TANDEMKROSS .22LR Upgrades | SHOT 2017

A few months back, I had the opportunity to dig into the backstory of TANDEMKROSS – an unassuming New Hampshire based company that focuses on squeezing performance out of rimfire pistols. And with the recent edition of the Ruger MKIV, the S&W Victory and others, business at TK has been swift. In fact, the company is preparing for a move into newer, larger manufacturing facilities.

I got a personal tour of the product catalog from Danielle Gagnon, TANDEMKROSS’ marketing leader. She gave me the low down on the seemingly hundreds of of upgrades available across at least a dozen platforms. Check out all their newest products here.


The skeletonized, lightweight design of the TANDEMKROSS “Victory” trigger provides a flat face that allows the shooter to pull straight back and makes it easier to tell if they are pulling too far to the left or right. In addition to actually reducing the trigger pull weight by up to .5lbs, the flat-faced design also allows the operator to place their finger lower on the trigger, increasing leverage and giving the perception of an even lower pull weight.

Fireswitch 10/22 Magazine Release:

For rimfire competition shooters, a slow magazine change can have a significant impact on a string. For junior shooters or anyone with smaller hands, finding and reaching the magazine release often means moving your hands from shooting position and potentially turning the gun in an unsafe direction.

Stop struggling with magazine changes in your 10/22! The new “Fireswitch” Extended Magazine Release by Rim/Edge makes magazine changes easier. The “Fireswitch” features a cutting edge dual action lever, which allows the shooter to pull back or push forward to drop magazines. The release is longer than the stock release lever, putting in in reach for all users.

One of the newest additions to the TANDEMKROSS lineup is a set of molded Victory grips that feature finger grooves a honeycombed palm pattern.

Within the next month or two, I plan on finally visiting TK for a first hand comparison of a stock S&W Victory alongside an upgraded gun. I look forward to posting up out results.



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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Pound for pound or I should say dollar for dollar Ruger .22’s are probably the funnest guns to mod out. Its still possible to get creative without a loan.

    • Nashvone

      And no one will accuse you of destroying a historic firearm. If my 22/45 wasn’t already full of Majestic parts, I would give Tandemkross a try.

      • Paul Strickland

        Agree….I love my Ruger Mk II pistols. I have an early production MkII ( ser# xxxx-218). It’s a full blown Clark Custom built by the MAN James Clark Sr, in the early 80’s. A truly amazing gun. And I have a factory tuned, first year MkII Government Model that needs no customizing. Although a set of fiber optics and new grips make it really sweet. This Tandemkross stuff looks pretty cool….they have my attention.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I need a S&W 22 Victory, and it looks like TK will be getting some orders soon after.

  • Tim

    I’ve used their products in my Ruger Mark II to get it running right. (Blank to fill in the removed LCI and bushing to deactivate the mag safety)

    Along with a Volquartsen extractor, the gun is no longer a regrettable purchase.

  • PersonCommenting

    That buckmark rifle looks pretty nifty.