New CRKT Knives with Field Strip Technology

CRKT homefront

Columbia River Knife & Tool announced a broad slate of new knives for 2017. Among these new offerings are a line of Ken Onion designed knives called the Homefront. These knives feature the company’s new Field Strip technology that was developed by Onion.

Field Strip Technology

In simple terms, the Field Strip technology gives you an easy way to disassemble your folding knife without any tools. This allows you to quickly clean a folder that was dropped into a mud puddle or that has been used for skinning game.

CRKT field strip

To break a knife down, you push the locking lever up while the blade is in the closed position. Then you rotate the small wheel in a clockwise direction until the handles separate. Reassembly is merely the reverse of disassembly.

Homefront Knives

There are four knives that are part of the Homefront line:

  • Homefront,
  • Homefront EDC,
  • Homefront Hunter, and
  • Homefront Tactical.

The Homefront is a simple folder with a plain edge on a AUS 8 steel blade. The blade is 3.5″ long, and the handles are made of 6061 aluminum.

The EDC version of this knife has a blade that is about .4″ longer, but with the glass reinforced nylon handles, it is actually 0.5 ounces lighter at 4.3 ounces.

CRKT homefront hunter

The Hunter is very similar to the EDC knife, but it uses 1.4116 SS in the place of AUS 8. Instead of black handles, the Hunter uses a Realtree Xtra camo pattern finish.

CRKT tactical

Rounding out the Homefront series is the Tactical. The Tactical uses a 1.4116 SS blade that is a little more than 3.4″ in length. It has a black EDP coating on the blade and black nylon handles.

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  • SpartacusKhan

    I wish these were assisted with Veff serrations. Those 2 features have become absolute must-haves for me, and since only CRKT has Veff serrations (AFAIK), it’s the only brand for me ATM. Once you try them, you’ll never want another EDC knife w/out them. What I really want is a Benchmade, with the blade from the CRKT ignitor, only a little bigger and with maybe a more exotic steel – that would be perfect.

    • Dustin Heaton

      Personally, I won’t have a knife with serrations.

      • Keiichi

        For me, it’s none at all or the whole length of the blade. Half length serrations reduce the effective length of the blade for either use to half, and make using either half difficult.

        Serrations do have their use, and a fully serrated blade is very handy to have in the camping / hunting gear.

      • SpartacusKhan

        I used to think the same thing, but since I tried the Veff serrations, I now know better. They’re bigger and angled and razor sharp, not little teeth-like chips found in other serrations. Veff’s will go through a rope like butter, and make quick work of anything else as well. I sharpen mine by wrapping 1500-grit sandpaper around a pencil and chuck it in my drill – takes 2 minutes. They’re so useful I wouldn’t have a knife without them.

        • Blake

          I didn’t even know I had those on any blade, but my CRKT/Ruger 2-Stage has them. I honestly don’t find them any more useful than any other well-cut serrations. I don’t get serrations on my daily carry knives, but if I am going to get them on a knife I make damn sure it’s from a good brand because bad serrations just ruin a knife.

  • BattleshipGrey

    The torn down pic makes me laugh. It makes it look like it just came apart as the guy was using it. “It done just came apart in ma hand while I was diggin’ out dandelions.”

  • Klaus

    More Chinese cutlery..You can keep it.

    • Dracon1201

      CRKT actually makes pretty good stuff, especially at their price point. Try it, you’ll like it.

      • David B

        Indeed, I’ve had a CRKT Hammond cruiser in my pocket for about three years now. It was a little bigger then I thought (I bought it online) but it was on sale for $20 and has never had an issue. It’s gone through everything from squirrel to heavy gauge wire and bass guitar strings.

    • imtoomuch

      Boo China! Boo! This closed-minded “thinking” is about as ignorant as it gets. Whichever device you used to type that comment is at least partially made in China. Same with your TV, the car that gets you to work, etc. China does not automatically mean junk. There’s too many other factors involved.

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        I think his Chinese keyboard failed

    • Steven

      I checked. Taiwan, not China. There is a difference.

  • Giolli Joker

    The first Homefront has been on the market for about one year already.

  • The CRKT booth rep took the Homefront apart for me in about 10 seconds. The repeat process was about the same time. This is a nice knife that can be thoroughly cleaned in about one minute. Pretty cool.

  • MeaCulpa

    Well that’s nice, good hygiene when using a folder will surely be appreciated by hunters.

    • noob

      And anyone who is around salt water!

      🙂 somebody should make a sheath that comes with a little bottle of oil to keep the blade pivots protected. May not need it, but it’s therapeutic for the soul to oil things.

    • Foop

      Not without a gut hook, it won’t. I need (want) a new hunting knife. This and many others would be perfect, but they don’t have a gut hook.

      • MeaCulpa

        Well I guess that it depends on what you’re hunting.

  • adverse4

    That’s just marvelous……….

  • RSG

    Since this knife came out last year, and these offerings are version 2, it’s disappointing that they haven’t substantially upgraded the blade steel from the crap they are currently using.

  • Lew Siffer

    …or you can carry a fixed blade…

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Really nifty to have that “field strip” capability. Very unfortunate CRKT decided to half-arze the effort with less-than-desireable steel. They couldn’t at least use 154CM?

  • way overpriced for aus8

  • Charles Perry

    China, no way. Taiwan, still no. Too many quality knife makers in US and Europe to consider cheap crap.