A YouTuber Builds a 18.9 oz Repeating Rimfire Rifle

The host of YouTube channel called ECCO Machine has designed a bolt action magazine fed rifle chambered in .22LR, which weighs only 18.9 oz (unloaded). There are a couple of such lightweight survival .22LR rifles on the market, namely the Pack-Rifle and a Cricket rifle conversion by a company called Ruta Locura. These two weigh even less (around 15 oz), but they are single shot rifles. ECCO’s rifle is a magazine fed one.

The gun is made of lightweight materials. The chassis is machined from a block of ABS plastic. The receiver is an aluminum one and many parts are made of titanium (bolt, barrel extension etc.). The gun feeds from a 5 round detachable magazine. Despite of the small size, the gun has a couple of storage compartments – one in the grip and a waterproof compartment inside the stock. The stock tube can hold 40 rounds of .22LR ammunition.

This rifle is also a takedown one. The barrel easily detaches by pressing a latch on the receiver. The assembly process is even simpler and requires nothing more than pushing in the barrel and it snaps in place. The removed barrel mounts on the chassis to make a compact package. In this condition, the overall length of the gun is 17.2″.

Another interesting feature is that the bolt has two forward locking lugs much like centerfire bolt action rifle bolts. The YouTuber also says that he can make the gun even lighter with more titanium made materials.

I described all the features which I think are interesting. However, if you want to learn more about this gun watch the video below:

I think the designer used several interesting solutions. If this design is further refined, then I think chances are good that we’ll see a new small gun company.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • iksnilol

    I like the open saddle design of the stock, looking at how the barrel fits over the gun when detached you can easily put a red dot on the barrel (a bit forward) and not have it jut out when the gun is broken down.

    What did he use as a base? Or did he start from scratch? Would be really interested in something like this, integrally suppressed of course. Would be nice for small game hunting.

    • Tassiebush

      It was all from scratch. He tormented himself with front locking Bolt lugs on that tiny scale. When someone makes a similar model for sale and preferably a .22mag version I will be compelled to buy it.

      • iksnilol

        Honestly I wouldn’t mind a switch barrel, one in .22 LR and one in whatever rimfire cartridge that uses the same bolt as .22 LR without being .22 LR.

        If I had to change bolts I’d go with .32 ACP.

        But yeah, c’mon youtube dude, make a company, I want to buy this.

        • Tassiebush

          And put the Bolt handle up front forming an almost front locking single lug to simplify and cheapen production and as you suggested mount scopes onto the barrel. Totally like the idea of a switch barrel. Mind you I quite like .22mag for this type of thing because it barely increases bulk or weight per round over .22lr yet loads exist covering the hunting niches of both round’s.

          • iksnilol

            Oh, that’s true. I just would like an alternate chambering since .22 LR isn’t legal for much of small game in Norway, and I like .32 acp. It is already subsonic and I’ll most likely have a pistol chambered for it and it is easy to reload for.

            Would increase bulk and weight sligthly tho. But would be so worth.

          • Dougscamo

            What kind of small game do you guys have? Other than snowshoe hares?….

          • iksnilol

            Grouse/birds in general, hare as you mentioned, beaver and fox.

            You can hunt them with shotgun and rifle, I prefer something quiet so shottie is outta the picture.

          • Dougscamo

            What is the reasoning for not allowing .22LR for any of those?….
            More than adequate in my experience….

          • iksnilol

            I dunno, that’s just the law. .22 LR may be used on game up to the size of a hare (mostly birds) but not hares themselves.

            That’s literally what the law says. It is ridicilous but what can you do? That’s why I’d like a switch barrel version.

          • Dougscamo

            Gotta love it when non-gun people write the laws….but it seems we all suffer from that twist of fate….
            Unless your hares are a dang sight bigger than ours, it’s a waste of meat….

          • billyoblivion

            You can contact the people in charge of such laws and express that they are senseless and need to be “brought in line with current best practices in the field” and that “hunters everywhere else in the world can take hare and similar sized game quite adequately, I don’t see as our hunters are any worse shots”.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, because that’s effective when your department of wild managment and whatnot is full of fudds.

            We barely got legalized M1 Garands and M1 Carbines for hunting recently.

          • Dougscamo

            Back in from trying to go fishing….after Disqus messed me over….water was too low to use outboard and battery for trolling motor was shot….gave up in DisGust….
            That being said….you are the most loyal .22 Mag user I have come across….and that ain’t a bad thing….

          • Tassiebush

            It’s not that it’s an awesome performer or anything. It’s just that it’s compact, minimal weight and sort of adequate for heaps of things. Just well suited for anyone wanting to carry a large amount of rounds without feeling like their carrying a large amount of rounds.

          • Dougscamo

            I think it is an awesome performer for its size….killed everything but deer with mine….

          • Vizzini

            I’ve killed game as large as a coyote with .22 magnum in my Remington 597, but mostly ground hogs. It’s a fine round. Shot placement is key, though.

          • Dougscamo

            I’d like to find some groundhogs….most of them are coyote poop now….

          • Vizzini

            Normally I leave the coyotes alone for just that reason. If they stay away from the farm yard, that’s fine. I had a young female trying to lure a couple dogs out of the yard, though. She had to go. I’ve heard too many stories of dogs lured off by coyotes only to end up killed by the pack.

          • Dougscamo

            Don’t know where you live but here in VA the biologists have determined that 70% of a coyote’s springtime diet is whitetail fawns….killed 5 coyotes last year while hunting deer and groundhogs and missed opportunities to kill 2 more….
            My son hunts them on purpose and the first field they went into last fall had 8 of them wandering around…
            I hate the bloody things….so do my farmer friends that TRY to raise sheep….we are just overrun with them…
            And yes, they will kill and eat domestic dogs….

          • Vizzini

            SE Ohio. We’re pretty overrun with deer here. I don’t begrudge the coyotes a few — I feel like we’re barely holding our own in hunting season. I raise goats and cattle, but I haven’t had a problem with coyote predation. The goat kids are the most vulnerable and I have them in a pasture close to the barn in kidding season.

          • Dougscamo

            We used to be that way with deer but the coyotes have gotten so numerous that several counties have changed their doe kill seasons or eliminated them….
            My farmer friend that tries to raise sheep snared 21 off his 500 acre farm last year….doesn’t count the ones that were shot….

          • Vizzini

            Good to know. Ohio has a year-round no bag limit season on coyotes, so if they start giving me problems I’ll be shooting more. I have heard from some people in other parts of the state that they do have a real coyote problem.

          • Critter

            What you need, is a mule.

          • Vizzini

            I have horses, and I know mules and donkeys are great coyote deterrents. A fellow goat breeder whose herd is often out of her immediate protection keeps a donkey. It’s good advice.

        • Tassiebush

          I like the idea of that chambering. It’d be nice and quiet and it could use existing pistol mags for it.

    • Tassiebush

      About 7minutes in he explains how the Bolt locks into the barrel extension so no pressure on the reciever.

      • iksnilol

        It really is a neat design. This one would be really nice to have in the pack for small game hunting.

        • Dougscamo

          Seriously….I am not having any problems hitting any sites except TFB and Disqus.
          Is it just me, the US, or have you had problems as well? Writing this because I know you live beside your computer… 🙂

          • iksnilol

            I’ve no problems.

            Maybe mental, but no PC problems.

  • AD

    Very interesting rifle, and some impressive engineering!

  • Blake

    That’s pretty sweet, but I think I’d just buy a Henry AR-7…

    • iksnilol

      Would cycle that charging handle more then 😉

    • billyoblivion

      Got one.

      Shot it a few times. Not horrible, not great.

      I’d rather pack the above rifle than the AR-7.

      • Sulaco

        When I first saw it I thought it was a cut down AR-7…receiver looks just the same…

  • cwp

    From the still of the rifle, that looks like a magazine from a Winchester 490, in which case 10-round mags are also “available” (in the sense that they exist and can be found if you search).

    • Harry’s Holsters

      According to the video it’s a savage magazine. I think they also make 10 rounders.

      • Wetcoaster

        I can’t watch the video right now, but how is he retaining the magazine? From the images, there doesn’t appear to be the spring steel release that normally engages with the notch in the rear of the magazine.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          I wasn’t able to watch it long enough to find out.

        • Tassiebush

          It’s a flat spring hooking over the base of the magazine. Sort of like the way some older style pistols have heel locking mag catches.

      • Porty1119

        I thought it looked familiar. Savage Mark II magazine, and yes, ten-round versions are available.

  • Keiichi


  • Harry’s Holsters

    This is something that would sell if they could get the pricing down to a reasonable place for mass market. Under $400 it’d be a mass commercial winner.

  • PK

    “If this design is further refined, then I think chances are good that we’ll see a new small gun company.”

    The difference between a functional design by a home builder and a design suitable to be mass produced is staggering.

    • MrBrassporkchop

      Yeah unfortunately it would probably take an enormous hit in quality.

      Everyone wants one but I doubt they’ll pay $600+ for one.

      People moan about the price of higher end 22 pistols and this is an even smaller market than those. With guns like the Model 17, GP 100, Model 41, Beretta cheetah, people say “I’ll just take a MKIII and call it a day. I see no point in paying more than $x for a 22.”

      • iksnilol

        I’d pay 600+ for it. Nothing like it that I’ve seen.

        • JSmath

          AR-7 or Sub2000? Even the Little Badger?

          I know those aren’t little baby bolt actions, but I mean, c’mon iks, nothing like it?

          • iksnilol

            Repeater, ultra light, takedown. Pick two, but this thingy picks three.

            Sub2000 and AR7 weigh muuuch more, are larger and AR7 is notoriously unreliable.

  • MrFN

    Perfect for hunting de Gaulles.

    • iksnilol

      I dunno, I think .22 LR is a bit small for jackals.

      • Dougscamo

        Yeah, didn’t the latest “Jackal” use a modified 20mm?…..

  • John

    >18.9 oz

    For the record, that’s slightly more than a pound. If you have trouble lugging a pound around, you need to get in better shape.

    Rifle is fine, doesn’t need less weight. It does need to be produced in significant batches to be purchased now.

    • iksnilol

      You can always go for less weight.

      put on a lightweight pistol scope, that’s 200 grams extra. Put on a suppressor or intergrally suppressed barrel, that’s again 200-300 grams extra. Suddenly you’ve doubled the weight.

      Regardless, that isn’t this rifle’s point. The point of this rifle isn’t as a dedicated hunting gun. It is more to put in a kit, or backpack and just have there until you actually need/want it. IE, you’re hunting elk, don’t find none, then you see a grouse. Better to shoot it with a quiet lil’ .22 than waste a 30-06 shell on it.

  • Alex Waits

    His genius truly shines with his single shot pistols.

  • Sulaco

    What is with the data hogging ads that you can’t shut the H^&* off!!

  • jamezb

    I do believe he could sell the beegibbilies out of those.

  • jamezb

    Two words:integral suppressor.

  • Very cool!

  • jimpeel

    But will it float like the AR-7? Um … no.

  • rambo jones

    That is pretty cool. I would love to test that out for him!

  • gregge

    Could have it in .17 HMR or WMR, if one of those fits the same magazine.