ZEV and Mega Arms Announce Merger

ZEV Technologies, a company known for their custom, high-end GLOCKs, GLOCK parts, and accessories and Mega Arms, a manufacturer known for their AR-15 rifles, parts, and accessories today announced a merger of the two firearm companies.

The ZEV/Mega press release included the tidbit that the president of Mega Arms, Mike Miller, will immediately take control of both ZEV and Mega brand’s manufacturing processes. The press release also indicated there would be no significant changes to the two brands and that neither of the company’s product lines will significantly alter any time soon. No other inside information was announced at the time of this particular press release.

This merger announcement comes just three months after ZEV, an Oxnard California based company announced expansion to Centralia, Washington, the home of Mega Arms and also a few days after ZEV displayed an AR-15 trigger called the SSR at SHOT 2017.

The best part of this announcement was a comment one astute observer made back in October on the ZEV Tech’s Facebook page after they announced the move to Washington. Assuming he had no insider info on the merger he needs to start some day trading.

You can read the details for yourself at ZEV Technologies website, (but oddly not at the Mega Arms website): http://www.zevtechnologies.com/assets/press-releases/ZEV_PressRelease_ZEV-MEGA.pdf

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  • MB

    I have a MEGA, I have a Zev – aaaaaahh MEGA ZEV

    • Anonymoose

      I’m now imagining a Megazord made of Glocks and ARs.

      • Justin

        Please tell me you did not just use a power ranger reference…… I finally got my kids to stop watching that stuff and I’m having flashbacks.

    • Chris

      I wonder how many people in this crowd will get it.

    • Daniel

      Zega. Duh.

  • Blake

    The line about the info being oddly missing from Mega’s website is hilarious. Their entire website is hilariously outdated. They still have images up of previous design versions than what they actually sell, listings with pictures of two completely different products, and product listing for items that were never actually produced and sold. They really need to update and fix their site, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that there’s no mention of the merger on it.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Ah, so you mean they have a gun industry standard website.

  • Johnsmyname

    That’s a shame, now MEGA will become unnecessarily flashy and even more expensive. 🙁

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Pretty much. I’m a fan of MEGA’s stuff, so this is kind of a bummer to me.

      • Johnsmyname

        Same here. Not that I don’t like ZEV stuff, but I really don’t care for all the flare and the prices are ludicrous. The one thing that may be a silver lining is that ZEV does come out with a lot of interesting and innovative stuff. Maybe the MEGA side will step up there game in that arena, just hope the prices don’t come with it.

        I’m picturing a $3,500 AR-15 with golden dimpled barrel, strange billet cuts on the receiver and candy apple red controls with chrome accents. The Ed Hardy special…

        • raz-0

          hey it might go the other way, yo might be able to get a mega branded glock compatible frame in the near future.

  • john huscio

    Mega Zev……sounds like an Israeli defense contractor

    • Nick

      Zev Mega? Kind of sounds like Krav Maga.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Maybe this will help Zev’s QC.

    • Larry


      • Harry’s Holsters

        Talked with multiple instructors and who said the biggest problem they have from gear breaking is Zev Triggers and a lower end Hybrid holster brand.

      • highhammer

        I have a zev dragonfly and the slide won’t stop rusting. It’s just surface rust but it goes into the coating and there’s nothing I can do to get it off. I’ve already sent it to them once (took 3-1/2 months to get back). Now I’m afraid I’ll have to send it back again. It shoots great but not the type of quality you’d expect for that type of handgun.

  • Gary Kirk

    Heyyy.. A company in an overpopulated market joins with another company in an overpopulated market..