Bad Company Tactical Expands Product Line | SHOT 2017

Bad Company Tactical has had one of the more unique products that I’ve seen over these past two shows. When it comes to having something that would actually be extremely useful and not some tactical gimmick like the Tac Sac or the Picatinny rail compensator.

The companies flagship product is the R2S, or the Rapid Retention System, consisting of an aluminum female portion that can be mounted as a holster on a belt, or through MOLLE on a plate carrier. The male portion can be mounted to a rifle or handgun that sports a Picatinny rail, or can even be mounted to such tools as a sledgehammer with metal mounting brackets. Essentially if it can be mounted to an item, any item, and as long as that item is under 150 lbs, the two portions can then lock together, forming a very secure fit. Then when a user wants the device (rifle, handgun, item), similar to Safariland’s ALS set up, a thumb break is pressed, and the device can be retracted.

We reported on the company last SHOT, and this year the company was supposed to have the latest version that incorporates some of the issues customers were calling in about the attachment system. Namely that the system lowered the dimensions of any rail attached light that a user wanted to retain on the handgun because the system utilized the existing rail section.

In conjunction with Iron Claw Tactical, the system was installed on one of their Kalashnikov rifles, to show that the system could be used at a better angle than with a Picatinny mounted platform.

Previously this pistol grip pump action shotgun would have had to be mounted in a holster on a plate carrier. However with the R2S, a much more minimalist system can be utilized.


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  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I like this. Limited application, the vast majority of people probably won’t be able to utilize it, but I still like it.

  • Badwolf

    Finally! Something the students at UT Austin can use to mount their…umm…items.

  • Garrett Hart

    Anybody know what the red ar style safety is installed on the tan ak?

    • David

      I wanna know to and why no ones covered this ak instead of this lame holster

    • 3331

      Check out R&R target. They have a product like that for the Saiga-12 shotgun.
      Might as well fit the rifles.

  • Edeco

    O.O wow that leg bracket is cool. Now how Imma get that on an AMD 65…

    • Dougscamo

      Won’t work for me….I’m so short I’d grind my muzzle brake off while walking….unless it’s designed to just look cool while you are standing around at the range….

  • Tinkerer

    Nice, a post-modern Bridgeport rig.

  • Cal S.

    Meh, I’ll wait for the IWB model.

  • pun&gun

    I feel like medieval knights would have appreciated a system like this for their weapons while they were in full harness.

  • wordup

    How about I keep using my sling and save a buck and weight on my rifle. ..

  • nick

    In a totally non-firearm role, I see this in a number of applications in our Fire Rescue vehicles here in our region ( we are a small, part time / on call dept.) and much of our kit is with us in personal vehicles, this also has an application to keep things from bouncing around , such as my EMS Bag, but still be able to deploy quickly.

  • nick

    of course, its not a new idea…..I have a big low profile hook on my 1805 Royal Navy Sea Pistol, designed to hook into , well, anything.

    One could carry a few charged .62 caliber pistols that way, some , might even fire!

    ( I get an 85% ignition rate on a good day!)

  • Nicks87

    I clicked on the article hoping for more pics of her tactical yoga pants and all I got was pics of vaporware, such disappointment.