Majestic Arms Ruger MK4 Upgrades | SHOT 2017

Majestic Arms has been helping Ruger MK2/3 owners with their upgrades. Well now they have turned their attention to the Ruger MK4.

Their master grade kit features all the same upgrades as before just without the speed strip feature. One aspect of the Master Kit is in the hammer. It has recesses to allow the user to keep the factory magazine safety disconnect or omit it entirely. Due to certain youth marksmanship programs, removing the factory magazine safety can disqualify a shooter. Majestic has thought of this and made modifications to their design.

The next upgrade is a barrel bushing to improve barrel to receiver fit. The factory Ruger bushing is a rubber o-ring and after time deteriorates rather quickly. Majestic has improved with with their own machined bushing. There are two set screws, one on either side that hold the bushing in place. The bushing itself has a small set screw that adjusts the height. The bushing should be good for several hundred shots before you may need to check the fit of the bushing. It can simply be readjusted and serviceable for another several hundred rounds. They are calling it the Bank Vault Locking Block.

Nicholas C

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    That trigger, transfer bar and sear look near identical to the MkII/MkIII ones. I cannot see enough of the hammer to comment.

    • Nicholas C

      According to the person I was talking to, almost all of the parts they make for the MKII/III are different from the MKIV that they had to be redesigned and remade. They could not simply modify existing parts to work with the MKIV.

      • LGonDISQUS

        That makes me a sad panda. 🙁

        My 22/45 LITE (black with lightening strips removed / the classic) was polished on every single moving part. Tandemkross loaded indicator delete, and mag safety delete (loctited to hammer, which, I swear was a great idea.). Three pound pull, but lots of takeup. :/

        Absolutely love it.

        Tempted to get the MkIV just due to the lack of chamber flag cut out of the receiver.

  • ClintTorres

    I LOVE shooting my Mk III but despise taking it apart. Alas, us poor CA residents can only dream of purchasing the Mk IV.

    • Nicholas C

      You should check out Majestic Arms Speed Strip kit then.

      • thedonn007

        Is it worth the $50?

        • Nicholas C

          I think so. It makes field strip easy.

    • gunsandrockets

      Yep, the only .22 Ruger pistols which persist on the California handgun roster are revolvers. No Mk anything.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    The MK4 has a mag disconnect? Ugh.

    That’s one thing I love about my MKII. So is it a collectors item yet? 🙂

  • Jack_A_Lope

    Dad…Tell them about your Ruger Standard (and how you will never let me shoot it).

  • mazkact

    ‘So the MK IV relies on an o-ring for fitment of the “upper’ and “lower” no thanks. For those who cannot grasp Ruger’s instructions on take down of the previous designs the Majestic Arms speed strip kit is the answer and then you are still way under the price of the new MK IV. Love my MKII Government Target and my MKIII 22/45 sans mag safety and LCI.