Walther PPS M1: The First Single Stack 9mm Glock?

The Walther PPS M1 was introduced in 2005, well before the Glock 43 or the Smith & Wesson Shield. For many years The PPS was one of the go to single stack 9mm pistols for concealed carriers with the Kahr PM series being the other option for those looking at polymer framed guns. In recent years the PPS M1 has fallen off the radar of many gun owners thanks to the introduction of the Shield that can be bought for about a hundred dollars less but I still feel as though the M1 is very relevant for those looking for a single stack gun today.

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Patrick R

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    The only reason we don’t see more of this gun is Walther introduced it at way to high of a price and kept it as high as the could for as long as the could. If it had been priced in the $500 range when it came out it’d be a well known common gun.

    • M

      Walther also has pretty poor support and aftermarket interest. Most of their guns you can only get magazines for. Can’t even find recoil springs for PPQ

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Agreed. I can’t find one for my PPQ either. Magazine options weren’t even that plentiful for the PPS M1 when I ordered them for my dad’s christmas present. I started looking in June and Cheaper than dirt was the only place that had them.

    • Mike N.

      Yup, I paid $700 for mine back when it was either that or a Kahr. Still love it though, and no desire to “upgrade” it. I even like the paddle magazine release.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        They are a great gun and were worth that price at that time considering the Kahr was the only competition. I tell people it’s one of the most under rated guns on the market. Especially with the price they go for now.

    • Core

      Still the best PPS. Purchased on clearance, with an additional discount, brought it below $200 and paid with accumulated credit points. Used a gift card to buy extra mags and holster. Paid the transfer fee out of pocket, a grand total of $23 I believe. Very accurate. Trigger was crunchy until broken in at 200+ rounds. Thanks to the Walther forums I found disassembly instructions and I polished the sear surfaces and the trigger now breaks very well after long predictable travel. My only gripe is the reset, which is very long. I found while doing rapid fire drills, I had a tendency to not fully reset the trigger, which makes me nervous. After years of using 1911’s and other military pistols with short resets, it requires additional training. I have no doubt if I were to deploy this handgun I would probably end up losing a few precious milliseconds, but I have enough experience with it to push through quickly. It’s just discerning. I would happily pay for a trigger bar that could remedy the reset. I don’t believe the long pull and weight need to be altered considering it’s purpose as a defensive handgun. Coating the striker in a medium coat of Mobile 28 and the sear surface will prevent the need for polishing the striker barrel/shaft which is a point of friction where the nitrated and notably rough striker spring makes contact. A solution would be a moly coated chrome silicone spring, also moly coated CrSi recoil springs would be beneficial.

  • Tim

    I see PPS M2s for ~$400 or so. Are they a radical departure from the M1s?

    • Al

      I found the trigger to be worse than the original. Long reset. The original was not as good as Glock, but similar.

    • The M2 would be nearly perfect if they just kept the rail! Seriously, why in the world remove it?!

  • valorius

    On the topic of single stack glock-ish 9mm’s, i’m just waiting for someone to come out with a diamondback arms db9 type pistol that is actually 100% reliable. They will get my money.

    That pistol is SMALL.

  • I would buy it if the leftists in the california doj would let us….

  • Blake

    Don’t forget Kel-Tec PF-9 (this month is it’s 11th birthday):

    • PersonCommenting

      Man I feel like the PF9, SCCY and others like it are irrelevant now. They got awful triggers and less features compared to a shield or even LC9 Pro S which are dirt cheap already.

      • Blake

        Very true, but there’d be no Ruger LC9 if the KT PF-9 hadn’t come before it.

  • Gary Kirk

    Walther.. Still choking along on what they used to be.. And Umarex manufacturing imitations for idiots..

  • Joe Bob

    Totally agree. The PPS M1 is an incredible gun, and still remains the best single stack 9mm in my opinion.

    • valorius

      The PPS is a good deal heavier than the Kahr PM9, which i felt was too heavy in it’s own right. Just my own personal opinion, of course.

  • Noishkel

    You know this absolute obsession with the smallest gun is just holding back the entire industry.

    Honestly, after watching how unstable and violent the left is getting my money on small and concealable not being the greatest driver of the gun market in the future.

    • valorius

      I can slip my .380 Ruger LCP into my back pocket and the extra magazines into the watch pocket of my jeans. Having a pistol and multiple reloads without even knowing they’re there or having to so much as wear a belt is a wondrous thing.

      I would love to have that capability in 9mm. The DB9 is small and light enough, but from the dozens of user reviews i’ve read, sadly, it’s just not reliable enough.

      • Noishkel

        Well personally I loath the feeling of jeans. But more to the point clothing like that is going to make your handgun stick out like crazy.

        But perhaps more important to this conversation is that I’m not at aallll taken in by the Cult of 9mm any more than the claims of the newest latest fancy hollow points they say make them actually work now.

        • valorius

          A ruger LCP is so flat it is completely invisible in a back pocket. So is a DB9. It’s so light, you can’t even feel it in said pocket. 9mm is the cheapest, so i can practice the most with a 9mm for a given amount of $.

          • Noishkel

            So you often sit on top of something full of explosives? I mean, forgot about else I said there. That by itself sounds dicey as hell.

          • valorius

            What exactly do you expect to happen if one sits on a pistol in their back pocket that’s “full of explosives?”

            It’s not a carry mode i’d employ with a glock or similar weapon, but with a pistol with a genuine long heavy DAO (which the Ruger is very well known for), it’s perfectly safe to do so.

  • Anonymoose

    Slow news day.

  • DIR911911 .

    w…..t……f….???? not even a picture of it? why is this here??

    • J.T.

      This is basically just an ad.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      There was an issue with WordPress, it should be fixed.

  • Disarmed in CA

    The only Walther 9mm on the CA roster is a P1. Good luck finding a new one.

  • john huscio

    I had a PPS…..concealed well, other than that, it had a number of deficiencies for me………..paddle release was stiff as hell, nothing like the smooth and easy paddle on my vp9, almost had to use two hands to engage it. I found Walther”s paddle design lacking in comfort as well….were as HK”s paddle is one piece thats comfortable and doesn’t interfere with shooting in any way, the PPS paddle goes under the trigger guard and leaves a gap between itself and the guard that irritated the hell out of my top grip finger just holding it, it was even more of an irritant shooting. The PPS was also the gun that made me realise that single stacks weren’t for me. The slimness made it feel weird in the hand everything I shot it, the hard sharpish grip texture didn’t help either……ended up selling it and buying 700 rounds of wolf gold with the cash…

  • jonjon7465

    Generally single stack models that have a 40 cal version are a lot bigger than they have to be. This is why the Shield and PPS are massive compared to the G43.

  • Onacoma

    I’ve carried a 9mm PPS M1 since 2007. The limiting factor with the firearm is most US shooters can’t grasp the “HK” style magazine (Not A Clip) release. For shooters who also carried a HK this was not a problem. However with the advent of the PPS M2 most US Shooters can now push a button to release the magazine! Just like our school system we’re dumbing down our firearm! THAT’S A JOKE SON! I love the G&A article where the old PPS M1 out shot all the modern single stack 9mm!

  • Spear Fish

    I have both the M1 and M2. Love them both. Neither one has EVER had a malfunction from the day I took them out of the box and are very accurate.

  • roninpenguin

    At the 1:09 mark “Striker Fired, single stack, Knives…” this is a Knife? Man that is the longest range knife I’ve ever seen!

    I’m not sure how effective it would be at cutting my steak though…

  • Lapewmo

    I own one of these in the 40. I wish I’d opted for the 9mm instead as my stature is kinda small for such a powerful Round in such a small package. I do show signs of limp wrist after a few Mags. New Pistols have gone down considerably in Price as mine was $700.

  • Rocketman

    I purchased a new Bersa BP9CC about 2 and a half years ago and love it. 3 and a half pound trigger pull with a short reset, 8 shot magazine and very slim and concealable. The only thing that needs to be changed in my opinion is that the slide release lever doesn’t quite stick out far enough for my 64 year old hands and I had it extended out just a bit. Great gun and very accurate.