Chris Kyle “The Legend” Tribute Rifle Set

Texas declared February 2nd as Chris Kyle Day (lookout Punxsutawney Phil). Like him or not, Chris Kyle is definitely one of the influential people in the military community, and his legacy has created a lasting benefit in the form of family support for military and first responders. So it somewhat fitting that a set of limited custom tribute rifles have been created to both honor him and provide for support to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

These rifles were customized by Allegiant Rifleworks, and were built, and provided, by Cobalt Kinetics. There are only 250 sets available, and each set contains four very different rifles, all themed, and individually crafted.

Taya Kyle with Skyler (Cobalt Kinetics) and Adam (Allegiant Rifleworks)

Taya Kyle with Skyler (Cobalt Kinetics) and Adam (Allegiant Rifleworks). Image from T4 Photos

Signature Series

"Signature Series" SPR.

“Signature Series” SPR. Image from T4 Photos

The Signature Series is the centerpiece of this collection, and sports a number of distinguished features, and built around the concept of a “special purpose” rifle. Chambered in 5.56/.223, the Signature Series has an 18″ stainless-steel, fluted button rifled barrel.

Smith Vortex Flash Hider.

Smith Vortex Flash Hider.  Image from T4 Photos

It features the Cobalt Kinetic “pro” machined hand guard as well as their adjustable stock (that they premiered at SHOT 2016). It includes an ATC Gold Trigger, nickel-boron bolt carrier group, and a Smith Vortex flash hider.

Adjustable Stock.

Adjustable Stock. Image from T4 Photos

Allegiant Rifleworks did the base Cerakote in “midnight bronze” and polished the accents, using stainless stainless-steel hardware.

Laser etching of Chris Kyle's signature.

Laser etching of Chris Kyle’s signature. Image from T4 Photos

The Signature Series actually features a laser etching of his signature on the grip (to the lower receiver), and also premiers a custom logo-being first featured on this rifle.

"Chris Kyle The Legend" Logo premiering on this rifle.

“Chris Kyle The Legend” Logo premiering on this rifle. Image from T4 Photos

"God * Country * Family" motto etched onto the hand guard.

“God * Country * Family” motto etched onto the hand guard. Image from T4 Photos

SEAL Trident on the butt pad.

SEAL Trident on the butt pad. Image from T4 Photos


The "Chief" tiger striped rifle in 6.8 SPC.

The “Chief” tiger striped rifle in 6.8 SPC. Image from T4 Photos

Those who served with Chris referred to him as Chief.

The “Chief” Rifle is a first of it’s kind from Cobalt Kinetics, being chambered in 6.8 SPC. While the Chief is based on the Edge rifle it features some specific differences.

This muzzle device just gives me shivers... :)

This muzzle device just gives me shivers… 🙂 Image from T4 Photos

It has a 14.5″ fluted stainless match barrel that is permanently mated (pinned and welded) to Cobalt’s B.A.M.F. muzzle device and uses their premium single stage trigger.

All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photo

All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photos

Allegiant Rifleworks went with a three tone Cerakote “tiger-stripe” pattern on this rifle, using cobalt gray (the darkest), crushed silver, and titanium gray. The pattern is painstakingly hand laid on each rifle, but you really wouldn’t notice as consistently as it is applied.

Logo on the buttstock

Logo on the butt stock. Image from T4 Photos

Tiger-striping done in crushed silver.

Tiger-striping done in crushed silver. Image from T4 Photos

300 Blacked Out

image from T4 Photos

 Image from T4 Photos

The other departure from Cobalt Kinetics’ B.A.M.F. Edge standard chambering is in this rifle. As you can probably tell from the name, it is in 300 Blackout.

Image from T4 Photo

 Image from T4 Photos

The custom paint job on this one is a truly blacked out rifle. It is so flat black that it really doesn’t pick up any light. Hat tip to Ryanne for getting some great photos of it, though they don’t (and can’t) really demonstrate how “black” it really is.

All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photo

All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photos

The 300 Blacked Out features a 14.5″ nitrocarburized barrel with a 1:8 twist. It too has a pinned & welded muzzle device, though this one is a very aggressive linear compensator.

I really like the look of this compensator! Image from T4 Photos

I really like the look of this compensator! Image from T4 Photos

Chris Kyle Frog Logo. Image from T4 Photo

Chris Kyle Frog Logo. Image from T4 Photos


"Glory" tribute rifle.

“Glory” tribute rifle. Image from T4 Photos

Honestly, the “Glory” is my favorite. Call it patriotic, or whatever, but the design of this rifle was executed flawlessly. Glory is one of Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F. style rifles, and features all of the common features of that line.

Just very well executed.

Just very well executed. Image from T4 Photos

It is chambered in .223 Wylde, and features their “Dual Drop” bolt release, ambidextrous charging handle, 57-Degree safety selector (not 45 mind you), extended magazine release, and threaded pins. It is precision machined from 7075 billet-aluminum, has custom mated receiver sets, sports a beveled magazine well and detachable trigger guard, and uses their nickel-boron bolt carrier group.

Slight distressing on the finish.

Slight distressing on the finish. Image from T4 Photos

The custom Cerakote finish is two tone flat dark earth and armor black, and has been distressed to create the “battle-worn flag” look.

Large logo on the buttstock.

Large logo on the buttstock. Image from T4 Photos


I had the opportunity to handle them at SHOT 2017, where they were unveiled and the pictures obviously do not do them justice. I was not previously familiar with the work of Adam Tarr, of Allegiant Rifleworks, but he has done an amazing job with this collection. Because each rifle is done by hand there will be minor variations in the finish.

This is definitely a collector’s item, though every rifle is most certainly functional, and exhibits the Cobalt Kinetics standards and performance.

How much, you may ask, to own such a set? It is not cheap.  A set of the four, numbered tribute rifles will cost $18,899 (though they are doing an early sale for $17,500), with proceeds going to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. You can request specific serial numbers where available, though some have already been claimed. Taya Kyle was given set 001. And someone else has already purchased 007, and 250… In the future, the rifles may be available individually, but for now they will only be sold as a full set.

You can pre-order them at:

Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he has embraced his inner “Warrior Hippie” and assaults 14er in his sandals and beard, or engages in rucking adventure challenges while consuming craft beer. To fund these adventures, he writes medical software and builds websites and mobile apps. His latest venture is as one of the founders of; a search engine for all things gun related. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it–he is known (in certain circles) for his curse…ahem, ability…to find the breaking point of anything.


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I guess the “Chief” is the least ugly of the group.

  • John A. Smith

    Didn’t Chris Kyle usually use a bolt action when he was shooting civilians? Or was that a different radical Christianist? Or am I confusing it with the time he said he shot those two guys in Dallas at a gas station? Or the time he said he sniped and killed 30 people in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina?

    • Joseph Goins

      You forgot the “I donated all the profits to charity.” I guess it was a Clinton Foundation type of charity.
      I’m still waiting on proof that he was the deadliest sniper in American military history.

      • Mrninjatoes

        Check with the DOD. In the mean time your facts are wrong and you are pissing a man who sacrificed for his country. Why don’t you guy find some of the SEALs from his unit, or the Marines he was attached to, and let then know what you think of Chris Kyle?!

        • TDog

          What do they think of Chris Kyle?

          “Well, I heard from a friend of a cousin of a buddy’s nephew who swears he was there that he punched out Jesse Ventura!”

        • Joseph Goins

          Quit mythologizing him. He was a flawed person just like the rest of us.

          [1] What facts do you think I have wrong? The lack of donations is a verifiable fact. There are records that he only <$60,000 of the ~$2.3mil earned before his death.

          [2] I'm not "pissing on a man who sacrificed for his country." I am looking at him from an objective standpoint.

          [3] Are you really saying he gets a "pass" on life because of what he did when he was in the military?

          [4] He didn't sacrifice more than anyone else. He wasn't in longer than anyone. He wasn't deployed more than anyone. He wasn't KIA. He didn't come home permanently disabled.

          • valorius

            You seem to be forgetting that he was mentally unwell from years of war and death and killing. Don’t judge him as you’d judge a sane man, because he was an obviously broken person inside.

            He coped the best he knew how.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Cut the guy some slack.
      The problem with building these guys up so much is that the second they start showing cracks of actual humanity people rip them apart.
      He was far from perfect and, yes, god forbid even told a few lies (im glad ive never done that) but he served our country and tried to help other vets with PTSD and died a shi—y death in the process.

      • Doc Rader

        I would venture to say that most people that have dabbled in combat have some embellished stories. At the end of the day, who cares. If the approved charities using his name are doing right by vets and first responders, then *thumbs up*.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Id say that anyone who has ever tried to get a job or a woman in bed has embellished a story or two,

          • Doc Rader


          • John A. Smith

            No doubt; but bumping your salary a few dollars is a far cry from telling reporters I shot 30 people in Louisiana; that I shot two guys in Dallas and badged my way out of it; or that I kicked Jesse Ventura’s ass. The first is embellishment; the latter are flat out delusional lies.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Im not defending his lies which are all ridiculously easy to prove false. Im just saying the guy also did some good. As a teammate and as a mentor to wounded vets. Hell most of my closest friends are so full of s-it their eyes are brown but theyre still decent people.

            OK, they are tolerable at best.

            But theyre still my friends.

          • John A. Smith

            Ok, I’m with you, he did, or certainly tried to do, a lot of good for wounded veterans. We just shouldn’t let our respect for his good works wipe his slate clean of all of the horrible stuff he did.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Thats the only point im trying to make.
            Look at the whole person not just the “hero” or the “liar”.
            I think when you add it all up he was pretty OK.

          • valorius

            Yes we should. His delusions at the end are clearly part of the mental damage he suffered in war, for US.

          • valorius

            ‘Some’ good?

            The guy is a hero, flat out.

          • valorius

            You go kill hundreds of people in uniform for your country, and then let me know how stable you are afterwards, ok?

          • Not very for a good while after—-

        • DonDrapersAcidTrip

          You don’t wonder about a person whose embellished stories include shooting 30 americans during a natural disaster?

          • mrsatyre

            Might be one of yours, but it’s not mine. Still, if you’re okay with people who couldn’t bother to leave or be prepared before disaster strikes stealing your hard earned stuff and probably burning it down in the process, rock on.

          • SP mclaughlin

            Two words:
            Roof Koreans.

          • roguetechie

            Between the sublime song and roof Koreans laying down some serious rooftop aggression (including at least half a dozen doing it proper worst Korea style with their signature worst Korean folding stock long stroke piston AR15’s… And your assorted full auto mac’s and tec 9’s it sure made for some damn exciting evening news footage!)

            P.S: what? Some of you guys actually believed PWS came up with the long stroke piston AR idea first?


            The South Koreans did it first, and did it better… No buffer tube and all!

            Oh and a stock hinge you could use to hang an uparmored Humvee door with!!!

            Wanna be more confused?

            They did a folding stock long stroke piston version under the Daewoo k2 name, and a no buffer tube sliding wire stock DI gun with the designation K1A1..

            Damn typical Asian over achievers…

          • valorius

            Tell you what, you go kill hundreds of enemy soldiers, and we’ll see how stable you are afterwards, m’kay?

          • Nicks87

            It’s way more complex than that but nice try.

          • valorius

            What do you know about it?

          • kyle893

            Plenty of people kill others in combat and don’t try to absorb as much attention as possible from it. The only people that do like the publicity about killing and are willing to shamelessly make up stories to get more attention are called psychopaths.

          • valorius

            Plenty of people don’t kill hundreds of people in combat- No US soldier has ever killed as many enemies as he has.

          • Nicks87

            I agree 100%. I was going to hop on the Kyle bashing band wagon too but nobody seems to care that he was a total piece of sh*t. Just because you are a vet doesn’t mean you get a free pass. Plenty of people sacrificed more than Chris Kyle but he gets to be the hero that everyone talks about? F**k that.

          • valorius

            No, i don’t wonder about him at all. It is an obvious sign that he was completely broken by the war we sent him to fight so we could sit at home and criticize him when he returned.

          • DonDrapersAcidTrip

            It’s a volunteer army and I never asked anyone to go occupy and destroy countries abroad so I could “feel safe” by having the entire middle east pissed off at the country I live in for it’s ignorant militarism adventures. and as far as I know there isn’t some epidemic of war turning people into outright bullshit artists. that’s just a personality type you either have or don’t.

          • valorius

            There is an epidemic of war causing enormous psychological trauma and DELUSION.

          • Lee M Attinger

            When did he shoot 30 americans in a natural disaster? Never heard that story

      • TDog

        There’s a few lies and then there’s bragging about killing Americans. In this Chris Kyle had that in common with the various overseas terrorist outfits the US is at war with.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          And he was brutally murdered by a guy he was trying to help.
          So I guess, karmically, it all evened out in the end, huh?

          • TDog

            I suppose. Chris Kyle definitely had a messiah complex – he had no training, experience, or obvious talent for counseling folks with PTSD… yet he handed an obviously unwell man a rifle as if he were laying on hands.

            Dude had a serious ego problem.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I dont disagree.
            Putting a gun in that guys hand was straight up dumb.
            But I think we can agree he paid for it.
            I dont think that every time his name comes up he needs to be pissed on but thats just one opinion.

          • TDog

            Good point.

          • valorius

            I’m sure you’d do better after you killed hundreds of human beings. I’m sure you’d handle it better. Right?

          • TDog


      • iksnilol

        yeah, but bragging about killing some random guys at a gas station is a bit different from claiming to have killed a Spetsnaz or sometihng.

      • Ark

        He lied and embellished to the point of disgracing himself and his unit. The only mitigating factor is that SEALs as a whole have a serious discipline problem when it comes to lying and embellishing.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          SEALs have done far worse in recent times than tell a few whoppers.They have a discipline problem when it comes to mutilation and pulling the trigger when they arent supposed to.

          • Nicks87

            There should be a definite line between professional military operators and guys with mental illness being given sophisticated weaponry and carte blanch to do whatever they want in a “combat zone”. I think more and more that line is being blurred by our covert operations soldiers and it opens up our country to accusations of hypocrisy and criticism that we could really do without. We don’t need a bunch of psychopaths running around the desert chopping civilian’s heads off. That’s not what America is about.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Part of the problem is we’ve turned Six into not just a warfighting unit but an all purpose clean up crew. Technically we aren’t supposed to be at war. Or are we? I don’t even know anymore. WTF are we doing?

          • valorius

            When asked on sixty minutes how many countries we were in a shooting war with, Then defense secretary Leon Panetta burst into laughter and said, “That’s a good question.”

          • valorius

            Next time we’ll send you instead- so the job can be done correctly.

        • valorius

          The dude’s head was obviously totally screwed up from the hundreds of people he killed for his country. You go kill hundreds of human beings and see how you cope with it, then you can judge him.

          • Nicks87

            Oh poor veteran, let me get out my check book to make him feel better about all the people he HAD to kill. Nobody forced him to sign up and nobody forced him to pull that trigger. I bet you are one of these people that cries about the VA not doing enough for returning vets too, which is total horsesh*t.

          • valorius

            Just so you’re aware, you’re a douche bag.

      • valorius

        I’ve never met a soldier that didn’t exaggerate at least a little bit, even if just to fk with people.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Know how you can tell you’re talking to a military pilot? They’ll tell you in under 30 seconds.

          • Joseph Goins

            Not Nutnfancy. It takes him fifty minutes to say nothing of value.

          • valorius

            He is the worst. Of course if i’m not mistaken he’s just a trash hauler.

          • valorius

            Exactly. A LOT of military people who have been there and done that are the exact opposite of humble. I know this because i served with a lot of them. All those larger than life braggadocios NCO’s with CIB’s at morning formation were most certainly not fakes.

        • Nicks87

          The guys that have been there and done that don’t usually talk about it. If a guy is telling Rambo stories, he’s full of sh*t. I worked at a VA hospital for a few years and I’ve heard every BS war story many times over. They all tell the same stories and many of them are suffering from mental illness.

          • valorius

            Guess what bud, my Infantry PLATOON SERGEANT was a former Vietnam Green Beret and talked ENDLESS crap to everyone.

      • kyle893

        He lied about other Seals, and lied about some pretty egregious claims. For someone who has actually been there done that, why risk your reputation so much? He didn’t retell some embellished story, he literally made things up purely out of thin air that put others name in the mud. Tell me, who attaches their name to a famous person with lies like that? There has to be a reason, so bringing up Jesse Ventura and lying about another Seal like that put him through a ridiculous amount of bs that you wouldn’t have liked very much to have lived with.

        • valorius

          Because he was mentally unstable from years of war and from killing hundreds of human beings. He was NOT WELL in the head. To judge him as if these were deliberate acts by some dude in the next cubicle is absolutely idiotic.

    • Anonymoose

      Yeah, but the market for edgy AR15s with lots of stuff painted on them is larger than the market for Rem700s in AICS stocks with German glass.

      • Mrninjatoes

        True. And those rifles have a lot going for them other then fancy Cerakote.

    • mrsatyre

      You mean the same civilians who support in thought, word and deed the same radicals we are fight against? The same civilians who provide moral support, food, medical, spiritual and financial support? Those civilians? Then yes.

      • Joseph Goins

        The comment is about all of the lies that Chris Kyle himself told. No one is questioning that he has a Navy SEAL and that he was an accomplished sniper. However, you can’t trust anything out of his mouth. Here are a few things he said:

        — He went to New Orleans and killed people from the top of the Superdome immediately after Katrina to end the lawlessness. There is no evidence of this — or the associated mass crime — taking place. His actions would be murder and posse comitatus violations among others.

        — He killed two carjackers a few weeks after his discharge in 2009, and after running his driver’s license directed the officers to contact the DOD, left the scene without being questioned by law enforcement. Only three counties are on the road he alleged it happened on. All three sheriffs said it didn’t happen. Absolutely no news media reported on it when it happened. (We all know the NRA would have publicized it for all eternity.) Plus who really believes that the DOD would do that for a former service member?

        — He punched Jesse Ventura in the face after insulting a group of SEALs who were in mourning. While everyone I know would pay to punch him in the face for how he handled the situation after Kyle’s death, Ventura successfully sued him based on Kyle’s sworn testimony. Granted, the verdict was thrown out and a new trial is scheduled; however, the utter lack of evidence by Kyle’s estate compared to Ventura’s proof of no action is astounding.

        — He would ALL donate the American Sniper proceeds to charity. Only a small fraction was ever donated. (Admittedly, this may be more of his wife’s doing than anything else. American Sniper came out on 1/2/12 and Kyle died thirteen months later.)

        Everyone is too busy lauding hm instead of looking at him from a critical standpoint. He was good at what he did in the military, but he was a flawed human being (just like everyone else). According to a few sources he was a borderline alcoholic. (He was actually arrested for DWI) He also tried to help people in need. He focused a lot of his post-military life to worthy causes that helped veterans. He taught servicemen things that he learned from his time in the military.

        • valorius

          He was obviously mentally unwell from years of hell and death. You seem to have a huge problem with that. So next time, we’ll send you instead.

          • Joseph Goins

            #1. No thanks. I did my time (which was also more than he served).
            #2. Are you really condoning unethical behavior (lying) as a result of trauma?

          • valorius

            Yes, i am absolutely stating that lying can be a result of a mental breakdown, which he obviously had.

            How many hundreds of people did you kill? How many dozens of your friends died?

    • Jarvis Searight

      Lol!!! Perfect… Or could this just be his the lier not (the legend) series rifle.

  • Chris

    Am I the only one tired of companies using an American hero’s name just to mark up their gun prices?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I can tolerate it if it goes to a charity that helps vets.

    • Anonymoose

      I’m looking at you, Springfield Armory!

    • Mrninjatoes

      It is for charity.

      • micmac80

        Track record of ‘so called’ charities for the vets is poor.

        • valorius

          why dont you start one?

        • Phillip Cooper

          What are *YOU* doing to help?

          • Lee M Attinger

            I bought a vet breakfast last week, how about you?

          • Phillip Cooper


            I try to do that every time I go out for breakfast- which as I get older, isn’t that often.

            Also, for police and fire.

      • Joseph Goins

        So is the Clinton Foundation. Your point?

        • valorius

          I dont understand why youre comparing a war widow to outright criminals.

          • Joseph Goins

            Just because it’s a “charity” doesn’t mean that the administers are doing what they are supposed to do. A lot of accounts show that the Frog Foundation has been a little sketchy.

          • Doc Rader

            @joseph_goins:disqus Do you have any references/sources for that?

          • He doesn’t have any—-!!!!!

          • valorius

            So start your own charity so people who don’t even know you can throw stones at you from the anonymity of the internet.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Cite source please.

      • HemingwaysBeard

        It is for marketing.

    • valorius

      Doesn’t bother me at all if the widow is getting a big chunk of the proceeds.

  • Alex Waits

    Meh :

  • Jeff Smith

    I would much rather they produce something that doesn’t look like crap and sell it for less than $4,722.25 per gun.

    Oh, and since Chris Kyle was actually a sniper, have it be somewhat related to what he was known for.

    • Mrninjatoes

      It is for charity. Chris also spent a lot of time kicking in doors with a Mk18.

      • Joseph Goins

        Have you seen him with a MK18? Have you heard him talk about using a MK18? Not every SEAL used/uses the MK18. You are speculating like a fanboy.

        • DW

          IIRC he was pictured with M4s(duh), MK18 isn’t a far strech.

        • I had someone show me a photo of him with one when he was helping the Marines clear houses.

      • Jeff Smith

        Then why not make a MK18? Also, why are they making a product that’s out of reach of 99% of shooters? I’m sure there are people out there who will pay $18K+ for a set of four rifles, but I’m sure you’d do a hell of a lot better selling eighteen $1K rifles.

        I love contributing to a good cause, but I’m not going to pay out the wazoo for something hideous based solely on the fact that it’s for charity.

  • James Young

    Thanks for providing the link to pre-order, let me grab my card and get right on that $18k…

    • Doc Rader

      LOL. Yeah, expensive. However, several sets have already been bought. Definitely more for the collector than someone that is going to shoot them. And the proceeds are going to the Frog Foundation.

    • Mrninjatoes

      It’s like a Z-jay. If you don’t know what it is….you can’t afford it.

  • Moonman46

    100% of the males who harbor hate for chris kyle look like this .
    I dare you to prove me wrong

  • 61mech

    Id run a serious check on that charity bfore i buy.
    Especially if his wife is “administering” it.

    • Joseph Goins

      It reminds me of how the Clinton Foundation was charity.

      • bee O bee

        When it comes to the Clintons, shouldn’t you have put the word charity in quotes?

        • Joseph Goins

          Yes, but I would have to do that for the Frog Foundation as well.

    • Phillip Cooper

      So it it libel if you badmouth someone on the internet without proof?

      Or are you just a douche?

      • valorius


      • Donald Johnson

        DOUCHE sounds about right. But there I go, heck I don’t know this person, but they sound like a douche bag

    • valorius

      Why the hate for a war widow?

      • No good reason—-

      • Malthrak

        1: she is not a war widow. Kyle was killed on US soil by a US citizen at a private event in a private capacity. Calling her a “war widow” is both inaccurate and intentionally misleading.

        2: lots of sketchyness around the charity work and family members. Such happens sadly. Chris Kyle however promised half the profits from his book would go to vet charity (americas mighty warriors) and his wife kept all of it.

        • valorius

          Her husband died in that war. The shell of a man that was murdered on the range in Texas is not the man she married. She is a war widow.

          I would say his wife is a legitimate destination for vet charity money.

          Tell us about your charity, so we can all dissect it and decide if you run it to our high standards.

          • Malthrak

            Chris Kyle seemed fine enough to write a book and engage is business ventures and be taking disturbed people (that he knew had issues) to gun ranges for fun. The idea that Kyle was some sort of unfeeling and broken shell of a man is ridiculous supported by no reality. Again, Chris Kyle was killed by a US citizen, a military veteran, on US soil, in a private event in a private capacity. Not in the line of official duty, not in uniform, and not on the battlefield, unless you want to insist upon wandering on philosophical journeys of meaning that preclude further argumentation.

            Mrs.Kyle has done far better by her husbands death financially than Chris Kyle ever did in life, raking in millions in royalties, donations from fans and celebrities, and profits from licensing. She’s better taken care of than many thousands of other veterans family members combined.

            This isnt about defending a war widow, its about maintaining your fiction of an idol. An idol that, is either a serial pathological liar, or a war criminal and guilty of the murder of US citizens on US soil in illegal military acts, by his own admission, in many ways an american Motorola, effective in the field but grossly misrepresented in portrayal.

          • valorius

            OK bud. PTSD is fake.

          • Malthrak

            Where on earth did I say that? I said the dude was able to go out and run a real life and have fun and make money for himself, not that PTSD isn’t real. You’re making stuff up out of thin air.

            And no, PTSD doesn’t mean they’re dead inside either as you tried to assert.

            Either way, back to the original point, Mrs. Kyle is not a war widow.

          • valorius

            OK bud. I totally disagree.

  • Oh joy more stupid limited edition rifles.

    If there was one trend in the firearms industry that I wish would go away, it is the limited edition rifles. Some of the limited edition rifles are great ideas that should be in regular production even if they are a limited production due to being a niche rifle (like the BAD Ultralight rifle). But most of them are just stupid.

    • Joseph Goins

      The first limited edition that needs to end: LAV Glocks.
      My beef with limited edition guns is that they slap someone’s name on it and act like it somehow works better while not giving me features that I would put on my guns.

      • I don’t know why you say that. Lipseys has trouble keeping them in stock. I liked this last Glock Lipseys came out with.

        • Joseph Goins

          The purpose of a “limited edition” is to have a fixed supply and produce a truly unique one of a kind item. What they should do is simply offer an LAV model and stop calling it a “limited edition” because it really isn’t “limited.”

          • billyoblivion

            Dude, it’s totally limited.

            By the number of people who will buy them…

          • Joseph Goins

            And that’s the problem.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who noticed her finger on that rifle in the second photo? It looks like they photoshopped her finger off the trigger…. kinda weird if you ask me.

  • Mrninjatoes

    At the end of the day, Chris Kyle served his country and died way too young. These are nice rifles and will sell it quickly. The Frog Foundation does really good work.

  • Who wants a rifle named after someone other than its inventor?

  • Vitsaus

    Is it just me or does Kyle’s wife have more of a “thousand yard stare” than Kyle did?

    • Doc Rader

      Day #2 of SHOT, everyone has a 1000yd stare…

  • Malthrak

    Why on earth would anyone want anything to do with Chris Kyle anymore?

    The dude either is guilty of the murder of US citizens on domestic soil in US cities and war crimes abroad if his own words are to be believed, or he’s a gigantic liar if not (and given how many of his claims have been called out, the latter here is probably the case). He died at the hands of a dude he and others knew was deeply disturbed and chose to put a firearm in his hands anyway. His charity endeavors, administered by his wife, have ended up being…more than a little sketchy.

    I dont get the fascination with this guy…tons of better names to choose from to hawk wares.

    • Joseph Goins

      I’m certainly not trying to diminish his service or make a claim about him as a person, but there is a real problem with what he did by taking advantage of the veteran and SEAL label. Many people think that he took advantage of the circumstances, and my opinion isn’t entirely formed. When he was discharged, he told a story about killing two carjackers in Texas and the police being told not to question him by people at the Pentagon. He also said that he went to the Superdome and shot thirty people to preserve law and order. This started to build a mythology around him. He then started to do television and radio shows where his “good ol’ boy” schtick propelled his personality. On one of the shows, he claimed for the first time that he had more confirmed kills than other sniper in military history. This claim earned him a book deal which turned into American Sniper. While promoting the book, he told Opie and Anthony that he punched Jesse Ventura in the face for being rude to a group of SEALs in mourning.

      The problem is that none of these stories has ever been proven and that absolutely no shred of proof exists that they are truthful. Local sheriffs stated that shooting never happened. (Who really thinks that he wouldn’t be questioned like he claimed?) NOPD didn’t collect thirty corpses with gun shot wounds. No one witnessed him punch Jesse Ventura. While he was a Navy SEAL sniper with combat experience in Iraq, the military never confirmed his kill count or what he would rank compared to other US snipers. Part of the reason is obviously because it is bad publicity and another reason is because SOFs do not talk about particular service members shy of giving awards or announcing deaths. The claim remains unverified.

      • Ark

        A lot of SEALs seemed to follow his example. There’s hardly a person in the unit who DOESN’T have a book deal. We don’t even know who shot Bin Laden, because two braggarts released books at the same time, each claiming credit.

        We have a long history of military memoirs in this country, and they form a critical part of our historical record. But it’s a somber, respectful tradition. The SEALs seem more interested in cashing advance checks and getting laid.

        • Bill

          I don’t think “a lot” of SEALs suffer from this. The vast majority of them are true quiet professionals, marred by some notable exceptions starting with Richard Marcinko.

        • Joseph Goins

          #1. Chris Kyle wasn’t in the “unit.” Regardless of his accolades and popularity, the truth is that he was just a regular, white SOF guy. He wasn’t in DEVGRU or whatever this year’s designation is. He was in a regular SEAL team that gets treated the same as any Ranger, Special Forces, and Raider units. (I am speaking from personal experience overseas in different capacities for SOCOM. Not trying to brag, just trying to relay info.)

          #2. As a professional historian whose first job after getting his doctorate was as a historian for the Department of Defense, I can tell you that the “long history of military memoirs in this country” has utterly retarded “a critical part of our historical record.” The majority of the books are not reliable as they are [A] not properly vetted for accuracy and [B] not critical about the subject matter. Some are great (like One Bullet Away and Operation Dark Heart), but very few are worth the time it takes to read. The entire catalog of post-Civil War literature is full of works that should be forgotten presumably because the authors want to make themselves appear to have the moral high ground. (This is true of every country’s military history. Nazi General Heinz Guderian’s books Panzer Leader and Achtung! Panzer are revisionist history at its finest.)

    • Ark

      Even in the chaos of Katrina, people being shot dead left and right by a sniper would have been noticed. I think we can safely assume he was nowhere near Louisiana when that happened.

  • Jarvis Searight

    Chris Kyle the lier series I gotta get one of these.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Very different?

    the barrel length difference is only 3.5″. 3 different calibers, the paint jobs are different, as well as the triggers and muzzle devices. Everything else is identical.

    The only different thing is that these are AR15s and Kyle was a Sniper. How about a set with a R700, .308 AR, AR15, and Mk25?

  • Ark

    “Chris Kyle Day”? Jesus Christ, Texas. He was a braggart and a notorious liar. He made up a story about punching Jesse Ventura. He made up a story about shooting and killing two people at a gas station in Texas, of which there is no record whatsoever. He made up a story about gunning down 30 Americans during Katrina, of which there is not a shred of actual evidence. He credited himself with made-up kills and made-up medals, and everyone forgave him for it because there isn’t a good ‘ol boy in Texas who didn’t wish they could have grown up to be Chris Kyle.

    Find a better hero, Texas.

    • iHAL

      Considering the habits of the state of Texas, I think that’s the exact hero they want. But I’ve been hoping to meet a Texan who was much more than talk and I’ve been left wanting.

    • roguetechie

      Three words… Then four more

      Remember the Alamo …

      Par for the course…

    • Joseph Goins

      I don’t know if I would say he “made up medals.” The Navy determined that the DD-214 he received contained errors that he did not commit. That being said: he should have known how many awards he actually received and used that number. I still know that I received three Bronze Stars regardless of my discharge papers listing four.

  • GD Ajax

    Kyle hate the AR-15/M16/M4. But there will always some sucker who will buy it.
    He also seemed to have never used a decent 7.62mm in his life either. Bolt action is dying, and really doesn’t require as much skill to aim accurate. The gun does much of the aiming it for you.

  • 22winmag

    What’s worse than having a fetish for wespons?

    Having a fetish for weaponeers.

  • Iggy

    Go Coun Fam?

  • ^0^/

    I dont know how good it is, but MAN ITS FREAKING SEXY =Q^Q=!

  • Keith

    I know little of Chris Kyle but my impression is that he was a good man, a patriot. To put his signature on a commercial product, as though he had some say in the matter, is both a dishonor and a disgrace.

  • Steve Kosovich

    One rifle has a 14.5″ barrel, do they include the length of the muzzle brake to make it legal length.?

  • itsmefool

    Shouldn’t one of these be a “Check Six” model since that’s what he and the civvie he was with at the range that fateful day failed to do? I’m still wondering how such a great operator gets shot multiple times with his own gun by a guy who Kyle already had concerns about before they ever stepped out of the truck. It absolutely escapes me how a former SEAL lets his guard down around an obvious nutcase when there were guns all over the place. Did he think his reputation made him bulletproof?

  • The Brigadier

    I’m sorry, but these rifles have too many recesses for dirt to cake in, and with all the bright, shiny rivets they look like they were designed by bikers for use by Hollywood war movie makers. Perhaps they will sell to idiots who want something different, but gee whiz folks, Chris Kyle used standard military arms and he did just fine with them.