New Cerakote Elite Series Coatings

Cerakote has recently introduced a new series of their firearm coatings called Elite Series. It is a more advanced coating compared to their H-Series. Particularly, they improved the hardness, abrasion resistance, and lubricity. New Elite Series also results in a thinner coating layer than the previous ones. According to the manufacturer, the Elite Series provides three times better corrosion protection and six times better abrasion resistance than Teflon does. It is also claimed to be 30 times better than the Melonite and Ionbond finishes in mentioned categories.

The new finish has a single layer application with followed oven curing. Currently, Elite Series coatings come in six different colors called Midnight, Jungle, Smoke, Sand, Concrete and Earth. It is also possible to mix the colors and get a custom one without altering the mechanical properties of the finish.

The technical properties of the new coating are the following (from

When we say performance we mean:

* Exceeds 9h scratch and gouge hardness (ASTM D33630

* Taber abrasion greater than 8000 wear cycles per mil (ASTM D4060)

* Corrosion resistance more than 3000 hours (ASTM B117)

* Direct and indirect impact resistance of 160 in-lbs. (ASTM D2794)

* 0mm coating loss at 180* mandrel bend (ASTM D522)

* Coefficient of Friction rivaling Teflon at 0.11 (Steady-State Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Under Load)

* Extremely high chemical resistance (Specific chemical performance available by request)

Cerakote has also released an updated version of their training video, which includes instructions for Elite too. There are several differences in application process compared to H-Series. As an instance, H-Series have a different coating to catalyst mixing ratios and curing temperatures. In the case of Elite Series, the mentioned ratio is 18:1 only and curing temperature is 300°F only.

MSRP for various volumes of new coatings are as follows: $35 for 4 oz tester, $70 for a pint (16 oz), $110 for a quart (32 oz) and $349 is the price of one gallon of Cerakote Elite coating.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • FightFireJay

    Cerakote, more gooder than ever.

  • Wolfgar

    Cerakote is not for the hobbyist. Very expensive to do correctly but it makes for a great finish and now even better. Thank’s for the heads up.

  • USMC03Vet

    I hope this doesn’t mean 3x mod expensive

  • jerry young

    I have used other coating like Duracote and I prefer Cerakote , everyone says it’s not for the novice but if you can follow instructions and can do the work needed you can use Cerakote, the hardest part is sandblasting your parts and with a little ingenuity that is an easy process, I’ve compared the durability and ease of use and Cerakote wins hands down, the baking process allows you to use your item after completion in only a few hours compared to 3 weeks cure time of Duracote, the finish is extremely durable and resist scratches and chips, the small cost is well worth the effort

  • M-dasher

    Meh….someone come get me when they release their IR coating to civilians…….otherwise ill stick with duracoat

    • Moonman46

      are we fighting terminators now?

      • M-dasher

        google search Boston Dynamics…..I give it 5 years

        • Moonman46

          lead heads!

        • Russ Kell

          Now I’m going to have nightmares of wheeled robots leaping the back fence chasing the kids. Damn you. 😉

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I wonder how this will work with holsters? A common request I get is a holster that won’t scratch the Cerakote and there isn’t a real solution I’ve seen if you’re using your gun more than once a year for a trip to the range.