Armatac 150 rd Drum Mag | SHOT 2017

Armatac makes a dual drum magazine. At first glance one might think of a Beta C-Mag. However, that is as far as the similarities lie. The Armatac drum holds 150 rounds of 5.56. It is compatible with .300 blackout. The length of the ammo is crucial. 2.260 is the maximum length the ammo can be otherwise it will cause the drum to malfunction. Due to the method that the drum feeds ammo, it can work with full-length blanks. According to the representative, the Armatac drum does not need any form of lubrication like other drums.

The drum retails for $420.

Nicholas C

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  • Hellbilly

    That’s about 5 pounds worth of ammo plus the weight of the drums themselves when this device is fully loaded. Inserting this bad boy into the magazine well effectively doubles the weight of a standard AR15. There should be strong man competitions involving this magazine where contestants have to slow fire all 150 rounds from an unsupported standing position at targets 100 meters away.

    • Anonymoose

      I’m excited for the .308 versions. lolololol

      • Gary Kirk

        I want one for my M82A1..

        • valorius

          Now that would be cool.

        • Not Gersh Kuntzman

          You don’t plan on being very mobile, do you?

          • Dracon1201

            Are you ever mobile with a M82A1?

          • Not Gersh Kuntzman

            Somewhat. Definitely moreso with a 10 round magazines versus a 150 round drum full of 50BMG.

          • Gary Kirk

            Sometimes.. Barrett does make a pintle mount for them..

          • Gary Kirk

            K, you ever humped an M82A1? The rifle itself is a little over 30 pounds.. 150 rounds of .50BMG is approx 39 pounds.. So, if I’m only running with approx 69 pounds instead of my normal daily load of approx 85-90 pounds.. As long as I’m still “Mobile” and supported by my fireteam.. I’ll take 150 rounds of accurate long range fire.. Also, was kinda being sarcastic about it at first.. But you made me think about it..

          • Not Gersh Kuntzman

            Shoot the M82A1 a couple times. But never humped it.

          • Gary Kirk

            It sucks, and is amazingly beautiful at the same time.. Never did real world, but ran a couple long range classes with mine.. Talk about a love/hate relationship..

          • Not Gersh Kuntzman

            I humped the M60 on watch before. But that is it. The Navy has a cushy job. No patrols, just watches.

          • Gary Kirk

            Yeah, My Ass Rode In Naval Equipment Sir.. But never experienced the SASR there, decided to do it on my own time.. Still love it.. 😉

      • Paul White

        Hard core weight training and extensive target practice all in one!

    • RSG

      Yeah, clearly it’s a toy. But, in an unlikely SHTF scenario, this could be useful with a bipod and slidefire stock.

      • Anon. E Maus

        I actually wonder how reliable that would be, when fully loaded these are pretty heavy, so would it even have all the necessary recoil to bump? Might need a recoil booster.

    • John

      Doesn’t a fully loaded M249 weight something close to 20 pounds?

      • gunsandrockets

        Yep, around 22 pounds.

      • Gary Kirk

        M249 Para is 17 Lbs empty, 22 loaded.. And that’s the light one

    • Colonel K

      Why? Because modern rifles just aren’t heavy enough.

  • Just in time for the new Echo trigger.

  • b0x3r0ck

    This is on my list of things to get if slide fire ever makes the bump sled.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    If you could craft this in video games I bet you’d need to collect 5 30 round magazines first.

    • DW

      no, just ungodly amount of adhesives and aluminum and some gear/springs

  • Sid Collins

    A few practical uses, but not many. Is it compatible with the M27 IAR?

    • valorius

      You mean issuing Marine M27 users 22 mags isn’t a good idea?

      • Reader

        They carry 660rounds? Wow

        • valorius

          It’s a squad automatic weapon.

          • Reader

            Yes i know.

            Thats quite a weight to hunk around.

          • valorius

            I’m sure in operational use the extra mags are divvied up among squad mates, such as extra belts for a squad machine gun would be.

            In any case, IMO the M27 is a square peg that will never fit the round hole it’s trying to fill. The M27 would be much more suitable as an M4 replacement.

          • Not Gersh Kuntzman

            I thought I heard somewhere that the USMC was experimenting with replacing the M4 with the M27.

          • valorius

            Not that i’ve heard, but it would be much smarter than what they actually did.

          • CommonSense23

            Where are they going to get the money.

          • Not Gersh Kuntzman

            Our taxes, of course.

          • User

            “The M27 would be much more suitable as an M4 replacement.” We had that discussion before i quess. The most insane amount of waisted money, logistic, and time, for basicly no actual diffrence.

            Yes the M27 isnt perfect in what its for, but its basicly a bridge that just has to solve until newer coming technology.

          • valorius

            The M249 was better at the SAW role than the M27 will ever be. The only problem with the M249 is that they got beat to death in 15 years of land warfare all over Asia. The proper fix was to rebuild the M249s, not to issue a carbine with no barrel change option and call it a machine gun. It is ridiculous.

          • Or issue a heavy barrel rifle that has a quick change barrel and can fire from an open bolt when in automatic, and comes with 40+rd mags.

            Then have the role of the belt fed filled by a PKM in .308, as it weighs a pound less then the SAW.

          • valorius

            I carried a SAW at times in the infantry, when they were still new weapons and in good condition. They were fantastic…and compared to an M60 or M249 they were featherweights. I just can’t believe the USMC would replace a belt fed machinegun with a carbine.

          • That’s great to know, as I’ve wanted to ask a SAW gunner this for awhile. If you could carry a .308 belt fed with a 100 round belt that weighed as much as the SAW loaded w/ 200 rounds 5.56, which would you rather have?

          • valorius

            The SAW.

          • Anon. E Maus

            If they had designed the M27 fire from an open bolt in full-auto and had a quick change barrel system and bipod/grip pod, it could probably pull nominal machinegun duty with 40rd magazines.

            An M249 would still run circles around it however.

          • The AUG HBAR LMG has a quick change barrel and fires from an open bolt, and uses 42rd magazines.

            The FN SCAR HAMR lacked the quick change barrel, but had a very cool “heat selecting” bolt, that would fire from a closed bolt until the chamber reached a certain temperature.

            And of course the Ultimax 100 fires from an open bolt, has a quick change barrel, and has its balanced recoil system.

            Pretty much any of these options would have been far superior to the M27 for use as an Automatic Rifle, and would offer an 80/20 option for use in the 5.56 SAW role.

  • RavishedBoy

    One day you fire it, the next day you spend it reloading.

    • Anon. E Maus

      I’ve seen a timelapse of one of these being loaded, it takes a while.

  • RSG

    Needs bipod and slide fire stock for porch protection.

  • Brett

    That’s a big nutsack!

  • USMC03Vet

    $420 sounds legit because you’d have to be high as a kite to pay that much.

    • Nicholas C

      How so? What drum has the same capacity and features for less?

      • Greg Anderson

        No magazine is worth that much.

      • USMC03Vet

        How so? What is the material cost of that $10 max? This isn’t art where it’s one of a kind it’s a firearm magazine. Sure there may not be a market but that doesn’t mean it’s worth the asking price.

  • CommonSense23

    So the question is where do you store those spare mags, and when do you reload your gun?

  • Moonman46

    Moonman here with another sick beat
    lots of mags for sale on easy street
    I speak for me, I speak for all
    does this mag need a bra?

  • Evandro Santana Pereira

    Very compact, indeed!

  • Tony

    Why didn’t they just even the weight out on both sides and make it a 200 round mag? What’s an extra 50 rounds anyway…

    • Anon. E Maus

      The weight IS even, 75+75=150

      • Tony

        In the pic, it looks like the left drum is larger

  • Squirreltakular

    I’ve never seen the use of these things when belt-fed weapons exist.

    On that note, what are the chances of you guys getting an Ares (Fightlite?) MCR for some testing?

  • CavScout

    So… either that thing, or two Surefire 60rd mags and one standard mag. Which to take? Hmmmmm….

  • Joby

    But will it fit in a Mossberg MVP?

  • Jacob

    Man you guys are behind the times. I bought mine back in 2011 I think it was. Never got to run it full auto, but did on burst fire. I took awhile to dump, but I did it unsupported. I don’t recall it being that obnoxious. Loading does take awhile, and they include a 5-round loader. They were developing a 75-round drum, but I don’t know if that ever went anywhere.