Beltfed History: Browning M1919A4 (Semi-Automatic)

Miles is at it again on World War II small arms, with the awesome help of Corey, a very dedicated and knowledgable Reenactor who has taken the time to showcase and discuss the “Light Thirty”, or the Browning 1919A4 light machine gun in use by U.S. Infantrymen in the Second World War. Unfortunately we couldn’t get an actual Class III 1919A4 for the video, but the semi-automatic variant in 7.62x51mm NATO is a true dimensioned representation of what the historical fully automatic 1919A4 would have functioned and looked like. Developing from the water cooled Browning 1917, the 1919A4 is essentially the first highly mobile belt fed light machine gun to see service, being replaced by the M60, and then followed on by the current M240B.

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  • MrBrassporkchop

    Not too long ago you could get these for under a grand. I miss those days. Semi auto of course.

    • Doom

      Id like to know what “not to long ago” was. lol. they are like 5000 dollars now. You sure you werent thinking of just the parts kit?

  • HemingwaysBeard

    Nice overview

  • Peter Nissen

    WoW! That was an interesting piece of History – thanks to Patrick for the article and a big thanks for Corey for spending the time and money to keep history and practices alive.

  • mazkact

    John Moses Browning…………………………..that is all.