Shooting Sight FN SCARrmorer Tool Kit And Trigger | SHOT 2017

Shooting Sight was sharing a booth with Gearhead Works. Yes the same guys making the Tailhook brace. While I was checking out the tailhooks I caught Art explaining his trigger and SCARmorer tool kit. As a SCAR17S owner and fan, this piqued my interest.

Art’s SCAR trigger has an adjustable second stage sear engagment. The trigger bow is coated in a ruber texture to improve tactile feel and resistance to thermal extremes. The trigger is available for $250 on

Art’s other SCAR related product is his SCARmorer folding Multi-Tool. It has most of the tools found in the FNH Armorer tool kit minus the torque wrench and at a fraction of the cost. SCAR Armorer tool kits can go for around $400 due to their rarity. Art has replicated it and added some of his own unique additions. Besides having all the right size torx bits and hex bits, he includes a punch for the gas piston and hex driver. He even added an extra long allen wrench for reaching the bolt for the pistol grip.

The folding tool is only $85 on his website.

Nicholas C

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  • cwp

    I was lucky enough to buy a SCAR 17s while FN’s “get a free Geissele trigger with purchase” promotion was running, so I probably won’t be getting one of these. But I *did* buy a ShootingSight trigger for my Tavor, and have nothing but good things to say about it. If the SCAR trigger is anything like that, it’ll be a heck of a product.