Aimpoint Micro S-1 Shotgun Red Dot | SHOT 2017

Aimpoint announced their newest red dot, the Micro S-1. It is based on the H2 body style but is modified to mount to the rib of a shotgun. The S-1 features a 6 MOA dot and comes with an assortment of mounts made of a polymer carbon blend. It will retail for around $700.

Nicholas C

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  • BattleshipGrey

    I like how it attaches to the vent rib. I’m no expert on optics manufacturing, but for an RDS that mounts so far forward, I think it’d be more advantageous to have either a thinner housing or wider diameter glass. That way you could see more of the target. I’m just imagining trying to lead a bird with that but having the optic housing obscuring it.

    • AndyHasky

      I just can’t imagine a RDS being advantageous on a bird gun at all, since you point the gun more then you actually aim it. Now on a turkey gun or slug I see the real potential.

  • Payce

    If this could be adapted to pistol use then I think it’d open up some interesting options since the height over bore with current T1/2 and H1/2 is kind of crazy even with the ALG 6SM and RCS Balor.

    • Payce

      Inb4 “keep red dots off muh pistol!”

  • Audie Bakerson

    Why not include not the 65+ MOA ring? on a dedicated shotgun optic?

  • Bob

    SIX MOA. whoa. The whole sight will be a RED BLOB.
    Why not just buy a mossberg spx 930 and mount a Bushnell TRS-25 and be done with it.
    Works for me. No special mounts required as the mossy has a picatinny rail.