Alan of Battle Comp posted this online. I found it amusing. It looks to be made by

Our large Laser Engraved Aluminum (LEA) rail covers are made of high strength, abrasion and solvent resistant thermoplastic bonded with a hardcoat anodized, laser engraved aluminum insert. The anodization process prevents the image from chipping, cracking or peeling.



  • Don Ward

    OMG. First an “article” being wrong about using a slide release and now this bit of mall ninja-ry. Maybe there was a reason why the TFB servers self imploded yesterday? Was it to protect the readers from this?

    • SGT Fish

      its a novelty item. but I will admit I bought one and put it on my GF’s AR I built her. it sits under her red dot and doesn’t get in the way of anything. its easily removable and gave the rifle that special touch

      • Anonymoose

        If your GF gets killed by zombies, the onus is on you, bro.

        • Insider

          A Meme War is coming.

    • THP

      Son, welcome to TFB. Have you not read the article on how to buy over-priced, no-name CR2032 batteries from a store that doesn’t support the 2nd amendment?

      • Don Ward

        Oh god, I forgot about Nicholas CEEEE’s brainchild about the batteries. I gotta check how that comment section is going.

      • Roha Waha

        O lord ! The grammar Nazis have infiltrated . I’m going to grenades.

  • GD Ajax

    Nah. I’d take the bullets and magazines than save them for a less complex gun for zombie killing.

    • MegaGlide

      You carry a bullet puller with you in the field?

      • Chris Lubowski


  • MzUnGu

    No offence buddy, but not much faith in the gun that got you killed… 😀

    • Gary Kirk

      Probably wasn’t the rifles fault.. He was too busy showing off his neat rail covers to his buddies..

    • Sam Ruez


  • Bigg Bunyon

    Some people just can’t take a joke. Yeah, yeah … some people still just can’t take a joke.

  • Justin

    I could actually see something like caliber info on a custom plate. sort of like “5.56 get that .300 Blackout away from me!!!” or something like that.

  • Cap’n Mike

    It made me chuckle.

  • Gary Kirk

    I can understand the humor enough for range toys and have no problem with it

  • Brett

    Like Mike Talbot’s journal.

  • Nashvone

    I saw one at a gun show that I thought about. “If you heard the report, you weren’t the target!”

    On another note, with a riser that tall how far out would he have to be shooting to get an effective zero out of that scope?


    You guys are like a bunch of old ladies. Can’t you just look at all the firearms accessories and products out there and say “the more the merrier”. Or, “Isn’t it great that this industry just keeps growing and the sport is attracting more and different kinds of people.”

    The more of these accessories, novelties and customizing options that are out there IS A GOOD THING! It’s a great sign that more people are joining in. It’s good for the sport, the industry, and YOU! Because the more mainstream this goes, the better the political climate, and the greater the likelihood that laws like the Hearing Protection Act will pass. So just smile and love that this damn accessory even exists.

    I am beyond tired of you guys complaining and whining about every damn thing that comes out. You should all be thrilled that you even have the option to buy this freaking thing!

    • Joshua

      NYET! Rifle is fine!

    • Roha Waha

      Purest stifle the creativity of man, when my wife or children purchase thing I don’t think are useful. I chock it up to ” All God’s children have to eat”

    • Norm Glitz

      Maybe they’ve been removed, but I didn’t see any comments on this part. It’s there just to show you that it’s there. Any negatives are purely your own inferences.

  • valorius

    OK, now that’s awesome.

  • Duddly Doright

    My first belly laugh of the day.

    Needed it after hearing 2 Libtards judges have just ruled the President has no power to protect America from invaders.

  • RPK

    Custom Gun Rails, located in The Great State of Texas, have an AWESOME product line. And, they back what they sell 100%. I have probably 13 to 15 different gun rails of varying designs. Each is a quality product! I would encourage you to visit their web site and see what you are missing.

  • yourmomsplaytoy

    I bought one of these rail covers a couple of years ago. Bought one that has God Bless Texas on it. They are well made and stay on. I think I got it from them at a local gun show here in Texas.