Terrific Lady Day II a.k.a. Annual Proof That There Are Women at SHOT Show | SHOT 2017

In what is now officially an annual tradition (See http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/01/19/terrific-lady-day-the-promo-girls-of-shot/), James spent the last day of SHOT bouncing around the booths to snap photos of all 18 of the women who go to this 95.6%-male-attended convention. They are employees, promo models, enthusiasts, instructors, and even owners and vendors. Did you see any of them at the show?

A special thanks to all of the photo subjects for playing along – these girls work hard in a very…disruptive…environment for a work week, and they deserve a lot of respect for putting up with the dudes at SHOT (especially the photographers).

Enjoy. And mind your manners in the comments.

(Photo by TFBTV Cameraman, Brett Colpitts.)

(Photo by TFBTV guest photographer, J.P. Smith.)

James Reeves

• NRA-licensed concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present
Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
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  • adverse4

    I am a dirty old man.

    • Wolfgar

      You say that as if it were a bad thing!

    • iksnilol

      Take a cold shower then.

  • Dougscamo

    Dang….I’m officially a fudd….half of them looked like they were 13….or less….

    • Anonymoose

      Or perhaps it’s that today’s 13-year-olds are so pumped full of hormones, hair dye, and makeup that they appear to be in their late-20s to casual onlookers.

  • Tinkerer

    Which is a greater sausage fest? SHOT or ComiCon?

    • Green Hell

      Nerd culture had been growing mainstram since Futurama and today even grandmas and housewives watch Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones, so there are plenty women at ComiCons.

      • Anonymoose

        Big Bang Theory is not nerd culture. It’s annoying crap that people who pushed around nerds in school enjoy because “lol, nerd!”

        • Vhyrus

          THANK YOU! Big bang theory is the equivalent of white people putting on blackface and reenacting Sanford & son.

        • Green Hell

          If it wasn’t made that way, it wouldn’t be so popular. I hate BBT as much as you do, trust me, but I have to admit how much cultural impact it made to get “nerd culture” out of the closet up to being “cool” and socialy acceptable.

          • Anonymoose

            It’s not “cool,” it’s parodying all “nerds” as dorky, effeminate autists.

          • James Young

            I always ask myself why they keep using the same nerd stereotypes on TV. It’s made by people who think they know what nerds act like and push the stereotype to the extreme even though it has no basis in reality.

            Nerds are just people who get super into a specific hobby/job including guns, videogames, or even making TV shows about nerds…

          • Alexander Nguyen

            Yep, most true thing posted yet. All humans are nerds about something, whether it’s celebrity gossip or sports statistics or obscure porn.

          • Chris

            Cause liberals write the shows and they’ve been educated at a college that indoctrinated them to stereotype nerds , gamers , gun owners , Christians , conservatives and others into their
            SJW approved slots !

          • Alexander Nguyen

            It also is perpetuating the myth that nerds super nice and caring but slightly dorky, but one step into an online video game will teach you what nerds really are

          • DMFS

            HAHAHAHA you are an idiot yellowman

          • AlanHan

            The vale of creating the Sheldon character was to allow un-PC statements with cover.

        • AD

          This is what I keep trying to explain to people. Hate that show.

      • iianan

        Being a nerd is about having a useful skill of some kind or vast knowledge of some skill.
        Knowing alot about pokemon, anime or other nonsense doesn’t make you a nerd, since that knowledge does not impart you any skill in the real world. What you are referring to are geeks, who defer to nerds authoritative knowledge or skills, but who lack either.

        Women interested in male things qualifies them as nerds imo, since attracting and securing a mate is the most important skill a woman can have. So a woman who has developed the ability to be interested in masculine interests like guns, has a big advantage over those who have no shared interests with men.

        • Cymond

          “attracting and securing a mate is the most important skill a woman can have.”

          That’s the most sexist thing I’ve read in a long, long time.

          • Nunya Bidniz

            Yeah, iianan left off the “evolutionarily speaking” there. Biology is inveterately sexist, since we humans don’t reproduce by asexual budding… 😉 Once again, trying to apply generalisms in the discrete case leads to logical failure, or in this case, sexist criticism.

    • xebat

      Definitly SHOTShow, ComiCon is full of Cosplay gurlz and anime fans and all those superficial whacky sort of nerdy broads. ShotShow is much more serious technological environment, thus more men.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Comic Con in SD in chock full of hot girls.

      • Nunya Bidniz

        Yeah, but it’s harder to get tickets for and you’re always left with the quandary of “what to wear?” ;-D

  • Audie Bakerson

    All more attractive than anyone at a Trump “protest”.

    • Marc

      The blond with the blue dummy gun can make my gun go off any day.
      That’s fairly respectful, right?

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        I assume you mean taking her to the range to shoot your guns, right? 😉

      • Alexander Nguyen

        Bro are you serious right now…how is that what your brain thought to say to a woman…

        • RavishedBoy

          It wasn’t his brain.

        • Phillip Cooper

          I quit listening when you said “Bro”

          • John Wisch

            What do you say, Braugh?

          • Phillip Cooper

            You say something? No comprende .

    • iksnilol

      I dunno, the protest against defunding PP is a legitimate protest.

      • Sgt. Stedenko

        Spare me your politics, Euro weenie.

        • iksnilol

          Spare me your communism, you pinko commie.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            Shouldn’t you be fapping to a pic of James in his short shorts?

          • Fox Hunter

            The Soviet Union was the first country to legalize abortion, so spare yourself your communism and stop defending the baby murderers.

          • iksnilol

            Hey, try getting born before wanting your right to life 😉

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        Thats not the subject at hand though…

        • iksnilol

          Well, the comment I replied to was off topic as well.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Fellas, can we please stay off politics and get back to objectifying women like sane people?

          • iksnilol

            And the guys, don’t forget about the guys. 😉

    • Minuteman

      And just as underpaid I guess……

    • Jason Lewis

      I like the “He can’t grab this pu$$y” protest signs. I was thinking nobody would anyway.

    • Fox Hunter


  • Vhyrus

    Let’s see,
    Would, maybe, would, WOULD, would, would, wouldn’t, would, maybe, maybe, would, would, would, would, maybe, wouldn’t, would, dear god is she 12?, repeats x3, and would.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Yes, but would they?

      • iksnilol

        Most likely not.

      • ollama

        They clearly follow the “Law of Conan”, not a question of if but when.

    • LGonDISQUS

      That last one is a real b####, but I’d still rub her belly if she let me.

  • st381183

    You’re such a pretty girl with a lovely SKULL tattoo on you right hand…..

    • iksnilol

      Well, why would she care what you think about her tattoo?

      Caring about others tattoos is like judging others for what gun they carry. Completely pointless and silly.

      • Bill

        Uh, the people I deal with are plenty tatted up, and in need of serious judging. I’m sure that there are plenty of great people with tats, I’m positive that there are plenty of bad people with tats.

        Life Rule: Tats are forever. Don’t get facial ink if your career goal is Master Criminal.

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          Or if it isnt Master Criminal

          • Twilight sparkle

            All of this arguing about tattoos is detrimental to our community; if someone is a good person and they’re into firearms then we should welcome them into our community regardless of what they look like or what other things they enjoy. More firearm enthusiasts is always a good thing especially if it’s coming from millennials and post millennials since we tend to be less pro gun than previous generations and all of this banter is going to push some in my generation even further away from the firearms community since there’s so many older people in this community that are vehemently opposed to tattoos and other things that my generation tends to do. Btw about 90% of the “hardcore super owners” that I know in my generation are also tattoo people, I’m one of the few exceptions but that’s probably going to change in the next few months…

        • Tassiebush

          Gosh you’ve given some alarming but also familiar insights into the presentation of some of your locals there. Facial tats, missing teeth or rotten stumps and likely to function as a candle if they misplace a cigarette.

          • Bill

            I work in Middle America, where English is a second language.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        I dont like tattoos in most cases. I dont find them attractive (this discussion pertaining to females only as I am heterosexual). If youre a man (or a woman that I would otherwise be uninterested in persuing) then I dont care. If that makes me a terrible person then sue me. I still respect peoples right to get them, but I also expect my right to dislike them and say so from time to time to be equally respected.

        I dont judge others by what they were born with, but I do absolutely judge others by their decisions.

        • st381183

          Here here, agreed. Pretty girls with tattoos don’t turn me on. Just like pretty girls with tattoos aren’t turned on by my fat out of shape body. Tattoos are so ubiquitous now that whatever statement you were trying to make is lost in the clutter popular culture. Tats are no long avant-garde. I get more shocked responses from people when I tell them I don’t have any tattoos or piercings.

          • Bill

            I’ve spent my entire life trying to avoid extra holes in my body that I wasn’t born with.

      • st381183

        Exactly, why would she care what I think. Oh, and I do judge others by what gun and caliber they carry. You don’t have to like it, but don’t come across as some sort of SJW snowflake. I made a comment and stand behind it. Pretty girl, yucky tattoo. I don’t know what she is trying to convey to people but I certainly wouldn’t hire her to work at my business.

        • iksnilol

          I dunno, way you worded it sounded lile a creepy uncle.

        • Bill

          I had an excellent, really first rate trainee who I am convinced couldn’t get hired at local PDs because he had gotten full-sleeve tats while serving overseas. It’s “wrong,” but it is what it is.

      • Fox Hunter

        Wow man, you are beginning to sound like a lib. Don’t be a lib, let people judge if they want to judge, its called freedom.

    • olanan

      Better a skull than a flower, angel wings, butterfly, bird or some guys name. A skull represents death, which is certainly more tattoo worthy than the above. The nose stud is a step too far though. It interestingly represents a probable disparagement of the the organ of disgust, the nose.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Uh yeah, she actually is very attractive.

  • M C

    One in the last two pictures is a bit of a dog.

    • Alexander Nguyen

      Lol I love pitbulls for always trying to climb in your lap

      • Amplified Heat

        I call mine Jack Frost…always nipping at noses 😉

    • Minuteman

      The dog looks like Michael Jackson.


    Welp, that’s it folks! All the women at SHOT.

  • Sardo Numspa

    I like that Cadex chassis

    • Anonymoose

      They’re fake.

      • Keiichi

        obligatory “lul”

      • Bill

        The boobs or the teeth or both?

        It saddens me that I don’t see enough women with all, or most, of their teeth.

  • kevinp2

    Kasandra …

    • Bradley

      Yes it’s a trade show. It’s not open to the public and is people who work in the industry like manufacturers, journalists, etc. There my be some there who are involved business wiservices or attend with sponsors. Otherwise there’s probably not much reason for a competitor to attend.

  • “Do you come with the gun?”

    “Oh you! Tee hee hee.”

    x1.4 million

    • Blake

      • Guest Dork

        I was thinkin about the same Simpsons scene! It’s extra funny because it’s no doubt 100% true in real life. Guys are suck dorks. Doh! I’m a guy…

  • USMC03Vet

    I think I need to adjust my elevation.

  • Gary Kirk

    People can whine all they want.. Skull tat (among others) that CFA lady is smoking hot..

    • Nunya Bidniz

      Meh. Tats on women are a turn off for me. Not looking for a neo-aborigine: women define & preserve culture, so when they’re arraying as part of cultural devolution, I look elsewhere. To each their own, right? 😉

      • Gary Kirk

        Whatever floats your boat there Gilligan.. I don’t mind a girl that is willing to go her own way.. Now, if they’re just going to get a butterfly tramp stamp like all their other “girlfriends”.. Yeah, not with that one.. But said “lady” decided to go her own way. And that means a lot, a girl that will blaze her own way is sexy as Hell to me .. And as long as the tat has a meaning, where is it our right to judge?

      • Gary Kirk

        Oh, and just a point, before you talk devolving.. Might want to take a look at your disqus user name..

        But, nunma bidniz

  • d_grey

    That blonde in photo 1……..damn it I’m convinced I’m in the wrong country!

  • John Yossarian

    Oh great, yet more objects of desire that I can’t afford!

  • John Yossarian

    I don’t see a picture of Lauren Hudson, CEO and unofficial booth babe.

    Outstaged by her own pistol it seems!

  • iksnilol

    Well, duh, women were there when you had James over there. That’s like throwing out catnip and being surprised there’s cats.

    Also, lady with the blue gun is ridicilously cute. That’s my thirsty comment of the day.

    • Gary Kirk

      Those eyes are beautiful

  • Karl Vanhooten

    RE: “…all 18 of the women who go to this 95.6%-male-attended convention.” But seriously, where are the women shooters who compete? I see many at USPSA, IDPA, SASS, and Three-gun events. Is this because SHOT is for dealers and vendors only, not shooters?

  • Dickie

    Nah redhead in vest is hottest

  • Ark

    Booth babes are tacky. This isn’t the LA Auto Show in 1975.

    Also…Who’s a good boy! You’re a good boy! Yes you are!

    • Karl Vanhooten

      Agreed. I’m retired now but worked trade shows for 40 years in the healthcare industry. We got rid of Booth Babes 20 years ago. Apparently gun vendors still believe all males think with their other head. Most booth babes are taught 15 seconds of worthless gab. If I want info on the latest and greatest, I want to talk to a developer, not a pair of boobs.

    • Amplified Heat

      So, booth dogs, then? Actually not a bad idea…

      • Ark

        Better, actually. People don’t call the police when you pet dogs.

    • Fox Hunter

      Nothing wrong with booth babes, as long as they are not porn stars, or prostitutes. I’d rather have beautiful women promoting guns than dogs, dogs are dangerous and dirty, and dangerous. Dogs are far more dangerous than guns anyday, guns dont shoot themselves, but dogs will bite people on their own.

      • Ark

        But can she fetch a stick?

        No. Not in those heels, at least.

      • dirtsailor

        What the Hell is wrong with Pornstars and Prostitutes? A girl’s gotta make a living and a guy’s gotta have a hobby!

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Photos where they gave some chick a gun to hold has never appealed to me, because they all hold them like that middle one in the KUSA photo, but when I see them gripping the gun properly with their index finger extended and off the trigger; my how that does make a difference. The girl with the curly blonde hair in the KUSA photos looks like shes enjoying herself AND holds the guns properly and I like.

    • FulMetlJakit

      Wait, so it’s bad form to rest your thumb on your AK’s gas tube/block… while looking like the slightly deranged (though still pretty) lovechild of Angelina Jolie & Kim Kardashian?

      (And yeah, the glasses…)

  • Young Freud

    Advanced Armament Corp’s alternachick wasn’t there?

    • Cymond

      Rachel? Does she still work for AAC? I thought all the old hands left years ago after Remington/Freedom Group bought AAC.

  • Mystick

    I dunno… any second now, a button’s gonna pop and – WANG! I’ve been burned before. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  • RickH

    Lotta bolt-ons in those pics….

  • Minuteman

    You might wanna bring in some more racial diversity. Don’t give the libtards anymore ammo to shoot us with. The way I see it from a retrospective point of view is that guns are still a ‘white’ thing. We NEED Asian, Hispanic/Latin, ebony, Native, Indian etc women in our corner. I’m tired of all these blondes and brunettes.

    • Bradley

      “Bring in?” How exactly do you do that? Hire some black and Latino women to stand around at the show?

      • DIR911911 .

        as if that’s not how they got the white ones there

      • Minuteman

        All I’m asking the gun companies is to put their PR departments at work for a moment and hire a wide racial variety of models. That’s all. Plain and simple.

        • Lee Enfield

          “All I’m asking the gun companies is to put their PR departments to work for a moment and hire a wide racial variety of models”….by telling them to make sure and exclude white people.

          Exactly opposite of what MLK was asking for.

    • eastern orthodox moose

      how about no, white people invented gun culture, , not to mention most minority women are ugly, keep your soros inspired multicultural s hit in your own cuck shed, besides minorities commit most of the gun violence libshits like to scream about

    • Fox Hunter

      Trying to please libturds is a failing proposition, you can never please them, they want nothing except total capitulation , so dont even try.

      • Cottersay

        YES, and so painfully true.

  • Amplified Heat

    Talk about a good example of poor Claymore discipline; that’s basically like pointing a shotgun at the photographer, right?

  • RicoSuave

    Some “load bearing” tops there.

  • lavidaputa

    but but these are paid models or sales women…that’s what you claim “women in attendance” is all about? fyi paying someone or being an employee of the outfit paying to promote their wares does not constitute “attendance”

  • tts

    Most of these seem to be vendors or reps who are there because its their job. IME women don’t much like going to gun shows but do like to shoot once they’ve had a chance to try it a few times.

    • Bradley

      You do realize pretty much everyone at the show is there because it’s their job right? It’s a trade show.

  • Lyman Hall

    A couple of those ladies are looking for a nasty burn from an ejected shell, if you know what I mean,

  • mazkact

    Kasandra………………that is all.

  • Can we stop treating women like a Novelty in the Gun Industry?
    We get it. Girls are a Attractive. But they are also people with skills, talents, good ideas, and money to buy products.

    • Amplified Heat

      See: every car show in existence, as well as most trade fairs and advertising. Sorry man(?), but attractive women are interesting, which is kind of the reason they are employed at these events. TFB’s already reported amply on all the people with skills, talents, good ideas, and money to buy products (as well as some not so good ideas)

  • Blake

    “And mind your manners in the comments.”


  • Cap’n Mike


  • Badwolf

    …Aka TFB annual click bait. I knew it and I clicked anyway. I’m so weak.

  • Fox Hunter

    You missed the women modeling the holsters for women.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Never ask out a bartender or a booth babe.

  • Jacob

    Some captions of who these ladies are would be nice. Like model just paid to hold the gun, actual shooter, owner, etc…

  • Fruitbat44

    Sorry if I am asking the obvious, but do we know how many of the women in the photos are there because they are interested in firearms and related technologies, and how many are photos of booth bunnies?

  • You missed Tamara Keel. Brains are very attractive.

  • BDUB

    Nice dog.

  • Core

    Gorgeous bunch. The girl on the right from IWI with the blue eyes makes my heart skip a beat..

  • town22

    That pitbull is waiting for an innocent Jack to flirt with its handler.