Running Up Range With PCC

One aspect of USPSA stages may involve a shooter to move up range. With all shooting games there is a strict 180 degree rule. For those not familiar with the 180 degree rule, the muzzle of your gun must not pass 180 degrees from the shooting bay. This is to prevent any possibility of shooting the people behind you while you engage the stage.

However there are instances where it might be beneficial to move up range or possibly the stage design demands it. This is relatively easy to do with a handgun. You turn around and run up range while your pistol is still pointed down range.

However trying to do this with a pistol caliber carbine is a bit more challenging.

Here is a simple and effective way to manipulate your firearm and remain safe while moving up range.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Michael Lubrecht

    Nice technique! About the stupidest stage design ever, but he handled it well.

    • Nicholas C

      I think it wasn’t a real stage but he was practicing and set that challenge for himself.

  • PersonCommenting

    I get this isnt a pro thing but I think the shooting sports have failed to set up coursed that would look good on tv and that are decently easy to score. I feel like that is why there arent many shooting shows out there centered around competition. It is terrible to watch unless youre really into it or no one can keep track of it.

    • billyoblivion

      The problem–which is trivially overcome–is that IDPA/three gun/USBLAHBLAHBLAH is a lot like football only worse. 3 to 30 seconds of activity followed by 10 minutes of resetting.

      Figure out a way to fix that (8 bays running courses and switching between them), and using clever camera positioning you could make it more exciting than Golf or Tennis.

      The real problem is that ESPN is (politics alert) run by progressives, and to them Gun Are Bad, mKay?

      • Or just don’t broadcast live. Show it the following week.

      • PersonCommenting

        3gun nation tv is decent. It is probably the best one out there.

      • Jeff Suever

        They make golf and bass fishing interesting, don’t they? It can be done. Baseball and football are three seconds of action followed by ten minutes of boredom.

        • billyoblivion

          > They make golf and bass fishing interesting, don’t they? It can be done.


          Well, not to me.

          > Baseball and football are three seconds of action followed by ten minutes of boredom.

          Baseball is mostly slow and steady–the pitcher and catcher toss the ball back and forth for a while, punctuated by someone chasing a foul ball here and there with the occasional interaction of the rest of the team when the hitter gets a little luckier than normal, then there’s a bit of setup work when the guys who’ve been standing around for a while get to go sit down.

          Football is the other way around, sort of.

          Clearly I don’t see the appeal of watching either on TV. Nor of playing–I didn’t find it particularly interesting as a kid, and still don’t.

          I liked playing Soccer, but especially after joining the Marine Corps was REALLY bad at faking an injury, or noticing a minor one (“Yeah, I’m bleeding, but it’s not bad. Are you worried about stains? Got Duct Tape?”).

          I couldn’t take up bicycle racing because I’m scared of needles.

          But yes, I do think that most of the gun games could be made interesting enough that they would pull a lot of viewers. However it would scare the holy hell out of suburban parents to see people running and gunning on their TV set.

          • Phillip Cooper

            What in the heck does bicycle racing have to do with needles?

          • billyoblivion


    • Blake

      drones may help solve that… move a camera around downrange without any risk to human camera operator.

      • Bill

        Really valuable in training.

      • PersonCommenting

        It will be interesting when we can get live feeds from these drones. Then again they already can do this in the NFL and College football from the cable cameras. I guess they could set up poles and utilize those types till they make cameras with equipment that can broadcast live from drones if this already doesnt exist.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Uh, it’s the 21st century. You’re on a global information grid.

          We’ve been able to get live feed from drones for over a decade. Several, really. I used to do it with aircraft in the 90s.

          Technology… it’s not just for porn, anymore.

          • PersonCommenting

            Live feed to TV? not just to some device on a computer or remote? I figured there must be but wasnt sure.

        • Blake

          Yeah as an FPV mini quad flyer we can definitely get live feeds from drones. Hell, my tiny whoop which is like 50mm from edge to edge transmits live video. We even have the capability of streaming 1080p video live, and in a 5″ racing quad.

          • PersonCommenting

            Could that stream live to tvs. I feel like live gun programming is a long shot do to know money and the down time but I feel like it will take that to gain popularity. Not the reality show feel that some of them have now.

            IDK I feel like the gun companies dont do a great job showcasing their stars either. I mean smith has Jerry and Sig has Max but most people cant name many more than them. During down time these companies should be sending these people to every gun shop who will have them.

      • Rick Grimes

        How about first person view from hat/head cams?

    • Dougscamo

      Kinda like golf….except if you make a comment in a whisper no one will hear you….

  • Gary Kirk

    So, this could potentially be the “back to carry handle stage”..??

    • noob

      somebody should make a “tunnel” carry handle which allows you to use modern low height-over-bore optics while still having the handle go over them to protect them. sort of like an AR-15 version of the G36 carry handle ergos.

      • Gary Kirk

        Except, backwards??

  • Russell W.

    Well that was kinda duh. Saw title and thought just turn around and hold by slip ring and run with buttstock in direction of travel. Watched video, theory confirmed.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Yeah- “slow news day”

  • Trevor Varney

    Think the 180 degree rule is unrealistic. These competitons are supposed to be a more realistic approach to practical applications. Zore, or pointing the firearm at the ground is the best technique but will earn you a auto DQ. Liability = Poor Habits

    • It is better than the other options at the time. If you can come up with a way to regulate the safety in shooting sports that is objective, and fails safe (ie you have to go well past the 180 before you are actually pointing a gun at someone) I’m all ears.

      • Trevor Varney

        It is not something new, it should be handled the same way as CQB or Buddy Team training. When moving behind or around other individuals barrel should be at the ground. Running with a gun pointing behind you is a not a concept that any experienced (LEO/Military) shooter came up with but more likely a lawyer or insurance analyst.

        • Except that doesn’t work in a competitive environment while remaining safe.

          This is a match environment, not combat certain constraints are imposed to safety reason. And competitors seek ways to achieve the highest possible points per a second within those constraints. This is a technique to allow rifles to work within those rules while moving quickly up range.

          • Trevor Varney

            I agree that the techniques used are best for within the parameters set, I just don’t agree with the parameters. They create poor habits of muzzle awareness of what is considered a safe direction. Instead of shooters being aware of everyone in their surroundings they automatically assume that down range is safe, which is not always the case. I have seen on deck shooters accidentally point their weapon at individuals still resetting the match, because of the poor training scar that “down range is always a safe direction”.

          • Dougscamo


          • Training scars argument is BS, there is little evidence of the old “died with brass in their pockets” argument. The people that can’t tell the difference between combat and a match shouldn’t be doing either.

            The on deck competitor pointing their guns at someone resetting either means that the on deck competitor wasn’t under the direction of the RO, which means they should be sent to Dairy Queen. Or the RO failed to ensure that the range was clear before giving the load and make ready commands. Then it is no longer on the competitor as the shooter I will make a breif scan of the after the LMR command is issued but I’m not going to check behind any vision barriers (which I am against I believe most walls should be made out of see through material for safety reasons) as that is the job of the RO and I don’t want to slow the match down doing my own check.

            Also if this is a training scar it is hardly a huge one, it adds maybe a fraction of a second over running in either high port or Sul.

          • Toxie

            This is why shooting sports aren’t combat courses and aren’t a replacement for such. They’re a SPORT, and no longer have much in common with self-defense or combat training.

  • Toxie

    Annnnnddd this is why most competition =/= self defense training.