Derek Smith aka @ikickhippies recently acquired a Hi-Standard HDM. It is uses the same magazine as the Colt Woodsman. It has an integral suppressor and designed to reduce gun shots by more than  20 dB. The gun was developed during WWII and was adopted by the OSS.


  • iksnilol

    When a guy at my range was sceptical of old pistols such as a Hi-standard I told him that guns back in the day were built to a high standard compared to todays guns.

  • roguetechie

    Lol assuming that the hearing protection act gets passed shortly, I’ll finally have a use for my full set of prints and production documentation for the OSS/SOE integrally suppressed hi standard…


    • PersonCommenting

      You dont like old guns.

  • Lou

    The Hi-Standard model GD .22 pistol I inherited from my grandfather has accompanied me on squirrel hunts for over 30 years and I have nailed squirrels out of trees at 75 – 100 feet away. Extremely accurate and high quality. I don’t know how the new Hi-Standards perform but if you ever get a chance to buy one of these long barreled .22 semi-auto pistols built in the 1940s – 1960s, BUY IT. They were also the platform for the Olympics back in the day. They are a joy to shoot and I sometimes even enjoy shooting mine better than shooting machine-guns.

    • Dougscamo

      Don’t have any machine guns except for a Hi-Standard Duramatic that did a mag dump on me after having some trigger work done….had the work reversed after that episode….
      + One on the accuracy and quality of build of the old Hi-Standards….still have one and regret letting the other one get away from me….if I had only known….

      • Lou

        Yes they are great pistols. Sounds like you had some fun while it lasted.

        • Dougscamo

          Actually it was kinda frightening! Shooting at at rabbit and got more than I expected!
          Local gunsmiths in 1970 were a little….let’s say….sketchy? Slicked up the sear without test firing….

          • Lou

            I know where you are coming from!

          • Gary Kirk

            Haha!! I’m pretty sure I know the look that was on your face.. Had another “armorer” at the range one day that just finished his first AR build. He watched all the YouTube on it so he was good.. Numbnutz forgot a little thing called the disconnector spring.. At least he only had a 10 round mag, the facial expression was great..

          • Dougscamo

            Yep….another one of many WTF moments in my life….
            As did your “armorer” friend…. 🙂

      • RICH

        OMG….. How many times have ALL of us with any years of age made the comment; ‘if I had only known….? ?’ LOL

        • Dougscamo

          Yep…Remington 600 ($89), Ruger Bearcat ($39), Hi-Standard Supermatic ($59), A.H. Fox double barrel ($195), Browning Hi-Power ($95), ’56 Chevy with a 265 Interceptor ($500, used)….the list is just too long!….memories of a misspent youth….

          • RICH

            My worst was an Inland M1A1 Para….$175 !

          • Dougscamo

            OH DUDE! That hurts! My worst was a Remington Rand 1943 made 1911 Government…forgot about that one until you mentioned your Inland!….no wait….maybe it was the $100 P-08 Luger for $100….had a friend that was trying to corner the market but the values didn’t skyrocket according to his plan….
            I guess the Luger was the biggest FU…..

          • RICH

            LOL ! I guess we all make dumb mistakes throughout our lives. I never imagined firearms would be worth what they are now. In the mid 70’s I was going to buy a Thompson for $650 (needed to be refinished but functioned flawlessly) and I thought that was waaay too much. I managed to get a ’28A1 about a year ago….. it cost me twice what I paid for a ‘new Condo’ in Illinois in ’70 ! ! Big Ouch !
            Stay Safe……

    • iksnilol

      Another hoot of a pistol are the Margolin MCM pistols. Olympic gold winners that can be gotten for the gun equivalent of pocket change.

      • Dougscamo

        Princess Leia would agree….

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Well, up until recently anyway…

          too soon?

          • Dougscamo

            Eeeee….maybe just a touch….still can’t get the visual of her out of my head when she was Jaba’s prisoner….hard to reconcile with how she looked (not that much) later….

    • Tassiebush

      That sounds really good! Our gun laws are silly here in Australia but the two things that annoy me most are not being able to use a handgun for hunting like yourself and not being able to reduce the noise.

  • marathag

    It is uses the same magazine as the Colt Woodsman
    How did I never notice that?

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    a.k.a…The “Hush Puppy”

  • Deanimator

    When I was shooting in the Cuyahoga County Pistol League, I graduated from a Ruger MkII to a High Standard Tournament to a High Standard Trophy.

    That Tournament is far more accurate than I’ll ever be. I’d take one over a S&W Model 41 any day.