P3 Semi-Automatic Handgun Racker

The P3 Racker is a new product that was specifically designed for those with disabilities or the elderly, persons who might otherwise not have sufficient hand strength to functionally rack the slide on a semi-automatic handgun. Although I cannot see this tool being used in a self-defense situation, this allows for those who still want to enjoy a handgun collection at the range, without having to jeopardize any safety aspect, or overexerting when using the handgun.

P3 Racker is a new, high quality hand tool built to last a lifetime.  It is designed for those with weak hand strength or other ailments, which cause them difficulty when attempting to rack the slides of their pistols.

“Racking” is when the slide of the pistol is pulled fully back, either it locks on the pistol’s slide lock when the magazine is empty or it can be released, loading a round from a loaded magazine into the chamber as the slide returns to battery.  Battery is when the slide is in position to fire the pistol.

The P3 Racker works on virtually all semiautomatic loading pistols and makes proper and safe racking of your pistol’s slide a breeze…

The racking device could also be used by those who do possess the physical strength, but might possibly need such a device to exert even more force on a slide, for example when there is a stuck case, and jamming the handgun or front/rear sights on a hard surface won’t be a safe alternative or even possible. In addition, I can easily see certain collectors that don’t like handling their firearms with sweaty hands for fear of rust occurring on the slide and gloves might not be feasible.

Various users have left their feedback-

I bought one for someone who has very strong hands but the pinching action is impossible due to an injury.  He can probably out shoot most folks any day of the week, this tool assists with the racking function which is all he struggles with.  Thank you!

My arthritis has kept me from being able to rack my pistols, this tool makes it easy.  Thanks.

The device works by clamping a pair of rubber feet to the slide, then pulling on a lever from the rear, thus pressing the rubber feet inwards and allowing positive traction of the slide. Releasing the lever allows pressure to come off the slide, and the device to be released. MSRP is $39.95, with shipping included.


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  • Rick O’Shay

    Looks like a tool similar to what my dad uses for picking up logs off the ground.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
  • Spencer

    I’m sure somebody somewhere has a valid reason to use this, but it just seems like a fudd solution to me.

    Are you tired of not being able to rack the slide of your 1911? You could pay $200 for a gunsmith to texture it, but why waste the money when you can buy our product! Only $39.95

    • billyoblivion

      In October of 2011 I herniated a disk in my neck, and lost about 80% of the strength in my left hand and arm. It severely impacted my ability to shoot.

      If had been worse something like this might have been a reasonable option for me.

      Texturing the slide doesn’t help when your grip strength is severely compromised by injury or arthritis. In my case I was *barely* able to run the slide on a STI 9mm.

      Fortunately surgery was able to fix that part. Of course, now I don’t have the same neck mobility and can’t turn my head to look over my shoulder, so my archery sucks even worse now.

      • noob

        Hope that you continue to heal an that any future surgery only improves your quality of life. Thank you for continuing to support the shooting sports.

        • billyoblivion

          Hey Doc, will I be able to play the Piano after this surgery?

          Do you play now?

          My neck is as healed as it’s going to get.

          The first successful surgery of this kind was in 1959. Before that it meant partial to full paralysis.

          I able to get almost 100 percent of the strength back in my arms and I can do everything I could before. I can still move and shoot.

          All I lost was a little flexibility in the neck–I can’t turn my head as far. Contrast that with never being able to use my left arm again, and eventually losing the right?

          I got no complaints *at all* about the surgery or the results.

          Science and Medicine for the win!

  • Steve Rothaug


    • TheNotoriousIUD

      You would send our seniors to be out-gunned by todays modern super-criminals?
      For shame sir.

    • Disarmed in CA

      11-13 lb DA trigger pull may be just as difficult if not more.

      • Anonymoose

        Get a DAO hammer from Apex and reduce the trigger pull to almost half that.

    • Secundius

      You Still hat to load it? If you have “Stage Four” or Greater Rheumatoid Arthritis, that’s Not as Easy as it Sounds…

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Imagine getting a titty-twister with one of these. Probably rip your nipple off.

  • Anonymoose
  • demophilus

    Didn’t watch the video, but it seems a good pair of channel locks could also augment your grip strength, and be more useful.

    Apart from that, does nobody teach disabled people to rack with their weight? If you hold a weapon muzzle down, racking cut or handle pinned in place, then drop your weight through the stroke — that is, don’t try to pull the slide, just let gravity/weight do the work — you can still get a a pretty good rack.

    • jerry young

      I coach new shooters at our CCW classes and we have a lot of elderly women first timers, this is exactly what I teach them when they have trouble racking the slide, we also have a wide variety of handguns they can try where some are easier to rack than others

  • Tassiebush

    Always glad to see these options for people. It’s not just a right for people in peak condition.

  • mazkact

    The TacRack is a great option.This device replaces the rear cover and is akin to the charging handle on an MSR. I installed one on my Wife’s M&P Shield now she can rack the slide before she could not. For now I think they are only made for M&P’s and Glocks.

  • Big Daddy

    This why god created the revolver.

    • John

      If their hand is too weak to rack a slide, do you really think their finger is going to be strong enough for a double action revolver, or dexterous enough to work a single action?

  • jerry young

    Why not just carry a friend to do it for you? your friend might be less bulky, for the range this might be a viable piece of equipment but to carry it around with you everywhere you go not likely, if you have trouble racking the slide of your gun you didn’t choose the right gun, get a revolver for everyday carry or get a different gun

    • Random Disabled Person

      Because your friend can’t be there 100% of the time? Because you friend may not be sleeping in your bed when you here the worst sounds of the night?

      If well trained Police and Military can’t make do with a 6 shot revolver why the hell should someone who less able to physical fight and move have to with less ammo available in the firearm, switch to smaller and poor performing caliber.

      So a person who carried a same gun for 10-20 years must dump it for one they have to choose the crappier option, all because having a physical assist device is the wrong choice? Please go take all those crutches and canes from people that walking with aid devices because they need to be in wheel chairs under this logic. lets remove those grab bars from bathrooms also, because the needto but several thousand dollar specialwalkin/rollin tubs. Which I bet you would gripe about the increase cost for social security from your logic.

      Never mind being in wheel chair puts you at a defensive and offensive counter disadvantage. Which crooks like easier targets remember…..

      When you body starts breaking down, whether slow or rapid, you start incurring more costs and with less advances in income. So obviously buying another firearm, the ammo to be proficient with it is a great idea? A Gun in luxury item, despite it being a survival tool.

      • Secundius

        There’s a company in Oregon that Specializes in Wheelchair Holsters. Called Scot Works, LLC. (Scot@ScotWorksLLC.com). Which use Blackhawk Holsters, modified to Fit Wheelchairs…

      • jerry young

        If you’re really a random disabled person you are too thin skinned, my mother was disabled and because of a stroke had trouble racking the slide on her gun so we found on that she could, I didn’t say you have too and not all disabled people are in wheelchair and can carry this thing
        , I feel sorry for you for being so mad at the world that you have to go on a rampage over a comment but if you like the thing you can have it I wasn’t speaking of any one person just gave an opinion, didn’t say it didn’t have a place and just to let you know I’m retired and I gripe over no raise, it sounds to me you just want something to rag about you could use some help

  • OldGringo

    Wow. A friend was at a shooting range in Oklahoma a few years ago and another shooter was having a hard time racking a slide, let the gun turn 90 degrees and shot a fellow down the line thru the calf. At 68, retired military, former cop (4 agencies) and certified handgun instructor, I too am starting to have trouble racking the slide in my 1911 400 Corbon, 28 pound spring, and some of the tiny 380 are now hard to work. But I don’t want to be on the range with a dozen guys all using their slide rackers. Just saying, fine idea, but at some point maybe we should rack the slide one time on our Glock and then put a couple of those 33 round magazines by the bed and in the car console. That way, the wife can rack the slide the first time to chamber a round for us, then with only only magazine change we can shoot a full bx of 50. Should repel most zombie attacks in my neighborhood. Not to poke fun just saying these things are not without risk and seem like a lot of work. Personally, I have several 1911s and to further my shooting pleasure, I shoot them a few magazines, then move to a 22 caliber version, mine is the GSG/Sig design. It is totally effortless to pull the slide back. Try them they are great. Also, the little Sig Mosquito, Walther PPKS 22, and Walther P22 are effortless to pull the slide back and I recommend them fr all new shooters taking their CCW exam. Keep the wind at your back..

  • dltaylor51

    You dont need a gun with this device just grab your adversary by the balls squeeze pull the rack and he’s down for the count,look at all the ammo you’ll save.

    • dltaylor51

      I can see where this thing could work out well for people with weak or disabled hands,I’m glad someone brought it to market.

  • John

    If they don’t have the strength to rack the slide, how will they have the strength for a firm grip to ensure proper cycling? Not trying to be a negative nelly here, it’s a good idea, but I think that’s an issue that shouldn’t be overlooked.

    • Joe Marshall

      Its the pinching strength, not the making a fist/grip strength.

  • markrb

    Having just gone through surgery to repair a dislocated left wrist, I never thought I’d have a problem like this. This still takes two hands to use, but I’m hoping to get at least enough strength back in the hand to use something like this.
    Don’t knock it….we’re all one injury away from depending on something like this.

  • Dave Wanat

    Ok, I’m a quad. The more exercise I get the weaker I get. his would be and will be a great addition to my gun box for my Smith’s and Colt’s practice time. Is there a direct line I can use to contact the supplier?

    • Secundius

      @ Dave Wanat

      P3 Racker . com or try Facebook P3 Racker@P3Racker…

  • Random Disabled Person

    To TFB and and the writers,(and even many of the readers/comment writers)

    I’m not sure if you have noticed, or if it was even planned to become more inclusive but “The Firearm Blog” is one the very few places where people with disabilities tend to feel safer(less hassle and B.S.) about posting comments, and questions. The sheer number of comments and discussions is a good sign compared to other places.

    More products announcement and reviews have shown up here than on other blogs, forums, websites,etc. that are not handicapped/disabled/limited functioning specific websites. Sadly a lot those aren’t firearm friendly. Which if you factor in self defense …. well we all know that Sam Colt quote….

    The fact that TFB includes the full spectrum from age/body deterioration issues, injuries and/or from birth difficulties is amazingand a bit of abnormality. There isn’t a big flag being waved, nor any of the “this is a very special post” vibe. The products and comments fit right in as part of the regular firearm related posts flow. Which is a very inclusive act and doesn’t appear to be done to pander to a demographic. There is still a long way to go with the entire shooting community for understanding and even some with disbelief that the products really do have a large market not being served. The various products and having to buy aid devices is of course the “disability tax” for having to have certain features/parts/etc. That extra cost opens up the ability to use and enjoy far more firearms. It is something are use to but having the options is a great moving of that cut off line for physical limitation back in the good direction. That extra cost will not be changed, and is sad fact of the issue for firearms and every other products(vehicles especially).

    I wish this product was available 5-10 years ago for several friends that had to choose smaller caliber pistols with fewer shoots because of severe limited griping issues. Out about 5 XD one had been broken in with weaker strings and was able to be racked which allowed one to have 9mm. Which also helped out because of the .22 cal shortage left the others getting burned even more of the disability limited to XY&Z product options.

    I’ve been make point and point how much this changed especially within the last year or 2. The Sig-Brace/Shockwave braces were a major posting/turning point, if you didn’t see the TFB recognition of all firearm enthusiasts before , you definitely did then. A few years back i though about suggestion you add an older gun euthanists to staff to help review products to cover issues that would effect a portion of the population that is growing as the baby boomers are aging into the declining body years. However, that really isn’t needed. Some extra insightwould help onsomearticles, but finding someone to be able to answer question on physical limitations would be near impossible since each person issues are so varied and built from numerous combinations over their lifetime in many cases. An example, one person may have arthritis while another had ligaments and tendon damage to their hand, both will have problems gripping the slide but in different ways. The fingers verses the palm issues etc. With all that said,

    Great job and Thank you TFB & staff.

    On the product, The P3 Racker at 40 bucks shipped is great deal. Far less than many of the other options and various accessories/aides. Nice to see a price point that is very friendly to those living on tighter budgets. Plus it looks well built compared to some of the fit over the top slide block type devices, that help by increase the circumference of the griping area..

    • Secundius

      Maybe? Maybe Not! Three of my Comments were “Redacted” when I mentioned Specific Websites on Handicapped Friendly Devices…

      • Random Disabled Person

        I’m sadden to hear that, They have always given mine the permission to go through. A loss of related(easily located to the known fluent in terms associate with___) resources , especially to the newly handicap is an issue. Which not having a registered account(too many websites logins to remember already), I would have guessed mine would have been screened more.

        • Secundius

          I have Post Two by Spacing the Websites, “Filters” apparently Doesn’t Recognize it…

  • Ben Warren

    Update: He loves it. Makes it really easy to rack his M1911.