How I Feel About the Colt M1911 Handgun

Is the Steyr 1907 Still Relevant?

by Bob McGunwriter

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After 110 years of service, does the venerable Roth-Steyr, better known as simply “the 1907”, still have a place in the modern battlefield? In a world of American plastic handguns like the Colt AA2K, does Krnka’s all-steel masterpiece remain a viable option for defense, even when stacked up against its lighter, higher capacity competitors?

I think the answer to both of these questions is a resounding “yes!” Unfortunately for fans of soulless plastic mass produced American pistols, the 36 ounce Austrian steel beast is still a force to be reckoned with, and is in fact more competitive now than ever, thanks to the efforts of innovative companies that continue to update and improve the design. The result is the best proven and most effective pistol on the market today, especially in the hands of a true expert.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that the 1907 pistol has to offer, and then we’ll examine the ways the 1907 has been improved that make it the refined and capable sidearm that it is.


Thanks to its groundbreaking pre-loaded striker and two-stage trigger, the Steyr 1907 is still the safest carry pistol on the market today. If the pistol is dropped, the large sear surface ensures that the gun will not fire, and even if the striker does slip the sear, the spring does not have enough tension to ignite a round. A heavy trigger ensures deliberate action is needed to make the gun go “bang”, yet also means the 1907 is still ready at a moment’s notice. This, plus the excellent out of battery safety, make the 1907 the safest handgun in the world.


Mechanically, the 1907 is one of the most accurate pistols in the world, thanks to its rotary-barrel action which keeps the barrel level and ensures a repeatable firing position. Twin opposing locking lugs seat the barrel in the slide the same way every time, giving the pistol extreme mechanical accuracy. Add to that the crisp, smooth two-stage trigger which has become legendary on the competition circuit, and you have a recipe for precision that lesser pistols simply can’t beat.


Widely considered to have the best grip angle and shape in the world, the 1907 is universally agreed to be a pleasure to shoot. Easily changed grip panels and an enormous aftermarket also make the 1907 one of the most adaptable guns in the world, able to be modified to fit almost any hand size.

Since it has no manual safety or magazine release like other pistols, the 1907 is a simple point-and-shoot weapon, needing almost no prior knowledge to operate. The 1907 also loudly advertises what condition it’s in through a protruding striker, which lets the user know whether the gun is cocked or not. In terms of human factors engineering, the 1907 is the simplest, easiest to use, and most intuitive handgun in the world.


Try as they might, removable magazines will simply never be as reliable as the 1907’s fixed magazine system. A high quality machined steel box handles the ammunition all the way through the process of firing all ten rounds, and it can’t be damaged or lost like the stamped steel magazines of other pistols. Even though this system comes at the cost of somewhat slower loading, the peace of mind it gives far outweighs the drawbacks.

The 1907 is also a supreme contact-distance weapon. Because its slide is internal to the frame, it’s impossible for a bad guy to shut the gun down by grabbing it. With revolver or external slide pistol, the bad guy can grab the cylinder of the former to stop its rotation, or push the slide of the latter out of battery, in either case shutting the gun down and leaving its user defenseless. Against a citizen armed with a 1907, though, the bad guy is out of luck, as there’s nothing to grab!


The 8x19mm Steyr is still one of the best handgun rounds in the world. Loaded to SAAMI’s +P spec, the venerable 8mm can push a 113 grain Federal HST or Winchester T-Series to 1,250 ft/s with ease. With either bullet, expansion can reach over two-thirds of an inch in diameter, which is comparable to even the best 9.8mm Colt loads. The small diameter bullet has great sectional density and penetrates barriers like a much larger caliber, yet it kicks lighter than a .38 ACP. It’s also one of the most affordable calibers available today, costing ten to fifteen cents less per round than comparable 9.8mm ammunition.

The 1907 into the 21st Century

Even with all its advantages, it still must be recognized that the 1907 is a 110 year-old design, so it’s a good thing that so much work has been done to update it and keep it as competitive as possible. Flared ejection ports, front-and-back checkering, contoured stripper clip guides, and extended flanged cocking knobs all enhance the operation of the pistol, making it as fast and trouble-free as possible. High speed flared stripper clips with lubricating coatings make reloading a snap, perks of a healthy fixed magazine division in USPSA. For those looking for the best of both worlds, some manufacturers like STI and Para even offer detachable, double-stack magazine models, which can be fed either with stripper clips or by changing the magazine. For the purist looking for a functional piece, Steyr’s Wiley Clapp edition 1907s offer a refined take on the original, but with many of the above quality of life enhancements already added, no trip to the gunsmith required!

Dovetail-mounted night sights are a welcome upgrade of course, and just about every manufacturer has a 1907 model with a frame rail these days, allowing you to mount lights, lasers, and other accessories. If your gun lacks a rail, never fear! Accessories like the Recover Tactical 1907 grip module adds a rail to any 1907 that didn’t come with one, while giving it a sleek, sci-fi aesthetic, too.

Speaking of accessories, the 1907 is one of the best platforms for suppressors, too. You can easily replace your endcap with a threaded or lugged unit, and the straight-back rotary barrel design means the risk of baffle strikes from early unlocking is nil. With the long-awaited Deafness Prevention Act on the horizon, the 1907 is set to get even more popular, in spite of its age!


With all this said, it’s no wonder the Steyr 1907 remains the finest combat pistol in the world, and the choice of true professionals like competition shooters and special forces. I’m sure it will continue to serve throughout the 21st Century, and who knows? Maybe it will serve into the 22nd, as well!

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Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • DW

    and what does it have to do with Colt 1911?

    • retfed

      It’s an analogy. The 1907 is an obsolete weapon and the writer turns all its obsolete qualities into advantages.
      The 1911 is an obsolete weapon and 1911-ophiles turn its obsolete qualities (weight, complexity, low capacity) into virtues.

      • Autistic Cracker

        Well, it’s a pretty terrible analogy. The fact that the 1907 doesn’t have a detachable magazine already renders it completely moot, as every single modern pistol has a detachable magazine.

        A certain piece of technology remains relevant either because it is very useful, or the field of technology it was developed in is very mature. The 1911 isn’t some social trend in the gun community, trends don’t usually last 100 years. It’s because, though it IS an old design, it is still relevant.

        • retfed

          Dude, switch to decaf before you stroke out.
          As someone else said elsewhere in these comments, iit really doesn’t matter if you choose to carry a 1911, a Colt Dragoon, or a Gyrojet for self-defense. A 1911 will probably work as well as anything else will. But technology has made a few advances since the Taft administration, and anyone who thinks the 1911 is still the best at anything is delusional.

          • Autistic Cracker

            I’m just pointing out the flaws in the analogy and with the idea that the 1911 is “obsolete.” I know it’s easy to pigeonhole me as a rabid fanboy but I’m just calling it as it is. In fact, I just acknowledged that the 1911 is old.

            “But technology has made a few advances since the Taft administration”

            If you compare the advancement of pistol technology to other fields of technology since the Taft administration, you will find that pistol technology has been moving at a snail’s pace in comparison.

          • retfed

            You’re sorta right; striker-fired pistols have been around since the early 1900s, the DA/SA lockwork dates from the Walthers of the 20s, and double-stack magazines became mainstream with the Hi-Power. That’s because the basic mechanics of pistols is so simple: Thing hits primer, charge goes bang, bullet goes down tube. But what swings the pendulum toward the striker-fired pistols is the weight advantage of polymer, and that’s fairly recent.
            I have nothing against 1911s; I’ve owned and shot them for 40 years, and if I had to carry one for self-defense I wouldn’t be too broken up about it. But sentiment aside, they’re at least obsolescent, if not obsolete. Just like the K-frame revolvers I love. That’s why I prefer to bet my life on a lighter, double-stack 9mm.
            It’s America. You can go to your church and I’ll go to mine.
            I think we can both agree on the Type 94 Nambu.

          • I’m sad that you reduced the point of my article to just “the 1911 is obsolete”.

          • Autistic Cracker

            You misunderstand. I was referring the fact that retfed called it obsolete. I understand what you were trying to say with your article, though I still think it isn’t a fair comparison.

          • Oh, derp. Muh bad.

    • Swarf

      Oh my God, Becky.

    • iksnilol

      For crying out loud, Becky!

  • Joe Moore

    Sometimes, I wonder if TFB reviews posts for usefulness before they are posted. Right now, I’m thinking no.

    • gusto

      butthurt 1911-fanboy?

      even the venerable Browning thought it needed improvement and did the highpower…

      • Anonymoose

        If JMB had had his way, he probably would have made a steel-framed XD with a lower bore axis in 10mm Auto.

        • R H

          Right, because JMB was such a fan of grip safeties, he put them on all of his other pistol designs….

          • TIL

            Theme of the day: prose dripping with sarcasm

          • R H

            Dripping like a well oiled 1911

          • nagurski

            Besides the 1911, the FN1903, FN1905, FN1910, Colt Pocket Hammerless (both 1903 and 1908) and Colt Vest Pocket all have grip safeties.

          • R H

            JMB didn’t design the 1911 with a grip safety, it was added at the request of the US Army.

          • Marcus D.

            No, the manual safety was added at the request of the US Cavalry. The grip safety was part of the original design, so that the gun could be safely carried cocked and locked, and was drop safe to boot. With the hammer down on a loaded chamber it was not drop safe (until the Series 80, as I am lead to understand).

          • R H

            The original design did not have either safety. The grip safety was mandated by the Cavalry and incorporated into the 1907 design submitted for trials. The manual safety was added later (also at the request of the Army). The Colt M1900 and other later variations that the 1911 was based on don’t have either type of safety.

          • Chris

            Something about it being bad form to blow your horse’s brains out ?

          • retfed

            Which Custer once did. Read his book.

          • Anonymoose

            It was the Colt trademark. The thumb safety was only there because the Army requested it.

          • Miguel Raton

            When you’re building to requirements, you build to spec. The Army said “grip safety,” not JMB. JMB put in a half-cock notch on the m1911; that wasn’t part of the requirements that I’m aware of… now what’s *that* about?

        • Chris

          Or .460 Rowland in XDs ?

          • Anonymoose

            He was working on a .40cal cartridge for new service pistol trials when John Thompson insisted on the new cartridge being a .45. His .40cal probably would have been about as powerful as .40S&W, a wimpy 10mm Auto or .400 Cor-bon (which doesn’t get near as good as real 10mm).

          • Miguel Raton

            JMB’s original load for the .45acp was 200gr @ ~ 900fps [I remember reading somewhere once upon a time.] So, basically what’s known to target shooters as “softball.” The Army insisted on the 230gr FMJ @ 850fps [they wanted 250gr @ 750fps to match the old .45 SAA load, but I think JMB put his foot down.]

      • Juice

        What’s all this ‘lol butthurt fanboy’ crap? Joe didn’t even mention the M1911, he just said this article is unnecessary, which is a fair point.

        Especially since Nathanial F has published more circlejerking ‘opinion pieces’ in the past, that do nothing but state an already known opinion and accuse anyone that disagrees of being a fanboy, like you’re doing right now.

        • Do me a favor, go into my TFB history and screenshot me calling a specific individual or group (not myself) “fanboys” as many times as you can. When you get to six, come back and post them up here. If you do, I’ll write an article apologizing for it.

          • Vosh Sahaal

            I could only find five.

          • Swarf

            SOLD, to the lowest common denominator!

  • Christopher Barnett

    It’s fun watching some folk contend with well written parody. Nicely played.

    That said, I wonder if your beef is more with modern, hyperbolic 1911 advertisements than with 1911s. 1911 ads (all gun ads…all ads) indeed are mostly ridiculous.

    After all, 1911s are fine. Glocks are fine. M9s are fine. 1907s are fine (I guess…if you can find one).

    Find a gun that works and that you like shooting and that you can shoot well. Shoot that gun a bunch. Carry it if you can and are so inclined.

    People overthink this stuff.

    • M.M.D.C.

      It’s also a nice looking gun.

      I know, I know, plastics are a boon to manufacturing, but polymer just doesn’t have the same charm as a well done blued steel finish.

      Old cars are another example. Slower, less efficient and less safe, but the integrated bumpers, plastic interiors, power everything and electronically managed driving of newer cars is boring.

      • Christopher Barnett


      • 1911

        Agreed. “polymer doesent have the same charm”, and metal requieres more protection but is more “historically durable”.
        I like 1911 since i was child, beauty well made atemporal auto.For daily carry……..i prefer other plastic double stack DA/SA or Glock assisted striker fired, because of 1911s single stack, single action (safety is the problem for me) and little triggerguard for fast reaction.
        But 1911 is one of the mos beuty and simbolic handgun (like F-14 TOMCAT) with one powerfull caliber and “no one but two WW s ” proved handgun.
        The grip for precision in my hands is perfect.

        • Sam Damiano

          The F/A -18 has nothing on either aircraft it replaced. Anything designed to do two or more things compromises one function for the other.

          The F-35 series is the ultimate story of a single solution for multiple roles.

    • I have absolutely no beef with the 1911 itself, which is why I wrote this bit about one of my all-time favorite handguns.

    • Lee M Attinger

      “People overthink stuff” I find the opposite to be true

      • Swarf

        He would have said “people over-analyze stuff” but then the people he was talking about wouldn’t have understood.

  • iksnilol
    • Iggy

      Seriously, I would get very excited about a well made modern stripper clip pistol. Heck you could do fun stuff like constant force ribbon springs in the internal mag for more reliable feeding and stuff like that, make the most reliable mag possible, since you won’t have to buy another one. And then you can get the special coatings for your chargers and you don’t have as much reload disadvantage :D. Heck, do a manchiler style clip so it drops out the bottom for even faster reloads. I guess what I’m saying is people really need to do more with old allegedly obsolete firearm concepts.

      • iksnilol

        I am just thinking chargers or stripper clips are easier, cheaper and lighter to make than box magazines. I mean, sure, make it detachable to simplify maintenance (kinda like the SMLE) but primarily use the clips.

        • Iggy

          Enough with this simple practical stuff, what I honestly want is someone to go absolutely nuts refining and modernising the Steyr-Hahn and possibly making it striker fired while they’re at it.
          Then you’d have a nice reliable pistol, that you could beat someone to death with when you run out of ammo.

          • Iggy

            Or complete a small woodworking project with, while I’m thinking about it.

          • retfed

            Back in the late 70s or early 80s, the first time .380s were the new hotness (Beretta 84/85, OMC/AMT Backup, etc.), a company whose name I don’t remember came out with a pocket pistol it called the Grendel. It was originally a top-loader, and a later version had a detachable magazine. Obviously, it didn’t do so well on the market.

          • Grendel made several cool pistols, the best of which was the 22WMR P30 with a 30rd magazine. It was basically the Kel-Tec PMR-30 but twenty years earlier.

          • iksnilol

            I think Grendel was ye ‘ole Keltec. Made by the same guy. Keltec is just Grendel V2

          • I briefly owned a Grendel P-30. Very fun little pistol. Yes, Grendel’s were George Kellgren’s deal (one of them) before Kel-Tec.

          • Cymond

            Grendel firearms was the first company from George Kellgren, who later founded KelTec.

    • Edeco

      Absolutely, I don’t mind a wide grip, I’ve one-handed an FNX45 with 230 +P, but ripshit thin guns are so charismatic.

      Someone should tell the California antis that fixed-mag handguns are a thing so they can ban detachable mags and create a market that will get fixed-mag ones made again.

      • Miguel Raton

        Doesn’t matter: it’s the whole “micro imprinting” garbage that’s thinning the list of “approved” handguns available behind the Granola Curtain now.
        We need the manufacturers & distributors to refuse to supply law enforcement in this state until they get the legislators to cut out that cr@p…

    • n0truscotsman

      You stole my gif you monster 😉 LOL!!!!

      And thats absolutely correct, “dis gun b gud”

    • DW

      Moon clips>stripper clips
      It’s HIGH NOON

      • Miguel Raton

        High moon? S&W 625 baybeeee, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! ;-D

  • Anonymoose

    This guy is just being a sarcastic jerk. 1911s are great because they are still ergonomic, reasonably reliable (enough for CCW, home defense, and WAR, but raceguns and fancy engraved things are best kept clean and away from conflict), and a status symbol among Americans. Heck, if someone actually wants to carry a Luger or a Roth-Krnka or a revolver there’s no legitimate reason for armchair commandos to question their choice, just as some people still carry PPKs in a world of LCPs and pocket 9mms.

    • BillMofoinMurray

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Francis was a mule, not a moose.

        …Also he was a military man, show some respect.

      • Kurt Ingalls

        LMAO!!!!!! 🙂

    • R H
    • “Sarcastic jerk”. Putting that one on my business cards!

      • iksnilol

        Let’s be realistic, you’re a gun blog writer, you can’t afford business cards.

          • iksnilol

            Ummm… eh…. it’s sorta obvious you just printed that out on a paper and then cut it down to size with scissors.

            But hey, can afford them color printers. That’s a milestone for sure.

          • iksnilol

            Okaay, you’re taking this joke far. Obviously you printed the info more than once on a piece of paper, cut to shape then put two of them visible in a bunch of other papers.

          • l2184685

            You are really insecure. Posting a picture of business cards to prove you’re good enough for business cards in response to a JOKE about business cards? That’s sad, buddy.

          • somethingclever

            I found it hilarious. Because I have a sense of humor.

          • Bingo.

          • We’re basically passing a pigskin here, man.

          • Chris

            Not sad , I’m crying , but only cause it’s so damn funny …
            Nice tags too : …LARPing ,handgun , humor ,
            In which I fanboy…gun that nobody’s ever heard
            of…inventing an alternate history scenario …
            FUNNY !

          • Blake

            Oh yeah, the 10 seconds it took for him to take and post that picture is so much effort it totally reaches into insecurity land. I only make sure to dedicate 8 or less seconds to things that could be attributed to my self esteem, lest someone realize how insecure I am when taking 9 or more seconds to do something.

          • What in the wide, wide world of sports is that freak of nature cartridge? It looks like your business card should include “Senior Zeppelin Buster”.

          • PersonCommenting

            Senior , well la tee Da, Nathan F is a senior ; )

            My card still says Junior Assistant to the assistant regional assistant sales manager : (

          • Seth Hill

            They misprinted Senor, so he got a discount on the cards.

          • GetFactsBeforeFormingOpinions

            I recognize the box – they are the “free” business card company on the web!!!!

          • Johannes von’ Strauch

            How much did the .22-06 Duplex cost?

          • I don’t remember. Probably about $30.

        • Seth Hill

          Evidently somebody hasn’t heard of VistaPrint

    • .45

      I’ve read about guys who have the option of just about any handgun out there deciding to carry old school Colt Army Single Action revolvers for CCWs. Yes, in unrestricted states, yes, with only 5 rounds for safety, yes, a real single action.

      And you know what? I can’t argue with them too much. If that is all they feel they need and they aren’t living in some ghetto, then it will probably be fine. A good hot load delivered skillfully out of such a revolver has put down many animals, two legged and four legged alike. Out in rural areas where one may find that longer range shots are taken carefully and more slowly than mag dumping at point blank range in urban areas, it may do quite nicely.

      • Chris

        Actually It can take out the horse and the dude standing behind it ….250 + grains of hard cast
        lead at around 900 – 1000 fps ( is around 450 ft/lbs energy ! ) And that is a standard pressure load !
        …A”hot load ” with modern hardcast LBT lead bullets penetrates enough to turn lots of “cover ”
        into just concealment !

        • iksnilol

          a .36 caliber would be more efficent and go through stuff better for less powder.

  • Surfgun

    And who makes good combat style holsters for this Steyr? Any parts availability?

    • M.M.D.C.

      Available at

    • valorius

      There are lots of custom kydex holster makers online.

  • Joseph Goins

    Laying on the sarcasm pretty thick.

  • Glenfilthie

    Screw you Bob, and your new fangled contraptions and your (hork, spit) smokeless powder! Why do I taste chit in my mouth every time the topic comes up?

    The best gun for the military or adventuring man is undeniably the S&W Schofield fed with manly cast lead bullets fuelled by righteous and pure Holy Black!

    (And before one of you old fashioned gun club stubfarts weighs in with it – no, your 1851 Navy Colt IS obsolete. It’s time for you to give way to cartridge guns and no bones about it!)

    Hey… is there a prize or cash given out for the most hateful messages in the comments?

    • Glenfilthie

      Oh… and yes, I would love to have that gun… along with one of those tastefully deep blued, fine checkered turn of the century Lugers… and maybe a pristine Broomhandle…what’s that? The C96?

      Ahhhhhh. Yannow, maybe I am just gonna saunter over to YouTube and visit that scholarly beardo on Forgotten Weapons. An appreciation for old guns is an acquired taste.

    • retfed

      Hear hear!
      The Schofield’s top break action makes reloads fast and easy, especially with speedloaders! And if you’re outnumbered, the black powder gives you a smokescreen to flee behind! That’s why my HD gun is a Brown Bess loaded with buck and ball!
      Schofield forever!

  • Joseph Goins
  • somethingclever

    Love it. Well written satire is a rarity, and you nail it right down to the gun-rag writer trying to turn a clear disadvantage into an advantage. Keep up the good work.

  • it’s just Boris

    Remind me again why we all say we know Cooper’s four rules by heart, and then stick something into the trigger guard and onto the trigger when we want to take a picture of the gun…

    And dang it, now I want a 1907 … Or maybe one of StI GmbH’s 2007 double-stack updates…

    • First, hammer was down on an SAO pistol.

      Second, I do know the four rules by heart and he only mentions fingers.

      • it’s just Boris

        And once again I forgot the smiley faces…

  • Major Tom

    Well if this is a good pistol then the old Gasser M1870 revolvers are just as capable! Don’t need no fancy moon clips or speed loaders! A loading gate is just fine! Capacity? You don’t need more than 6 rounds of that manstopping black powder beast!

    By the way, the 1907’s cousin the M1912 Steyr sucks in Battlefield 1. More specifically, its reload time sucks.

    • Green Hell

      But the awesome reload animation makes it worth it tho.

  • valorius

    Obsolete weapon firing an obsolete cartridge. (incoming!)

    • Pedenzo

      Yep…..some people say I’m obsolete……still doesn’t stop me from being effective….

    • GhostTrain81

      Not obsolete, it’s just that regular humans like you and I, and all the most precise kinematic sensors in the world are unable to capture the immense “stopping power” of the 45ACP (and the 7.62×39).

      Said “power” cannot be measured in Joules, ft-lb’s or whatever, it is a quantity beyond science and engineering.

      This non-Newtonian force is so great that when it hits a target, it creates a space time singularity that allows the bullet to travel back in time and hit a zombie Nazi in the nuts.

      • valorius

        LMFAO 🙂

    • Klaus Von Schmitto

      38 Super is obsolete?

      • valorius

        .38 super is definitely obsolete- even more so than .45 ACP.

        Anything a .38 super does a .357 sig does better and more reliably.

        • mcjagermech

          but .357 SIG is pretty much a dead cartridge, like .45 GAP

          • valorius

            It’s a whole lot less dead than .38 Super, wouldn’t you agree?

            Honestly modern 9mm+P+ from companies like underwood is pretty much analagous to .38 super

          • mcjagermech

            yeah probably. neat little cartridge though and pretty zippy if 9mm needs to be +P+ to be analogous

          • valorius

            9mm+P+ is indeed pretty zippy. It gets pretty darn close to being in legit .357 mag territory.

            Underwood 115gr+P+ 1425fps, 520fpe energy
            Federal .357 magnum 125gr (the legendary street load) 1450 fps, 580 fpe energy.

            So close i seriously doubt the target would be able to tell the difference.

            I think that 9mm+P+ stuff is what’s really rendered .357 sig as superfluous.

          • mcjagermech

            well i was talking about the .38 being decently zippy itself

          • Chris

            .357Sig needs(?) a good 5″ bbl to compare to
            .357 mag . Ballistics ( …125 gr @1400fps )
            In 3 ” or 3.5 ” bbl . ? Lots of noise and murderous
            Muzzle blast …And 9mm +P + type ballistics !

          • Paul White

            I don’t disagree 357 sig is not in good health commericially….but it’s in better shape than 38 super

  • guest

    I am getting the feeling that Nathaniel does not just troll on and off as he does here now, but that inner troll in him never finds real peace and kinda is with him even when he’s being “serious” about something. In a sense it’s never about guns, it’s more about what ridiculous nonsense he can write up and still get away with it.

  • Will

    My old dog, a glass of aged whisky. Both on the porch of my 112 year old house watching nature happen….
    And in the safe of that old house is a 98 year old Colt 1911 that is estheticly pleasing, very accurate and functions flawlessly. It’s my pistol of choice to protect what I hold dear.
    It’s all a matter of choice and priorities.
    Find what you like and can trust then cherish it.

    • YZAS

      The only thing I would add to that picture would be a Galco leather shoulder holster. That way the 1911 would be with me out on the porch, riding very comfortably in some fine saddle leather – rather than locked in the safe in the house.

  • ColonelColt

    Everyone knows the M1912 Steyr is where it’s at as far as charger loaded sidearms goes.

    • Green Hell

      My favorite reload anmation in Battlefield 1!

  • Wolfgar

    Nathaniel I love your post’s but what is the point of this one? Why does your generation feed off of turmoil? If I wish to carry a 18th century muzzle loader or a plasma in the 40 watt range who gives a rats a$$. Millennial’s love to use trigger words such as butthurt, fan boy, etc to legitimize their sensitive mommy coddled opinions. Nobody cares. Grow up and let it go, please!

    • No one

      Judging by the amount of your butthurt, sounds like you’re the one with a “mommy coddled opinion”

      Also I love the irony you’re complaining about buzzwords but using the term millennial’s

      • Wolfgar

        Millennial is a term for a generation born with in a time period,not a buzzword. Case in point you still had to use the trigger word butthurt proving my point.

        • No one

          Millennial is just as much of a buzz word as any of the words you listed, infact, far more so (look up what the term “buzz word” actually means sometime).

          Butthurt has been a term used far longer then those evil Millennials have even existed for. hell, I bet you don’t even know the defined time period of one even is without googling it.

          The only point proven here is that, you are, infact, butt hurt and projecting on others for it.

          • Wolfgar

            You are correct, I should not project a selfish opinion about others being divisive without first considering the negative divisive impact it could have of those I am concerned about. I guess it’s because I wasn’t breast fed until I was thirty like the people who became young adults around the year 2000. I’ll try harder next time.

          • iksnilol

            Meh, we “lazy” millenials work in one summer more than you old folks do in a year.

          • retfed

            That’s probably true, but it’s because I was working for a living before your parents were born, you whippersnapper. So I gave up working and now I can watch you kids do it. When your time comes . . .
            And get off my lawn!

          • iksnilol

            No, I mean when you were in your twenties, what’d you work with then?

          • Wolfgar

            You are confusing foreign millennial’s from American. Besides it is the older generation’s duty to tell the younger generation how incompetent they are. It is tradition. 🙂

          • Convenient way for Boomers to avoid criticism, sounds like to me.

          • Wolfgar

            Now you understand. We didn’t have to walk 8 miles to school everyday in a snowstorm up hill both ways like our parents but we did have to get up to change the 2 channel black and white.

          • iksnilol

            I dunno,the American ones seem like even better workers. Working 2-3 crappy jobs whilst going through college takes a lot of work.

          • Wolfgar

            Will you have fries with that belongs to the minority. Most rack up enormous college debts with degrees learning the essence of nothingness for six years while living in their parents basements till their in their thirties and never having a family is not exactly busting ones ass. Out rage, hurt feelings and protesting make believe social injustices they do well. High paying jobs for skilled labor is in great demand from companies such as Caterpillar, yet they go unfilled. I have seen better!

          • marathag

            Because us old fart Boomers work smarter, not harder

          • iksnilol

            No, cause you old fart boomers got a paid intern job with a college degree then make unpaid interns a thing.

            The economy has chamged in the last 30-50 years in case you didn’t know.

    • Swarf

      You… you complained about “trigger words” and then said he had “mommy coddled opinions” in the very same sentence!

      Whatever being “mommy coddled” is. I’ve heard of being mollycoddled, but that other thing sounds like an issue to take up with a therapist.

      • Wolfgar

        What’s a therapist?

        • iksnilol

          A specific or particular rapist.

          • Wolfgar

            ROFLMA 🙂

  • Edeco

    Whoa, Nathaniel’s going HAM.

  • YZAS

    And i thought i was a wise ass, haha.

    Point taken… nevertheless, i have one and it seems to work.

  • Red McCloud

    The (other) Colt 1910 9.8mm references made me laugh. I’m writing an alternate history web-serial and this reads exactly like something I’d drain out of my skull into a word document. Good article.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    Perfect! What if Austria-Hungary won’t win the Big War?

  • Kovacs Jeno

    …and after 100+ years, most of the world’s law enforcement carry some descendants of the old Roth-Steyr.

  • Some Rabbit

    Gotta say, nothing is more yawn inducing than another “new” revolver or 1911 debut or review. C’mon guys, everything that can be done with these aged platforms has been. Imagine if the Germans treated the venerable Luger like we treat the 1911. Long barrels, short barrels, muzzle brakes, shortened grips, tacti-cool rails, double action triggers, double stack mags, tritium sites, red dots. Laughable right?

    The 1911 is a classic, but like the Luger, it wouldn’t be my first choice for EDC.

  • Vhyrus

    The butthurt is going to reach election night levels with this one.

  • ARCNA442


  • Alexander Nguyen

    You make me want a 1907 dawg, parody be damned. It’s that grip angle lol

  • Lee M Attinger
    You can keep your fancy 1907. The stone is still the most ergonical, user-friendly platform on the planet and has been used for 20,000 years without a single mechanical malfunction. While you’re trying to clear the jam in your futuristic glock, I’m just going to hit you in the head with a rock.

    • R H

      Who needs velocity when you have 35,000 grains of granite? Heavy and slow, getting the job done for 3.5 million years!

      • oldman

        if you require velocity use a Shepard’s sling.

      • lurpy

        The stopping power of a rock is incomparable. What was the military thinking when they switched to that dinky little 9mm? How is that supposed to knock someone down?

        • R H

          They (the experts) say all defensive encounters occur with a few feet. A few feet is within 21 ft. The 21 ft rule says bladed weapons are super dangerous, but unfortunately knives don’t have knockdown power. Battle axes have blades AND knockdown power! So logically, the most effective self defense tool is a battle axe!!!!

          • Hollif50

            i don’t know about you, but I consider the hatchet, the short handled camp ax, or the entrenching tool (wood handled – Vietnam style, please) is a pretty damn good weapon…

      • PersonCommenting

        Thats what I call “Earth Perfection”

    • German

      Haha, totally made my Day!

    • mcjagermech

      Garnok say bone is bettr than rock. iz longer for mor smashy powr
      get with times rock is best left in stone age.

    • I’ve never been hit in the head with a Glock, but I have been struck in the head with a large rock, and as a result, am now dead.

    • Kurt Ingalls

      JUMPIN’ JESUS CHRIST PRIVATE!!!!!!! I THINK I JUST PISSED MY TROUSERS!!!!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time!!!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Psychofan Vev game’a

      It is mostly used in CQC, but experienced rockers are able to snipe with no problem. Plus aftermarket is outstanding.

    • coyote-hunter

      Also cheap and readily available in all countries of the world…Ever wonder how many times some of those rocks in the Mideast have been used…for 2000+ years and never a malfunction…How come they never thought to register all those cheap available weapons?…

      • Lee M Attinger

        I found a used rock on armslist for like $50.

    • Hank Seiter

      Hmmm, if this “article” is a parody about the 1911, then I guess all those firearm buyers who made the 1911/2011 platform one of the best selling pistols on the planet are a bunch of anachronistic Neanderthal rubes … except Neanderthals’ weapon of choice was probably the femur of a wooly mammoth.

      For goodness sake, the 1911 (as the 2011) is still a freakin’ race gun in serious shooting competitions today! I have many of the polymer-framed wonders in 9mm and .45 auto – XDs, M&Ps, FNX, Glocks, etc. – including a lot of steel-framed pistols like the CZ75/85, P35, Beretta 92, P38, Luger (ok, that’s an anachronism too) and I still get that extra thrill shooting the various 1911s that I have.

      Come Zombie apocalypse or pop-a-jihadi, I certainly wouldn’t feel under-gunned packing a 1911 .45 though I would agree there’s a certain quality to quantity when it comes to hi-cap 9s or even 13+1 XD’s and 15 round FNXs .45.

  • flashoverride

    Well, the 1907 beats a sharp stick I suppose.

    Except I can actually get my hands on a sharp stick.

    Read the whole piece expecting to be triggered, just got bored instead. Right about the time I was getting emotionally invested I remembered that all pistols are just piss-poor excuses for weapons.

    Trigger on, Nathaniel.

    (same answer as PC or console – why not both. 1911 and Glock. It’s all about diversity of caliber people!)

    • Oh jeeze, you think people should buy consoles, too? Why buy a $230 machine to play Overwatch when you can buy a $2,300 machine!?

      • Paul White

        Not to get too PC vs Console here, but my gaming PC cost ~850 all told. It isn’t the most kickass machine available but it runs most games at 1080p just fine and has for 2.5 years now. I’ll never understand people spending 2500 on a gaming machine these days

        • I am definitely a PC guy, hahahah. My gaming PC before my current one was about the same as the one you quote.

          This time around I splurged a lot, and it was about $1800, which is a lot. But damn is it sweet.

          • iksnilol

            I’ve… I’ve got a keyboard that lights up… IN 3 DIFFERENT COLORS!

          • .45

            Sheesh, where I work we have a World of Warcraft gamer who has replaced several of our keyboards and mice with gaming versions that light up and are ultra sensitive. Mostly annoying to us mundanes.

          • iksnilol

            Why? IT LIGHTS UP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! That’s wicked awesome.

          • .45

            The keys are weird and of different height compared to a normal keyboard, the mice are funny shaped and have extra buttons, all leading to a awkward feeling for any of us that don’t regularly use them… THEY’RE GLOCKS AND WE WANT 1911S!

          • iksnilol

            I’ll admit, I do like my mice without additional buttons.

            BUT IT LIGHTS UP, BABY!

          • .45

            Yes, it lights up and gives away our position…

  • MPWS

    Fist I though it was a joke, but it is not. Thumbs up for your write-up and my distant compatriot Mr. Krnka. It feels good if truth is spoken.

  • VF 1777

    Well… maybe there’s hope that someday in the future the ‘dual-Glock-wielding
    Grammaton Clerics’ and ‘the classic-appreciating 1911 old soldiers’ will find some
    common ground in something like the Hudson H9. Who knows. But it sure beats not
    having the freedom to choose either path …or both …or neither.

    • no one

      When did the Beretta 92 become a Glock?

  • .45

    Alas, I will probably never see a 1907 in the flesh, but only play with it in video games. Even then, I only recall it being in one game I played, Deadfall Adventures. Lots of cool old weapons in that game. Critics hated it and it kind of bombed, but consider this: I like ancient civilizations, supernatural technology, undead, shooting Nazis, and of course old and obscure firearms. Thusly, a game that starts out with you going into an Egpytian pyramid in order to dodge booby traps and shoot Nazis and mummies in the face with a pair of old Webley revolvers was basically made for me. ;D

    • The core enthusiasm for the Roth-Steyr was real. I fell in love with it the first time I fired one.

      • your E-Mail

        *whispers* dont forget me

      • iksnilol

        I could’a bought one of them. Don’t know if it was the 1907 or the 1912 model. It seemed attractive, but ammo availability is though and it seemed like a collectors piece.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I get it!

  • roguetechie

    …I feel like both the Steyr 1907 and the m1911 are not the Remington M53… That’s the service pistol for me!

  • McThag

    Fans of these new-fangled wünder-pistoles.

    Moving the magazine from it’s proper location in front of the trigger guard just make the gun flip up more under recoil that the correctly designed Mauser C.96 isn’t subjected to.

    Striker fire? What are you doing trying to make a rifle out of it?

    And where do you mount the holster when it’s drawn? The Mauser has a storage slot in the grip for it.

    • Grammar


      • McThag

        Ve don’t usen das neuber langenwedgie iether!

  • Don Ward

    Pretty much exactly how I feel about Austria’s other handgun, the Glock.

  • Alexandru Ianu

    Laugh all you want but the Roth has the fastest stripper clip pistol reload ever… which is weird since just a few years later Steyr came up with the Hahn pistol which has the slowest.

  • Evan

    So much anger in this comment section…
    I know what to do! *grabs popcorn* 1911s and glocks suck!

    • iksnilol


      • Evan

        I carry both!
        Look at me gun pandering.

        • jamezb

          RG – 4 U an me!

  • Snarky motherhubbard…

  • jamezb

    Chapter 7 Do not attack the religion of JMB’s Colt, be it directly or indirectly.
    Chapter 9 Sarcasm will get you nowhere.

  • nagurski

    IMO, there really haven’t been all that many improvements in handguns since the 1911 came to market. Newer guns weigh less and have higher capacity. Even the capacity thing isn’t that big a difference because most full size .45s tend to have 10 round capacity (M&P 45, HK45, Sig P320) while 8 round 1911 mags are a dime a dozen.

    • I agree, although I quite appreciate the fact that a Glock 43 with +1 baseplate will do everything a 1911 can do. 🙂


      • Oldtrader3

        It still looks like a Glock?

    • Bob

      FNX-45 holds 15 + 1 up the pipe, and it is still AS concealable as a 1911 “Govt Model”
      Also, a Kimber Polymer Target 1911 holds 14 + 1 (my CCW piece) with a 5 inch barrel.
      Then you also have the Para Ordinance line of 1911’s that hold 14 rounds of 45 also.

  • UnrepentantLib

    Dang it! Now I want a Steyr M1907.

  • Drew Riebe

    I feel a lot of people here don’t understand the meaning of “obsolete.” Seeing as the 1911 and 45acp are both still in common usage and neither is outdated (the 45 is a straight cased, primer fired, lead and copper projectile, like nearly every pistol cartridge; the 1911 is a hammer fired single action, single stack pistol, all qualiities found in other modern handguns) clearly neither is obsolete. Same goes for revolvers- still in common usage, not technologically outdated. Both still fulfill their intended purposes as well as any modern alternative.

    • iksnilol

      It is outdated. A modern cartridge is much more effective in regards to space and materials used.

      .45 acp by contrast uses a ton of lead, for bad penetration, pathetic velocity and magazine capacity.

      • Drew Riebe

        Hornady Critical Duty, Federal HST, and several others pass the FBIs barrier penetration test, and every loading I’m aware of penetrates 12 or more inches of gelatin. Capacity is an issue, if capacity matters to you, but you’ll be hard pressed to find any example of a non-LEO needing to fire more than a half dozen rounds to stop a threat. I’m by no means implying that it is the best caliber, but “obsolete” would require it to not function in it’s intended roll, like a 38 S&W short or 32 Colt.

        The simple fact is that, when all defensive shootings are added together, every pistol caliber averages between 2 and 3 shots to stop the threat whether it is a 22 or a 44mag.

        Shot placement trumps caliber 100% of the time- a 22 through the eye socket beats a 44 through the bicep. I shoot a 1911 of any caliber better than I shoot anything else, so it is my preferred carry piece. A lightweight commander carries as easily and conceals as well as a glock 19, and a spare mag means the same number of rounds. If I shot the glock as well as or better than the 1911, I would carry that. If I shot a revolver as well as or better than a 1911 I would carry that. There is no magic gun or magic ammo that is best for everyone, and all handguns are piss poor stand in for rifles anyway.

  • int19h

    Popcorn, here I come.

  • Roguewriter

    Dammit, now I want one of these Wiley Clapp model 1907’s!

  • jerry young

    With a headline that says How I Feel About the Colt M1911 Handgun you sure didn’t say much about it or did I come in the middle of a conversation? I carried the Colt 1911 for my 11 years in the Army and to me I wouldn’t have changed a thing back then, today maybe different story, today I carry a 9mm everyday my reasons are weight, capacity, caliber commonality and accuracy over a greater distance but I still prefer the 1911

  • Stephen Paraski

    I can not find the Recover Grips. Were they at Shot Show?

  • Sid Collins

    If the military wanted weapons proficiency, then service members would be allowed to carry a damn sidearm of their choosing. Here’s your $500 weapons allowance. And open up a large pistol range on each post that does not require unit participation. Let each shooter practice when necessary or available. Division commander wants to carry a 1911 with unit patch on the grips, so f’ing be it. Soldiers with small hands want to carry a KelTec .22WMR, have at it. What about supplying ammo? Once troops are using pistols, it is too late to worry about resupply. Bucky, you conserve ammo and shoot at what you can hit. FOB/personal security better be resolved with two magazines or hold out until the quick reaction force arrives.

    • .45

      The military is not exactly keen on letting people do their own thing. Besides, the average person is too clueless to make an intelligent choice.

    • Bob

      oh….not to worry….when they run out of ammo….they can always dial 911 on their cell phones!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and hold up their “stress cards”)

    • DIR911911 .

      sounds like someone who’s NEVER SERVED

      • Sid Collins

        31 years ago, I enlisted. If you want to talk face to face, I’ll be back from Kosovo in May.

        • DIR911911 .

          and you learned nothing of supply chains or the ineptitude of many soldiers in all that time? I’ll stick with talking to smarter people face to face thank you.

    • iksnilol

      Yeah, but you gotta maintain all those pistols. And you need steady resupply since you are sorta expected to train with the gun.

      • Sid Collins

        With a weapons allowance, you put that responsibility on the user. Plus, you give the service member a sense of pride and ownership since they actually own the weapon.

        • retfed

          That “sense of pride and ownership” works so well with NYPD.

    • No one

      Yes, because that would work wonderfully on logistics!

      Honestly, It’s amazing the military even still cares about sidearms for front line troops, they’re basically irrelevant in a warzone compared to your standard rifle or other actual service weapon.

  • jlarson41

    This piece sounds like the typical Glock Fanboy justifying why his choice of weapon is better than all the rest.

    • Ren

      Pretty sure that was the joke.

    • No one

      Oh, It;s designed to sound like a fanboy piece of someone justifying who someone elses gun is far better then all the rest, you just missed the very obvious title to see which one that is. (Hint, It’s the gun your fanboying in your comment feed.)

  • mazkact

    I’ll stick with my Borchardt C-93.

  • Thomas

    But what about a subcompact 1907? If Steyr ever made one the smaller grip surely wouldn’t “fit my hand”.

  • Wolfgar

    Hey, like many millennial’s of today don’t include me with the long hair Berkley protesting hippies of yester year. The boomers did screw up this country since we raised the millennial’s of today LOL.I knew the country was going down the drain when they stopped Johny Quest in favor of H.R. Puffin stuff. I have been seeing the decay increase yearly since. I’m just giving you youngins a bad time with tongue and cheek. There are great millennial’s who I have observed who will be placed with the other element who are getting all the attention like I was back in the sixties. Good or bad I wish you guys luck 🙂 You are going to need it

    • retfed

      Dude, take a few deep breaths. (I already used my “switch to decaf” line.)
      There were actually two subsets of boomers, just like there are two subsets of millennials today. One subset of boomers hung out in Haight-Ashbury, demonstrated, majored in education so they could get 2-S deferments (the only way to get a deferment under LBJ), and ended up running the nation’s school system and educating you. The other subset went to school, got jobs, worked for a living, and took care of their families. A good chunk of that subset fought in Vietnam. They didn’t get anything handed to them.
      And today there are two subsets of millennials. You’ll find one subset taking offense at everything and demanding to be coddled, and the other subset working, etc. And a good chunk of that subset is or has been in the sandbox.
      In an expanding economy, every generation has it easier than the one before it. If the economy isn’t expanding, find out who or what is causing that, and blame them, then fix it.

      • Wolfgar

        Dude, I basically just said the same thing you just did LOL. I don’t like decaf so that will never happen. The millennial’s are the bi product of the worst the boomer generation created on steroids. I was just giving Nathaniel a hard time “with a smile” but the truth is I have great respect for him and other millennial’s. Sometimes they can get an over inflated sense of themselves but that is youth not a generational thing. Now back to my 6th cup of Joe.

        • retfed

          Okay. I’m with you on decaf, too.
          Enjoy your coffee.

  • CouscousGarbit

    I appreciate the humorous post, but as someone who coincidentally shot a Steyr-Roth just yesterday I have a bone to pick… given the available alternatives for early semi-autos I think the m1907 was outclassed by the Luger and the C96. Had it not been a matter of national pride, either of the other two pistols was a better choice.

    • Outclassed by the C96? Man, that’s a stretch, I think.

      Luger I could buy as being better, but I like the 1907 more.

  • What about beige journalism?

  • RealitiCzech
    Uh huh. I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire eight shots or only seven?” Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .450 Mars, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

  • If there’s something clearly superior to the AR-15 yet, I haven’t seen it.

    • PersonCommenting

      @nathaniel_f Why no articles on the Smith 986 9m revolver. Seems like no one has talked about it.. I only heard about it through perusing smith and wessons news feed.

      • I don’t own one (nor, I think, have I shot one). However, I do own a 6-shot S&W 686, which I have done an article about.

        I realize it’s not the same class of firearm, but I hope it shows that I have no disdain for wheelguns in general!

    • ColonelColt

      I think people would say ergonomics for the most part but again, that was copied and surpassed a long time ago. It’s also relatively lightweight for its construction methods. I prefer AK-74s but that’s just me.

  • Wetcoaster

    What, no love for the C96?

  • Cody MacArthur Fett

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who wants more 1907s and stripper clip firearms. This article might be in jest, but it’s touched a cord with some people.

  • Thomas

    Google the definition of “parody”.

  • jamezb
  • Daniel Wagner

    We’re missing the point here, and that is that the author click-baited us into navigating to this idiotic article by placing 1911 into the title. He should work for CNN…

  • Tp

    1st I’ll say nothing against the pistol, but this article sounds like it was written by the manufacture on release day. The best this, the best that, etc.. Oh, and try and stop a Dessert Eagle from firing by holding on the the gun, oh that would be where the stationary barrel is.

  • Gary Hoffmann

    Dang, you had me going there. I thought, finally, that old pistol that Dad brought back from Europe in 1945 might be worth something.

  • Colonel K

    Gee, I wish I could own one of those rare but useless Colt 9.8mm pistols. Anybody got one they want to trade for a good rock?

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Of course, the Steyr never caught on big back then, either, so you’re comparing apples and rutabagas.

    But, if someone handed you one during a fight, and it came with enough ammo, would you say, “Oh, no, I’ll just use my KelTec .32 instead. Thanks!”?

  • cisco kid

    Nathaniel you are a very intelligent young fellow but you went a little too far with this article.

    First off you suckered us into clicking on this post by leading us to believe the post was about your feelings about the 1911 not the Styer pistol. But that’s ok with me I have a sense of humor and I am grateful you wrote about one of the least know military pistols. Down through the years even the gun press has mostly ignored this ground breaking design that was the basis for the unsafe Glock pistol of today. But that is another long story so now let me explore your treatise.

    This pistol can fire if the sear lets loose because there is indeed such a thing as a sensitive primer and when you have a loaded round with one it does not take much of even a bump from the striker to set it off. Sears also wear or can shear off as well. Also anytime you do not have a good very stiff grip safety (something by the way the 1911 does not have, its too soft) and a manual safety you get people snagging the trigger. If the trigger is a short stroke trigger that mimics a single action trigger even heavy trigger pulls of 8 lbs often result in accidents. The Styer and the Glock are both one of them. Pre-loaded Glocks are by the way roughly 67 per cent cocked and the new plasticky wonder turd the Sig P330 is 90 per cent cocked both of which can fire off a round when the passive firing pin fails and Glocks have been recalled, oops I mean up graded (as we all are too stupid to know its the same thing) and Glock has warned customers that if the passive firing pin safety fails then yes, the gun can go off. Now since I currently do not own the Styer and have no way of determining how much the striker is cocked I could only experiment with one if I had one as to how easy it would be to fire off a round if the sear failed. I am betting it would because the striker mechanism was used for the basis of the Glock so it would not surprise me if it too is 67 per cent cocked internally.

    I agree with you on the accuracy of the Gun. J.B. Wood the famous gunsmith also testified it was one of the most accurate auto pistols he ever owned.

    I also agree with you that the 8mm caliber is a very deadly one. It was proven as far back as 1900 by Agnes Herbert one of the most famous and best female hunters the world has ever seen that small calibers often kill better than larger slower moving calibers because they can always be counted on for more than adequate penetration and it is shot placement that kills not bullet diameter.

    I agree with the milder recoil being a bonus as far too many self-anointed “legend’s in their own minds” type of males claim they have mastered recoil. That’s the worst form of arrogance and self delusion you find in the gun world. No one ever totally masters recoil especially when on is suffering from fatigue that is the norm on the battlefield. Here the 8mm shines with its low recoil.

    Although what you say is true about the fixed magazine its disadvantages far out weigh the detachable clip auto pistols (the terms clip and magazine are interchangeable and have been for over 100 years but that’s another long story). A well designed clip is very reliable but yes it can be damaged as you have said. But there have been so many horror stories of soldiers being killed in combat when in the process of desperately trying to reload their weapons it has resulted in the near universal acceptance of the high capacity 9×19 caliber which also is a very deadly caliber with low recoil. I have used the 9mm in hunting and it is superior to the 45 acp but that is another long story.

    Could the Styer be made today. Yes if it was made of plasticky cheap parts, and powdered metal castings (MIM) and stamped sheet metal but why bother when we already have pre-loaded striker fired guns that are not only high capacity and have passive striker safeties but some even have manual and or grip safeties as well and lets face cold hard facts the reason the Glock has been such a mechanically unsafe pistol is precisely because it does not have a grip or manual safety, the exact same problem the Styer had. Of course I did not mention Glocks unsafe takedown system but that is another long story. Other pre-loaded striker fired guns do have better and safer take down systems. My own Glock 19 has a Cominolli manual safety that can be left on when loading or unloading the gun and without it I would not carry or even handle a Glock period. Still there is the unsafe take down system that I can do nothing about and which is why I have used the gun less and less in favor of more safer and much more reliable designs like my H&K P30S.

    As far as the Styer being superior for suppressor use I fail to see any advantage to it as simply extending the barrel on most auto pistols and threading it make putting on or taking off a suppressor no be deal and most auto pistols seem to function just fine with a suppressor even with reduced sub-sonic ammo.

    The Styer was indeed a ground breaking design but it had its problems too which does indeed make it obsolete, too expensive to manufacture if in its original form and too unsafe but unfortunately perfectly still legal to sell in the U.S. because if have the insane law that exempts pistols from the consumer protection safety requirement’s that have resulted in filling the grave yards with people who did not understand or know just how dangerous pre-loaded striker fired guns are that do not have manual and grip safeties. I am not alone in thinking this way because other more intelligent foreign countries forced Glock to put a manual safety on its gun before it allowed importation into their country. Its long overdue here as the body count and horror stories with pre-loaded striker fired guns without manual and grip safeties abound in the news and even in many of the gun magazines and when gun magazines complain about it you know that, yes there is a serious problem here.

  • Tim X

    Y’all are a funny bunch! People are getting killed or just stopped everyday by all sorts of handguns. Writers need to write x number of words to get their paycheck. They get the conversation going, and certainly don’t have the last and ultimate word. This was an informative article for me as I was unfamiliar with the workings of the 1907. But seriously, when it comes to SD, I’ll stick to something the right size with the right power and accuracy. That may be a P938, a 44 mag wheelgun, a match grade Springfield M1A with a 10 round mag or even a trusted bolt 7mm RM which will go 1500+ yards through a man no problem. Now, about that rock…

  • Tim X

    And to think, I just spent $700 on another fun handgun when I could have bought a fanny pack for a 4 lb rock!

  • RickOAA .

    I don’t know about the Steyr, but I still own a couple 1911’s, they’re still the best shooting pistols I own, and they’re still my favorite pistols to carry.

    The AR-15’s everyone loves are a product of the 1950’s and the Glocks (almost) everyone loves have been around since the 80’s. Yuk.

    Successful designs endure for a reason. Not everyone has to like it.

  • Thomas Acquinas

    Settle down buttboy.

  • BRM

    Hahahahaha. Satire. Satire.

  • Cal S.

    Everyone getting their knickers in a knot, and I’m pleased as punch about that new name for the HPA! Lol, bravo!