POTD: RUAG’s game of Chess



This game of Chess with bullets from RUAG is quite special.


Some, if not all, bullets seem to have some kind of surface finish over them, like PVD coating, Ionbond or metalization process.

Unfortunately there’s no record of which calibers used for the different chess pieces, but I presume .50 BMG is represented there. There are some nice hollow points there as well.

Even the Pawn seems quite large in terms of caliber.


The game of chess  pictured was designed by trainees at RUAG.


A note on the side said “Price on request”, so it might be for sale.


  • Anonymoose

    I don’t know, those look kind of slender, and too short to be .50BMGs (maybe .416, .458, or .50 hunting-caliber bullets).

  • Suppressed

    I’m having deja vu…

  • Martin Grønsdal

    They placed the chess pieces wrong. Queens and Kings are on the same side. Both Kings right, for the white player. Here they are alternated.

    • Joshua

      Queen on her color, it’s a pretty simple mnemonic