Indonesian Pindad SSx 7.62×51 Battle Rifle

Indonesia’s state owned defense company Pindad has been perfecting a battle rifle since the platform was first introduced in 2014. The rifle is called the SSx, short for Senapan Serbu, Indonesian for Assault Rifle. The SS series of rifles has been around for some time, comprised of modifications on a licensed version of the FNC that is in current service with the Indonesian Army. The SSx is a working prototype that hasn’t been adopted as of yet.

The SSx appears to borrow a number of design features from both Kalashnikov and AR systems. It looks like the gas system is piston operated and has the curvature of a Kalashnikov gas block, sloping up into the handguard. I cannot find any photographs of the bolt as of yet, but I assume it is an AR based bolt design. The rifle is charged with a non-resipriocating charging handle on the left side. Handguards look like they disassemble with the top cover. The 12 o’clock position has a continuous picatinny rail, while other positions appear to just have bolted on picatinny attachments. The stock looks to be a Magpul UBR that is either imported into the country or copied/licensed in Indonesia. It isn’t fixed and folds to the right of the rifle when collapsed. Magazines appear to be of local manufacture, although there are some photographs with Magpul PMags inserted, so it must be able to take any 7.62x51mm NATO magazine. Bipods are either imitation or true Atlas bipods, and the barrel appears to have the ability to take a bayonet.

Caliber 7.62 x 51 mm
Weight (unloaded) 3.6 kg
Length 920 mm
Length (with folded stock) ?
Barrel length 510 mm
Muzzle velocity ~ 800 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 650 ~ 700 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 – 90 rpm
Magazine capacity 20 rounds
Sighting range ?
Range of effective fire 800 m


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  • mechamaster

    In 2016, the SSX is re-designated as the “Pindad SS3” ( maybe this is are official designation production number ).

    Slightly confused really, because there are “SS2 Bullpup” version called
    SS3 too. And “SS4 model”, that basically the 7,6x51mm version of Pindad
    SS2. ( maybe the factory-designation and military-designation is different, but use same “SS / Senapan-Serbu” code )

    It is hinted in the domestic newspaper that the SSx / SS3 Bolt-carrier is heavily influenced by FNC, with the long-stroke gas piston. ( I have a chance to hold and fiddling the SS2 and looking at the chamber, and found the similarity with FNC bolt head )

  • Seth Hill

    Looks like a copy of the Sig 55x.

    • nighthawk9983

      It’s basically a 7.62 FNC with a non-reciprocating charging handle, which means it’s not an AR, which means it should be on the market here cause ARs are boring.

  • d_grey

    Looks good, would like to see it’s performance though when it does come out.

  • Dude

    Have fun standing anywhere near that brake.

  • john huscio

    “New for lolis, the Senpai serbu.”

  • Major Tom

    I wonder if all these new battle rifles are because of the frankly less-than-advertised performance of 5.56/5.45 over the past 15 years?

    • mechamaster

      It’s for Designated Marksman role generally.

    • Quest

      Absolutly not, with well made projectile construction (hard steelhead and fragmenting jacked like the EPR) you get enough penetration and exellent terminal ballistic with 5.56×45. For half the weight => double the rounds to carry. Higher magazin capacity. Less than half the recoil (2.84 lbs-sec recoil impulse and 18.51 ft-lbf recoil energy, while 5.56×45 at 1852J has 1.47lbs-sec and 4.94 ft-lbf, thats a diffrence of 193% and 374% !) -> higher % hit propability, which can make an extrem diffrence in urban combat! And if you argument about “tearing up cover with tha 7.62×51” … you got twice the rounds with 5.56 and much less than half the recoil so it works perfectly fine, also it has a higher energy to weight ratio and you have 10more rounds in a mag.
      And both are supersonic to 800y anyways, no diffrence there, (going subsonic = accuracy and supression loss)

      In everything 5.56×45 performs better than 7.62×51 inside usual ranges, at higher range, 7.62×51 has less wind drift, but overall still sucks a lot because its terrible bad shape.

      Additionally the Parts of 7.62×51 Rifles are more heavy (barrel, bolt carrier, etc), and one interesting detail is that due to the longer action, you get a shorter barrel lenght for the same overall lenght.

      The reason for this is rather the DMR, even tough 7.62×51 basicly does a terrible job in this regard, its shape is just insanly bad.

  • iksnilol

    Oh, that’s really lightweight for that cartridge. Neat.

    • jcl

      Nah, it’s heavier than that. Wikipedia often listed the wrong weight for indonesian rifles. For example, the weight of Pindad ss-2 is listed as 3.4 kg in Wikipedia while the official Pindad website listed them as 4 kg with empty steel stanag magazine. Pindad ssx use AK style long stroke piston so I doubt it could be lighter than HK417.

      • mechamaster

        Yes, and it’s listed unloaded, without scope, or other rail accesories. Maybe in 5-6 Kg range realistically.

  • Jose

    Why don’t ask the Indonesians to import them to the States? Plus, the FNC earlier versions?

    • mechamaster

      1. The import law
      2. The Pindad production capacity and international marketing division ( they still improved that part )

    • John

      Why doesn’t the Indian Armed Forces ask to buy the rifle from them? It would fit the bill at this point.

  • Anonymoose

    I like the one with the ACR stock.

  • John

    It looks like a baby holding a fifty cal.

  • Guy Slack

    Why are you claiming it has design elements from an AR15 and AK… this is the most tired and lazy form of weapon reporting. It’s stated in your own article, it’s an FNC based design. That’s what it is, just in .308 with some modern features.

    • jcl

      It did have ar15 influence. The bolt carrier resemble cut down AR15 bolt just like in daewoo K2, it also have fnc gas piston and AK gas block.

  • Benedict Tan

    According to the video, Senapan Serbu is only a WIP name and the official designation hasn’t been assigned yet. Which makes sense since that roughly translates to “assault rifle”.

  • uray aldo juviar

    from what i heard, the operator often complaining about bore-to-sight distance being to high
    unlike in AR-15, the gas system in SS-2 and SSX adding significant height above the barrel

    • Dude

      absolut correct

  • int19h

    What is “7.62x51mm NATO magazine”? Was it ever standardized?

    • nighthawk9983

      I think he means a 7.62 NATO AR magazine since he prefaced that with noticing a PMAG.

      • int19h

        That still leaves two different and incompatible options to consider, though…

        I mean, I get what it means when a rifle accepts a 7.62 PMAG. And that’s not “any magazine” for sure.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    That is legitimately sexy. I want them to make a version of that exact fore end for an AR.

  • nighthawk9983

    That is a very nice looking gun, I wonder if anyone will import a semi-auto version of it stateside.

  • Lapewmo

    Just like the USA huh?