Glock In The Movies | SHOT 2017

This year’s Glock reception had the theme “Glock In The Movies”. I was lucky enough to get an invitation to this year’s Glock reception.

This year’s pass was a laser cut and engraved piece of acrylic designed to resemble a piece of film. The passes have a lanyard with a green LED that illuminates the pass.

The centerpieces on the reception tables were these laser cut and engraved Glock 17 Gen4 made of the same acrylic as the passes.

Thorough out the reception were display cases of Glocks that were used is some film or TV show. Most of them were you basic Glock 26, 19 or 17. Nothing unique and to be honest could have been any prop Glock and placed in the display cases. Below is a Glock 26 used in some TV show. If you look closely the hood has been modified with a ramp. That is to ease the use of blanks and improve the gun’s reliability to cycle properly.

There were some unique Glocks though. Here are some from Fast and the Furious.

It is kind of hard to see, but the Glock 17 below has a polished slide.


Of course the two Taran Tactical Glocks from John Wick 2 were on display as well.


The reception has live performers and a cover band to entertain us while we ate our dinner.

And just like last year, they have a raffle. This year it was Amazone Echos, some coolers, large flat screen TVs, a check for $5k and an off road vehicle.

Sadly I did not win anything just like last year. But last year they raffled off one of their limited edition anniversary Glocks.

Nicholas C

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  • Brick

    They missed a huge opportunity to do a display on the Glock 7.

    • Nimrod

      Exactly. That ceramic Glock 7 is invisible to xrays and cost more than you make in a year. I’d pay money to see that bad boy.

      • Nayden

        And it’s made in Germany.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      It was on display… You just didnt notice.

  • Anonymoose

    Was that slide just polished carbon steel, or was it nickel-plated? I’d really like to see factory nickel-plated Glocks, if only for the visual appeal.

  • Heartbreaker

    What? No hammer fired Glock from Antman?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I never win jack at raffles either.

    • Brett

      Must of millions who raffled illegally.

  • laoaa

    Transgender entertainer? No wonder government didn’t go glock.

  • Disarmed in CA

    A full-sized acrylic laser-engraved Glock would be pretty cool.

  • Gary Kirk

    So.. Again, big display of nothing new.. Guess they really buy into their own perfection thing..

    • Phillip Cooper

      The Glock echo chamber….

  • Don Ward

    Did the presentation include each time filmmakers used the sound effect of a Glock being cocked to add dramatic effect?

    • Gary Kirk

      Or the actor cocking the hammer??

  • I am not Nicholas

    Dude, you’ve gotten fat! 🙂 Also, are you still drunk from the paaartyyyyy, because you totally posted this same thing over and over again (now deleted)?

  • Ark

    Glock is the boringest choice a Hollywood prop supervisor could possibly make.

    • forrest1985

      To anybody vaguely interested in firearms i couldn’t agree more, unless it is the accruate/ authentic choice. Unfortunately some people neither notice/care about things like that. Bit like the Beretta 92 in the 90’s really, which put me off it. Its also plentiful so cheap to acquire and keeps production costs down i guess.

      • Ark

        90’s action movies are why I bought a 92, so…

        Sometimes it makes sense. John Wick featured a G26 as the protagonist’s backup gun to his primary HK P30L. The rest of the movie had neat firearms choices, too.

        But sadly, Glocks seem to be the first thing they grab off the shelf when a generic pistol is called for. When your characters are supposed to be experienced opr8rs, maybe go with guns that reflect a degree of thought (or at least a sense of style) put into their intended use.

  • noob

    tickets to this dinner look like they don’t show up on your airport X-ray machines here and cost more than what you make in a month

  • Phillip Cooper

    Less pics of boring Glocks, more pics of the hot booth girls.

  • Dougscamo

    I just got in from a hunting trip so I’m late to the party…..
    Is that drool on the display case showing the polished slide on the 17?…..or spit?…..Just wonderin’