoot it 😛 the Canadian government doesn’t move that quickly though.

    • Gus Butts

      Exactly. Unfortunately, pistols and sidearms in general aren’t really important in the CF. Barely anyone gets training with them. We have to show people how to assemble their Hi-Powers and how they work so that they don’t ND into their buddy trying to clear them a lot when some get issued them for a deployment and have no idea how to even install the barrel, recoil spring and then the slide assembly on their frames.

      • pollam

        So what about those stories of specops loving pistols as backup weapons?

  • Given previous Canadian small arms procurements, the winner of the handgun trials will likely be required to provide their pistol’s TDP to Colt Canada.

    • Gus Butts

      When they “tried” to get companies to submit their models back in 2010-2011, nobody did for this exact reason.

    • john huscio

      How did they get the sigs then?

      • It could be something as simple as a COTS purchase that did not reach the threshold necessary for handing over the TDP.

        Another possibility is that SIG-Sauer handed over the TDP during the initial contract. but did not mind as Colt had not yet bought Diemaco.

      • Gus Butts

        When the Sigs entered service in the 80s (the P225) it was for the Military Police, mostly because of female MPs, even though the Hi-Powers aren’t big at all and is, weirdly enough, one of the pistols that fits my hand the most. During that time we still had C6s, C9s and M2HB QCBs from FN, etc. I think the requirement to give the TDPs to Colt Canada is just a very recent addition. They have now tooled up to make new C6A1 GPMGs in house, they make space barrels for our C9A2s, I think they are building (or assembling? someone correct me if I’m wrong) the new Ranger Rifles from Tikka/Sako and they would build the future sidearm of the CF as well. They are also our 3rd and 4th line repair center so they can completely rebuild all of our machine guns. They are growing quite fast.

  • Jim Slade

    I’m psychic.
    Here- I’ll prove it: “They’ll buy Glocks and then just park them… just like their CF-18’s.”

    • Gus Butts

      Glock is automatically disqualified because the requirements that date back to 2011 stated that you must not press the trigger to disassemble the firearm.

      • The_Champ

        What a funny requirement considering our current pistol requires pressing the trigger, with an inserted magazine, to clear it lol

        • Gus Butts

          Requirements, as well as training doctrine, can change in the span of 73 years my dude.

    • Paul White

      that shaking in that makes me *really* queasy. Ewph.

  • Juggernaut

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        • Graham Best


          What’s the thought process? The US has just ended (1865) the bloodiest war in it’s history (War between the States), and demobilized it’s armies. Now let’s get everyone back together and attack Canada?

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          • Grzegorz Widera

            Sir. Polish eagle is white, not black. This one looks more like German. Plus in 1865 we were under German/Russian/Austrian occupation so we were rather busy elsewhere :).

          • Juggernaut

            Occupation? LOL

        • Joshua

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        • @HellerWithAGunn

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          • Juggernaut

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      • kingghidorah

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          • TheNotoriousIUD

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          • kingghidorah

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          • iksnilol

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        • Gary Kirk

          Ehh.. I think a good bit of them are just punch drunk over the potential prospect of quality Russian made AKs making it into the US again..

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            The 300 Marines we just sent to Norway might bring a few back…

          • Gary Kirk

            They don’t let us do that anymore.. 🙁

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I doubt those anyone will be around checking rucks after that war.

          • Gary Kirk

            Possibly.. But there’s always that one REMF that constantly has his clipboard and inkstick.. “Wait, wait.. Now what is that, and where are you’re (insert mags, nods, rail covers, gloves, etc..)..

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Well let’s hope it doesn’t reach that pitch.
            I’m fine with my own guns.

          • Gary Kirk

            Same here, I’d love to have an AK.. But, Maryland.. And if it reaches “that” level.. Really doubt there’d be anyone, or anything to bring back anyway..


          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Not worth it

    • Anonymoose

      You sure it wasn’t dildos, or Molotovs?

    • John

      Is that the new pistol that Caracas is releasing?

    • A Fascist Corgi

      Castro’s illegitimate son is actually a huge fan of the Tokarev TT-33 I heard.

  • Claus Økær Holdt Hansen

    Is the Hi-power the longest serving handgun?

    • Arie Heath

      It’s certainly getting up there.

      • Claus Økær Holdt Hansen

        Can’t really remember any other handguns, being the standard pistol for 70-80 years.
        Other than the 1911 with 74 years.

        • tiger

          The Tokarev is about the only thing close.

          • ostiariusalpha

            The TT was the official service pistol for only 20 years, the Makarov was twice that.

          • tiger

            Wiki says it still used in fun places like North Korea & Vietnam.

          • ostiariusalpha

            The N. Koreans use the Type 54, a Chinese variation of the TT-33. It has some improved features, but also some parts incompatibility with its parent gun. The Vietnamese favor Makarovs as their standard service sidearm.

        • Kovacs Jeno

          Makarov is still the main service pistol in Russia and other ex-soviet states. And will remain for decades.

          • Paul White

            are they making new ones or are they stickign with originals?

          • ostiariusalpha

            The Mak lost its status as the standard Russian side-arm way back in 1993; which ended up meaning absolutely nothing. It still was (and is) the most commonly issued pistol, with every replacement standard issue pistol seeming to melt away like so many snowflakes.

        • John

          “I can’t really remember any other handguns, apart from the one that makes polymer fanboys scream in rage and tactical trainers throw up their hands in disgust. The .45 something or other.”

    • Gus Butts

      Maybe. We have officially adopted them in 1944 and as long as we don’t replace them, they will keep serving us until the barrel and slide of the very last one cracks, like all the others, ever.

    • ARCNA442

      It looks like the Hi-Power in Canadian service (1944-2017) is still 1 year short of the 1911 in US service (1911-1985).

      If you aren’t restricting it to a single country, the 1911 would still win since both Greece and the Philippines still issuing it (106 years). Second place would appear to go to the Tokarev, if you allow its Vietnamese and N. Korean variants (84 years). The Hi-Power would place third (82 years). And close behind comes the Walther P38, kept alive by Portugal (79 years).

  • Hoplopfheil

    Great, now Canadians are going to get a ton of cheap surplus Hi-Powers? Lucky bastards…

    • Gus Butts

      There are not enough serviceable Hi-Powers left to even consider selling them. I wouldn’t even take one for free considering how bad of a shape they are in. They are roughly machined and disgustingly assembled together and nothing is fitted properly. I like Hi-Powers but our issued ones are complete unsalvageable garbage.

      • Anonymoose

        Well then I guess they’re going to Numrichs, or into the ocean… ;_;7

        • Nick

          Or I.O. Inc will import them, slap some Duracoat on them, and sell them as a new design. I just haven’t figured out how they’ll incorporate terrible rivets yet.

      • Holdfast_II

        The ones we had were completely beat to he11 – and that was 20 years ago. The lack of bluing made them look almost chrormed.

        • Gus Butts

          Every time I inspect an entire vault, something like 40% of the barrels have to be changed because of cracks that form at the same exact place, and something like 20% of the slides.

    • Joshua

      They will most likely be destroyed, we have an interesting law here whereby if it’s in military service, it doesn’t leave military service, unless it goes through the smelter first.

  • xebat

    Only three choices, seriously :
    – H&K VP9
    – Walther PPQ
    – SIG P320

    • tiger

      Seriously, there are others to choose from as a service pistol.

    • GordonTrenchard

      Beretta APX did well in the army trials reportedly. Although we cannot buy them here yet.

      • Anonymoose

        I’d bet that the P226 and Sphinx SDP will be in the competition.

        • Lee M Attinger

          No chance of either of these being considered. Outside of the SEALs and SWIC nobody ponies up $1000 for a service pistol (and even they switched to Glock).

    • MemorableC

      VP9 will never happen, MAC’s testing alone should prove that, it cant handle anything dirtier then a outdoor range.

    • rennsport4.4TV8

      – SIG P226
      – SIG P2022
      – HK P30
      – CZ75 (P09)
      – CZ P10
      – FNS or FNX
      – Glock of some random number?
      Those aren’t possible choices?

  • Joel

    Know what Kimber says?
    M1911 “what all guns should be.”

    • tiger

      To which I’d say, the HI power fixed the flaws in.

    • Anonymoose

      Kimber also added a Series 80 Lawyer Safety, changed the extractor to an external one, and made their barrels linkless- at least for a while. To translate from Kimberese, “we made it better” means “poorer quality but cheaper for us to produce and charge you the same or more.”

    • Uniform223

      I thought that was Wilson combat, ed brown, and nighthawk?

  • Gus Butts

    There aren’t 13,000 Hi-Powers left. This might’ve been true in 1968. In fact, there are none left at the depot. We do not have any spare parts left either. This came straight out of the mouth of the person that is responsible for the entire fleet of pistols (HP No.2 Mk1* and the P225). I’m a CF armourer and we sometimes have to send back non-serviceable handguns so that they can cannibalize them and make serviceable ones. Problems or broken parts that would normally make a Hi-Power non-serviceable are now ignored because we just don’t have any spare parts and cannot repair them.

    Some guys at my unit were leaving for the sandbox and they had to order in some of the few Sig Sauer P225s left at the depot for their deployment because they couldn’t get anything else. It got approved because there was no other option.

    The CF released requirements back around 2010 or 2011 for companies to submit some of their models. Requirements included a light rail, night sights, pretty standard stuff. The only problem was that the winner had to sell their TDP to Colt Canada so that they would produce them in-house. Nobody wanted that.

    Pistols are so rarely used that nobody gives them any importance in the CF, and this is why we have never modernized our fleet of Hi-Powers or have never considered a replacement until we started running out of them.

    • tiger

      Why is Canada so cheap? FN & Browning would gladly sell you parts or new guns.

      • Gus Butts

        Dunno lol. Weapons and parts is a super weird thing up here.

        • Kivaari

          Why rebuild 70+ year old pistols? Why keep a single action pistol when so many better designs exist?

          • nnabba

            Caue it’s got cool names, inventor has moses in his name and pistol is called ‘high power’ as in ‘higher power’ ie god.

      • FN has made multiple design changes since the end of WW2. While some parts were backwards compatible as an assembly, some were completely different. When the shape of the locking cam in the frame was altered, it required the barrel to be redesigned to match. When the internal extractor was swapped for an external extractor, the slide was redesigned as well.

      • Shaun W

        The thing is that Inglis HPs are not like FN Brownings. Think of it as inch vs. metric pattern FALs. Plus Inglis Hi Powers use the internal extractor which even civilian HP owners have trouble finding.

        • tiger

          Ex hi-power owner. I know all about that. Thanks though.

    • Audie Bakerson

      If the Canadian government is going to require the design be sold to Colt Canada and there are no competitors, wouldn’t the simplest solution would be to rig up an existing and unprotected gun (CZ-75), alter the cosmetics slightly and stick a rail ect. on it, win by default then make a profit off the Canadian taxpayers from a 40 year old design you barely had a hand in?

      • Gus Butts

        I don’t really know how any of that works unfortunately, even though as a gun nut it interests me greatly. I think the best temporary solution would be to buy some Sig Sauer P226Rs: we already have them in inventory with parts, magazines and holsters (CSOR, the Navy, etc.) and it actually meets most, if not all, of the requirements and is a very safe handgun.

        • iksnilol

          Norinco 1911s in 9mm.

          Just to troll people 😉

          Or CZ SP01s, they’re cheap and good.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        New business plan.

      • A Canadian CZ75 would be pretty sweet.

      • not a bad idea

      • Michel_T

        That would make sense… but you’ve got to remember, we’re dealing with government bureaucracy.

      • JamesG3

        Even then, number years is a pathetically slow process for a tool needed yesterday.

    • nova3930

      Gotta sell it to Colt Canada? Who wants a 1911 Rail gun lol

    • Bierstadt54

      They ought to just piggyback on the US MHS contract. That probably makes too much sense to happen though.

      • tarnishedcopper


      • Richard McGinley

        You’re correct. That does make too much sense. Forget get that whole interoperability thing…

    • Koh

      Why not just buy replacement units from FN?

      • ARCNA442

        I doubt that the Hi-Powers made by by FN today are identical to ones made by Canada 70 years ago so you could end up with incompatibility issues. Plus, you would still be stuck with an aging design.

        • Anonymoose

          But it would maintain the same manual of arms…

        • Holdfast_II

          For a gun that’s twice the price of a Sig P320, and not nearly as versatile?

          Anyway, the problem is that the idiotic Canadian government wants Colt Canada to produce all weapons for the CF, and they simply don’t own the rights to a suitable pistol design (nor do they have the facilities to build pistols).

      • Andrew Miller

        Inglis made Canadian pistols would differ from current FN models after all.
        Doubt many of the parts would interchange.

    • fd

      For a soft pacefull polite globalist canadian army, they have enought with a toy water handgun.
      But everybody knows that they will take the GLOCK, despite 2011 requeriments.

    • Bernardo Costa

      Ouch, that’s a problem, and one that, I think, either a Glock 17 or a P350 can handle with ease. I’m a firm believer that a handgun should be a last resort, I-probably-won’t-even-use-this firearm and, while it must be reliable, reasonably accurate (though not necessarily a lazer pointer) and easy to operate, it absolutely, positively must be lightweight.
      I’m a big, not to say HUGE, fan of CZ, and, at least to me, they make the finest out-of-the-box pistols out there. They are awfully reliable, incredibly hard to wield incorrectly due to great ergonomics, soft recoiling and dead-on accurate, but at the price of being heavy as a brick. I’m far from being military, but definitely hurts to carry that extra kilo on a long hike, and I’m pretty sure most soldiers would agree that shaving that extra weight on a handgun would definitely pay off, even if it cost them a nice range toy.
      Just my not-so-qualified opinion though!

  • Vitor Roma

    Btw, the Stryk B deserved more attention in Shot Show 17, the design is so streamlined and elegant, everything done in a single axis.

  • tiger

    They are still using Inglis made P35’s? Damn… A replacement is way over due.

    • Gus Butts

      Sure thing. I think the final revision of our Hi-Powers, the No.2 Mk1* model, started getting issued in 1968. This means we’ve been using the same model of the same pistol for close to half a century. At least we got smart and got brand new magazines, which solved 90% of the feeding and extraction issues.

  • Paul White

    Someone that knows more than me: do they just buy X amount of guns and spare parts and use them till they’re dead then start searching, or is there an expected life and continual refreshment of the guns during their service life or what? It’s kind of amazing and slightly scary to think they’re still going into combat not just with a handgun that was designed during WWII but a specific handgun that may have actually seen use in WWII. Like, I love 1911s but I don’t think I’d want to use one leftover from WWII that’d seen extensive use and was wearing out…

    • Joshua

      they are guns produced during and for WWII, there was no plan for expected life or refreshment, Inglis built millions of Hi-Powers during the war for all commonwealth powers, when the war ended no one wanted more but the contract stood, so the Canadian military was left with the stockpile that was left at Inglis, and we used them, Inglis went back to kitchen appliances, and we had a stockpile of handguns that, it was thought at the time, we’d never use all of, so we used them, now we’re running out.

    • The_Champ

      I’d say the main reason they are around is because handguns figure so low in military priorities, and are so unlikely to be used in actual combat, no one bothered with replacing something that still worked fine.

      Military police and naval boarding parties, who actually might use a pistol, acquired Sigs.

      • Holdfast_II

        Right, but that was before one had to worry about one’s “allies” going Sudden Jihad Syndrome in the HQ tent on with no notice at all. Which is why the Brits went Glock – just yank it out of the holster and start shooting while simultaneously crapping your drawers, without having to worry about a safety.

  • Steven

    It would seem if the Brits are happy with the Glocks, the obvious thing for the Canadians to do is buy a few thousand too. Guns now, not 5-10 years from now and they are cheap. Or go for those Sig 320’s, they are even cheaper and the testing has been done.

    • Tom

      Its best not to try and apply logic and reason to government procurement you will be less disappointed that way.

  • Koop

    I’m not informed on Canadian patent law, but if a requirement is for Colt Canada to possess rights to the selected design, it would be best for them to select an unprotected or expired patent design and be done with it.

    As someone mentioned, the CZ 75 works well. GLOCK’s rights ought to be expired by now. If Canada really doesn’t give a damn about pistols, show the world you mean it and build some brand new Colt 2000’s and use those.

    Personally I’d like to see them choose Steyr, or even Taurus. They aren’t asking me.

    • Gregory

      Taurus = Garbage

      • Gary Kirk

        Mostly, but every so often they crap out a decent revolver on accident.. I’ve had one or two over the years, not a very good turn out for sample size.. But the “good ones” have been great..

      • tiger

        Garbage? Try General Motors, Ruger, Remington, LA Rams, Samsung phones…

      • iksnilol

        I dunno, their revolvers are good. Their Beretta clones as well.

    • canadian glock would be awesome. folks down in the us are already making 80% glock lowers and aftermarket slides and barrels are all over the market so it cant be that hard

  • Lowe0

    How about a smokin deal on some lightly used M9s? (Or some not so lightly used ones?)

  • Noishkel

    Well what do you expect? The entire Canadian military is a joke. Antique vehicles, shot out guns, less than 70 fighter jets for the entire nation, and a chest right that holds 4 freakin’ magazines. You couldn’t peace keep in Surrey with 4 freakin’ magazines.

    And that’s not before we get to the whole inferiority complex with the US and Canada over well pretty much everything including military power. Or lack there of.

    • The_Champ

      A nations military is a reflection of the nation itself. The Canadian Forces has struggled for decades with being underfunded and under manned, but this doesn’t mean they are a “joke”.
      The Canadian army took on Kandahar province in Afghanistan for many years and it was likely the hottest and most dangerous province in the country. The battle groups Canada rotated through there were hardly a joke, and performed very well even while struggling to catch up on years of financial neglect.
      And since you brought it up, Canada’s military record in both world wars is pretty well established in the historical records. Her troops, like those of the other colonies, performed as well or better than the UKs, in general. Truly in WWI Canadian soldiers were revered and feared by their German enemies.

      • younggun

        Perhaps “joke” is a bit harsh, but this is not the same Canadian military of old. Taking on the Kandahar province is surely not a small task, but would they have actually succeeded or even survived such a task without the logistical backing of the United States? The fact remains, the military has been so neglected there is virtually no supply line apparatus. How did units in Kandahar procure essentials to keep up the fight? Where did their air support come from? Sure they might be able to come up with some warm bodies that can squeeze a trigger but we have to be honest. Without significant, if not overwhelming, United States logistical support Canadian forces are wholly under-equipped to deal with even meager military operations.

        • The_Champ

          I mostly agree but how many nations in the world can actually project serious military power the way the United States can? Even nations far larger and more populous like the UK, Germany, and France would have a difficult time maintaining the supply lines needed to support large scale operations in a foreign country for an extended period of time. You can only expect so much from a country like Canada with a population 1/10th the size of the USA.

        • some other joe

          Hmmm, American logistics enable others’ war efforts. Where have we heard that before?
          Seriously, who has ever been better at logistics than the US?

    • john huscio

      I have no axe to grind with Canada, but I think it’s hilarious that they take credit for burning the white house because the British troop carriers stopped in Halifax on their way to Chesapeake bay….

      • Cal

        How did an article about pistol procurement turn into a Canada bashing session?

        Seriously? Militarily you really can’t compare Canada to the US. It’s apples and oranges. Many things said above are true. The CF are grossly underfunded and have been pretty well since the ending of WWII.

        However…when it’s comes to the individual soldiers…I’d put my money on a Canadian soldier any day. Trained to do what other soldiers do with much less. Our boys are tough, dedicated, smart and yes feared.

        Our boys have done for generations…with gusto…what other soldiers wince at. On their hands and knees they hunted Taliban in friggin caves that no one else wanted to deal with. They were given arguably the toughest beach on D-Day and they took it. They have decade after decade been under funded and under appreciated by their own government all the while earning respect the world over for their courage, tenacity and their humanity.

        So piss off any of you who’ve got anything more negative to say about the CF. Besides, you only show your ignorance. Anyone who has served beside Canadian soldiers in a conflict would have no criticism to make.

    • rennsport4.4TV8

      That is a nice thing to say about the guys who bled and died after being called up for an attack on a fellow NATO country. They have had the US’ back and you just call them a joke. You are the joke, dude.

  • Koh

    The Hi-power is still a viable platform, and is still available new from FN. It isn’t broken, modern capacity magazines are available. Why spend millions upon millions to change to a new platform, requiring new training across the board, when replacement units can be purchased?

    • some other joe

      The M9 is still a viable platform, and is still available new from Beretta. It isn’t broken, modern capacity magazines are available. Why spend millions upon millions to change to a new platform, requiring new training across the board, when replacement units can be purchased?

      • Joshua

        that’s a damn good question, you guys should spend the money on replacing the M16 instead, we all know how underperforming the 5.56 is, you should get a .300 blackout instead.

  • Bucho4Prez

    I submit to you all that Canadians have a decisiveness deficiency! You can learn much from the fast food menus of a nation. When the Taco Bell serves french fries, you know you should fire them as a customer…

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    so here’s question why isn’t this request just going to design firms it seems CF is only interested in buying the design and having colt Canada make it for them.

  • John

    Canada, while somehow being given its independence after politely asking for it, is still a British Commonwealth country.

    I foresee that Canada adopts a Glock as its sidearm, and the United Kingdom adopts the Colt C8 as its primary rifle. It simplifies logistics.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Haven’t read the article. Not going to. That hair…yum….

    Tatyana Danylyshyn is quite easy on the eyes- and the Canadian Army’s top shot as well! What I’d give to be 20 years younger..

  • lostintranslation

    With some insight, Nathaniel might suggest the Steyr 1907 as a hot contender. 🙂

  • Edeco

    This is why I never tried to score a used High Power; I’ve read about a few batches of undesireable ones.

  • tiger

    Since we are talking Canada, What do the Mounties carry sidearm wise?

    • The_Champ

      For some reason they settled on the S&W 5946 9mm in the early 1990s. I don’t know of a single municipal police service in Canada that uses the same pistol. Most police services in my neck of the woods (western Canada) carry Glocks, often .40 cal.

      • Holdfast_II

        Vancouver PD uses the Sig P226 in .40 cal. They used to use the Beretta in .40.

        • Raven

          Yep, wildlife guys out here in NFLD carried P226 .40s for a while as well, not entirely sure if they still do since the guy I knew who worked for them got reorganized into another department.

  • Graham2

    I know all armies issue pistols of some kind but how often do they actually get used? They’re obviously a last resort sort of weapon but do they actually get fired a lot?

    • Sean

      Rarely, from what I understand. Was talking to a relative, just back from yet another tour of Afghanistan. We had talked about it before. Yet another tour, and the only time his pistol comes out is to clean it. “I’ve got a SAW, what do I need a pistol for?”

  • john huscio

    Glock 17 ftw

  • S. Plankenberg

    You mean the Canadian Army actually has guns?
    That they let them shoot?

    • ostiariusalpha

      Many a Taliban wheezed out that very same question, while bleeding to death surrounded by the corpses of his fundamentalist buddies.

    • Joshua

      yes, yes they do, if you need confirmation, go ask some Afghanistan Taliban members, actually that could be hard, we killed most of the ones we encountered, to the point where they got awfully nervous facing us.

  • Kivaari

    I don’t get the dislike of needing to pull the trigger for disassembly. You have to clear the gun regardless of make and model. Clear the pistol, drop the striker and disassemble. A Glock 17 will perform the job as well as anything made.

    • Gary Kirk

      Give firearm to poorly trained enlisted, who’ve most likely never handled one before + Fail to properly train said individuals + Said firearm requires a pull of the trigger to disassemble = November Delta..

      • Kivaari

        Increase training. If your job dictates a pistol, then train with it. Just like your rifle you have to clear the gun before disassembly. Even then soldiers have NDs because they can’t learn to clear the weapon. Under trained and poorly supervised.

        • Gary Kirk

          Exactly my point.. Probably 90-99% of “soldiers” never need to use a pistol. So none are properly trained.. Was not disagreeing with your statement, was just saying that there is a reason to remove any possible trigger pull that doesn’t make it go bang

          • Kivaari

            When in the NG only two of us in the company fired expert with pistols. Both of us were cops. The “training” was non-existent. Same thing in the Navy, except we didn’t ever have to qualify, just show them we knew how to load the gun and fire it. The training was once more non-existent.
            When we took nukes on-board the officers carrying the triggers were armed with Colt .32 ACP pistols. I doubt that they had any training on them either.
            The MPs and APs were more skilled.

  • Blake

    I hear the Sig P320 is pretty popular in armed forces circles these days…

  • pieslapper

    We could give em a good deal on a bunch of slightly used Berettas.

  • kingghidorah

    They should definitely go with the Nagant revolver or an airsoft.

    • iksnilol

      I heard you can suppress those.

  • LCON

    I would bet real money, Colt will try to either tailor or resurrect a 9mm from there US lines to sell north of the border.

  • Gus Butts

    You meant the S&W 5946, right? Right? Because that’s what he used, and that’s what’s issued to the RCMP. I thought the completely gray pistol he’s carrying would’ve at least hinted at that.

    • pannala

      Which is considered the successor to the Browning High Power, and was succeeded by the Korean Daewoo K5 pistol. Although I would argue a korean bhp isn’t a bhp successor, need some english blood for that and some christianity. Which means the only bhp sucessor is the sig sauer u.s made pistols in all metal.

  • Peter Nissen

    I believe that the Browning FN-35 (Hi-Power) is still in use with the Australian Army – known as the F1 Pistol. Can anyone confirm this?

    • ostiariusalpha

      Yes, the Australians still use the Hi-Power as their standard issue pistol, though theirs are more recently manufactured FN Mk III models, rather than from the 60 year old Inglis stockpile.

  • DB

    Everybody knowx they will take GLOCK17.
    For a “soft ” peacefull army, they must go to water toy pistol.

  • nate

    i wonder if the Canadian government could order off the US army’s new MHS contract (by order off of I mean they send money and buy pistol through the Army essentially) would save a lot of time since the Army took forever to get a new pistol, and I am assuming that the new MHS sig would work just fine for the Canadian army (might even help out coalition armorers that are deployed by having the same pistol)

  • Geoff Timm

    I thought Colt Canada was now part of Colt Industries. It seems illogical for the CF to build domestically a small run item like pistols. If this were a logical world the CF would just hand SIG a 225 and say, “Give us a 320 as close to this size as possible, for as little as possible.” Then run the 30,000 or so they need plus spares ASAP. I am a strong believer in giving every trooper a sidearm to be carried at all times in irregular warefare. The coallition has lost too many troops to individual attacks where least expected.
    Who notes efficiency and effectiveness in Government Contracting is UNKNOWN! I took US DoD basic contracting back in 1983-84, things have not improved and the Canadian bureaucracy is not known for efficiency.

  • Madcap_Magician

    It’s interesting that they took P225s and actually stepped down in magazine capacity compared to the Hi-Power.

    Not that it wasn’t an improvement from the simple standpoint of having functional guns that haven’t been shot out, but still, interesting.

  • TW

    How does it take so long to find a simple handgun. Just buy 5 of each major type. Put 2,000 rounds through it. Get some things of mud, sand and water. Throw it in, shoot it, see how it runs. Clean it, throw a few more thousand rounds and see what breaks and what the accuracy is like. What ever wins and is like the best by the troops buy. That simple and can be done in weeks not years.

  • Fruitbat44

    End of an era . . . -sigh-

  • Noishkel

    And once again a Canadian thinks an incident from 200 years ago have an affect on today.

    News flash… America could and SHOULD reduce Canada to a cinder in 30 minutes or less.

    • int19h

      I’m not a Canadian. I just find this video hilarious, and the appropriate response to individuals who say things like “America SHOULD reduce Canada to a cinder”.

    • Joshua

      Should? there are a lot of countries that you can argue you should reduce to a cinder, most of them are in the middle east, what does reducing Canada to a cinder benefit you? except for reducing then need for sunscreen as the ash blows downwind onto you

  • Oilsandguy

    The honest truth is that if a solders option is down to a handgun, then they have already lost. A handgun in the military is the most inconsequential weapon in 2017. The pending gun procurement is mostly of consequence to civilian retail sales.
    I have no doubt Canada will follow America with a gun that is part of a modular system.

  • Nick

    From the sounds of it in the condition they’re in they probably are more dangerous, only it’s to the owner.

  • kallan

    Why doesn’t browning release a high power browning with a rail on it? Is there some religious reason why they are against picatinny rails?
    Some suggestions
    – diffferent grip panels
    – top of pistol has panel for red dot like glock.
    – aluminium alloy frame
    – night sights
    – removable trigger thing, for using winter gloves.
    – picatinny rail

  • nate

    why waste time with a trail to decide, they will either buy our new Sig MHS (xm whatever it is called) or Britian’s Glock 17 (or glock 19). Canadian forces usually have firearms that are from either one of those two forces. (with some exceptions). so whoever gives them the best deals wins, glock or sig, it is honestly as easy as that.

  • What! Nobody commenting on the cute redhead soldier with hair down to her ass, that completely destroys the camouflage she is wearing?

  • ciscokid3750

    Although some may claim its an outdated design Colt has had a double action stainless 9mm in its vault for decades and it was at one time going to submit it for U.S. Army tests but its been so many years I forget if they actually did so or not. Never the less if the Canadians wanted a good pistol that is all steel and not made of junk plastic or stamped sheet metal or junk castings the Colt design would be the way to go but I imagine Canada will be more likely to adopt the current plasticky Sig P330 which is dirt cheap to buy and disposable.

  • nick


    Qualified with one, carried one. Have a civ FN version which is one of my favorites too. My CF use of these this is back in the early ’90’s, and mine had a vertical machined slot on the grip. I understand that this may have been part of the Inglis run for Nationalist China that was absorbed into the CF when China went Mao.?