Awesome 360 Photo Of Springfield Armory At Industry Day At The Range | SHOT 2017

My friend James the XD Man sent me this photo of the Springfield Armory lane at Industry Day at the Range taken with his Theta 360 camera. I thought the photo was far too cool to not share with all of you in a post, I hope we see more of these 360 cameras in the future since they tend to give people the feeling of being where the photo was taken.

Sadly I wasn’t able to visit with the folks at Springfield Armory this year due to a tight schedule. Shooting with Rob, Denny, and everyone else over there is always a treat. Maybe next year I will be able to set up a time to swing by and see what new models or changes they are rolling out for the new year. Personally I was looking forward to a chance to get my hands on that XDM OSP and a Springfield Armory 1911 in TRP trim.

A very special thanks to James for sending the photo over, make sure to visit him on his website Let us know what you think about the Theta 360 camera, would you like to see some coverage 360 style next year?

Shot Show 2017, Media Range Day Springfield Armory Range…..Rob said this is his happy face. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Patrick R

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  • MrBrassporkchop

    Work for Ricoh, even with my discount those cameras are spendy. So tempted to get one though to experiment with. You can take 360 movies with them too. Had a demo where they put one on a drone and made a clip through a city, super neat. I thought it would be rad to see if you could rig it up to VR so you can just look around. Wouldn’t get the depth perception unless you got clever but still would be neat to look around with your head inside a home made movie.

    • StephenC.

      I have a feeling the first two commenters just looked at the small image at the top of this post and commented on that. They couldn’t even be bothered with playing with the actual image that loads in a few seconds

      • MrBrassporkchop

        I don’t hold that against them. When I first came across them I didn’t like them much until I started zooming in and realized how cool they actually are.

        The technology is still pretty new and it’s not something you can use as a general use camera. To really benefit I think it helps to have some photography experience since a lot amateurish mistakes that can be fixed in Photoshop can’t with these as far as I know. Also the interface you use to view the images seems somewhat clunky compared to what it could be but I blame that on it still being so new.

        I see huge potential for these. Real estate for example. Conference calls. Security cameras. VR. Very cool stuff.

      • Phillip Cooper

        I have a feeling you’re wrong, as one of those two commentors.

        I looked at it. It was every bit as annoying as every other 360cam shot I’ve ever seen.

        Right up therre with the GearVR and other sort of “strap a box to your head” things that are on the market now.

  • Phillip Cooper

    I for one hope we won’t be seeing more of these 360 photos. They look like looking at the world reflected in a ball bearing.

    It is right up there with “bullet time” in the movies. Pass.

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    I severely dislike (hate) 360 pics and videos – matter of fact I don’t know anyone that likes them.

    The bubble eye, ball bearing view does not “tend to give people the feeling of being where the photo was taken”. If you if you mean the “House of Mirrors” at the carnival, then yes, but otherwise no.

    I have yet to know anyone who likes these or see the world in that point of view.

    • Bill

      They’re even worse than overbaked HDR.

    • iksnilol

      Try in VR: It is amazing then.

  • Gary Kirk

    The Google car went to SHOT..

  • Glenn

    This could be a bad day with those drops the optometrist puts in your eyes