Cimarron’s Pakistani Reproduction Shotguns | SHOT 2017

We’ve written a number of posts on TFB about the Pakistani company Daudsons. Far from the rough copies hammered together (although remarkably accurate) in the gunmaking village of Dharra Adam Khel in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakthunkhwa. Daudsons is really leading the Pakistani civilian small arms producing industry (Pakistani Ordnance Factory is Government run) with their polymer framed handguns. Although maybe not comparable to the common striker fired polymer framed handguns in the United States, Daudsons is a great leap in the right direction of quality from Pakistan.

However, little known apart from the handguns are the shotguns that Daudsons makes for Cimarron, a company that specializes in mostly Cowboy action shooting reproductions for the various SASS competitions across the United States. The company partnered with Daudsons to produce some of the shotgun line and have had a solid working relationship for the past several years.There were some growing pains as the quality that Daudsons was previously used to in Pakistan wasn’t enough for the U.S.-based Cimarron. But once that standard was pushed and reached, Cimarron’s quality assurance team in the U.S. began accepting the shotguns being imported, and they have been selling ever since.

According to the Cimarron salesman, one of the owners of Daudsons, M.Daud came to the company several years ago at SHOT, with a copy of an older Western themed shotgun he had made in Pakistan. After presenting it to the company, the salespeople were very impressed with the quality and authenticity of markings. He had missed a few bits and pieces, but overall, just from internet research and public information, M.Daud had produced a very faithful copy of the shotgun in question.

Today Daudson makes the 1883 Double Barrel Shogun offered in 22″, 26″, and 28″, in addition to being either a .410 gauge, or 12 gauge. Also made for Cimarron is the 1889 Double Barrel Shotgun Broad Forend that comes in either 18″, 20″, or 22″ barrels. This model also comes in .410 gauge and 12 gauge.

Not available yet but coming to market soon is the Deluxe 1878 Coach Gun with a 20″ barrel and in 12 gauge, with a hand checkered walnut stock.


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