Industry Range Day: Cobalt Kinetics C.A.R.S. AR15 Rifle | SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV’s SHOT Show range day coverage, James gets to speak with the folks at Cobalt Kinetics about their over-engineered and high-speed C.A.R.S. AR15, an improvement over the model they displayed last year. Production starts shortly, and sales begin soon…

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  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Is the stock fixed?

  • .47 TrollMeister

    Jemes, wheres Alex??

    • roguetechie


      Alex C. is I’d imagine just as not working here as he’s been since like early 2016…

      • .47 TrollMeister

        Ei du nod bilive yu.

  • GD Ajax

    Gun companies need to trying to ripoff the AR-18 or the FN Scar by dressing up an AR. It just isn’t going to happen.

    • raz-0

      What are you talking about? The cobalt kinetics rifle has nothing to do with an ar-18 or scar. Not name, function, physical appearance, etc.

      One can argue that the feature set is questionable, but that’s about it.

      • Quest

        Yes, i tought the same, what the hell is he talking about the Ar18 and Scar, when this is an COMPETITION AR with auto mag drop and auto bolt release… , hes totally off, litterally miles off.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Gun companies need to stop trying to rip off the AR15 by dressing up their proprietary system. Which came first: the AR15, AR18, or SCAR?

      So what youre saying is that since Im not “the best” (a definitely subjective definition) I should just go home and try something different.

      First off, who are you to say that a SCAR or AR18 is the best rifle for everyone shooting a rifle?

      Second, who are you to say that the AR15 isnt the best rifle for at least one person in at least one situation?

      Third, how is this unique feature comparable to a SCAR or AR18?

      By the way, SCARs are prohibitively expensive for all gun owners and not a single soul cares about AR18s. See I can make blanket statements that are obviously not always correct too.

  • PersonCommenting

    Everyone is throwing Kinetic into their name these days…

    • noob

      I guess it is to distinguish it from a Psy, Cyber, Info or CBRN gun company.

  • RetroG

    I like the whole idea. Why do I want to keep an empty mag in my rifle? I suppose I might turn it off while at a range, if I were zeroing the rifle or something similar. I wonder if they would license it for a handgun?