The Patriot Pin for California

Stupid gun laws develop new solutions, and there seems to be no limits on either.

The Patriot Pin is for AR15s, and to make them compliant to new laws in some US States.

I don’t know how to define this invention if to call it stupid or clever?

I guess you do what you have to do, to adapt to new rules and legislation. Gun owners are typically about as law-abiding as a citizen can get.

From the Patriot Pin homepage:

Because some state laws require the gun be “disassembled”, before the magazine can be loaded from the top or to remove the magazine, the Patriot-Pin makes it extremely fast and easy to do that.

With your hand firmly on the pistol grip, simply extend your thumb to the end of the arm and “push” it in.

You’ll feel the arm stop at just the right spot allowing you to then open your gun so that you have access to the magazine or the magazine lock “button”.

A picture of the Patriot Pin in R&D, before anodizing.

The finished product looks pretty good, and blends in.

Hundreds of hours of research and development have gone into making the Patriot-Pin, from every angle, edge, and surface and is proudly 100% made and engineered in the USA.

One hundred hours is about 2.5 working weeks. Of course there’s no definition on how many hundreds of those that went into the R&D, but I figure that a price of 99 USD for this kind of product is expensive.

Don’t let the price scare you, some of that R&D money went into a rather cool webpage which also explains the function of the Patriot Pin way better than I can with words.

Have a look and tell us what you think in the Comments section below, I look forward to that more than ever.

Patriot Pin Homepage

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Stupid or clever? How about a clever approach to dealing with a stupid law.

    • MadMonkey

      Stupid that it’s needed, clever in design. I love that items showing how idiotic these laws are can be produced so quickly.

    • noob

      I love that now the Californian Patriot-Pin equipped AR-15 is a is a 5.56X45mm, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, shoulder-fired, break open reloading weapon.

  • Ken

    And put an aggressive chamfer on the upper at the pin hole as well as a larger head on the pin so it’s quicker to smack it back in.

    • bull

      spring actuated. and make the mag release kick out the mag as soon as the upper is separated from the lower.

    • Norm Glitz

      With just a quick look at the device, I don’t believe that it pulls the pin all the way out of the receiver. Just enough to clear the lug of the upper. If the pin is left in the left side, a large chamfer would be counter productive. Maybe a chamfer on the inside of the right side of the lower.

      • Ken

        Chamfer on the right side of the lug on the upper, so it’s quicker to slam the pin back in.

  • Vet for Trump

    Well, the next thing you know, the gun grabbers in Kommiefornistan will make disassembling your gun to change the magazine illegal. Maybe someone can devise a way to use stripper clips and a fixed magazine?

    • Porty1119

      I’ve been toying with the idea of a fixed rotary magazine integral to an AR lower, sort of like a Johnson rifle, with the ability to take stripper clips.

    • nighthawk9983

      yes, it’s called not buying a damned AR-15 in that state, and buying an SKS, Garand, MAS49/56, Ljungman, FN49, Hakim, or any other early cold war era fixed mag battle rifle. Even an SMLE. All of these are superior alternatives to a chop-shopped AR-15 that doesn’t have the look nor functionality that is its benefit, when in commiefornia legal configuration.

  • Gunslinger Hobbs

    I think a better and more elegant approach would be to stop fooling around with the AR and maybe develop new (or reintroduce old) designs that center on stripper or en bloc clip feeding. The upside to that approach would be that the market would then extend outside of The People’s Republic of Kommiefornistan. Think about it, how many of you would shell out some dough for something like a newly manufactured, quality American made SKS, or maybe a “Micro Garand” in an intermediate caliber? Other designs are ripe for a modernization/scale down, like the vz.52, SAFN-49, and many others. The old Egyptian Rasheed carbine in 7.62×39 immediately comes to mind as well.

    Point I’m making is that the AR15 is not and should not be the axis upon which the gun industry turns. Some diversity of thought would be appreciated.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Or just buy a mini-14.

      Why bother with stripper clips when you can just swap mags?

      • Guugarr

        Well here’s one for you. What if someone actually wants an accurate rifle?

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          I give Minis a lot of crap about being inaccuate, but Id still own one. And to my knowledge the new ones are a lot more accurate than the old ones; probably not quite as accurate as a quality AR, but Id say on par with a cheap one. Reliable magazines are still expensive though.

          And Id say they are still accurate enough to make combat effective hits at normal fighting distances.

          • marathag

            Before 2009 they gave well used SKS accuracy when brand new. Newer ones are better, but still no AR.
            I’ll never own another one.

          • DrewN

            I have 2 sub moa Minis and one is a ASI 24″ 6.5 Grendel (the other is a Target cut down to 18″ and bedded). Money well spent? Probably not, but it can be done. Reliable mags are the biggest hurdle.

          • Anonymoose

            And you can’t put stripper clips in through the top like a real M14… :

          • ostiariusalpha

            The M14 stripper clip slot is a cruel joke.

          • Anonymoose

            Well, you see it was really put there because the government’s Springfield Armory had the foresight that one day we would all want optics (including miniature red dots) and therefore would need a secondary mounting point for scope rails! The “stripper clip guide” was a ruse the entire time!

        • ostiariusalpha

          The ARES SCR is as accurate as whatever AR-15 upper receiver you care to put on it, you just have to use their bolt carrier.

        • M1A

        • Nunya Bidniz

          Ruger went a long way toward correcting that obstacle to Mini-14 ownership with the 2010 revamp. I’m not certain if the new ones even respond to adding a stabilizer strut, but then, I hadn’t been paying much attention to the Mini since the bullet-button work-around for the AR became available in the PRK. Given that the device in this article costs as much as a “featureless” stock, and the latter is the more elegant solution as long as you don’t insist on firing the AR one-handed, I suspect that the market will go the featureless route in preference to Rube Goldberg…

      • cwp

        Expensive proprietary mags, dubious accuracy, antiquated design. And this is coming from someone who actually owns one.

        It’s not a terrible rifle by any means. But there’s a lot of room for improvement.

      • Anonymoose

        Because it’s scary-looking enough. :

      • Hinermad

        Or a Mini-30. (He did say “American made SKS” after all.)

        Actually, an SKS-like rifle in 300 AAC Blackout would draw my attention.

      • Jerry Grimes

        I have one of each. The gas-operated bolt on the AR is a messy system. I can run the mini-14 a very long time with very little residue around the bolt area. I clean it, but I’m not sure how many rounds you could run a mini-14 before it began to have issues. The piston system it uses is very simple and very reliable in my experience.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Just quopting from the article above:

      “Because some state laws require the gun be “disassembled”, before the magazine can be loaded from the top or to remove the magazine”

      I dont know the details of the new law, but that quote makes it appear that internal magazines are also under regulation.

      • Anonymoose

        You can use stripper clips with the new law, but you can’t remove the magazine and swap it without “disassembly.”

      • Marcus D.

        Fixed mags are legal. What the law does is redefine what constitutes a “fixed” magazine for an AR or AK style rifle. Internal magazines–and there is one option for compliance that is a fixed mag from Franklin–are usually fixed. “Fixed” for the purpose of the law is that the mag cannot be removed “without disassembly of the action.” In pending regulations, the CADOJ has stated that disassembly means that the action cannot be operated–and opening the action of an AR will most definitely render it inoperable.

        The new law is also narrowly focused on ARs and AKs. Standard semiauto rifles like the Mini, the Garand, and the M1Carbine are still legal as they have no “evil features” which include lethality increasing devices such as pistol grips, flash hiders, some forend grips and collapsible stocks.

        • gusto

          but you can still have a featureless ar?

          if so I don’t get what the problem is, other than the fact that it is a stupid law that violates your rights and so on

          why do you need or even want a muzzlebrake on a 223?

          a thumbholestock or a stock like an ares is fine, rather have that than having to open the rifle like with that thingamabob

          • Marcus D.

            Yes, you can go the featureless route, Ares being one option, grip wraps, Hera and Thordsen being others. Thumbhole stocks are specifically on the no-no list, and are the same as pistol grips. There is no point of a muzzle brake on an AR, but the statute specifically identifies flash hiders as prohibited features, making either a thread protector or a muzzle brake mandatory to be considered “featureless.”
            What the Legislature did many years ago was to identify specific rifles, and to preclude copies and clones, identified every feature they could think of that made an AR an AR. The primary illegal feature was a removable mag, for which the bullet button was an end run legal within the specific language of the statute. If you had a fixed mag, then you could have other features. The MagLock and Patriot Button are end runs around the revised definition of “fixed mag.” All of this is very important to owners, because if they have a bullet button rifle, they are required to register them as “assault weapons,” which has dire consequences, principally on how and where you can take them, and a prohibition of any and all transfers, even by death.

        • int19h

          “In pending regulations, the CADOJ has stated that disassembly means that the action cannot be operated”

          Really, is that how they defined it?

          So any weapon on which the action cannot be operated while it’s on safe would qualify?

          So all someone would need to do is make an AR safety that prevents the BCG from from moving, and we’re good?

          • Marcus D.

            The statute is controlling, and regulations “interpret and implement” statutes. Here, the statute requires that the a mag is “fixed” if it requires the “disassembly of the action” to be removed. The regulation defines “disassembly” as meaning taken apart to the point that the firearm cannot be fired. So to be legal, your proposed safety would have to operate no differently than these new mag buttons that only work when you split the upper and lower.

          • int19h

            Well, a firearm cannot be fired when on safe, so that part should be taken care of.

            Are you saying that it wouldn’t count because, nothing being *removed* by the act of flipping safety, it does not count as disassembly? But nothing is removed when you push the takedown pin, either – since it’s captive, you just move it from one position to another. Nothing is removed when you crack the receiver open – the whole contraption is still a single piece, it just changes shape.

            So which exact language in either the statute or the regulation makes cracking the receiver open “disassembly”, but would not apply to a safety that disables the action?

            My understanding of this regulation is that it says that disassembly is *any* action that makes the firearm unable to cycle. If that is indeed the case, then I don’t see where my suggested workaround would fail. In fact, better yet, instead of doing this via safety, you could do it via the mag release itself – make it so that, while it’s pressed, the rifle cannot be fired or cycled.

          • Bill

            Even if all of you are correct, it wouldn’t matter. We are talking about Cali, remember? I pity the first person who ends up in court on this and then goes straight to prison because some state attorney quips that that’s not what the law “means.”

        • Joe Freedom

          What all gun laws do is infringe the right to own and carry arms without the government’s interference. They all violate the 2nd.

      • Ivan Vorpatril

        They are. With the exception of tube magazines in 22lr (as I recall) magazines nes can hold no more than 10 rounds.

    • Methadras

      They’ll just come after that as well. Look, the bottom line is that leftists want to outlaw guns and the 2A. End of story.

    • iksnilol

      An American 2SKS” like gun in 5.56 using 5.56 stripper clips would be nice.

    • Joe Darlington

      An en bloc clip system would be great. Hopefully such a system on a new gun would not inflict a “Garand thumb” injury.

  • Tim

    To paraphrase, “live in stupid states, abide by stupid rules”.

    • Wow!

      To paraphrase, “divide and conquer”

      No one is safe.

  • Gregory

    California politicians will just pass more laws to make this device illegal. California is a state run by idiots, elected by diots. You cannot change idiots.

    • Jeremy Nettles

      Yup, and then some enterprising folks will figure out another relatively simple device that complies with the new law and yet allows reasonably quick mag changes. Eventually the legislature will run out of options and either abandon the witch hunt or admit to their obvious endgame and call for an outright gun ban, complete with confiscation.

    • nighthawk9983

      You can take away the idiot’s welfare though.

      • Nunya Bidniz

        Idiots’ welfare. Trust me, there’s more than one! 🙁

  • JLR84

    Don’t get me wrong, these laws are ridiculous, but I don’t get why people are so attached to their pistol grips and adjustable stocks that they’re willing to put up with this kind of thing. Were I a Californian, I’d just get an ARES SCR or a Mini-14 or something along those lines.

    • Sho Rembo

      Then eventually those will be illegal. And you would then go to whatever they decide you can have. Then they go further and make those illegal. Eventually you have an air soft and you would say “I don’t know why folks need a firearm and put up with the hassle, just get an air soft like me”.

      • JLR84

        Your analogy makes no sense at all. We’re talking about people remaining within the technical bounds of the law, all that differs is how they choose to do it.

        A better analogy would be if some idiot politician tried to ban “sports cars” by banning cars with too much horsepower *and* features like spoilers and racing stripes.

        I’m saying I’d rather keep the horsepower and ditch the spoiler, while others would apparently prefer to cripple their horsepower so they can keep the spoiler. I mean that’s their choice, but it’s not the choice I would make.

        (In this analogy horsepower = detachable mag, and spoiler = grips/adjustable stocks.)

        • Bill

          This was already done in the 70s when emissions, with no tech to support them, choked the life out of every car sold. There was no going back then, there will be no going back now.

      • int19h

        Thing is, the more the boundaries of what’s illegal are expanded, the more people will find itself in opposition to it because it directly affects them, even if they didn’t consider it their fight before.

        How would they ban SCR or Mini-14? One particularly stupid way of doing so would be by name, but that is trivially worked around (as seen in Canada). Otherwise, they’d have to ban semi-autos with detachable mags outright – but it would also make a lot of hunting rifles on the market and in people’s hands illegal, and those people affected would be pissed, and might even start to question the whole AWB rationale.

      • nighthawk9983

        California will have to secede before it can pull its outlawing all guns crap. and when they do it’ll be all that much easier to take it back and mold it in the image of freedom once again

    • Bill

      Uh huh. Then when they went after those, you’d just get something else. Then when they went after those…This is exactly how Nazi Germany exterminated so many people. There is even a saying about it that ends with something like “when they finally came for me, there was no one else left.”

  • USMC03Vet

    California law enforcement should have to be restricted in the same manner. Equality for all under the law and such.

    • K-Gunner

      It seems common to attack law enforcement in CA when stupid new gun laws come along, arguing that they should be subjected to the same laws as common folk. This must simply be out of understandable frustration but it is misguided. The vast majority of LEOs I know support lawful ownership and actually despise the laws. They know as anyone here knows that the only people who obey the laws are law abiding gun owners. The criminals do not, naturally. In fact, the recent rounds of idiotic legislation was opposed by the CA Association of Sheriffs, the CA Police Chiefs Association, and numerous individual Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.

      It’s not law enforcement that is at fault in CA. It is the large liberal voting populations in San Francisco/Bay Area and the greater Los Angeles areas, and the moron legislators elected by said voters. (See the alleged 2.8 million popular votes Hillary won – so she won those two cities, big deal!)

      Sorry for the politics but it does not help us to blame law enforcement when they actually supported gun owners.

      • iksnilol

        But LE are technically citizens just like you and me, thus they should be subject to the same law. I Don’t care what they feel.

        • Peter (BE°

          They are… technically.

      • milesfortis

        I don’t think it’s ‘blaming’ Law Enforcement.
        It’s making everyone abide by the same set of laws.

        Now, if LE got it as right hard in the ass as the rest of the citizens in Cali do, well, maybe they just might decide to tell the legislature and Gubernor Moonbeam where they get off.

        • The Forty ‘Twa

          I’ve always thought that argument was dumb. We might as well let anyone and everyone stick flashing lights on their vehicles and drive around at 100 mph. Cops can do it after all…

          • milesfortis

            You’re putting it in reverse and expanding the argument.

            Whether that’s a sincere misapprehension, or merely being disingenuous, I’ll leave for others to make their own decisions about.

            This isn’t letting non-police citizens get anything ‘special’.
            This is about those we hire to do our law enforcement for us, as a full time job, be under the same general weapons restrictions as we are.

      • Greg Anderson

        LEO orgs were opposed to these restrictions until they had cut-outs written in for them. Some may say the orgs don’t represent all LEOs, but I don’t see LEOs doing anything about it either. Silence is consent.

      • noob

        “If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go: perchance it will wear smooth- certainly the machine will wear out. If the injustice has a spring, or a pulley, or a rope, or a crank, exclusively for itself, then perhaps you may consider whether the remedy will not be worse than the evil; but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Let your life be a counter-friction to stop the machine. What I have to do is to see, at any rate, that I do not lend myself to the wrong which I condemn.” – Henry David Thoreau, 1849

        At least until robots take over. Then we are screwed.

      • nighthawk9983

        It’s not attacking law enforcement, it’s holding the citizen government to the same standards are civilians. Law enforcement is supposed to be on the side of the Constitution, in California they seem to be more on the side of ‘power’, as could be seen by the refusal to intervene during the Berkeley Chimpout. Police are civilians, if we can’t have standard configuration weapons neither should police. After all, the lie is that reducing our rights is to make their jobs easier, why do they need to ‘hi-capacity’ magazines and collapsible stocks if we don’t have them? Ofc the reality is the left calls all of us criminals, knowing full well the people who actually pose a threat to Law enforcement aren’t following any gun laws to begin with.

      • USMC03Vet

        Government shouldn’t be exempt from the laws they pass and enforce.

        It’s not a cop attack.


      At the same time the politicos were passing these laws they were equipping California Game Wardens (new P.C. name- ‘Wildlife Officers’) with AR10’s. In Camo.

    • First, the CA laws are absurd and unconstitutional in my opinion. The problem is there are too many libs in CA willing to punish gun owners and throw their constitutional rights in the toilet – by their votes. CA gun owners should be able to freely exercise their 2nd Amendment rights like any other American.

      Now, the argument about LE having the same restrictions is also short-sighted. If the idiot law makers in CA make almost every semi-auto rifle and pistol illegal, and CA LE officers have to abide by that, than they go out with bolt-action rifles and revolvers against highly armed and organized criminals with the prohibited firearms. What that ends up looking like is more civilian and LE casualties because the LE officers cannot effectively counter the firepower of the bad guys. That isn’t good for any law abiding citizen. Which …

      brings us back to the lunacy of the CA laws in the first place. The push should not be to “punish” LE like the citizens are being punished, it should be to restore the citizens rights to possess these firearms in the first place. Unfortunately, CA and some other States, have too many voters willing to surrender their rights.

      • Bill

        And the ones who aren’t are outvoted anyhow. Democracy, indeed.

      • gabriel brack

        They could use mini-14s.

        • Wzrd


    • Wow!

      Except CA LE is for unregulated constiutional gun ownership. The solution to gun control is simple, stop following it.

    • I understand LEO exemptions. What I don’t understand is retired LEO exemptions. That’s where the Unions got it wrong and pissed off a lot of people.

  • Justin Roney

    I applaud their ingenuity, but I lament the fact they aren’t willing to march on Sacramento with said rifles and throw the anti-Constitutional jokers out of office to stop this silliness.

    • tts

      Oh come on armed rebellion doesn’t make sense here.

      The CA politicians are just doing what they were voted in for. Sure they’re doing a crap job of it but they’re politicians so what else is new. Like it or not there is a majority of people in CA who are anti gun and vote accordingly and that is democracy for you.

      • Justin Roney

        To quote a recent humorous commercial, “That’s not how this works. That’s not how ANY of this works.”

        We are not a direct democracy, we are a Constitutional republic. Neither politicians nor voters are supposed to have the power to undermine rights codified in the Constitution without going through the difficult process of amending said Constitution at the Federal level. In other words, voting away rights by a simple majority at a local or state level is simply un-Constitutional and unlawful. If elected representatives will not follow the laws of the land they have sworn to uphold when entering office, they need to be removed. THEY work for US as our representatives in government, and are responsible for protecting the rights of ALL of their constituents, not just the ones that voted for them in the last election.

        • Norm Glitz

          Sounds like the next big Trump program.

  • Marcus D.

    The first thing to know about this device is that by itself it does not comply with California law. It is only a fast pin release system. You still need to buy a MagLock or Patriot Button (same essential mag release device, different designs, that can only operate the release when the upper is opened after the release of the rear pin). So that’s another $50. The second thing is this is on sale for $89, per the site. Third (and just bragging) this device was invented and brought to market by a young man from Redding, California, deep in the heart of the North State where politics still runs (mostly) red. Fourth, another local business, Bastiani Arms, has invented a redesigned bolt release plate that when installed, automatically releases the mad when the two receivers are split, that they hope to start selling March 1 for about $10. The downside is that you lose the bolt hold open functionality.

    • Cymond

      “The downside is that you lose the bolt hold open functionality.”

      That’s not a huge down side, since the action won’t open with the bolt back, anyway. It would save time & simplify reloading.

  • Come on, now, Eric– gun owners are not “typically about as law-abiding as a citizen can get”.

    …As a matter of fact, they are statistically even more law-abiding.

    • JLR84

      You’re saying the same thing. Eric’s comment is a variation on the phrase “as good as it gets”, which means the most.

      • .45

        Considering that the average person is a petty thief (Why, yes, I work retail), I think following even 80% of the law makes one a cut above the rest of this masses.

      • I believe you may have dramatically misinterpreted some things about my post.

  • Asdf

    Why does the guy have a blue index finger nail?

    • A.WChuck

      It shows he voted for Gov. Moonbeam

  • PeterK

    Huh. That is pretty clever. Push button disassembly could be awesome in more gun designs anyway.

  • Andrew

    Seems more convenient than a bullet button. Glad I don’t need to deal with that anyway.

  • Some Rabbit

    The best solution to dumb laws is to ignore them. Widespread contempt for the law is the gravest threat to tyranny. Look how many folks disregarded “assault weapons” laws in Conn. and NY. And what did the “authorities” do about it? NOTHING. You can’t arrest a million people. If everyone stands together and refuse to comply the authorities are powerless to enforce the laws they create.

  • Blake

    “Gun owners are typically about as law-abiding as a citizen can get.”


  • Valerie Grimm

    The name is certainly stupid… or clever.

  • dawgiron

    And this is why, with all fantastic engineering available in this coastal city state, that they have engineered a reliable source of water.

  • Ambassador Vader

    I think the best invention would be an earth quake generator that makes California fall off into the ocean. Get your beach front Nevada property while you still can.

  • Jim Page

    Why My property in the PRK is for sale. When enough tax-paying middle-class gun owners take their show (and tax-dollars, pensions etc.) on the road, Sacramento will take note. Pretty sure this place will be flat broke without federal funding anyway. Peace out PRK ……

  • Joe Gamer

    Articles about California legal ANYTHING just make me sad.

  • BOB

    The UK has some novel solutions that might be less hassle, there’s the old remove the gas system and make them straight pull or my fav is a lever release which is technically defined as a self unloading rifle and you hit a little lever in a modified lower to drop the bolt forward again. Depending on how picky the local gov is you could possibly just rework the BHO to activate every shot instead of on the follower. Seen them unloaded in England about as quick as a semi auto.

  • Joe Freedom

    Invent some balls and stand up to these commies that are raping your RIGHT to own and carry arms WITHOUT government interference.

    • nighthawk9983

      The problem is California’s LEOs will aggressively go after and prosecute you ‘dangerous’ citizens disregarding their unconstitutional gun laws; gotta have something to do while ignoring the chimpouts at college campuses and the rampant criminality of illegals in sanctuary cities -.-

  • Chris H

    Dumb law, brilliant design. Anything you have to do to keep shooting is a good thing. What I would really like is to see a bullet button and take down system than can be removed by pulling a pin. Legal at the range, ready to rock and roll when you need to.

  • Publius

    An ingenious solution to a problem created by progressive stupidity. Nice job.

    • Norm Glitz

      We had a saying in sports car racing, “The people who read the rules are smarter than the people who write the rules.”

  • 1inidaho

    Never underestimate the ingenuity of human beings in solving problems. Getting around stupid gun laws is an excellent example.

  • Bill

    The next thing we’re going to see from this so-called state will be a law requiring that the trigger be removed before the gun can be reloaded. Guess maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, because the one lawmaker in CA who can actually read will see it and start writing a bill before someone hands him or her a copy of that pesky Constitution…

  • HandsOffOurFreedoms

    Deport the Kalifornia legislature.

    • nighthawk9983

      I’m sure some of Obama’s dreamers and more than a few anchor babies are in their state government.

  • Jimmy D

    First, I love how this reminds the stupid legislators that their laws are stupid. Are criminals going to these lengths? (Nope)

    I have to ask, though: How many times do you have to operate this pin before you realize that you’ll only have to operate the pin on a U-Haul trailer hitch once?

    People need to stop paying taxes to CA, whether its by leaving or just by withholding the money directly. You’re shining the boot that’s on your own neck.

    (Damn, I got a lot of crazy in that one post!)

    • dlh0

      Yes you did. But the uhaul pin thing was priceless!

  • nighthawk9983

    Neat device but an awful lot of nonsensical hoops just to use a butchered AR. Aren’t Mini-14s completely legal in their factory configuration? I wouldn’t bother with an AR in California, the rifle isn’t that special that it warrants dealing with the nonsense just to have a gun where all its useful features are removed (collapsible stock, removable magazine, pistol grip). I’m not a fan of Garands but in a commie state like California you get 8 rounds of .30-06 and you don’t need to mangle the gun’s features to comply. Might as well just get one of those, or an FN49 or MAS49/56, anything with a fix 10 round mag that uses stripper clips to feed and fires a full power cartridge. Or just an SMLE if they are going to autistic screech about semi autos.

  • RPK

    If those ding-a-lings in California would vote out the Nancy Pelosi and Diana Feinstein types, no one would have to worry about silly add-ons or ridiculous variations for the modern sporting rifle (evil back rifle that it is). They have gotten rich off of the American public and produce very little in return except for divisiveness, rhetoric and chaos.

  • Richard Lutz

    Repeal anti-gun laws that violate the US constitution.

  • markrb

    Uhmmm….No thank you. As an American citizen living in California, my inalienable rights are protected by the Constitution. Also, as an American citizen, we are not obligated to obey UnConstitutional laws.
    I predict there’s going to be probably 90% non-compliance with these libtard laws. When the illegal arrest occur, it will end up going to the Supreme Court.

  • Mike Crews

    guns have 2 enemies Rust and politicians.

  • JRT6

    This is like prison inmates coming up with a million ways to make weapons and hooch.