HK416 Magazines Gen. 2 .223 STANAG for sale in Germany

If you want to run your Heckler & Koch rifle with original accessories only here’s your chance.

There are now Generation 2 HK416 Magazines 223 STANAG for sale in Germany.

They are €49 each which equates to about 52 USD. Yes, it costs a lot not not to compromise.

Very cool magazine if you ask me and great for collectors and people who don’t want to run another Magpul PMAG.

I’m tempted to buy one just for collecting, but the HK original steel magazines are available for the same price, and it’s probably one of the best magazines on the market (in my opinion).

Unfortunately for US and other International customers ZIB Militaria only delivers accordingly: “Shipping inside Germany, Pickup on site Storage Hamburg, EU Zone 1 (all EU countries except Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Croatia), EU Zone 2 (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Croatia)

Please don’t order if it’s against the law.

The HK USA Webshop only have the transparent 30 round magazine in stock:


Original H&K 30rds mag .223 “Gen2 PM”.

MilSpec, Stanag fitting HK416, M4, M16…

Probably the best 5.56 / .223 Mag that you find on the market.

H&K liability and function + roughened surface and the great optic.

New H&K item.

HK added an interesting texture.

Detailed picture.

This is what it looks like on a HK rifle.

There seems to be at least a few available.

The link will take you to the webshop. Note: The point of this post is not to sell or promote magazines, just to highlight the fact that there is a new HK generation out. And if there’s not a link to the original vendor, there will be a lot of questions about it in the comments.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • flyingburgers

    It’s going to cost you even more to get it out of the EU because of export controls. I think you need to get a group buy with a company that’s already set up to import from Europe.

    • Or just do it how many shooters not from the United States get gun parts from the US. Fly there for a match or a holiday and bring it back in your suitcase.

      US Customs doesn’t really care about gun parts (the last time I went through US Customs they were more concerned about my bag of candy than anything else), and outbound screenings are rare.

      • flyingburgers

        Sure, but if you get caught, it’s a felony, max $250k fine, and up to 10 years in jail. Want to risk that to save a few bucks? They may not catch you at the border, but what may happen is that the merchant gets caught up in something and their records get audited, and they find somebody buying gun parts with a foreign credit card and start asking questions.

        • Don’t buy with a credit card. When I travel I use local currency except for large items like hotels, and such. And if you get inspected at the border you take it out of the wrapper and put it in your gun kit. When they ask “Oh I’ve had this for a while.” Because the only thing that is put on the customs forms before taking it out of the country are large items, the dudes I talked to while filling out the form were quite clear they don’t care about small stuff. They assume if you are bringing a gun back home, you are going to have the associated gear. But you can still include it in the total for duty purposes.

          Now I should mention I personally don’t do it, as I haven’t had the need, due to the items I want being made in the USA and are more expensive or simply not available overseas. And when I mean expensive I mean expensive, Pmags run over $100 NZD (about $70 USD), I could’ve paid for my entire 3 week trip with a carry on sized suitcase full of Pmags.

          But I know it happens. I see foreign shooters all the time returning home with parts, magazines, and accessories that they can’t get easily at home. And often price isn’t a consideration it is availability.

  • Graham2

    So, you can buy P-Mags for $10-$11, or one of these for 5 times that- don’t all rush at once!

  • Jeff S

    More like $44. You forgot to knock off the 19% VAT before you did your conversion.

    • Eric B

      Except I pay VAT as I’m not a company, are you?

      And if you import you would have to add customs, local taxes etc.

      • Preacher

        -> Export a item out of the EU -> Receive your payed VAT again, no matter if company or civilian

        -> Import into your destination -> local rules applys.
        So, maybe turns out cheaper

      • Jeff S

        I buy stuff from Europe all the time… with the VAT taken off. Look at the pricing at any website specializing in exports from the EU. And you won’t be paying any customs duties or taxes on a handful of magazines… In the US at least.

  • FulMetlJakit

    Double negative confuses.
    Interesting though, actually less $$ than expected.

  • BattleshipGrey
    • Jeff Smith

      Dammit, why did Jim Jones have to go and ruin Kool-Aid? It’s delicious and the phrase “drink the Kool-Aid” makes me want some.

      • krinkov545

        Wasn’t Kool-Aid Jones was cheap and used Flavoraid.

  • Mmmtacos

    If H&K loved us they’d print the bullet on there backwards.

    Unfortunately however we suck and they hate us.

  • Codys

    Funny how the rediculiously expensive hk 417 mags are cheaper than those mags

  • valorius

    $52 for a magazine that hates you. 🙂

    • CA

      I agree.

  • valorius

    photo fail for not loading some rounds in the mag backwards.

  • naad

    Ohhh! The cool magazine wars are on!

  • int19h

    Did anyone have a chance to compare HK steel mags and E-Lander mags side by side? Both are steel, and both are thicker than your usual aluminum or steel mags (and hence heavier) – but aside from that? I was always curious whether E-Landers were really just an HK clone.

    • aegisltd

      I have both mags & the E-Landers isn’t even in the same ballpark. The E landers has a very stiff spring & the operation isn’t anywhere nearly as smooth as the HK The finish and corrosion resistance on the HK mag is far superior as well

      • int19h


        Did you have a chance to do some testing on corrosion resistance for E-Landers, or do you know someone who did?

        • aegisltd

          No scientific corrosion test; I was just going by the finish on the E landers (which looks great) but isn’t the same level as the HK. The HK features a proprietary HK Maritime/Corrosion- Resistant coating. <– You can google that & read more about it. CDNN Sports has these HK mags for $30 and they are worth it. Next cheapest price I've seen is $39 at Botach (that price included shipping but they are out of stock) If you don't have any of the metal HK mags I highly recommend buying 3-10 of them. And if you are interested: The other AR 556 mags I've found to be the best are:

          1. HK Metal mags
          2. Lancer L5AWM 5.56mm Magazines
          3. ETS AR15/M4 Translucent mags with the built in coupling system. (Look for drop tests on youtube for the ETS mags)
          4. Hex mags <–These guys probably have the best customer service of ANY AR magazine manufacturer.

          • int19h

            I have a lot of Lancers and love them, but I also like the idea of a thick steel mag, just on the basis that it’s likely be very long lasting and likely to survive abuse without losing structural integrity. E-Landers have the advantage of being cheap – in early 2016, before the election started affecting prices, they could be had for $9/mag; so I got quite a few.

            I don’t expect them to be as good as HK quality-wise, but given the price difference, it’s still interesting to hear how they compare.

          • aegisltd

            I think I paid about $12 or $13 each for my E-landers in 2013 when things were getting a little out of control.
            Still, pick up at least ONE of the HK metal mags. I think you’ll really be impressed and $30 is a GREAT price, I think I paid almost $60 for mine.

          • int19h

            Unfortunately, they’re now priced $50 at CDNN, *and* out of stock at that.

          • aegisltd

            That stinks (I wanted to pick up some more) I found them at midway USA & cheaper than dirt but both are just over $50 but I can understand not wanting to spend $50+ for one mag.

  • CavScout

    Well this article effects 5 people….