HOPPE’S BLACK: Take your AR Cleaning to the Dark Side

Hoppe’s #9 has been a benchmark gun cleaning formula for decades. Now they are attempting to garner attention from the exploding AR-15 market. Their new Hoppe’s Black is formulated to lubricate, protect, and clean your modern sporting rifles in the most extreme conditions imaginable.

There is probably no American firearm that is more abused than the AR-15. With that in mind, Hoppe’s Black was engineered to function and excel in temperatures from -65°F to 540°F. While Hoppe’s is directly marketing this new line of cleaning products to AR-15 owners it is suitable in any high-round count platform (AK-47, MP5, any other gun you pump tremendous amounts of ammo through, etc). The specific products that they are introducing are as follows:

  1. Gun Cleaner
  2. Copper Cleaner
  3. Precision Oil
  4. Gun Grease Syringe
  5. Micro Fiber Lubricating Cloth

Vista Outdoor had this to say about this new line and expansion in the Hoppe’s brand of cleaning products:

Hoppe’s, the best-known name in gun care products, releases a new high-performance line of cleaners and lubes designed specifically for the needs of modern shooters. The formulations in Hoppe’s Black line deliver maximum performance in high-round count, gas-operated firearms such as pistols and modern sporting rifles.

Most of these products should be hitting gun store shelves very soon if not already at your local gun shop. A complete specification sheet for Hoppe’s Black can be seen below.

Hoppe's Black

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  • valorius

    So basically they came out with a sinister black bottle with an AR-15 on it to sell to the tactical crowd.

  • bobby_b

    What do folks use to clean their AR’s that have paint jobs?

    • Sledgecrowbar

      M-Pro 7 is water-based. I have a bottle of it I’ll never use up because a friend recommended it so I tried it. The only plus is it won’t eat up your bronze bore brushes so I run them through with that when I do brush.

      I don’t think Hoppes will eat paint, though. It’s petroleum distillates like everything else, plus a little ammonia to dissolve copper.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I was really hoping it would be bourbon.

    • Sledgecrowbar

      To be a little more serious:

      Hoppes No. 9 is my favorite gun solvent simply because it smells so good and it works. Unless they came out with something that was an evolution of Number 9, I’ve used plenty of other cleaners, even on recommendation of friends, and found them not as effective. If this is only as good as Number 9, then I have a lifetime jug of that to use up first. I didn’t even like their “benchrest” stuff as much as the original.