Springfield Armory Rolls Out The EMP4 Carry Contour in 9mm | SHOT 2017

Photos by Aaron E

This year at SHOT Springfield introduced a couple of new revisions to current models, one of those being the EMP4 Concealed Carry Contour chambered in 9mm. We all know that sharp corners and edges on a gun can make it hard to hide under a shirt and no one knows that better than The Great One, Rob Leatham himself. Gun Talk Media got together with Rob to go over the freshened up EMP4’s features and selling points while sitting in what appears to be a very comfortable lawn chair.

Rob outlines the bobtail like “concealed carry contour” that is supposed to keep the sharp edge of the butt from protruding too much under a shirt. Springfield also added golf ball like texturing to the grip so that the gun will hopefully stay put when your hands are slippery.

ith chicken grease, sweat, or blood.




I wasn’t able to shoot the gun due to the long line at the Springfield lane and a tight schedule at Range Day, maybe I will get a chance to get my hands on one soon. MSRP for the new variation of EMP is right about $1000. Check out Springfield’s website for more information HERE.

Patrick R

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  • valorius

    Another new 1911…Yippee……

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      You clearly didn’t catch my excitement. ANOTHER NEW 1911! Yippee!

      • Tinkerer

        Weee! 1911 FTW!
        Now, only needs a polymer frame, striker fire system, and the ability to take Glock mags.

        • Shankbone

          You have to say “10mm” AND “Glock mags” in order to appease the comment gods.

          • Tinkerer

            10 mm? I thought .380 with super special unobtanium, explosive bullets were the new thing.

          • LGonDISQUS

            Exploding CNC’d RIP-like .380ACP tracer rounds!

  • ddd

    So basically they copied all the stuff Ed Brown was doing 10+ years ago?

    • Wang Chung Tonight

      Except in Brazilian

      • Anonymoose

        Springfield doesn’t use Brazilian or Mexican anything anymore afaik.

      • Swarf

        That’s a lot!

  • Vhyrus

    I don’t know how they can justify selling this gun for so much. For less than that you can get a XDS from the same company WITH a trigger job, that weighs less and has a rail on it.

    • Major Fret

      Because muh 1911 (now without muh forty-five)

    • Marcus D.

      The XDS has a lower capacity and a polymer frame, and is probably made in Croatia just like all the other XDs, leading to a lower price point. American made 1911 style pistols start at $700 and go up from there, imports from the Phillippines and Turkey obviously less.

  • it’s just Boris

    Off-topic, apologies, but …

    Has anyone else been finding TFB to be V-E-R-Y slow to load the past week or so? It’s not my internet connection, as far a I can tell. (Speedtest is where it should be, other sites are fine, and I notice this on my smartphone on cell signal as well as home internet.)

    By the way, I really liked the “thumbnail” home page TFB was using for a few days, a few weeks back. Loaded very fast, enough information, and easy to scroll through.

    • Bullphrog855

      yeah it’s chugging heavily in the last few days.

    • It’s been slow because of how hard all of us have been working and loading it down. Sorry it should get back to normal by the weekend when most of the SHOT material is done.
      As far as the thumbnail view that was an error that IT had problems with. That was the mobile homepage and was never intended to be used.

      • QuadGMoto

        I actually liked having that mobile homepage (though a few minor tweaks might be a good idea). For the past several days the homepage has not been able to load at all on my iPad because of “errors”. (I didn’t try it this morning.)

      • it’s just Boris

        Re the mobile homepage, any chance of bringing it back for mobile devices? Both before and after, it’s the same format on my desktop, phone and tablet, regardless of browser or settings.

  • 9mm 1911 why………

    • Porty1119

      Because some folks like the slight capacity advantage of 9mm, and may find even a .45’s mild recoil a bit much while still loving the single-action trigger. I love 1911s regardless of their chambering- although I do prefer .45, it is not the perfect cartridge for all users.

      • Marcus D.

        VERY slight. Like 9+1 instead of 7 or 8+1.

  • Marcus D.

    Strange little piece. Why the barrel increase to 4″? And why a Series 70 style action instead of a Series 80 (which was designed to meet California’s drop safety law)?
    I like the bob–for me it is a comfort issue, not a concealment one. That sharp angle really digs into my ribs! I suspect that the bob, as Latham says, is reminiscent of the arched mainspring housing on the 1940s M1911A1 (which I like as well).

    The take down is exactly the same as my 4″ Kimber (in .45) with the captured recoil spring assembly. I wonder f the patent expired or something…Nothing wrong with the captured spring–except when it is time to change it out. For me, that’s a quick trip to the gun shop.

    But I guess it doesn’t really matter. I can by the 3″ version, but I don’t think this will be listed on the Roster any time soon.

    • QuadGMoto

      A longer barrel length gives you both an increased sight radius (better aiming accuracy) and increased velocity. I carry the EMP 4 (the non-carry cut version) because it shoots great, is slim enough for me to have no problems concealing, and it’s 10+1 capacity puts the .45 to shame.

      • retfed

        Also, cutting the barrel to less than 4 inches seems to increase the odds of a malfunction. (I’m not an engineer, so I don’t know why.) Three-inch 1911s are notorious for malfunctions, 4-inchers and up, not so much. My favorite 1911 is still the 4.25-inch steel-framed Commander.

  • mig1nc

    Serious question, does anybody make a bobtail commander-ish sized slim 9mm 1911 for well below $1K?