Steyr AUG Survival Kit in Pelican case

The ultimate kit for a prepper?

Steyr Arms Inc. showed a prototype at SHOT Show of a Steyr AUG Survival Kit.

The rifle, in high visibility orange, comes in a Pelican case and includes two 30 round mags, two 42 round mags, a serrated survival knife, a flare gun, a mirror, a whistle and Streamlight to light up the night.

The Pelican case is watertight of course, and it floats.

Remember it is a prototype at this stage of development and that certain elements could differ slightly from what’s being described. For instance, the final case will be in orange as well.

While Steyr Arms get these Survival Kits ready, it is possible to preorder already now.

The price is $3 295 and they are expected to turn up at dealers around summer.

That includes the 3x optic.

I’m thinking this would be a lot better to collect (and keep “just in case“) than the 40:th year Anniversary limited edition of the STG77.

Depending on the scenario, I’m not so sure I would like all my gear to be in high-visibility orange.

On the other hand, if someone sees you have a firearm that might be enough to keep you alone.

As an anti-pirate kit in a boat this might be it. I just want to add some water, food and more ammunition. Perhaps some sun screen too.

Considering how short the Steyr AUG is, it’s not a bad idea for a boat or other confined spaces.


Steyr AUG 40:th Anniversary Limited Edition STG77 | SHOT 17

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • guest

    “survival” rifle, right
    in case you need to tactically survive as an operator amongst hostile polar bears armed with TEC-9s

    the size of the black – not orange – case is also an interesting feature: “hey don’t forget the 30 pounds heavy coffin of a survival kit for the trip”

    • Anonymoose

      I think it’s for a boat, truck, or a plane. I think I’d rather have something more like the Ruger SAR rifle for a shtf bail-out gun, because 5.56 isn’t going to jack against a bear.

      • jamezb

        Moose, a dozen or more rounds of 5.56 in a couple seconds will more than likely jack-up almost any bear…42 rounds may not stop the charge, but you should be able to jump through the hole in it’s torso at that point and wind up behind it.

        • .45

          My understanding of bear attacks is that there is frequently no dozen rounds or couple of seconds, more like one shot and half a second, a set of circumstances in which bigger is better, not more the merrier.

    • Dan

      The case is to put your remains in when they find you next to your blaze orange gun.

  • This product is more niche than the space the rifle fits into in the case.

    • El Dude

      Wow. That was clever for so early in the morning.

    • Bierstadt54

      You nailed it.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Can you use that big a-s case as a life raft?
      It should come with oars.

      • wetcorps

        Just use the AUG.

  • Julio

    IIRC Steyr do a .22LR conversion kit for the AUG. I’m surprised they haven’t put one in.

  • iksnilol

    Won’t work for urban survival.

    • FarmerB

      One of my shooting partners has the 460 package. Stupid gun.

      • iksnilol

        It was more of a Die Hard reference… but yeah, that .460 sure is a hand full, pardner.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Please explain the Die Hard reference? It’s one of my favorite franchises and I’m not getting the gag…

          • iksnilol

            Bad guy uses AUG. Movie is set in the city (thus urban). Bad guy dies. Thus, AUG not good for urban survival.

          • Brett

            Reaching…but I will allow it.

          • iksnilol

            I thought we reached far by calling it a Christmas movie?

          • Brett

            You mean the best damn Christmas movie EVER!

    • AK™

      especially when theres a irish flatfoot running around.

  • Midwest Marco

    Reminds me of the Smith & Wesson Alaskan 2.5 pkg. Came in yellow or orange.

    Some days you hunt the bear, and some day the bear hunts you!

    • Ranger Rick

      S&W also did an ‘Urban’ kit, though I never saw it retail.

    • Paul White

      Should include some pain killers and ice packs; those little things KICK.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      “Were there any menstruating women around?”

      – Dwight Schrute

    • DIR911911 .

      barrels so short most of the powder hits the bear and sets it on fire . . . forward thinking

      • iksnilol

        I think that’s animal abuse.

      • jcitizen

        Yeah, but they look so KEWL!!

    • CavScout

      Incase your bear crashes up in Canada.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I dont understand orange guns. I cannot think of one reason you would want be holding a gun and be seen at the same time. Some signaling equipment included in the case would stay in line with the intent of the package, but separate from the gun.

    And why arent all the magazines the same size? It just adds an unnecessary irregularity, but I guess it makes the case arrangement look good.

    I guess in the end this product was made to display open and show off at the range and not actually be used. Thats an expensive conversation piece.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Concur on all points. If they want visibility, throw a standard NATO orange panel in a pouch on the sling.

    • John

      >I dont understand orange guns. I cannot think of one reason you would want be holding a gun and be seen at the same time.

      Stranded at sea or lost in the wild. Which is why this is a perfect rescue gun for the Coast Guard or National Park Service.

      Well, I mean, you could paint any gun orange, but the plastic is visible all over and doesn’t need constant reapplying.

      • jamezb

        it’s also glossy plastic, which will reflect sunlight if waved.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        I personally would still prefer to keep my gun and orange separate. If Im trying to be found I dont want to be holding a gun in my hands. Id much rather have an orange vest or flare gun, and when its time to use a gun being seen is the last thing I want.

    • mmamna

      Just throw in a $5 hi viz vest haha

  • Phillip Cooper

    This is a company that’s missing its target demographic…

    If you’re going to call it a prepper special, you don’t mold the plastics in Blaze Orange… and you should at least include cans of Flat Earth, Olive, and Black Krylon…

  • Ark

    AUG as a “survival” gun? Hahaha, what kind of bullshit is this? If you’ve got room in your plane or boat or whatever for that case, I can think of about a million more important things to fill it with than an AUG.

    Nobody wants an AUG in blaze orange.

  • GhostTrain81

    Hmm… I dunno… $3295 for a different color stock and some cutlery.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Interestingly the AR-15 was originally conceived as a survival gun for air crews and Curtis Lemay of the Air Force ordered the first run.

    • GD Ajax

      Letting that moron choose anything was a huge mistake.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        JFK said that Lemay was the guy you wanted with you after the fighting starts but he should have nothing to do with anything before that.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • El Duderino

      Pretty much. Something to throw in the back of the M-B G-Wagen or into the Gulfstream.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        What those richies dont get is that you can have all the gear in the world but the aftermath of whatever disaster they may be preparing for is going to be a cold, dark place where only the very tough will survive.
        Personally, if I manage to survive out in the woods or whatever and then get things going again somehow and these as-sholes come looking for help after they run out of caviar in the bunker theyre gonna get a bullet salad.

  • Cal S.

    Well, if I drop it in the dark…

    A rifle ought not to be colored so, I prefer them more like my coffee. I wonder if this was their attempt to horn into the Kel-Tec RDB-S market? Near miss, especially with the price tag for what otherwise looks like $20 in prepper website gear.

  • El Duderino

    Nice subtle Trump joke, Steyr. Well played. *hand clap x3*

    • iksnilol

      Grip needs to be smaller for it to be a Trump reference.


    The orange is smart as the jury and judge who are ignorant of guns would consider the gun/knife ‘safer’ and one can use the argument “Your honor, as you can see my rifle is colored in bright orange, like skittles and as such can only be used defensively.”
    But I would have chosen flouro green, as the tv series “Orange is the new black” associates crazy women with the colour orange (their criminal uniform), but this may work in your favour as well, if you play the victim.


    Steyr Aug does have quite a few advantages as a survival gun. The barrel is removable enabling you to hide it better if you need to go among civilians, it’s very accurate 1moa rifle, it has integrated forward vertical grip, optic sight and carry handle. Can be used with gloves. It’s magazine is polymer and from what I’ve heard more durable than pmags. The bullpup layout allows for easier entry and exit of vehicles, if someone is kind enough to lend you a vehicle. And it’s fixed bullpup stock makes using the rifle as a less lethal club a no risk proposition. (no danger of breaking the stock, which can’t be said for ARs, rifles with folding stocks or even fixed stocks.)

    • iksnilol

      It is so short you don’t need to remove the barrel.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I get doing this with a Bear defense handgun or a shotgun but if it’s an emergency and I’m choosing a Steyr then there is a chance people will be shooting at me and I don’t want the gun to to be highly visible. If I won the lottery I would buy it.

  • jamezb

    This would be good for brush pilots, the high-vis orange stock would make a good flag to wave to attract airborne searchers… in a SHTF situation, the orange could be easily covered with camo cloth gun tape or good old Flat Black Krylon.

  • JDC

    Thereby proving that orange is the new black. OK, maybe not for guns!

  • ozzallos .

    I guessing the word “survival” in this case doesn’t include not being seen.
    “The Steyr AUG Survival Kit, now in ‘Shoot Me!’ Orange!”

  • Realist

    I’ll stick with some flares, signaling mirror and some marker panels…that damn rifle looks like a buoy.

  • Mike

    Its an “Emergency Marine Kit”, aimed at people in boats or who fly over water.

    Its not Steyr’s first orange rifle. Apparently this orange Scout rifle was for the Dutch navy. Havent seen it in use.

  • krinkov545

    I’m thinking the 40th anniversary AUG will be a future hot collectable not this “survival” model.

  • roguetechie

    So… Like the Mossberg JIC line…

    Except Mossberg made a water tight to pretty respectable submersion depth resealable tube also with buoyancy foam sufficient to allow you to double or more the weight of the contents you put in the tube and still maintain a healthy reserve of positive buoyancy.

    Also you could select between of green and hi viz orange tube

    Then select between a parkerized Mossberg cruiser or a Stainless Mossberg Mariner.

    Both of which would come with plow handle pistol grip installed on the gun inside the tube, with a polymer traditional stock and installation bolt also packed in the tube… The idea being that it packs best this way for storage… Resulting in a more favorable tube L:D ratio .

    Can’t remember if they included a carry strap for slinging the sealed tube easily for hands free transport compatibility.

  • Core

    There is no situation where a blaze orange gun is a good thing unless you are in fact lost in the wilderness which is very niche for pilots.

    For the rest of us land dwellers and sea farers it’s best not to have blaze orange defensive weapons. It’s a big easy target. And most national waters do not permit foreigners to possess firearms and can get you locked up real quick for a long period of time. There are ways of locking up a Captains shotgun in an armery in some but not all cases. You would have to be very keen with maritime international and national laws of the areas to will be sailing through.

  • Captain Paintball

    If I’m trying to survive…I don’t want an orange gun.

  • While Steyr is on a niche product kick, they should reintroduce the M95 with a black or camo nylon stock, optics mounts, and a choice of modern calibers.

  • Brett

    Still Doesn’t hold a candle to The Night The Reindeer Died.