Kingston Armory .22LR M1A/M14 Replica | SHOT 2017

Kingston Armory makes a full size replica of the M1 and M14 chambered in .22LR. For obvious reasons there are some compromises taken. The guns uses a rotary box magazine that Kingston makes, however it is compatible with Ruger 10-22 style magazines.

The upper receiver is not quite like an M1 but in the style of one.

The M1 .22 Kingston Garand has 100% U.S. Steel receivers. The stocks are all walnut and the trap door steel butt plate are faithful to the original design. The sights are new manufactured national match sights but the rear sight base is proprietary. This does allow one to remove the rear sight base to reveal screw holes to mount a scope.

Their M14 is just a slightly modified version of their M1 Garand.

The rotary magazine is affixed to the top of a real modified M14 magazine.

The heft and feel of the M1 Garand is there when you pick up this replica. Best of all it only retails for $699. Much better than the $1299 for the scaled down Standard Manufacturing Thompson replica, unless that is what you want.

Check out Kingston Armory for more information.

Nicholas C

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  • Audie Bakerson

    So for $700 I could buy a replica in .22, OR I could buy a refurbished genuine USIGI M1 for $830

    Replicas should not cost comparable to the original, much less when they are a 22.

    • jamezb

      Especially when they are a poorly disguised copy of SOMEONE ELSE’S .22 design.

    • PersonCommenting

      Where are you finding M1 Garand for 830? Heck M1 Garands are getting higher for low grade CMP models.

  • Michael Rice

    *squints* Did they just slap M1 and M1A stocks on a 10/22?

    • Joseph Smith

      And it’s beautiful!

    • Rob

      That’s what I was thinking. So we are paying $500 for a 10/22 stock? Really! Not very creative nor cost effective idea. Now if they designed a M1 Grand or a M1A from the ground up I could understand the price being that high but to take a stock and fit a 10/22 in it I would expect $450 at most.

  • jamezb

    We get it. You can dress a 10-22 up as just about anything as long as you don’t mind it being painfully obvious it is a 10-22 playing dress-up. Question is, is the dress worth the price of a couple more 10-22s? In this case the tailoring leaves a little to be desired. I can’t get past the lack of detail on the receiver and the super thick trigger guard, For seven bills, you should have to retract the bolt to tell it’s a .22.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Is this somehow supposed to appeal to a gamer crowd that wants to get the look rather than the feel so they don’t have to “waste” game money on ammo?

    I really don’t get the appeal of replicas that only shoot .22lr. I can shoot my daughter’s pink Cricket or my Beretta Neos if I want to shoot .22lr and combined they cost $350 and are much handier and better looking. If I want to shoot a full sized rifle, it’ll be in a more powerful caliber that requires the extra size.

    • Joseph Smith

      Appeals to 8 year olds that want to fight Nazis with dad at the range. Could be a fun Saturday.

    • Wetcoaster

      It’s far easier to find a range to shoot .22 at than .30-06, especially in cities.

      That said, their website still says ‘coming August 2015’ for the Garand, ‘coming November 2015’ for the M14 and Dealers still say ‘coming soon’, so… we’ll see

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I agree with you, but there seem to be enough people that like that kind of stuff; however irrational it appears to others.

  • Captain Obvious

    In all fairness to them, they do have pretty nice stocks and that is about the best looking M1/M14 conversion I’ve seen. Most other replicas use sights and and stocks that sorta kinda look right but not really.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    The garand should make a cute sound when it’s out of ammo. Like a kitten sneezing.

    • Edeco

      Fling the 10/22 mag

  • Tyson chandler

    I like this but when I think of .22 reproductions, the GSG STG44 comes to mind. That can be had without the wooden create for around $350.00. These offerings need to be at that same price point to compete.

    • Wetcoaster

      Economies of scale. GSG is a more sizable manufacturer of multiple guns and airsoft or bb/airgun reproductions.

      I also wonder if they share some suppliers with other dedicated airgun/.22 makers like Umarex.

      Kingston is a new company with one product that still doesn’t seem to have hit the market yet, so……

      • Tyson chandler

        I see your point. Maybe Kingston should work out some kind of licensing arrangement with GSG or Umarex so they can produce it at a competitive price. I just do see a lot of these moving at $699.00

  • john huscio

    Know what would be better? If they made real Garands……

  • im just sticking with cmp garands

  • im just sticking with cmp garands.

  • clampdown

    Looks good, but Ruger could offer a production line of the standard 10-22 in available M1 Carbine-style stocks for much cheaper. I don’t want a big, heavy .22.

    • Andrew Miller

      Ruger had a “Distributor Exclusive” that had a stock resembling the M1 Carbine.
      My best friend bought one “just because”.
      It came with one of the BX-15, 15 round magazines.

      Now I’m kind of wishing I’d bought the other one.

  • Sid Collins

    So, like no recoil whatsoever….. I am guessing. I have a S&W 15-22 and it barely makes a report or the recoil is so slight that I feel more from the .300 WinMag in the bay next to me. I would assume that with weight anywhere near an original Garand, there would be almost no recoil.

  • iksnilol

    These are just dressed up 10/22s.

  • VeriAeq

    To truly impress, lets have a top loading receiver with .22lr enbloc clips for the ping.

    • abecido

      I have an irrational want for an appropriately-scaled 5.56 Mini-Garand with en-bloc clips.

  • Oldtrader3

    “Squints” is right!!!!

  • Fox Hunter

    Why .22? They should have made these in 9mm or 5.7 with enbloc clips. in 5.7×28 you could probably get 15 or 20 in one clip. .38 super would be another cool cartridge to chamber in. .40 S&W or 10mm would also be cool. Even .32 acp would be better than .22 lr.

  • PersonCommenting

    I heard they dont list everything on the website either as they get plenty of store traffic and when they do state competitions they bring rifles to those places for sale.So they dont keep up with those prices for sale on available rifles online.