Mauser M2 Pistol: Interesting But Unpopular

The Mauser M2 is one of those strange firearms that managed to slip through the cracks in the early 2000’s. In this episode, Patrick takes a look at the strange striker fired gun that never seemed to take off. The M2 has some interesting and odd features like a striker deactivation lever, a rotating barrel, and even a rear mounted safety. Patrick discovers rather quickly exactly why a pistol with a world famous name flopped so badly.

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  • Kevin Craig

    I had one in .45 ACP. I won it at a Friends of the NRA banquet in 2003 or so, in green, with an NRA logo etched on, in a presentation box.

    I liked the ergonomics and the unusual design, but the safety was just odd. And since I don’t care for collectibles, I sold it a couple of years later, unfired.

  • Ranger Rick

    While interesting, the Mauser M2 reminds me of a Blaser rifle; interesting, accurate, quirky, expensive and in the end not a great deal of an improvement over a regular turn bolt. Or in this case other Browning axtion pistols.

  • Tassiebush

    Regarding the quote at the end. Bring back firefly!

  • klaus.ramelow

    Representing a Gun under a MAUSER-Logo,
    there is no guarantee it shows the quality known and expected from old times.
    The name “Mauser” was misused several times in the last decades.
    Only the right to use the logo MAUSER was sold.
    There is no “Mauser-Staff” anymore !

  • raz-0

    I remember them. It was like they polled people on everything they didn’t like in striker fired guns, and misunderstood everything about implementing said features.

  • Jonathon Kin Neng Loo

    This is one of the most compact pistols outside of a 1911 that can be rechambered for double stack 10mm auto. I had one so i’ll tell you how it’s done. You can buy the whole .40 cal parts kit on brownells including the barrel for less than 230 bucks. The magazines are designed for a .45 ACP magwell, so you drill out the spacers on the front of the .40 magazines to allow 10mm to fit. The rotary barrel you take to a gunsmith and have them ream for 10mm. Everything else just works, and you end up with a 10 shot, fat frame 10mm Auto the size of a Glock 26.