Breaking: News from Heckler & Koch – HK433 A New Rifle!

It’s not every day you get the privilege to write about a new rifle from Heckler & Koch, but we have the honor to present the brand new HK433.

It was shown to a very selected number of people at SHOT Show and Heckler & Koch just ran an ad in the German magazine “Europäische Sicherheit & Technik” nr 2 (2017).

This full page ad, partly pictured below, is more or less the only official information from Heckler & Koch that this rifle exists but TFB have been working hard to find some exclusive pictures and information.

Essentially the HK433 brings two battle proven HK rifles together, the G36 and the HK416.

The Heckler & Koch family now consists of 4 types: G36 (Rifle), G36K (Carbine), HK416 (Rifle) and HK433 (Rifle).

The G36, G36K (Carbine), HK416 and HK433 in comparison. Source: Europäische Sicherheit & Technik.

Looking at the technical specifications of the HK433 it should have good chances to compete well and be able to win the contract after the G36 is to be phased out, probably around 2019.

The German Special Forces contract, for later in 2017, my guess is that they will most likely chose the HK 416 A5.

We’re not trusted with any sort of price list yet, but reliable information says that the HK416 is too expensive for the German Army, but the HK433 would suit the budget much better. I am sure this goes for many other countries and their budgets too.

The HK433 uses the NATO standard 5,56 mm x 45 mm and a short-stroke piston, but the system is prepared for other calibers like 7,62 mm NATO and .300 Blackout as well as 7,62×39 Kalashnikov.

The source (Europäische Sicherheit & Technik) mentions that the 7,62 mm NATO version will be called HK231.

I guess we will find out more with time, but if the HK comes with 7,62×39 Kalashnikov – called HK123 – it could be very interesting for a few armies even within NATO. As recently reported, Ukraine are having some issues finding a way to live with both NATO and former East bloc ammunition and rifles.

There is absolutely no other official information available at this time on any of these new HK models, so we will have to wait and see.

The barrel lengths will be from 11 “, 12.5”, 14.5 “, 16.5″, 18.9” up to 20 and they are cold-hammered and hard chromed-lined. The precision is described as “far above average”.

Just like the Steyr-Rheinmetall RS556, it is possible to change the barrel on an operator level.


The gas pressure can be set without using a tool, to accommodate the function with or without a sound suppressor.

It’s possible to mount either the 40mm grenade launchers HK269 or the and GLM / GLMA1 (M320 Grenade Launcher Module) on the Picatinny rail underneath the rifle (at least with the “normal” barrel lengths).

There is also an optional bayonet mount.

The upper and handguard is manufactured from high-strength aluminum, with a long and continuous Picatinny rail. In fact it looks to be monolith, and the sight line looks lower than some of the competitors.

The keyhole interface are the German Army (Bundeswehr) standardized “H Key” at 3 and 9 o’clock.

The rifle is built to function according to and within the NATO defined temperature band, which goes from extremely cold to extremely hot temperatures.

Some of the internal sliding parts are described as “self-lubricating”, which most likely means that they have some kind of coating.

Below: A “Four-Three-Three” in full-auto. The sound suppressor, most likely a B&T Rotex.

I am told from people that held the HK433, that the charging handle is similar to the HK G3. Judging from the two only pictures I’ve seen of the HK433 from the left side this is correct.

Below: Note the G3 style charging handle.

This is probably the best picture of the HK433 I’ve seen so far. This looks like a really nice rifle.

All of the controls are described as ambidextrous and individually settable, so we can, therefore, presume that it’s possible to interchange the charging handle to the right side as well.

The magazine well is NATO STANAG compatible so it will work with HK416 and AR-15 magazines.

The stock is adjustable in length and height and hinged. The length adjustments offer five positions.

Translated from the Heckler & Koch ad:

– Modular and light construction. Compact dimensions.
– Barrel length individually configurable. Simple end-user level barrel change.
– Completely ambidextrous manipulation for right and left handed shooters.
– Non reciprocating charging handle with integrated forward assist. Switchable w/o tools.
– Lower receiver with ambidextrous manipulation for G36 and HK416 users.
– Drop safe according to AC225/D14 with and w/o applied safety.
– Upper receiver with full length STANAG rail in 12 o’clock position. Hand guard with Hkey interface on 3 and 9 o’clock position. Picatinny rail on 6 o’clock position.
– Length adjustable folding stock with height adjustable cheek weld. Weapon also usable with stock folded.
– Optional receiver integrated maintenance free shot counter.
– Tool less disassembly / assembly of major components.
– Weapon can be set to safe in all loading conditions.
– Lots of accessories available.
– Made 100% in Germany

The “Optional receiver integrated maintenance free shot counter” is automated translation at work, and most likely is a battery-free shot counter placed inside the lower. This makes it easier to judge a maintenance situation and also give valuable feedback, as a digital logbook. FN Herstal has a similar system.

Larry Vickers posted this on his Facebook.

UPDATE; RIFLE IS CALLED HK433 – Just got this from a buddy in Germany; he says the HK416 is too expensive for the German Army so HK has developed this rifle as a potential new service rifle. He called it the HK ‘Masada’ as it very much resembles the Magpul Masada – which is very interesting in that the Masada was inspired to some degree by the HK XM8

Some of the competitors to the HK433 are as follows: C.G. Haenel/Caracal CAR 816, Colt Canada/Diemaco C8SFW, HK416 A5 (G38), LWRCI M6-G, Schmeisser M4, IWI X95, Rheinmetall/Steyr-Mannlicher RS556, SIG Sauer SIG MCX, Swiss Arms SG 553, Thales F90, Beretta ARX-160, B&T APC556, CZ BREN 2, FN Herstal FN SCAR-Light and FB Radom MSBS.


I think we will hear a lot more about the HK433 in the future, and that many armies will adopt it.

One thing surprises me, and that’s the hump-styled stock. The drawback with this design is that you will get a different cheek weld depending on if you are standing, kneeling or laying down.

(Please excuse any translation mistakes and any other mistakes for that matter. We try to be as accurate as possible, but at this point in time there is no official source.)

If the HK433 is available at Enforce-Tac or IWA in Germany we will lay our hands on it for the first time.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • jrt 82

    Looks a lot like a Robinson arms XCR

  • Andrew

    I liked it better when it was called the Bushmaster ACR.

    • GD Ajax

      I liked it better when it was called the XM8.

      • Tinkerer

        It was kinda nice when it was called the AR18.

  • Tinkerer

    *puts AR-15 as tag*
    *rifle has no AR-15 direct impingement, nor AR-15 buffer, and buttstock actually folds*

    • Kyle

      There are a lot of tags up there that are only roughly related to the rifle. It pretty clearly copies some ergonomics from the AR-15 on the lower receiver. I’m just curious about how this thing is so much cheaper than the 416. I’m not seeing any radical differences from the 416 that would cause a significant price drop other than we know our home military won’t buy the wildly overpriced 416.

      • Tinkerer


      • snmp

        The cost is not just material, cause, if you could increase automation in production and reduce man labor (especialy is west europe ).

  • EgoTrip Movies
    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      I always thought that having the bolt-release located on the trigger guard like that was a really neat idea, cool that the 433 has it.

      • randomswede

        Once you’ve seen it done that way one has to wonder why it’s done any other way. (I’m thinking patents and “inertia” are the main answers.)

        • JumpIf NotZero

          You’ll change your mind when you see someone ND with it.

          • iksnilol

            You have to be a special kind of stupid. Keep your finger off the trigger.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Yea… how would your finger be anywhere near the trigger when the back or release is inside the trigger guard! MYSTERY!?!

          • iksnilol

            Near the trigger ain’t on the trigger, pardner.

          • Tinkerer

            Maybe he has webbed fingers?

          • iksnilol

            Well, I do assume he was a SEAL or sumthin’. Those swim well, so webbed fingers are a possibility.

          • Tinkerer

            In the Old Times, they used to call scuba divers “frogmen”. Maybe he’s a “special” kind of frogman?

          • Ebby123

            Nyett. Bolt release is not inside the trigger guard.
            You activate it by sweeping a fully straight trigger finger down the outside of the receiver.

          • Wow!

            You dont manipulate those bolt releases with the trigger finger unless firing one handed (such as when bracing against a shield). You use your non-firing hand thumb which is cocked 90 degrees and it hits the release when you pull down on the magazine during the reload. (push pull)

          • randomswede

            If you are dropping the bolt and pull the trigger instead the chamber isn’t loaded, if you intend to lock the bolt back you’ll be pulling on the charging handle taking the weapon out of battery, odds are the chamber was already empty or you are working out a malfunction of some kind.

            I’m sure there’s people who managed to pull the trigger on an AR-15 when they intended to drop the magazine.

          • Aaron Hsu

            I don’t know if the 433 has the same bolt release style as the ARX, but the ARX has an ambi-bolt release/hold open on the front of the trigger guard that would be *very* hard to somehow ND with. The muscular actions involved are so different that the one actually countermands the other. The only case where you could get an ND with it is one in which you would have seen an ND anyways regardless of the release. If someone is going for the release they’re going away from the trigger.

      • Uniform223

        I personally like the bolt-release on ADMs UICs.

    • BA Baracus

      The thing is that from all the rifles listed above, the MSBS is still in the works. I am sure that Germans will have HK433 available way faster than FB Radom as they are private business and not government owned FB.

    • Leetwin

      BTW We are still waiting for MSBS SHOT SHOW 2017 article from TFB 🙁

    • JumpIf NotZero

      No No, the HK will cost at least 3x as much

      • noob

        Thats what the “33” in hk433 stands for

    • Vhyrus

      I think we are entering a new era of small arms. If you look at all of the new pistols coming out, the P320, the Ruger American, The VP9, etc. They all look more or less identical. 9mm, 15 rounds, 4 inch barrel, no safeties, ambidextrous mag and slide release. This is going to become the universal standard of pistol design, much like the Glock became the universal standard in the 90s and 2000s. I also believe the same thing is happening with rifles, but just a little bit slower. This is evidenced by so many rifles coming out with essentially the same pattern as the SCAR.

      • DW

        *17 rounds
        VP9 is the special one with only 15, but I think people have found a way to convert 18round Mec-gar M92 mags to work in the VP9.

    • Fred Lead

      Next H&K will tell us it has a bullpup kit in development.

    • n0truscotsman

      Just based off of observations, I like the MSBS a bit better. It might change when I eventually am able to handle and fire both, but I doubt it.

      I like the MSBS fire selector and what appears to be a Mlok handguard system over the HK style selector and keymod.

  • anon

    So HK just made the ACR? I guess i cant be mad what with how bushmaster was doing.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      They likely found a way to make it cheaper (to produce) and more expensive (to sell).

      • Tinkerer

        Isn’t that what business is about?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          It’s certainly what HK’s business is about.

          • Tinkerer

            Well, if they made it more expensive (to produce) and cheaper (to buy), that would make for very annoyed share holders.

          • I keep waiting for HK and Colt to combine forces and just sell like five rifles a year that all cost several million dollars apiece.

        • Wow!

          H&K wouldn’t be in business (like where Colt is headed) if there weren’t weapon restrictions to basically make them a monopoly and instead they actually had to fight against innovative competition.

          • Rob

            What restrictions have helped HK? They are a worldwide leader DESPITE hostile German regulations.

      • n0truscotsman

        That SOB better be flawless, function-wise, when it has its first sales. Because thats where the ACR hit rock bottom.

    • mpow66m

      I own an ACR AND THIS IS THE RIFLE OF MY DREAMS,LOL.cost anyone dare to guess?

  • nate

    a cheaper H&K? probably still over $2000. and I bet it is the same as an ACR, or even a SCAR 16 or a Robinson arms (and I bet all of those rifles will be cheaper than this one)

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Wins 2 major military contracts with HK416

    Releases new rifle

    Typical Germans

    • Just say’n

      That big “SLAP!!” you heard was a collective French Army Facepalm.

      • noob

        Speaking of which, now that the forward charging handle is back, where is the notch so you can do the “hk slap” to send the bolt home like a badass? If you’re paying hk prices that should buy you a gun you can hk slap

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          That is the most intelligent comment I have seen on the internet today.

          Now we are dealing with the internet (and I have only been on for 10 min) so thats not a very high standard, but I dont see your comment being supplanted any time soon.

          • LazyReader

            Nothing wrong with the AR’s buffer tube either…..that durable rod is the perfect ramming weapon and a hard plastic stock is perfect for smashing faces in.

      • FarmerB

        I’d be pretty confident that the French were told about it…

      • RNF

        As far as the French contract goes, this new rifle could not be considered even if it was up for that competition. French made clear rule – only rifles with current use in military and with a documented track record where allowed to stand for trails. Several offers, like from Stayer (they put in STM556 – not in use by any military) etc. where turned down. This new HK is clearly up for German contract.

    • Tritro29

      Steals one 400 million contract from the Belgians. Goes on to make Deutsche SCAR. And yes French Facepalm ad nauseam.

      • Rob

        I am sure their new rifles will work just fine. The 416 will remain the flagship product in the HK line for the time being. The is gun exists as a cheaper alternative developed at the request of a customer not willing to pay for the 416.

        • DW

          But the thing on paper does everything 416 does, just better, we don’t see how it’s going to be cheaper than the 416, and if it does, then H&K basically admits they inflated 416 prices.

          • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

            HK inflates all their prices…

          • Tinkerer

            Actually, it’s demand versus offer what determines the price.

        • Robinson Armament

          I’m sure the 416 will be dead.

          • Rob

            Considering HK has sold the 416/417 around the world and they continue to win contracts including the Franch service rifle and CSASS contractz, I highly doubt they are going anywhere. Newer does not equate to better and some things can’t be placed on a spec sheet. A good example is the MP5 vs UMP. The UMP is better in every way on paper and HK would love to get out of welding together the stamped guns but the MP5 remains the better seller.

        • Tritro29

          I don’t think it will be fine, the 416 is a more expensive rifle for reasons related to labor, this new rifle looks less labor intensive and I’m more or less certain that it is the G36 is metal instead of Wunder Plastik. This isn’t a cheaper alternative, its worse, it’s the G36 made right.

        • n0truscotsman

          There’s another cheaper alternative for customers who are not willing to pay the price for 416s: M4s and M16s.

          Silly Germans.

          • toeytei

            the biggest disadvantage of the m4s/m16s compared to newer rifles is it’s gas impingement.

          • n0truscotsman

            Thats arguably its biggest advantage 😉

  • mcjagermech

    what a snooze fest i bet it’ll be 4000 dollars per unit too lol

    • AC97

      If they want it to be adopted by anyone, then no, it won’t be that expensive.

      • mcjagermech

        I was exaggerating. They still seem to charge more than other companies even when building contract guns

  • Riot

    They built the 416 because a lot of americans kept complaining about the ergonomics being different.
    This looks like they are trying to get away with just an ar15 lower receiver for those types.

    • nate

      maybe, but what it looks like more is H&K finally found out that people think their crap is way too much money and they just took from existing designs (ACR,SCAR, XCR, ETC…), made a rifle and put H&K on the side and said, “new, cheaper rifle!” but it will still be more money than everyone else and not be any better

  • SP mclaughlin

    Looks like the XM8 stock has returned.

  • Slim934

    Really? This would be cheaper to manufacture than the HK416? An H&K built ACR will be cheaper than an H&K AR-15? That just strikes me as somewhat implausible.

    • Drambus

      Extruding (upper) and injection molding (lower) is way cheaper, tool-wise, time-wise, and material-wise, than forging and milling (bothe upper and lower), especially to their production standards, if production volumes are high (which they are).

      Their margins should be pretty healthy on this weapon system because they still have precision and reliability in their reputation (sans the g36 rigmarole) they can pad their price point a little. So while selling the rifle for less than the 416, the profit per gun could be more.

      The German army is primed, politically, for a replacement.

      I, for one welcome our Teutonic alternative to the ACR and would love to see a Radom MSBS vs HK433 review for some classic tannenberg showdown.

      • nate

        If the german army wants to buy H&K and H&K found a way to sell them another overpriced rifle, then good for them. Helps their manufacturing base for small arms and keeps germans employing germans, win-win. but over here in the states (if H&K will sell it over here) it will be overpriced and not any better than what is already here, but people can spend their money however they want. I just seriously doubt H&K is really worth the extra money over other brands and similar rifles.

        • Drambus

          Re: not worth the extra money.

          As the owner of a few they’re really not. They usually have some oddly complicated aspect to them, but they always look really cool and they always function well.

          Would I buy a 433 in the US if offered? Probably. I buy a lot of things because I like them for whatever reason, not because they’re better.

          Kind of like a BMW M4. Are there 2 door sports coupes that are objectively better at a lower price point? Definitely. But people buy the BMW for an image, for an ego, for an aspect that maybe they themselves can’t account for, but they just like it and there are enough people who do. I think of HK that way. Fun to own or try, but low on outright value for money.

        • Maximilian Johannes Benning

          I’m hoping for a change.

          The VP9 was seriously attractively priced. If this were to fall in the $1.3-1.6k MSRP range, we might just see HK push for a more accessible gun.

          I’m sure HK employees understand that AR prices are damn low here, and people would rather buy a SCAR than a 416 (or MR556) so there is no point in all the US-side logistics just to sell a $3-3.5k rifle. No one, no police dept, is going to buy that.

          • RSG

            There’s no way this new rifle is under $2000. In fact, I’d bet the final price is $2500.

          • Marc

            Might be $2000 for consumers, but a large government contract awarded against stiff competition cuts the price to a small fraction of that.

      • Slim934

        It just strikes me as implausible given given what the actual real world costs of it’s direct competitors (the ACR, SCAR, Bren 805) cost.

        I mean perhaps I’m just conditioned somewhat by the relatively low cost of forged receiver ar-15s cost and that is creating a bias. Perhaps it is the production volume of those competitors which is throwing this cost accounting off.

    • GD Ajax

      Myth: AR-15’s are cheap.

      Fact: A product’s price depends on how expensive it is to build.

      • nate

        myth: your statement
        Fact: price of an item depends on a lot of factors, such as, supply and demand. E.G. Ar-15 receivers are cheaply made because a lot of people buy them, and there is a lot of competition keeping the cost down.

        • GD Ajax

          Fact: AR-15 fanboi butthurt.

          Fact: AR-15 prices are kept down via government handouts and an over saturated market.

          • nate

            not sure you understand what im saying. Lots of factors have to do with the price of an item. being a fanboy has nothing to do with economics, and not sure what you mean by government handout, and if you say that ar-15 prices are kept down by a saturated market, then you sorta understand that competition keeps prices low on similar items.

          • Slim934

            By government handout he means the the huge amount of R&D taxpayer money provided for the AR-15 design that was not directly paid by the folks who buy the things now. Although you’d have to question how much all these other rifle designs access that same handout given they all have access to that data that feeds into their designs.

          • ARCNA442

            We always see R&D costs as an excuse for why new guns are so much more expensive, but what are they actually researching and developing? It’s not like they’re developing new materials or revolutionary operating systems and given the embarrassing failures of some recent designs you have to question how much time they even spend testing them.

          • Nate

            that is a good point, it would be cool if a manufacturer came out with a new design and it was priced liked older designs, maybe it would generate a lot more interest.

          • Tassiebush

            I get your point because people don’t get charged a r and d for when someone launches a new economy model. Having said that I’d say it’s the often transition from working prototype to mass production model that would have to cost smaller manufacturers huge amounts. They’d often have to include loan repayments, equipment costs and probably catching up for missed income into their prices. The other thing is that there really isn’t some all encompassing series of books and videos that conveys the secrets of all small arms development. There is always going to be the tuning of springs and friction of moving parts etc to be tested in the new configuration and rediscovered by new entrants into a market.

          • Ebby123

            GD Alex you call everyone who disagrees with you a “Fainboi”.

            Gets some new material. …any. factual. material.

          • McThag

            Fact: you just made his point.

        • Drambus


          If the FN Scar was as ubiquitous and widely made as the ar-15, it would be a less expensive gun for consumers because of the margins involved with the manufacturing methods.

          Product positioning also has a lot to do with price, not just the revenue/cost of the product.

      • Slim934

        Real Fact 1: AR-15’s ARE cheap (just look at the prices compared to competitors).

        Real Fact 2: A product’s price depends 100% on what people are willing to pay for it. That is if the manufacturer actually wants to sell what he produces.

        Whether a manufacturer can sell a particular thing for a particular price on the otherhand, will be based on the cost of his inputs and whether the market can bear the cost of his inputs plus some profit for himself.

  • DW

    So, the H und K SCAR…

  • Nathan

    “It was shown to a very select number people at SHOT Show…”
    Of course.
    HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.

    • valorius

      They hate you too. 🙂

    • Mike

      Did you say that when HK was one of the few companies to oppose the assault weapon ban?

  • Jim Slade

    So this is what they working on instead of shipping XM-25s to ATK.
    The new rifle will arrive wrapped up in torn pages of that contract, probably.

  • Bullphrog855

    The best looker of the ACR/Scar clones. It has a Hk33 feel to it.

    • andrey kireev

      Poles did a better job IMO.

  • Reader

    Heavy Handquard with ratherr bad airflow. Meh.

  • Reader

    And dang does the bore-to-sight height SUCKS.

    • Tinkerer

      Yeah, those detachable backup iron sights that one can take off and replace with lower ones are too damn high!

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    All I see is an HK version of the ACR. Since the biggest downfall of the ACR was Remington/Bushmaster, I consider this a good thing. I hope it does well.

  • TheChunkNorris

    The internet is a funny place. For one… the SCAR in operation is almost exactly the same as the G36 which simplified the AR18 tappet and added a single recoil spring design so implying this is a copy of the SCAR is idiotic. Nothing in the firearms industry is new so obviously there are going to be similarities especially in modern non AR rifles(G36, SCAR, ACR, 805 and etc) and It looks more like a G41 and a G36 had a kid. It’s probably going to be less than a G36/243 based simply my guess of not having to R&D a proprietary magazine which costs money. Wonder how many G36 parts are compatible with the the 433?

  • The_Champ

    Short stroke adjustable gas system, but what sort of bolt and lock up does it have? I want to see the guts of that rifle please.

  • An ACR/MSBS auf Deutsch? Ja!

  • Ebby123

    In before the couch-commandos start with the “ermagurd HK copied the ACR” noise.

  • AZgunner

    Sweet! A new rifle they’ll never ever import in semi-auto!

  • the masada is dead, long live the masada!

  • Anonymoose

    As long as it doesn’t melt, doesn’t lose accuracy due to heat, can be fired with the stock folded, and won’t crack optics from the recoil, it will be an improvement over the G36 and HK416.

    • MNOR

      Cracke optics from the recoil? What?

      • Anonymoose

        Apparently the ACOG and the HK416 do not get along well.

        • HKmaster

          Curious, can you send me a link for that?

          • mig1nc

            I’m curious as well. Seen lots of footage of Marines using ACOGs on M27s.

        • Tinkerer

          I would be more weary of an optic that can’t stand recoil than of the rifle…

          • nighthawk9983

            ACOGs can hold up fine, anonymoose is just dropping some moose turds in an attempt to smear H&K.

        • nighthawk9983

          bull, ACOGs do just fine on 7.62 NATO platforms which all have signficantly higher recoil impulses than any 5.56 gun, especially a heavy 9 lb 5.56 gun.

    • nighthawk9983

      Those were all debunked myths about the G36. But hey the AR15 is a jamomatic that will get you killed, just ask Larry about his Vietnam experience, he will tell you why you should never buy one of those pieces of crap -.-

  • John

    >We’re not trusted with any sort of price list yet, but reliable
    information says that the HK416 is too expensive for the German Army,
    but the HK433 would suit the budget much better.

    Wow. This is going to anger France, who admitted the German win was partly political.

    And, frankly, it should also anger the Bundeswehr as well. Heckler and Koch already screwed them by handing them a supposed “mil-spec” that was substandard and failing; why would they place their trust in a “cheaper” rifle that looks like a ripoff of the CZ Bren?

    Scales of economy will lower the prices, which will only happen if everyone buys the same thing. Just buy them as the French do; a few at a time. Combat units first.

    • Tinkerer

      German court already ruled that HK delibered exactly the rifle that Bundeswehr specified.

      • Mike

        Now don’t you go and confuse the “HK sucks and hates us” crowd with facts.

        • Tinkerer

          I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Cool, HK found a way to make a SCAR just as heavy as a 416!!

    • Tinkerer

      You say that as if it was a bad thing.

      • No one

        Yes, weapons being heavier for no actual reason tends to be a bad thing, who would’ve thought?

        • Tinkerer

          Well, we don’t actually know the reason for the weight, now, do we?

          • No one

            Probably because H&K has a pretty big history of making things absurdly more heavy then they need be?

            The G36 is obscenely heavy for how much polymer it uses in it’s construction, look how it turned out.

          • Tinkerer

            Hmm, so the original G36 wit it’s 18.9 inches barrel and integrated double optic, clocking in at 3.8 kg, is obscenely heavy…. say, how much does an AR in similar configuration weights?

          • DW

            You do not want that dual optic on any gun. POV and eye relief is crap on the 4x, and reportedly had problems holding zero (the optic, that was even before the whole G36 trunnion scandal thing )
            The G36’s barrel is a thin, light one similar in profile to that of a M16A1.
            An M16A1 with a 4X optic and a lightweight reddot doesn’t weigh 3.8kg, so yes the G36 is quite heavy for a polymer gun.

          • Tinkerer

            Fair enough. Of course, comparing the 20 years old HK dual optic with a modern optic and lightweight rds isn’t exactly apples to apples.

          • DW

            The carryhandle-mounted acog or heck ELCAN trashcan is around the same time period if not older, both are superior to G36’s integral optic, neither would exceed the weight if mounted on a m16a1.

          • No one

            Going to go with “still significantly heavier then an M4A1 in “similar configuration” for $1000 Alex.”

            Which is obscene, considering the AR-15 uses far less polymer parts then the G36 does, which is supposed in theory, you know, make designs lighter, not heavier.

            But I guess you missed the point entirely.

          • No one

            Oh, and just for the hell of it, even a full length M16A4 is STILL lighter then even the G36K and G36V variants, but please, tell me more about how the G36’s weight is just fine for a gun using so much polymer in It’s construction compared to one that uses far less.

          • Aaron Hsu

            Yeah, H&K seem to really like to make heavy heavy rifles. Just as an example, the Beretta ARX-160 is a great example of what can be done with polymer to create a reliable, lightweight, piston-driven multi-caliber rifle design. I think it’s one of only a few piston-driven modern fighting rifles that can approach that 6.5 lbs. mark (the ARX is 6.8 lbs.).

          • Aaron Hsu

            Of course, given that the AR platform and the 416 seem to be all the rage right now, apparently German, heavy piston rifles and light DI guns are the thing, and only a few Armies and special units seem to prefer the lighterweight ARX piston design over either of the other two.

          • jono102

            A great example of use of polymers and “Features” (i.e. essentially unneeded gimmicks in a military context) doesn’t automatically translate into a good service rifle though.

          • Tinkerer

            Absurdly heavy? Someone needs to hit the gym.

  • Spike

    “7,62 mm NATO version will be called HK231… with 7.62×39 Kalashnikov – called HK123” Don’t think those designations are right, just doesn’t seam to follow HK’s usually naming policy…. HK433 could be 416 and G33 (can see both in the design).
    Either way, I’m sure they won’t have to try to hard to sell them.

    • iksnilol

      Hope the x39 takes AK mags.

      • Tinkerer

        They’d need a different magwell, and do away with the bolt hold open. Doesn’t seem like a good idea just to keep backwards compatibility with old and probably worn down legacy magazines.

        • iksnilol

          You got AK BHO followers, silly argument considering how awkward and uncommon x39 mags for the AR are.

          • Tinkerer

            Doesn’t have to be AR x39 mags. They could design a propietary one, which is something that didn’t bother the customers that bought the G36 or the AUG. Frankly speaking, I find magazine backwards compatibility a little unneeded, unless you’re the US or Russian military, and are sitting on mountain ranges made of old magazines. And frankly, if one is replacing their entire fleet with a different rifle that needs different tools and different replacement parts, a new magazine that is optimized for the new rifle is not that big of a stretch.

          • iksnilol

            well, the AK mag is optimized for the 7.62×39 round and is available in ridicilous quantities for next to nothing. So no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when the new wheel at best will do the same as the old wheel did.

            I’d say it is something that bothered folks since both the G36 and AUG have STANAG stocks/conversions.

          • Tinkerer

            Ah, but the AK mag is optimized both for the 7.62×39 round, and to be loaded in a Avtomat Kalashnikov via rocking the magazine in. Different rifles with different magwell shapes are a big pain in the buttstock to work with them. But I do agree that if you’re drowning in AK pattern magazines that you’re paving roads with them, then it makes logistical sense to make use of them. Of course, my point of view leans more towards the functional side of things than the bean counting one.

          • iksnilol

            There are straight insert ak magwells, no issue at all. See no need for it personally but it is there.

          • Tinkerer

            There are? Will wonders ever cease.
            Still, from the functioning side of things, I prefer a cohesive system of firearm, magazine and ammunition that is unhindered by having to comply with legacy technology. Unless I have to pay for it, in that case I’m with you with whatever works for the least money.

          • Tinkerer

            Waaaaait a minute! If we’re so damn dirt poor that the only magazine we can use is road-paving grade Kalashnikov pattern ones, then why in the name of Frank Grimes are we even contemplating buying an HK rifle!?

          • iksnilol

            Isn’t the only magazine. But is the only magazine that makes sense to be honest.

          • Tinkerer

            For an Avtomat, sure, old mag all the way. For a new rifle? It’s like wanting to buy a brand new, 300 hp Subaru Impreza WRX and want it to take old 13 inches steel rims because there’s a truckload of old Lada rims laying around. Is it technically viable? Maybe. Is it reasonable? Might as well buy the old Lada, and use the rest of the money to buy gas. Or vodka. Same difference.

          • Tinkerer

            I just don’t know, man… the idea of buying a super modern and super expensive rifle, just to feed it cheap ammo from cheap and old mags, that just rustle both my cheapskate jimmies AND my tech geek jimmies.

          • iksnilol

            Circle K mags aren’t cheap.

            Nor is NATO spec 7.62×39.

            I mean, it ain’t expensive but it isn’t cheap either.

          • Tinkerer

            That kinda defeats the purpose of wanting retro compatibility with old, surplus magazines.

          • iksnilol

            not really, superior availability and good x39 terminal ballistics are worth.

  • wordup

    Looks like someone copied a Sig 556…

    • rennsport4.4TV8

      Ok, I’ll bite. How?

      • wordup

        Iv got a sig 556 swat , and it looks like it from the outside some what, but I’ll stick with the sig carrier and bolt , ten times as strong, it was copied from a Ak…just saying. ..

        • rennsport4.4TV8

          Well if you think it looks the same I can’t really say it doesn’t, but the SG55X doesnt even have a forward charging handle on the handguard. And I can’t comment on how strong the bolt or carrier is. I guess you can say that it looks like they copied it. I was just curious as to why.

    • some other joe

      Or, you know, they made another AR18 variant, with the classic HK charging handle.

  • Ax

    Very well played by H&K. Cool to see that they’re back on track!

    Why should they be competing with the FN SCAR with the hk416 when they can develop a functionally equal rifle for much lower production cost? I guess this will eventually win the Swedish carbine contract.

  • John

    So, HK made an ARAK-21?

  • A.K. for T-7

    I don’t see that huge price diference. HK sold G-36CV rifles to the brazilian federal police for 1,250 EUR each and six years later sold to the same force HK416A3 rifles for 1,450 EUR each.

    • mig1nc

      Indeed, but multiply that out by 60,000 units and you get a price difference of 12 million EUR.

  • “If the HK433 is available at Enforce-Tac or IWA in Germany we will lay our hands on it for the first time.”

    Sorry, you’ll need to get in line! 😀

    Seriously, anyone from TFB will be at IWA? Will be happy to chaperone and maybe offer a beer or two.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    SCAR, CZ Bren and all the new guns seem to follow similar visuals. I’d like more info on this and hope it makes it to the US market.

    • nighthawk9983

      SCAR set the trend. Bren is almost a copyright violation.

  • xebat

    If this thing costs more than 2000$, then : NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN !

  • lowell houser

    So HK has debuted it’s own ACR.

  • LazyReader

    HK Pro forum stated…the HK433 the rifle that’ll make the 416 obsolete.
    Doubtful….considering the saturated AR platform market.

  • LazyReader

    The M320 costs 3 times the price of the M203, weighs more….and is way more cumbersome….

    • LCON

      yet fires a wider range of ammo and can be used as a stand alone.

      • CommonSense23

        There is a M230 standalone. But you are better off just sticking with a 79 at that point.

        • Uniform223

          The “Thumper” always had this sex appeal to it…

          • CommonSense23

            The 79 is without a doubt probably the best grenade launcher in terms of shootability and ergonomics. Very point and shoot compared to the FN or HK one. But the HK is a very nice with the ranged red dot.

          • DW

            putting that ranged reddot on a M79 shouldn’t be too difficult?

          • iksnilol

            Just chop the barrel and stock.

        • jono102

          Most modern 40mm launchers swap between underslung and stand alone pretty simply.
          I’ve carried both the M-79 and M-203 and will take the M-203 any day of the week over the M-79 or a stand alone for that matter. From an Infantry point of view be it mech, motorized, light or air mobile, not having a second weapon hanging or slung of you with a minor increase to primary weapon weight is a major advantage. The M-79 is very nice to shoot and accurate but rapidly looses its “sex appeal” after you carry it for a few days especially when its clocked you in the head a few times during fire and maneuver etc.
          Stand alone’s have their place and that’s primarily around the likes of Less lethal where you want a dedicated platform (avoid cross contamination with lethal natures) and better ability for shot placement at close range. Also at a fixed point like a Sanger, bunker or fixed position where it wont be cumbersome and can be left in place.
          The M320 is a bit of a pig. H&K seemed to design to be a stand alone with under slung as a distant after thought. Its nice to hold and fire in stand alone but has a massive profile under slung vs a standard M203. Most modern M-203 derivatives have extended slides to accommodate the vast majority of 40mm ammo natures. The M32 can only accomodate rounds of a certain length as well due to its revolver type design. Why have side openng for an ammo nature few people have or use. Anything like the PIKE would be on very limited issue due to role and cost and most likely use a dedicated launcher anyway.

  • Brett

    A forward charging handle above the hand guard…gross

    • It’s non-reciprocating, you can still tactically operate with a C-clamp death grip on it.

  • abecido

    This will only become interesting if it becomes available on the US market at no more than Tavor/AUG pricing.

  • Geoff Peterson

    So what’s the deal with the weight of this thing? When compared to the same length barrel 416, it starts off heavier at 11″, but is lighter by 20″? I wonder why this would be the case.

    416 11″=3.120g -> 433 11″=3.250g
    416 14.5″=3.490g -> 433 14.5″=3.400g
    416 16.5″=3.560g -> 433 16.5″=3.500g
    416 20″=3.850g -> 433 20″=3.650g

    • Bimberle

      My guess would be the buttstock. HK433 uses an adjustable one, 416 has that slimline thing.

    • Stan Darsh

      The HK416 uses a Hbar profile while the HK433 has a thinner barrel yet additional weight from the quick-change barrel assembly.

  • Rob

    For some reason I just imagined the CEO’s of Steyr and Rheinmtall curse when they opened their computers this morning.

  • Herschel Walker

    Another folding piston gun. Pfft.

    • Tinkerer

      Yeah, how dare they build a rifle that can do things a standard AR can’t! ? Shame on them!

      • nighthawk9983

        ARs are the glocks of the rifle world.

        • Tinkerer

          More like the Universal Japanese Motorcycle from the seventies. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki… all the same.

  • Ευστάθιος Παλαιολόγος

    If this was a bolt action sniper rifle I bet we would say “Hey, it’s the G36 in a new chassis”
    Interesting none the less, more so if it will be offered in both “western” and “eastern” calibers

  • CharlesH

    Ah, the ACR….. wait a second….

  • TDog

    Looks like a G3 and an AR had a kid…

    I kinda dig it.

    • Paul Labrador

      You mean they essentially copied the SCAR…..

      • nighthawk9983

        CZ copied the SCAR with their Bren, Radom and HK were *inspired* by it lulz

      • Tinkerer

        Everybody copied the AR18, you mean.

      • TDog

        Maybe internally, but the SCAR looks more unique rather than a hybrid of two existing guns.

        Mind you, I’m only talking about aesthetics. If we’re talking about internal workings, then maybe. The inevitable reaction to any new gun is that they copied someone else.

  • Robinson Armament

    This is just another attempt by a big foreign owned company to copy the Robinson Armament Co. XCR which offers everything this H&K433 has and more. The XCR is designed better and has better features. Check it out at

    • AZgunner

      Ya but I bet H&K has customer service reps who don’t “put you on the back burner” when your rifle malfunctions…

      • Robinson Armament

        We have some of the best Customer Service in the industry. If you have any problem, contact or or call text or Fax 801-355-0401 or 801-355-0402. If you want to hear a story about really poor customer service talk to West Valley, Utah Police Department. They bought a bunch of H&K G36s and couldn’t get service or mags from H&H.

        • Tinkerer

          I think I’m going to contact them and ask them if they opened a Disqus account today.

      • n0truscotsman

        I wouldn’t put too much stock in stuff posted on barfcom over a decade ago.

        • AZgunner

          True. I don’t have personal experience, I’ve only read the myriad of horror stories. Truth be told, I actually like the design and aesthetics of the XCR. But it takes a long time to outrun a reputation for poor quality control and customer service. If I had money to burn, I’d give it a chance. But my firearm budget is too limited for me to gamble.

    • iksnilol


      This is low, even for you.

      • Tinkerer

        Hey, do you think that’s actually Grimey on disguise?

        • iksnilol

          Hot dang, that’d be like bacon on a pig!

          It’d be a good plot twist for sure.

  • Well I can tell you have not been around very long in the gun industry and obviously have no clue as to the history behind H&K’s decisions on selling products in the US. Numerous other countries imported evil looking black weapons during the same time period as when H&K would only allow grey neutered weapons to reach the US markets. I suggest you educate yourself on the history that you claim to know so well before calling others names.

    • Tinkerer

      Requesting list of “Numerous other countries imported evil looking black weapons during the same time period as when H&K would only allow grey neutered weapons to reach the US markets”. Thanks in advance.

      • Copies of G3. MP5/94 guns were imported from Portugal, Pakistan, Turkey as well as other neutered rifles that were easily converted back from countries like Korea, China, etc. Germany was seeming the only ones that decided to bring into the country radically neutered guns in grey.

        • Tinkerer

          Are you absolutely sure those were imported as whole rifles, and not as parts kits to be assembled locally?

  • EHW2

    I always wondered what it would look like if Germans made SCARs

  • A Fascist Corgi

    I don’t get it. Certain writers for this blog have thoroughly proven that DI AR-15s are clearly superior to piston-driven rifles, yet all of these highly respected gun companies keep making new piston-driven rifles. Can the AR-15 fanboys on this blog please explain this to me?

    • Bimberle

      I don’t get it. Certain writers for this blog have thoroughly proven
      that piston-driven rifles are clearly superior to DI AR-15s, yet all of
      these highly respected gun companies keep making new DI AR-15s. What gives?

      • Tinkerer

        To be fair, those highly respected companies -like Remington, heh- don’t actually design new rifles, but just copy the same 60 years old AR that everyone and their chihuahua’s make or assemble.

    • Bimberle

      Not trying to troll, just making a point.

    • Paul Labrador

      1) define “superior”. Each system (DI vs Piston) has it’s pros and cons.
      2) they continue to manufacture them because there is a market and demand for them.

    • nighthawk9983

      Maybe superior to piston *ARs*, not to piston rifles in general. Piston rifles are vastly superior to DI when suppressed, less fouling, more reliability after heavy use. Piston ARs shortcomings are from the fact the platform was designed around DI.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        An AR with a bad gas tube is a bolt action rifle.

        An AK with a fouled gas block or bent piston is a 4th rate club.

    • n0truscotsman

      You seem incredulous, but you shouldn’t be because there have been millions of internal piston AR15s sold in the United States over the past couple years.

      Far more sales of them than external piston, modernized AR18 copies. By far. This includes military and law enforcement sales.

      So, to be frank, I dont GAS what H und K is doing because what companies are doing with AR15s in the United States are doing what they do best, and making a better product, by far. Ill pit any quality AR manufacturer against H&K any day of the week.

  • smitt26

    Why all this talk about the high prices of the HK ? you don’t have to buy !! And all the talk off the German Army going for the HK ? That’s just what mr Trump told : We use American products,America first !.So Germany will use HK !!.And as a formal professional user : we were very happy when our Diemaco’s were replaced by HK416.

  • Treyh007

    Badass……. But sadly most us “gun people” (The Market) will never get to shoot this rifle more less buy one!

  • krinkov545

    So does the barrel start keyholing at 10,000 rounds like the 416?

    • MNOR

      Strange, mine has about 15k rounds trought it, No keyholing. Another in my unit(shoots it competitively) has over 20k trough his, No keyholing.
      In fact, I have not seen a single keyholing 416 since we started to use it as standard issue in 09.
      but ofc, if your SOP is to do severelal magdumps on full auto everytime you take it to the range, that will F it up thoroughly, as it would with any rifle(as it is not a belt-fed with a quick change barrel).

      statements like this comes across like you just saw it on a internet forum and took it to hart because of your fanboyism of another platform.

  • Same old song

    in the third photo i could swear that it was a left side ejection port. Sadly it isnt.

  • Paul Labrador

    Looks like the H&K version of the SCAR….

  • Paulo Romero

    Yum Yum , either than the RPK16 this is the first rifle that’s given me the big wood in a long time!!

  • GunnerMcGunner

    Sure would be great to have the graphics in high resolution so we could make them larger and really read them easily. Any chance of that?

  • Paulo Romero

    Rumours are that the Uk MOD is also looking to replace that pile of bangers and mash called the SA80A2.This may suit the Brit budget if it has no reliability issues.
    Hk has a good association with the Uk MOD and have managed to sell them G36’s , HK GMG’s , HK417’s for the SAS and HK UBL’s for the SA80A2’s. They also upgraded the SA80 to the A2 version.

  • GunnerMcGunner

    Reminder: HK is investing $30,000,000 in their Columbus, GA and bringing in more staff, both German and American to increase their production capacity in the USA. Before everyone has a melt down over the fact “we’ll never get them here.” Sit tight.

    • DocJones

      Make German weapons in America great again 🙂

  • Pedro .Persson

    So they went the SCAR route and used a gas tappet instead of a full lenght short-recoil piston and connecting rod, that is quite interesting. They also went for a longer receiver than on the SCAR, which is good considering modern trends of handling, and the cutout for the hand-guard may make extended versions easier (and less fugly.)

  • port

    Privilege? Honor? Was the editor on vacation?

  • anthony

    hey guys you have ads that are hyjacking the page. i would speak with your ad provider.

  • Gregory

    How much will this rifle cost? I bet it will only be an arm and a leg instead of all four.

  • Tinkerer

    A hole for the thumb, I dare say.

  • Core

    Looks like Magpul/Bushmaster/Remington ACR

  • H.C.

    The ACR was too far ahead of it time. This just illustrates what Remington could have done, had they actually tried to sell their version and not just dicked around with the IC competition. It would have been very successful. Now everyone is copying what they did with it.

  • 1911a145acp

    Top secret documents recently obtained by TFB, indicate the years long development of a radically new and different German Army rifle. Not much is known about the new “Wonder Weapon” as confidential internal documents only refer to it by it’s project code name…….. SCARGewehr

  • Aaron Hsu

    Okay, since no one else wants to say it…I like the ARX better. Looks like H&K is getting into the ACR/SCAR game again, and I’m sure it will be a fine rifle. But then again, I’ve never been a huge fan of the H&K ergos. And okay, I’ll admit, I think the SCAR/ACR/433 look boring and uninspired. Beretta beat H&K to the punch when it comes to this style of rifle, with some of the same benefits, including the “self-lubrication” elements. I don’t know that there is any other rifle out there that runs as well on so little lubrication as the ARX. And I agree with some other comments here that once you’ve played with a bolt drop that you can actuate with your trigger finger without moving out of position, it’s soo much nicer than the other options. It doesn’t hurt that the ARX is lighter and probably less expensive, too, which I guess is the whole point of this rifle for H&K, according to the above.

    On the other hand, I’m glad to see H&K do this. I want to see more rifles getting out there that don’t copy the AR-15 form factor and try to bring a little something to the table. Now, once we can get a version in the U.S. that will be even better, but at least now we have the ACR/SCAR/ARX and a number of other new offerings for those who are tired of AR-15’s glutting the market.

  • whamprod

    The headline should read:

    HK Copies Masada and Calls it a New Rifle!”


  • uisconfruzed


  • Nic_223

    Seems like a waste of money to me. I do not see anything so innovative and capability enhancing that would justify the increased cost over established designs. Didn’t the US army recently order a whole bunch of new M4’s from FN ? I think those came to about $700 a piece. HK should revive the G11 or that grenade launching thing XM25 ? 29 ? I am not impressed with the 416 and 417 either. The SCAR-H i can justify , the IWI X95 as well if you want to go for a bullpup design.

  • Why couldn’t HK set up a independent factory here in the US ala HKUSA and get around the German export laws to build for us whatever Americans want? Like Sig Sauer did.

    • randomswede

      Won’t they have to set up manufacturing in the US for the weapons they are selling to the US armed forces?
      Perhaps that’s cold war stuff or I’ve dreamt it up, but I think it’s stipulated that way, strategic resources and all that.

  • Ian Mcfarland

    so I guess HK is also pushing the term “Assault Rifle” now! WTF

    • Spike

      It’s a military select fire rifle, so yeah they would call it an “assault rifle” wouldn’t they!?!

    • Tinkerer

      Well, it IS a rifle, meant mainly for assaulting dudes.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    I already know that this rifle, if ever offered in a civilian version, will probably still be cost prohibitive, unless you are one of the lucky ones that has lots of cash to spend. But good for them, I got to play with the G36 when I was in the US Army, stationed in Germany, and I found the rifle to be beautiful. This looks like yet another finely crafted rifle from a company that takes making the best weapons available, very seriously. I have owned a USP9, and loved it for its simplicity, accuracy out of the box, and exacting quality. This rifle is probably no different. I used to live in Sterling Virginia, but never could find the H&K assembly plant, this was of course long before smart phones and GPS.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Which one is your favorite? The overpriced knockoff of the CETME or the overpriced knockoff of the AR18?

      • Anthony “stalker6recon”

        Not sure what you are implying, but it sounds like you are one of those H7K haters, for whatever reason you can come up with. When I was on active duty, I carried a Colt M4, 14.5in carbine, which I absolutely loved. This platform is the most copied platform on the planet, with the AK being second. Who cares?

        The H&K 416 was sought after for it’s gas-piston system, leaving the chamber relatively unsoiled, making cleaning much easier and less jams. Although most of the jam I experienced had nothing to do with the M4, but it was bad springs/followers in worn magazines that created the problems.

        The 416 is a clone, but it is much improved over the gas only M4 in my opinion. Taking something and refining it isn’t a bad thing, is it? If so, why do car makers improve their models year after year?

        But H&K still has a platform that is used the world over, and has lasted over decades, the MP5 series has remained one of the most effective and operational firearms on the planet. Even H&K was unable to replace it with the UMP, they tried, but could not break the love that operators have for the MP5.

        More over, the M2 has been in use for nearly a century, and it is still the best machine gun I have ever had the privilege to sit behind. During WWII, these beautiful weapons were made by every company that had the ability. The M2’s I used, had stamps from GE, AC DELCO, Frigidaire, and other strange stamps.

        So why do you hate H&K? Because they do what almost every other firearms company does, only they may do it better?

        • CommonSense23

          You never dealt with 416s have you. They malfunction worse than M4A1s when you run the same mags.

          • Anthony “stalker6recon”

            LOL, well you shouldn’t try to put the mags in backwards, or maybe you tried to do it upside down I can’t help you.

          • .45

            Well, the rounds go in the mag backwards, I’ve seen the pictures…

          • Tinkerer

            Ah, the Boberg technology.

          • Anthony “stalker6recon”

            I never tried it, didn’t seem like something that was worth exploring. Most of my loading was done with clip-strips and speed loaders, that forces you to load the ammo correctly, as the speed loader does not fit on the other end of the magazine.

            But in my time of hand loading magazine, the direction of the rounds is so obvious, they even have a fake round onto of the follower, to maintain the proper pressure on the round above. You have to be either the kid that tried very hard to put the square peg in the round hole, or you have to be so occupied and just brain farting. That can happen, especially in high stress situations, like running out of ammo in a firefight.

          • Tinkerer

            [citation needed]

          • CommonSense23

            You can look at the army testing with M855A1 or actually break down the results of the dust test.

          • Tinkerer

            The burden of proof rests on the one making the statement -that is, you-. Also, I’m lazy. I’ll be waiting for your data.

          • MNOR

            I have. Never came across a malfunction that wasnt magazine related. Having had two issued 416N’s with 10-15k rounds trough both, I can safely attest to the 416’s reliability. Neither has anyone in my unit, had any serious malfunctions since the early model teething issues back in ’09. The PIP people have done their jobs since then.

            Although apart from ease of cleaning, the above statement does not a superior rifle to the M4A1 make.

  • Rocketman

    I noticed that all four of the rifles that they offer are in 5.56 and none in 7.62 x 51. Big mistake people!

    • Tinkerer

      “The HK433 uses the NATO standard 5,56 mm x 45 mm and a short-stroke piston, but the system is prepared for other calibers like 7,62 mm NATO and .300 Blackout as well as 7,62×39 Kalashnikov.

      The source (Europäische Sicherheit & Technik) mentions that the 7,62 mm NATO version will be called HK231.

      I guess we will find out more with time, but if the HK comes with 7,62×39 Kalashnikov – called HK123 – it could be very interesting for a few armies even within NATO. As recently reported, Ukraine are having some issues finding a way to live with both NATO and former East bloc ammunition and rifles.”

      You really need to read the whole article, my man.

  • Richard Lutz

    Members of the unorganized US militia should possess a rifle like the one commonly used by US soldiers. The closest such rifle civilians can legally buy is the FN 15 Military Collector M4.

  • I guess germany is cursed with having a small defense budget but having the most expensive domestic arms industry

  • Machinegunnertim

    Did you really just claim that Magpul copied the XCR when designing the MASADA and then tell someone to “Learn your weapons history”?!?!

    • Robinson Armament

      That is exactly it. MAGPUL had a copy of the XCR and attempted (in vain) to copy its features. The Masada became the ACR when MAGPUL couldn’t get it to run and sold it to Remington. The XCR was first shown on the web in 2004 or 2005. The first rifles were sold in 2006.

      • Machinegunnertim

        I followed the MASADA very closely back when it was first announced. I read everything there was to find online and even bought magazines that featured it before it ever turned into the ACR and have never heard of the points that you make. Quite frankly what you are saying sounds like total bunk.

        The Masada was based on the AR18/AR180 (which is nothing like the XCR). The design team clearly stated that in the beginning. As far as i can tell the only design feature similar to the XCR is the bolt catch/release system. Other than that there is no copying of any sort. If you still believe there is then the burden of proof is on YOU to prove it. Again NOT A COPY!

        There was never any reports that MAGPUL “couldn’t get it to run”. If you saw something then prove it or I call BULLSH!T on that.

        MAGPUL licensed it to Bushmaster, not Remington. They may have both been under freedom group at that time but MAGPUL specifically stated Bushmaster. Magpul’s owner said- “We’ve spent a lot of time with the Bushmaster guys over the last few months. I have personally been impressed with them. Down to earth and and down to business, very stand up. We jived right off the bat.”

        Even i questioned there choice of manufacturer but that’s beside the point.

        I also remember that Magpul had Bushy produce it because they are not a firearms manufacturer. Back then they didn’t have the machines, experience, and basically the whole infrastructure to produce a firearm on a large scale. Not because they ” couldn’t get it to run”.

        • Robinson Armament

          You’re not in the industry and simply don’t know what went on. You arm chair commandos are all the same – know a little and think you know a lot.

  • n0truscotsman

    Yep! many that toss out the ‘HK hates everybody!” meme forget that little bit of history.

  • n0truscotsman

    Johnny come lately to the ‘modular rifle’ concept. I took some time to think about it, and im not impressed.

    If the bundeswehr adopts this, im going to double facepalm.

    • Bimberle

      Why? It’s more capable than the 416, it’s cheaper, it’s got the G36 ergonomics & solves all the concerns with it (you know, melting, POI, high bore line), it’s got every single feature of its competitors. What exactly is your criticism? That it’s not a game changing 2 pound laser gun?

      • n0truscotsman

        “more capable” is unsupported speculation.

        My criticism below was its keymod-like rail attachments (hello H&K! Mlok is the right way to go now) and the G36 style selector, with the 416 being better IMO.

  • Lobo Rojo


  • jack smith

    “It’s not every day you get the privilege to write about a new rifle from Heckler & Koch…” seriously? Are they that great? With the melting G36 and all…

  • Mark Lee

    Oh hell yes! I was enthusiastically waiting for a reasonably-priced Masada but the production model was never developed into an economical model, much less one that was even readily available. I hope this will be in the $1,500 (+/-) range, being as they are going for something cheaper than the HK416. It has the features I want (paddle mag release, pushrod operation, forward/left charging handle, quick-change barrel with multiple-caliber options, universal accessory options and overall, it looks absolutely perfect. Can’t wait to see these hit the US market, and in alternate finishes like flat dark earth. If the price is indeed cheaper than the HK416, this could represent the next big thing to replace the AR15 and potentially displace the FN SCAR line.

    • Bimberle

      Street prices for an MR223 (=Mr556) are ~2400€ in Europe (incl. VAT). Considering the 433 is easier to produce (I won’t get into it here) and features more polymer (aka plastic), I’d guess they COULD go down to 2000 if they wanted. But why would they? This gun is more flexible, more adjustable and all around more capable (says HK). and there’s a thing called supply and demand… My guess is they’ll position the price slightly below the HK556/223 and make more money per rifle.
      And concerning the US market – I don’t think you’re going to see them too soon. I’m pretty sure they’re going to produce them in the new US factory and not import them from Germany (all those nasty regulations that gave you a neutered 416). Which means it’s going to be another 1-2 years. But after that… the sky’s the limit.

  • John John Slade

    Look at that beauty….. i like it! However, this baby not only replace German G36 but to export NATO Country.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Well boys and girls when a SCAR loves an AR…………..

  • ogregunner

    It really does resemble the ACR. Too bad there won’t be any compatability.

  • CavScout

    Great but I don’t have $5000 for this.
    Guess I’m waiting on the CZ Bren 806, MSBS, or a decent ACR…

  • jono102

    Unlike the civilian market I think the price is largely irrelevant in a military context. They will end up equipping each rifle with accessories worth more than the rifle itself. The discounts that are generally accepted for purchases in larger numbers would easily off set the difference in unit costs. Also a military is paying for “Type of life costs” storage of parts and weapons, maintenance over the life cycle of the rifles, another thing that is nprobably more important than the up front individual unit cost.
    This not withstanding the fact it would be German money staying in Germany and a very similar platform to the current weapon, lowering the training requirements to change over.

  • n crawford

    With all due respect, how is HK doing what FN did that Magpul (BFI) tried to do any different from your defunct M96 program??? The XM8 came before the XCR… I think we need to be careful in this business to not cast stones, as virtually all ideas can be traced back to something.

    I think you’d be more successful if you had an industrial designer, as none of your products that I’ve ever handled seemed at all ready for main stream.

    • Robinson Armament

      Most think the XCR is a work of art. Don’t be so narrow minded. Try out an XCR and you’ll see why expert are calling it the best designed firearm on the market.

      • GD Ajax

        The XCR a work of art. Man you are the biggest lair in the industry. You can’t even get grammer right.

  • Treyh007

    MSRP- $8000000

  • jono102

    ARX 160 is the military version and 100 is the civilian version. There is the .22LR copy of the 160 but its image is sometimes used by mistake when describing the 5.56 ARX i.e. .22LR windowed mag is a give away

  • I can’t wait for it to come to the US and sell for $18,000 on the civilian market with a second hand barrel…

  • Steven Kaspar

    Just another over priced piece of junk from LIBERAL germany!

  • arby_63

    If the recent pace of delivery is any indication, these should be available sometime around 2025.