Umarex Havox Ammo

Umarex pellet

Umarex is now offering what it claims to be is the “most lethal air gun hunting ammunition ever created.” That’s a pretty big claim, so lets take a look at what the new Havox ammo is.

Havox is made for small bore air gun hunting. The projectiles are made of specially drawn pure copper that have cuts machined in the business end. When striking soft tissue, the machined cuts allow the copper to open up creating six petals. The petals have “razor sharp cutting edges” and create a “massive wound channel in the target.” Expansion size is said to be twice its original diameter.

The .177 caliber Havox projectile is 7 grains in weight and penetrates 3″ in synthetic gelatin. Both .22 caliber and .25 caliber pellets are also available. The .22 weighs 10.9 grains and penetrates about 3.5″. The larger .25 caliber pellet weighs almost 20 grains and penetrates 4″.

Umarex pellet

According to Umarex, these pellets should be compatible with most air rifles assuming you correctly match the calibers. The company states that these rounds are hunting accurate to 20-30 yards. Obviously the gun used, skill of the shooter and environmental factors will affect how far you are able to bag game with these or any air rifle projectile.

Each of the pellets come in a package of 25. Packages carry a suggested retail price of $13.99 – $15.99 depending on caliber.

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  • iksnilol

    Sorta meaningless when they don’t say at what velocities it was fired.

    • valorius

      Very true.

    • Jake

      5000 fps we are hunting snipes

  • Nick

    Massive wound and .177 caliber don’t belong in the same sentence.

    • Shankbone

      Tell that to the squirrel twitching in the snow beneath my neighbor’s bird feeder this afternoon during my lunch break. (ETA: My neighbor is at war against the squirrels and collared doves.)

    • clampdown

      Relative to caliber size, the right pellet can produce some “massive” wounds. I usually use the flat-head pellets as they are the most accurate out of my gun, but the GAMO hollow-points leave a nasty hole in a tree-rat.

      So much more fun than exterminating them with a .22; my Stoeger has some kind of long, conical muzzle device/suppressor over the barrel. The only noise I hear is the quiet slamming of the piston and the hit of the pellet. I can miss, pop the action open, reload, and fire again before the prey even knows how where that nick on the tree came from. Everyone needs a decent break-barrel air rifle. I like fiber-optic iron sights better than a scope for quick rodent popping.

      I shoot all of my rifles with a fairly light grip just ahead of the action/magazine, so allowing for the forward recoil of a break-barrel comes natural to me, but if you are used to gripping the front of your gun with authority, it might take you some time to acclimate to accurately shooting one.

      • valorius

        My Beeman spring cocking 1000fps .22 air rifle is louder than my .22 Browning BL-22 with aguila supermax rounds. It has some sort of comp, i regret not getting one of the ones with a built on suppressor.

    • noob

      since a wound is a void and voids have no mass (except vacuum energy), massive and wound sound weird in a sentence anyhow.

      All they meant was “ZOMG so big!” wound channel. That will be the new technical term from now on.

      • Badwolf

        I get that a lot when I take my pants off

        • Phillip Cooper

          Keep dreaming…

          • Badwolf

            Yeah! Living the dream

  • thedonn007

    Even with thr disclaimer, I cannot believe that these would be all that accurate.

  • Rick O’Shay

    A whole 3″ to 4″ penetration? And accurate to 20-30 yards??? Yeah, That’s not what I’d call lethal, at all. You’d be better off with a .22LR.

    • clampdown

      Anymore penetration and you’re going through small game…I can drop squirrels at 25+yds all day using the cheapest Daisy flathead pellets and my Stoeger X-20’s iron sights.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Oh, my bank account wishes you hadn’t told me about that…

        I’ve been wanting a suppressed air rifle for years…

    • valorius

      Most things you shoot with an air rifle are 3-4″ thick dude.

      • Shankbone

        Can you just let him have his moment? 😉

        • valorius

          LOL…my bad 😀

    • Phillip Cooper

      We’re shooting squirrels and rabbits here, not Lou Ferrigno.

  • valorius

    Well the pictures and video are certainly impressive as hell.

  • BattleshipGrey
  • marathag

    No love for .20


  • valorius

    Jeez these things are almost as expensive as premium boutique center-fire firearm ammunition.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Show me where you can get those rounds for $0.50/each.

      • valorius

        To which rounds do you refer?

        • Phillip Cooper

          I had no idea that you could get “premium, boutique centerfire pistol ammo” for so low a price.

          What makes it “boutique”? Does it come with a pair of silk thongs and a single gold-dipped red rose?

          • valorius

            LOL, Boutique means it’s from a small manufacturer. Examples would be Buffalo Bore, Cor Bon, Elite Ammunition, Clark Custom Ammo, and Underwood, among others. Silk thongs and gold dipped rose sadly not included. 😉

          • Phillip Cooper

            Yes I know. You’re ruining the joke, shush! 🙂

          • valorius

            LMAO my apologies 😀

        • Phillip Cooper

          (more seriously, thanks for the tip!)

          • valorius

            No problem, Underwood is great stuff.

  • adverse4

    Must be for really vicious little critters.

    • Edeco

      Yup, if I had a rat problem… though would have to know if it would expand from a pistola, and it would have to cost only 1/5 as much.

  • Giolli Joker

    This looks like the design that the Halo TSR should have chosen.

    What about the Umarex Hammer?

  • Oh boy, having flashbacks of OATH and RIP. “The last gimmick you will ever believe”

  • Tassiebush

    Sorry for being the person that mentions it but I think the cost per pellet in the context of the size of what you shoot with it is a bit of an issue. Performance sounds good though and choice and innovation is good.

  • User

    Rather stupid design, you need to cut to create wounds but not loose to much energy with air guns, these pedals are blunt at the inside = same damage with less penetration = sucks.

  • Jake

    is that faster or slower than the navy’s railgun?

    • roguetechie

      Umm.. That depends very much on which light gas gun we compare against it…

      Light gas guns are a very diverse and varied field most of which are used for a wide variety of applications and with a dizzying array of possible gun designs all of which can greatly alter the performance envelope and etc they can be expected to fall into…

      For the most part though, light gas guns are a species which mainly fall under the heading of laboratory grade projectile launchers…

      Because guns are so awesome even scientists love them so much that they wanted a gun type to call their own ROFL… And thus the light gas gun was born…

      Or so the origin story would go if they let crazy bastards like me rewrite history to make it way more entertaining…