TSAR-223: Rifle and Uppers Designed for Shorter Suppression


Tactical Solutions introduced a new AR upper and complete AR rifle called the TSAR-223. Similar to the original TSAR-300 upper and rifle, the TSAR-223 is designed to reduce the overall length of your suppressed gun while still keeping a 16.1″ barrel length. This allows you to avoid paying a second tax stamp for the SBR, but keep the functional length of the gun to that of an SBR.

How does Tactical Solutions do that? Fairly simply as it turns out.

The company builds the upper and rifle with a 12″ barrel. Then, the company permanently attaches a shroud to the barrel to increase its overall length to 16.1″. This avoids the gun from being defined as a short barrel rifle (SBR,) which would require a tax stamp. For years, companies have been pinning and welding muzzle devices to shortened AR barrels to bring the overall barrel length up to 16″. This is completely legal and recognized by the BATFE as legit.


The shroud has an inside diameter of 1.75″. This allows for the addition of a suppressor – inside the shroud – without radically increasing the overall length of the gun.

The full gun comes equipped with a ALG Defense QMS trigger, Magpul MOE SL stock and Magpul MOE K2+ grip. The handguard is the XG Pro and can be had with KeyMod or M-LOK attachment points. The gun has an MSRP of $1,395. The upper alone carries a price of $1,150.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Anonymoose

    Seems like it would be fun plinking with this and a CMMG .22 bolt.

    • Cymond

      They’ve made a 22lr version for years.

      • Anonymoose

        Yeah, but now you can go back up to real .223 with this for hunting or home defense.

        • Budogunner

          .22lr is really dirty… I know they say you CAN go back to .223/5.56 as long as you regularly do so to blow out the crap but I prefer a dedicated .22lr upper. No risk to function on my primary.

  • MarcoPolo

    If they would just sell the shrouded barrel and at a reasonable price, they’d probably sell a ton of them.

    • Blake

      It would have to be welded and pinned to barrel to count for barrel length.

    • Cymond

      There’s no way to get a barrel nut and handguard past the shroud. And of course, it would be almost impossible to assemble onto an upper receiver.

      • Budogunner

        If the barrel nut and gas block were already past the muzzle (barrel nut around a foam donut for packaging) it would be fine. Perm-attach per ATF spec at factory and you have a drop-in, shrouded barrel.

        The obvious downside is you would have ONE barrel nut, so don’t screw it up. Also, they may not be able to offer sufficient barrel nut variety for the many boutique handguards.

        • Cymond

          And of course, you’d need a handguard with a large enough ID to fit over the shroud.

          In the end, it makes more sense to pin the shroud as the final step.

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    Would it be legal to do essentially the same thing by just using a 16″ long rail? My guess is that it isn’t as it technically isn’t an integral part of the barrel, but would it be legal if it was a monolithic upper and you did something like pinning and welding the barrel nut in place to make the barrel and handguard permanently attached (or for a non monolithic then permanently attach your freefloat handguard to the barrel nut)? I was just wondering about this as it would be a much cleaner looking solution than this.

    • Flounder

      My understanding of things suggests that you would have to weld the rail to the barrel. So… No, it wouldn’t fly, or if it did you wouldn’t want it. Because you would have to weld the rail to the barrel nut and the barrel nut to the barrel meaning you could never replace anything on the upper.

      It would be a mess to try, and the ATF probably wouldn’t approve of it anyway.

  • Blake

    So is a “TSAR-223” like the opposite of an “AR-47”?

    • This is high class comedy and I am terribly disappointed it hasn’t received more love.

      • Blake

        спасибо 🙂

  • RSG

    For around $1150, I’m expecting complete uppers that are integrally suppressed. That’s what I’m interested in.

  • I’m pretty sure I could make essentially the same thing for the cost of a 12″ barrel, a 4″ length of galvanized steel chainlink fence pipe, and two or three pizzas for a high school metalworking class to drill and tap a chunk of scrap steel for the barrel thread size and weld it to the pipe.

    I mean, it wouldn’t be as good as this, but also wouldn’t cost fourteen hundred dadgum dollars before the silencer.

  • uisconfruzed

    ” The upper alone carries a price of $1,150.”
    A second stamp would cost less, AND it’ll be lighter.

  • What in the f, this is all kinds of pointless. Just pin a direct thread suppressor. With the stupid high price of this you could still afford an extra 16in barrel too. “I heard you wanted a shrowd for that shrowd on your suppressor. Maybe next time we can stick both shrowds under the rail for extra shrowd.”