Extra B&T Goodness From SHOT

So I had all these extra B&T pictures from SHOT and I figured, why let them go to waste. There has to be someone out there who would be interested in seeing the (almost) complete lineup.  Two weeks ago I published some of my favorite Swiss pieces, but today I’ll share the rest. After all, the majority of US gun shops don’t stock B&T gear – this is a semi-rare chance to look at some fine machinery.

Pretty much everything seen here is coming to the US at some point. Restrain yourselves .

B&T Triton PMS08 Baton

The baton was designed to adhere to the strict German Police Technische Richtlinie (TR) „Einsatzstöcke, kurz und lang” norms and specifications. This will ensure that the product will perform under the most strict and adverse conditions. The B&T TRITON baton is 100% Swiss engineered and made out of high grade material with first class build quality. With its only 26 parts (!) it is very rugged and reliable.


B&T APC223

B&T APC223

B&T APC223

*Note the circular attachment under the QD sling stud that accepts AR buffer tubes.

B&T APC223


B&T GHM9 and KH9






B&T KH9 suppressed with folding stock


B&T P26 with folding stock

B&T P26 with AR buffer tube


B&T APC300 with collapsible stock.

 B&T APC300 Machinegun

*Note the B&T marked magazine.

B&T APC223 pistol with brace

B&T GL06


The GL06 is not only the most accurate 40 mm launcher on the market, it’s also very light, ergonomic and fast to shoot. The SIR ammunition family offers a total of 10 highly effective kinetic energy or irritant cartridges.

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  • derpmaster

    Wow, these guys sure have a SMG fetish. I counted roughly six different 9mm SMG/carbine variants.

    • Vitsaus

      Probably has to do with SMGs being easier to manufacture than conventional handguns or automatic rifles.

      • Texas-Roll-Over

        That, and the markets for Rifles vs SMG’s in Europe is very different than here in the US.

    • Amplified Heat

      What, you mean the Tech 9, the Steyr TMP, or the Sites Specter? These guys are like Luger; they really have a talent for improving others’ ideas (I say this as a guy with a TP9 top cover on his Steyr SPP –I wonder if B&T found a way to make those guns more pleasant to shoot?)

  • 12judges

    Me: Honey, I’m leaving you for B&T’s APC300…
    Her: You bastard! Well you can’t have sex with a rifle!
    Me: Prepare to be surprised.

  • HMSLion

    I want a VP9.

    • Walter Mitty

      AKA ‘Welrod’

  • micmac80

    BT seems to be reproducing just about every discontinued Euro SMG, Now that they cleaned up the Austrian and Italian designs , waiting for their take on Fin Jatimatic ,patents probably runout so free for all B&T.

    • derpmaster

      What’s the basis for the P26? I get that the other one is a Spectre but I’m lost on the P26. Some kind of beretta thing?

      • B&T

        The P26 is a modern take on the Tec-9

    • Amplified Heat

      Nah, I totally want them to do the PM12 series, next

    • Giolli Joker

      Jatimatic… that would be great!!!

  • William Nelson

    Me likey.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
  • Auslander Raus

    Great news that batons are going to be available.

    • Amplified Heat

      Only 26 parts to build an armored car-antenna; gotta love the Swiss

      • Auslander Raus

        The Russians could do it in 11, and the Germans in no more than 30! 😀

  • FredXDerf

    why do they put that piece of para cord in the stock attachment point? My KH9 came that way too -is there a purpose?

    • LX Li

      I believe it is the for you to attach a single point sling. My KH9 came with a sling and I attached it to the cord.

  • Mmmtacos


    We get it.

    You like sub guns.

    Time to move on.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I like em. Like tacos. Like lots of them.

  • Wang Chung Tonight

    “With only 25 parts, it is a very robust and reliable baton.” $350 LOL And I was worried it would have 30 parts. In a baton. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b887d35b0fdb8f4fc5d89f9354f1b70ee16fb2676f977fa4c0fe15770948768.jpg

    • Dougscamo

      Gee….I feel under gunned with my $65 ASP baton now….NOT….

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        You know how you have to bang your ASP on concrete to collapse it…

        Expensive? Yes. But smooth as butter.

        • Dougscamo

          For $285 more I would expect it to come with a policeman attached….

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Ha. Well played.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Baton suppressor?

  • Ranger Rick

    The B&T TP9, is an excellent system for an SMG. If you have the time check out all of the accessories, more complete than any HK offering.

    • Amplified Heat

      Sadly it’s design is super sensitive to backpressure & muzzle boosting effects simply because the barrel isn’t longer, but otherwise I agree. That issue is also surmountable (albeit with rather expensive silencers that wouldn’t be needed otherwise). It’s also got the most Rube Goldberg trigger system ever seen outside France or Italy in a subgun, and it leads to a crummy pull (not a huge issue for a burp gun with a progressive trigger selector, but off-putting on semi-auto variants)

      • Ranger Rick

        Good points.

  • Anonymoose

    Other than the lower receiver design, is there anything different between the KH9 and the GHM9?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      KH9 is DA/SA with a decock and no safety. GHM9 is SA with safety.

      The Mag well is interchangeable on the KH9.

      The New GHM9 will be an ambi-capable side charger.

  • Pete – TFB Writer

    But refined. Delayed locking bolt similar to MP5 roller delayed.

    They are out of production now or I would have bought one.