Surefire Inert Can For Blanks | SHOT 2017

Checking the box for the “boring but pretty freaking cool” category at this years SHOT Show is a pair of inert suppressors by Surefire. There I was, drooling over the new Ryder 9M suppressor when the two brightly colored cans caught my eye. Sporting the same mounts as used in the SOCOM line, these training suppressors come in a couple different flavors.

First, an adjustable model that allows for the gas flow to be tweaked enough to cycle the actions on some sensitive guns. A second, non-adjustable model is for use with rifles that are less sensitive to altered gas flow while shooting suppressed. As an added safety measure, both mock suppressors are capable of withstanding (and containing) three rounds of M855. You know, just in case someone has a really bad day.

Obviously, the market for these dummy cans rests solidly between military and law enforcement customers who require the same specs of their issued rifles in a configuration capable of firing blanks during training.

I’m not sure why, but I really appreciate purpose-built accessories like these. Looking for the rest of the Surefire new releases? Follow me.

Surefire Inert Training Suppressors


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  • Anonymoose

    So it’s like a BFA that looks like a suppressor? Sounds like a good idea for training scenarios, and a cheaper alternative than internally converting guns for movies.

    • noob

      and more importantly it is the same length as the matching suppressor, so your body remembers how much space you need to turn around in. clever.

      • Rob

        While that is true, the most important bit is that it will catch 3 live rounds should they be loaded instead of blanks.

        This is huge and would save lives. The military has always had a problem with this and there are a lot of steps that have been taken to prevent accidents. When I was in around 5-10 years ago a complete gear dump and inspection by a SNCO or higher was conducted before all blank training and at least 48 hours had to pass between handling of live rounds and any blank training. Despite this, this device would still probably still save the life of a Marine at least once a year.

        • jono102

          The latest generations of BFA’s seem to be rated up and around being able to catch 3 live rounds mark. The UK even uses BFA’s for their bolt action.338 sniper rifles. Obviously purely as a safety measure. Don’t know what they can “catch” but that’s a large projectile and amount of energy to deal with if all else fails.

      • CommonSense23

        Except the whole if you don’t run a suppressor now you got to run a suppressor length BFA.

        • Tim

          except they mount to the surefire muzzle device that goes with the suppressor, and not the A2 flash hider. Nobody’s getting issued these as a replacement for regular BFAs.

          • CommonSense23

            I understand that. I was issued one of these BFAs. My point being that if you don’t like running a suppressor. Now you are stuck with a suppressor length BFA.

      • Even more importantly it is compatible with Surefire’s muzzle devices. That isn’t always the case with the normal BFA.

    • Anon. E Maus

      Movie makers use real guns for looks and authenticity, they’re not gonna start slapping these (no matter the color or shape) onto guns when what they’ve been doing already looks great.

  • Joe

    I don’t know if it’s economical, but it’s a good idea.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    So, wold this count as a suppressor to the ATF?

    • Rickey Cook


      • Random Disabled Person

        I think that adds a Jean-Luc Picard macro to the stupidity level about hearing protection devices. An item designed to lower the sound of a “cap gun” even requires a $200 tax and year wait. How much stupid can the fit in the NFA before it implodes from the sheer mass of stupidity?

  • Joseph Goins


  • iksnilol

    … Don’t suppressors already work with blanks?

    • Rickey Cook