It’s not quite as small as the World’s smallest Kalashnikov, but there’s a lot of impressive details in LittleArmory’s Kriss Vector SMG.

Bear in mind, the size is only 130x210x20 mm, (or about 5″ x 8″ x 0,8″), so they’ve managed to get a lot of realism into the model. The material almost looks like liquorice sweet, but is likely a lot harder to digest.


The scale is 1:12 and the model is Made in Japan.

This Japanese School girl is heavily armed and ready for collectors.

Her Knee Caps look very much like the ones from Arc’teryx.



  • Porty1119

    Never nuke a country twice…

  • Phillip Cooper

    Sure to make TSA “agents” wet their pants…

    • Wow!

      As someone on this forum once called them “Thousands Standing Around”

      • Phillip Cooper

        I like that. I’m stealing it…

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Micro .45 is still too expensive.

    • Reader

      B.. ,but, knockdoawn powah!?

  • Wang Chung Tonight

    What in the hell does this have to do with anything? Hi welcome to the firearm blog where we promote guns for dolls. Stay tuned for next week, we will have the world’s smallest hand grenade made from a grain of sand.

  • Blake

    That sure doesn’t look like it’s 5″ x 8″.

  • Tet

    what the heck

  • Travis


  • Wow!

    Wow, I can’t believe this got on TFB. Being the weeb I am I bought this figure about a month ago. They are coming out with a new figure some time this year too. I’m a big fan of this.

  • Brett

    What are these? Guns for Ants?