HK416 Lower and full auto parts for sale in Europe

Heckler & Koch 416 “assault rifle lower receivers” are for sale in Germany.

Just beware, as so called “free parts” might not be so free in your country or state.

In fact they might be highly illegal. Where I live at the moment, lowers are “free”.

It’s the upper, barrel and bolt which requires a license, so please check your local laws and regulations before even considering ordering these parts.

The HK lower is described as (I think there are some translation mistakes, not mine):

HK416 assault rifle lower receiver.

Factory new item. TOP Price!

Original Heckler&Koch rare item. Only limited quantity, when sold no more coming.

Fitting on all M4 / M16 / AR15 and the clones.

The buyer is reliable for his countries law. Shipping only inside EU.

As described, the parts look factory new.

The HK magwell has a nice flare, almost like some competition ready lowers.


Yes, they have the other parts that go in there as well. “HK416 Trigger Parts Complete, Full Auto, H&K

Pew – Pew – Pew, but only if local laws allow.

HK416 Gasblock, 10.4″, H&K  14.5 16,5″


HK416 Quad-Rail-Handguard, Long – 11″

They also offer HK416 assault rifle PDW backstock, type 1 and 2, described as factory new and an original Heckler & Koch rare item. Not interested in the other parts as that would be very illegal, but I wonder if that PDW stock would fit my HK MR223?

The German webshop also offers the HK416 Lower as semi-auto. (link clickable)

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Hellbilly

    Ouch. 400 Euro for a semi-auto lower with “HK” slapped on the side. The F/A lower is slightly less.

    • Björn Pfi

      I guess it is more expensive, because it is legal to use the Semi Only lower receiver for a custom build here in germany. The full auto lower is legal to own, but you went to jail if you mount it at your firearm 😉 So the dealer can earn more money with the semi lower because of all the HK Fanboys here in germany which wanna have an “HK416” and not an “MR223”.

  • micmac80

    In EU upper (with barrel and bolt)is the vital firearm part , lower is free to be traded

    • Anonymoose

      Well that would sort of explain why barrels aren’t on the page. That’s a stupid categorization, though. Except for the FAL and HK roller rifles, most guns do not use the upper receiver as the central or even serialized part.

      • Björn Pfi

        Here in Germany the upper receiver is not restricted. Only the bolt head and the barrel are restricted parts.

      • Tinkerer

        You just mentioned the two more widespread NATO rifles in Europe during the Cold War.

        • Anonymoose

          You have a point there, but they have been almost entirely replaced by AR15, AR18, or modernized AK (think SG550 and FNC) variants in every country’s military, except for Portugal, Pakistan, and some backwards African and Middle Eastern crapholes which mostly only use them to supplement their AKMs. Most of NATO’s battle rifles have since been chopped up and/or dumped into the ocean, and a lot of the places we’re talking about that define the gun as the upper receiver/barrel have long had outright bans or heavy restrictions on civilian ownership of “military-style” firearms, semi-automatics, or “military calibers” (which of course does nothing to stem violent crime or terrorism).

      • Marc

        German legislation cares about the pressure-containing parts as those actually propel the projectile. The lower just holds some parts which aren’t even necessary to fire the gun. As you can see in the picture the lower isn’t serialized as it’s just a non-essential part. US legislation apparently only cares which part bears a serial number regardless of its actual function.

        • Nick Basco

          Always the receiver or frame here in the US. In the case of weapons with multi-piece receivers, they simply rule which part it is. For ARs, it’s the lower. For FALs, the upper.

    • MeaCulpa

      What the vital firearm part is is defined by national legislation and not by The EU.

  • Sarig

    At least in Norway, actually putting this on a weapon would be a serious modification to the fire-arm, and since it’s full-auto, probably land you in prison.

    Actually, just ordering it might be seen as at attempt at that, and is probably risky in itself, regardless of if it’s legal or not. It’s not like our customs ever brushed up on weapons legislation anyway.

    • Anonymoose

      3-pin lowers are illegal pretty much everywhere including the US, even without an auto-sear.

      • argh

        they are fine in all three countries I’m licensed to own firearms in as long as they only have a semi capable trigger in-you seem to be guessing

        • Anonymoose

          They must not have thought of “constructive intent” in those countries then.

          • argh

            thats just silly, can you make you car drive over the speed limit? surely thats just like having a full auto trigger and expecting people not to use one of the functions. So there is no constructive intent if the trigger installed is only a semi. don’t worry though-each of the country has its own silly laws, just not the one you seem to think makes sense

          • Anonymoose

            Of all the stupid gun control laws out there, if you’re going to regulate machineguns it is logical to not allow receivers that can be easily converted into machineguns with simple drop-in parts.

          • argh

            considering that drilling a hole is a lot easier than getting a full auto trigger group (that is an illegal item in two of the countries) that still seems to have no practical value even if you supported controlling full auto-other than making surplus lowers worthless

          • jcitizen

            The M16 variants all fall under a special regulation that makes so many of the components illegal to even have them in you possession, that it isn’t even funny! Of course you would have to also have an AR15 derivative to complete this, to be in violation also. I used to remember the number designation of this reg, but it slips my mind for now.

      • Bradley

        Most European countries don’t regulate machine guns in the same way. In a lot of places it is perfectly legal to own an assault rifle that has simply had its auto selection disabled in some way.

        • Anonymoose

          And here I thought the EU was more stringent about those sort of things. I always wondered about the guys in Polenar Tactical and if their guns were really full-auto or not, but that’s Slovenia and they like guns in Slovenia…

          • Bradley

            Well don’t get the idea that it’s less strict. This is just one thing that’s not quite as goofy.

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            I was wondering about that too. Saw a video where they were using a G3 and it looked like the lower had S-E-F on it.

          • Anonymoose

            You can get SEF lowers in the US with safe/semi-only trigger groups in them. It’s an aspect of the G3 design which is unlike ARs and AKs.

  • Anonymoose

    What buffer are you supposed to use with PDW stocks?

    • HK416 is operated with a short stroke piston, no need for a buffer. That stock won’t work on a DI AR-15.

      • Frank

        Hk416 does use a buffer…

      • roguetechie

        Funny because they make stocks exactly like this for DI AR15’s…

      • Joe

        You may wish to edit your comment.

  • Preacher

    For a small fee, I can purchase you some of these parts legaly as EU citizin and ship internationaly – if your local law accept it. Except of the bolt head and barrel, everything is free to get in here, so no violation of laws. By the way: In here the legal state about fully automatic firearms does not define by the matter what the device could be capable of (f.e.: Lower without Full Auto Sear) – it is just about how the device actually functions. So if there is no FA mode available, even if it is just prevented by a set screw blocking the fire selector to go onto this position, everything is alright.
    Preacher Out

    • RSG

      In the US, just having the 3rd pin hole in the lower receiver constitutes a violation and is illegal. IWI just recalled all of their Galils when they came out because of the third hole.

    • Porty1119

      On occasion, European firearms laws (Canadian as well) make more sense than what we have here. This is one of those occasions.

    • Avid Fan

      Why do you sound like every response to every ad I have ever placed on the net for anything?
      I can gladly have my agent reply to your shipper and pay accordingly the price you are asking for the materials you are having sell. Please release me the account information at the appropriate times to be giving the money.

    • Avid Fan

      Send those out to 601 McDonough Blvd SE Atlanta GA 30315. I’ll send you a hekking big check when I get them.

  • USMC03Vet

    Fawning over a third hole. Just sayin’

  • Jeff Smith
  • Seth Hill

    “the upper, barrel and bolt which requires a license”

    To me, those as a combination makes more sense as defining a firearm than the upper or lower receiver alone. Maybe we can get the definitions changed? Maybe include, as Preacher notes below, that defining an automatic as how it actually functions (without being damaged) instead of being capable of.

    • Nick Basco

      Who on God’s green earth would want the uppers to be the serialized firearm part here in the US? With the lower being the firearm, it makes it possible to have just one SBR (or even M16, if you can afford it) lower with uppers in all different lengths and calibers. You’d be mad to want to change that. FAL uppers are the firearm here, and it makes changing configuration extremely expensive and impractical, especially for NFA rifles.

  • Eggcelent
  • LazyReader

    God I wish the US had a more open immigration policy…..for Europeans, like they did a century ago.

    • Mr. Privilege

      Oh no! We MUST have more Somalians! The 9th Circuit says so!

    • Emperius

      It would be a disservice to your people and country, fight for them and flush the bureaucrats and the monarchy controlled by the Vatican.

  • nighthawk9983

    That’s because when they try to sell nice things to civies, civies turn around and say ‘what do you need that for?’

  • Core

    I see an auto sear pin hole, which would make this illegal to import into the United States of Merika? Am I right? I know an HK lower in Poland is about $1,200 USD, not sure about the lagalities of individuals importing them, but from what I gather if you are in a free state you’re good to go.

  • jcitizen

    I would think, unlike Sweden, that the Swiss would not be so excited about such things, as every male of eligible age would have an Stgw 90 in his closet at home.

  • Carl Barks

    So when are you moving? And where to?

  • J T

    True but the pictures you show are from a german website and the only retailer selling the lower as “free”. These lowers are gathered straight from the factory without any serial numbers attached to them. This website DO NOT ship any weapon parts outside EU.
    since it is against german laws. Have fun.