M+M Industries Rifle | SHOT 2017

M+M Industries is a budding small arms design firm out of Colorado that has been bringing the 7.62x39mm M10X rifle to market for over a year. The overall goal of the design was to bring a modular rifle to the civilian market (LE/Military also a possibility) that has a twist of the Kalashnikov bolt carrier and FAL long stroke gas system (or SIG 512, depending on where you cut the lineage). In the case of the Kalashnikov, it actually improves upon the original system in some ways, with a user removable firing pin, uses much less parts. Ejection port is on the righthand side of the rifle, but the charging handle can be fitted on either side. The charging handle is removed via a bullet tip or other pointed surface, through the top of the handle. Selector switch is ambidextrous, rails are M-Lok (12 o’clock is monolithic Picatinny), along with QD holes on the rail. Initially designs incorporated a tubular AR buttstock, but this was changed to a Kalashnikov folding stock and trunnion, so as to specifically work with the Magpul Zhukov stock (foldings to the right). It also takes Kalashnikov pistol grips.

Currently the design only comes in 7.62x39mm but there are plans to extend the offering to other cartridges that can be accommodated in the action. The price isn’t something to be ignored, coming in at less than $1500 as well. I think what I like most about the design is the attention to detail. For example the firing pin has several circular bulges in it, to keep it concentric to the primers it is striking. In another example the design has a channel system within the top cover, towards the stock that is present to accommodate an overcharged round that might blow the bolt back. Instead of the receiver taking the stress from the bolt, the rails do instead, and prevent it from splitting and possibly exploding as well.

Switching out the charging handle.

The designer, Mike Meier is from Switzerland, now based out of Northglenn, CO.


Infantry Marine, based in the Midwest. Specifically interested in small arms history, development, and usage within the MENA region and Central Asia. To that end, I run Silah Report, a website dedicated to analyzing small arms history and news out of MENA and Central Asia.

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  • roguetechie

    While I am genuinely impressed with the work M&m has put into creating a high end and westernized premium AK….

    I still find myself wishing that they or anyone else in the AK industry would put the work into creating a “universal” Ak platform capable of being built up in the full range of AK calibers on a single receiver, a universal bolt diameter, and preferably a universal carrier assembly capable of being used for the full caliber range with a bolt swap and at worst a piston swap in addition to the correct bolt!

    If someone took it even that far they’d be titans of the Ak industry overnight…

    God forbid that they actually took it further and integrated a simple, robust, and reliable barrel swap mechanism too…

    It’s not like even a drunk 8th grader could find a very solid starting point for a mechanism design in under 3 Google searches…

    Oh wait… Yeah even a damn drunk 8th grader could actually do this with ease RIGHT NOW…

    Oh well… Maybe someone will figure it out in time for SHOT SHOW 2023…

    • Chris22lr

      What you’re asking for would be a very different design than AK. One can’t just adapt AK to a weapon system allowing quick bolt/barrel change – I mean, even with AR it’s hard to do and that’s why people came with all these SCARs, ACRs, ARXs and XCRs.

      M+M rifle is probably the most updated AK that can be still called AK (IIRC it uses AK FCG and bolt/bolt carrier). Getting AK design more up to 21st century will give you something like FN FNC or SG552 (both of these use AK-inspired long stroke gas-operated piston). But even then you have a fierce competitor in a HK416 (at least in a military/LE market). I guess that most US civilian customers who want modern features with “AK reliability” (which I’d link to the long stroke operation) would be satisfied with something like PWS rifles (ARs with long stroke piston).

      • roguetechie

        Uhh.. You’d be completely right if I didn’t know for a fact how dead wrong you are about basically everything you said in your first paragraph…

        The things I layed out in my post are all VERY MUCH ACHIEVABLE…

        wanna know how I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE?

        Because almost all of it has already been done before and is even further… able to be found with quick Google searches in under 10 minutes!

        The only thing that has not been done yet is for someone in the AK industry to actually search out the pictures descriptions and detailed explanations available on the internet, aggregate the various bits and pieces into a step by step design and test build road map, and then spend the 2-12 months of after hours machine time and T&e validation range trips to get them to a validated and fully feature enhanced design and manufacturing TDP…

        At that point… All that really needs done is to begin quietly using excess machine time to start making and stockpiling a 500 gun war chest of parts sets…

        Book a SHOT booth, pay lots of overtime to have your build teams put together 400 of your war chest part sets while your machinists keep your production running balls out 24/7 every single day up to one week to shot show…

        Show up, blow people’s god damn minds, and have 600-900 guns ready and able to ship in the first 30 days after the show…

        Next step…


        bonus step…

        Basically OWN the AK industry and get paid 6 figure license fees plus a per gun royalty from 2-4 big volume Ak vendors…

        Not hard… Just apparently not worth the effort for already vested interests in the Ak industry, and nowhere near exciting enough to waste the 24-36 months it’d take a new blood dark horse outsider to reach the same shot show launch point…

        But not even close to impossible as you are trying to say it is…

        Then again lol, maybe you were under the impression that you were gonna get to slap the noob optimism clean off some brand new baby gun guy just getting his first taste of the gun industry…

        Not your fault that you miscalculated and wound up slapping an undercover 800 pound gorilla gun guy from way back who stopped counting how many AK’s & AR’s he built so long ago he doesn’t even remember how old he was when he stopped counting anymore…

        He he…

        Not your fault, could a happened to anyone LOL

        • Tritro29

          Because the AK is the gun of the “other side” as easy as that. Period.

          And there’s very little left in the AK. The Swiss did a kind off attempt to have a multi-calibre rifle and ended up with the conclusion that the rifle would have to go beyond 4.4kg and be milled for traktor tough reliability. At that weight the gun becomes pointless. And the whole idea behind it becomes to dicey to sell to a crowd (US market) that basically has made its bed when it comes to long guns and has a specific image of the AK in particular.

          So yeah, I get your point and I wished more people would go there, but unfortunately you’re nearly not enough people buying AK’s or interested in AK-platforms to justify that kind of investment. Unless it is done by a big name. Which actually thought about it but let it go around the early 80’s.

          Great idea for us enthusiasts, not so for people who need to sell.

          • roguetechie

            Indeed you are 110% correct my good man…

            If it was worth doing, someone like me who pretty obviously has basically already worked out exactly how to do it long ago would have done it…

            Like you said, even with pushing the platform right up to the edge of not being AK enough to get sales from the AK buying market segment… It really wouldn’t be that much of an improvement.

            To be brutally honest, the reason I haven’t put myself into the AK Business and released these things myself is because I don’t want some slick AK upgrades to be what I’m known for…

            I’m setting my sights much higher, and very much hoping to blast one clean out of the ballpark on my first time up to bat putting out something to the firearms industry..

            Who doesn’t want that though?

            And thus, the reason no one has put out this stuff becomes blatantly evident yet again haha

          • Tritro29

            Also the people who would have the most incentives to build such rifles are currently under sanctions or simply find it easier to sell 3 different guns that fly out for cheap, instead of one that will sell, maybe. So you’re spot on, but you’re thinking as many of us, as a gun enthusiast. People like Arsenal, Zastava etc only think as bean counters.

          • roguetechie

            LOL the irony of your comment being that zastava or possibly a now separate entity once part of zastava actually manufactured switch barrel AK’s for the Serbian military which can be converted between Grendel and 7.62×39 with the turn of a screw and 45 seconds of your time.

          • MikeSmith13807

            I find myself intrigued by your posts here, mainly because I identify strongly with the obsession with continually looking for something better. But at what point is an AK no longer an AK? We have multiple products on the market attempting to “merge the best features of the AK with the best of the AR”. The Robinson XCR and Faxon ARAK are two that have been on the market for a while without making much of a splash. What’s the difference with your idea?

          • roguetechie

            Honestly if you want my opinion about what makes something a “true Ak”…

            If it’s close enough to count as a true AK to you… Congratulations, and mazzeltov I hereby anoint your gun ” a true Ak”

            …. Tip your waitress on the way out and “true Ak” responsibly please people…

            If you’re happy with it don’t let someone else ruin your enjoyment.

          • MikeSmith13807

            You may have misunderstood my tone–I’m not an AK purist and I couldn’t care less about the history of the AK. I’m only interested in the never-ending pursuit of keeping the cost of a rifle low while delivering desired features and performance. As promising as the M+M may be, at that price point it’s no longer competing with traditional AKs, it’s competing with ARs and all the other Gen 3 weapon designs.

            I went back and re-read your original post. It sounds to me like you are advocating standardization of the traditional AK design, with the only major change being the barrel installation method to make it easy to change barrels. Am I understanding you correctly?

          • roguetechie

            Seriously though… “true AK” Is by the very nature of the beast entirely nebulous to the point of being meaningless and pretentious in most of the ways you’ll hear it used…

            For me though… I sorta internally mentally separate Ak like guns into subclasses relating to timeframe it originates in, and whether or not it is at least compatible for the most part with one of the pre fall of communism Warsaw pact and friends production patterns.

            With the Finn/Israeli/south African family tree classified as a high grade spin off group related to but not qualified as true ak’s

          • Tritro29

            … For the Serbian military…

          • Tritro29

            Also there’s no word what so ever about modular riles, only for 6.5mm Grendel caliber DMR’s to be induced with the Special Forces.

          • b0x3r0ck

            Personally I would like to buy something like that. Even if that gives me only 2 choices that better than only having only 1.

          • roguetechie


            Now that my brother is out of the USMC and talking seriously with me about building a business together…

            You may be able to get something like that someday soon…

          • Anonymoose

            So it would be an AK but not an AK? The SIG 556xi has been discontinued and was basically the only truly “modular” “AK,” and you aren’t going to get a “modular” version of a gun with a pressed-in barrel, trunnions, rivets, and welds.

          • roguetechie

            …. I totally get why you’d think that this were the case, and up until a few months ago when I stumbled across something that I was 100% convinced couldn’t really be done Without major and expensive modifications to the core design etc of the AK…

            and TBH when I saw it I was instantly pissed at myself for not realizing how easily and simply they’d accomplished this…

            But there it was a stupid simple cheap and effective way to do what I thought couldn’t be done!

            This amazing solution being a small test batch of Yugo pattern AK’S made for the Serbian Army that plain as day had a stupid cheap simple and GOOD modification which resulted in a switch barrel bulged trunnion AK made specifically for the Serbian army experiments with 6.5 Grendel as a general purpose cartridge Which plain as day had the ability to switch between Grendel and 7.62×39 barrels in under a minute…

            Not only was a switch barrel Ak possible, but here I am looking at a dead simple way to make it happen that would at most add something like $20 to the unit cost in serial production!!

            Boy did I feel sheepish LOL

          • Brett

            Ok, I’ll bite. How?

        • Dan

          Then perhaps the 800lb all knowing gun guy with a billion rifle builds under his belt should own the AK industry. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a quick change universal Ak whatever. Wait…no, no I haven’t. You are a little over optimistic on how well they’d sell I think. It’s much more appealing to just own a version in every possible caliber.

          So show us how easy, and how profitable this venture is there big boy

      • roguetechie

        PS… You’d also be hilariously wrong to attribute the long stroke piston operating system being the source of the AK reliability… Just so you know cuz knowledge is power brah…haha

        Nathaniel has some extraordinarily excellent and comprehensive articles detailing the true sources of the legendary Ak reliability for TFB….

        I’d suggest reading and digesting the information in those articles before you take another whack at telling people what is or isn’t possible to do with the Ak platform or even attempt to point people to the source of the AK’s reliability especially in TFB comments section when you’re very much blatantly clueless to even the basics of the subject you’re attempting to lecture someone on…

        • Luke

          roguetechie, I believe many of us admire your vision regarding this modular ak platform and your emphasis on how easy it will be to create.

          We look forward to seeing you next year at SHOT with it

          • roguetechie

            You must have missed the conversation between myself and tritro…

            I’m far from the only person who is cognizant of these things and yet no desire to make bringing such a super Ak to market…

            To be brutally frank, I’m choosing to spend my efforts pursuing endeavors I consider a much more worthy recipient of my time and energy…

            Oh, and BTW…

            Everyone hates glib little bastards who are only capable of throwing barbs at those who do and make things even more than they hate know it all guys like me who are just in the right mood to really throw out dickish sarcastic and otherwise confrontational comments in order to lure in the know nothing Aholes so I can rip their laughably know nothing responses

          • Stephen Paraski


          • roguetechie

            Moral to this story don’t be a douche because you never know when I may be in the mood to make chiclet modern art

          • pvw20

            ……glass houses brah, hahaha.

      • Alexandru Ianu

        It actually uses almost a copy of the Sig 550 carrier group.

      • M

        Tbh I don’t think a quick change barrel is hard to develop with an AR, it’s just that every time someone does, people make a point of saying how easily the upper detaches and that you can buy another upper

        • roguetechie

          Yup there’s something in the neighborhood of at least 5 different quick change barrel AR15 systems on the market and actively being sold right now…

          And the number of different qcb AR15 patents has GOT to be well north of 20 at the very least!

          If it’s something you want and or feel that you need you’ve got your choice of multiple retrofit kits, complete uppers, and other types to choose from…

          And while for most people just owning multiple complete uppers is likely ideal…

          There are however valid and logical reasons behind why for other people a QCB setup would fit their needs better.

          One example of such applications would be for guys who are building their own BUMPSAW type gun setup and who are trying to create for themselves an at least passably credible LMG like non NFA SAW like system.

          Whatever their reasoning behind their quest to build themselves a relatively low cost SAW like setup is immaterial…

          But the integration of a QCB capability may very well be part of their “vision”. QCB setups are self evidently much more suited to such pursuits over the more conventional spare complete upper receiver solutions.

          This is part of what makes firearms such an awesome hobby… If you look around long enough you’ll find a narrow to more widely popular niche in which your particular style of enjoying and customizing your firearms is not only accepted as normal but CELEBRATED by others as the “one true path”

          And lucky for gun people there’s enough “one true paths” to go around… And if we start running short… Don’t worry because 100 more “one true paths” will pop up shortly!!

      • zardoz711

        >I mean, even with AR it’s hard to do and that’s why people came with all these SCARs, ACRs, ARXs and XCRs.
        Seems they did pretty well in copying the AR-18 then.

    • n0truscotsman

      Wasn’t the SLICK supposed to be exactly that?

  • MPWS

    It’s so cool, it is almost hot.
    Seriously, there is too much complexity to this “AK-ish” interpretation; it defeats its original purpose. Fine, go ahead with it, but do not call it AK. Where (ironically) Swiss came as far as reasonable was in SIG550 lineage.

    • Xanderbach

      If this is an AK, so are the Tavor and X95.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      What complexity? It has half the parts of an AK.

      And it’s more of a SIG550-AKM hybrid with some FAL elements. I think they used to import actual SIG550 series rifles before the M10 AK from Romania.

      • JSmath

        He’s offended by the MLOK rails and the folding stock, probably.

        • MPWS

          Not really. It struck me (the complexity) in form of trunion/ rails group inside of receiver. To weld this together (thin and thick parts) is undue challenge. Note that AK’s ‘rails’ are achieved by bending top of receiver (sheet metal).

  • I like it! That’s a really sweet and simple design. Any idea of weight?

    • David

      Believe it or not website says 7 pounds without magazine pretty impressive this rifle had huve potential

  • Russian Roulette dont Tweet

    I really want one of these. I am glad its improved from last years model. It would be nice to see more reviews of it online.

  • Drew Coleman

    I didn’t know I needed one of these.

  • 22winmag

    I cringe every time I see a Magpul Zhukov buttstock, after watching one crumble in that Youtube sub-zero function test.

    • Dan

      To be fair. Most people fail in sub zero tests.

    • MikeSmith13807

      For what it’s worth, Magpul told Rob from AK Operators Union that they tried very hard to duplicate that failure and were unable to after hundreds of efforts. They are considering it a fluke for now.

  • Shaun Connery Oliver II

    That is another gun on my list! That and the SKELI X11 are my two primed favorites. . . along with a few handguns. Anyone care to disagree? #AmericanFreedom#2A

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Dude, come on. Some errors are forgivable, but the FAL is not a long stroke system. It’s short stroke and similar to the VZ58, just trying bolt instead of falling block.
    This is very much like the sig 550 more than anything. I like the design and hopefully it doesn’t flop. I think it’s an overall positive modernization.

    • mig1nc

      So, it’s basically a Sig 556R with a monolithic upper and AK furnature?

      • BrandonAKsALot

        Appears that way. Looks like the charging handle is even what affixes the piston to the carrier just like the sig.

  • UCSPanther

    If this is sufficiently different from the AK series, this rifle might be able to be imported into Canada…

  • Squirreltakular

    Make it in 5.45 and I will buy one, guaranteed.

  • Hrajnoga

    Any chance of this coming to Europe ? :-O

  • Stephen Paraski

    It looks like it could be duplicated.

    • roguetechie

      For sure it could be…

      I’ve more than once seriously considered buying one and doing a few improvements of my own devising into it and when I’ve made it even better etc… Emailing them pics and details of what I did and why…

  • Very cool design, hope TFB gets one for review!

  • roguetechie

    Agreed it was…. Everyone has bad days!

    Apologies sir, and thanks for three parts encouragement per 1 part boot in the ass delivery!