Franklin Armory Binary Triggers for HK and Bushmaster ACR Rifles | SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV’s continuing SHOT coverage, James meets up with the guys at Franklin Armory to discuss their new binary trigger systems for the Bushmaster ACR and the HK 5x/9x series of rifles and carbines. For those unfamiliar with the binary trigger, check Phil’s recent review of the system here ( An excerpt is below:

“Franklin Armory released the new BFSIII binary trigger this week. For those not familiar with a binary trigger it’s really very simple with each trigger pull the weapon fires as the trigger is released the weapon fires again. So, each trigger stroke fires two rounds.

The trigger comes with a stick on indicator that shows safe, fire and finally binary. It should pose no problem since the first two settings are identical to any other AR trigger. Normally the third position doesn’t exist on a standard AR trigger and again that activates the binary function on the BFSIII.”

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  • Nick

    Cool, now let’s see one for a Scorpion Evo.

    Here hoping anyway.

    • Ebby123

      HELL YES!!
      If I could pick one gun to get simulated full-auto on, it would be my Scorpion.

      …partly because 9MM is the only caliber above 22LR I could afford to feed :0)

    • b0x3r0ck

      As much as I like the Scorpion Evo if they did it for the Kriss Vector I would be in heaven.

      • Ebby123

        I’m inclined (IE my gut feeling) to believe that the Scorpion sells much higher volume than the Vector, even though I’d prefer a Vector if I could afford it.

    • I’d be really happy if they made one for the PS90.

  • Noishkel

    Heh! You know I’m crazy enough to try mounting one of those in my CETME, if it’ll take it of course. 😛

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Who the hell even owns the Masada anymore?

    • SP mclaughlin

      No one ever since Magpul sold it to Bushmaster.

    • b0x3r0ck

      Really wish they would do something more with that gun seem like such a waste. Maybe after this there might be more aftermarket support.

      • myndbender

        After a 10 yr wait Bushmaster finally showed some different Cal conversion kits & barrels of differing lengths, calibers, & even some SBR barrels in addition to the BFS for the ACR…Way too late to bring the MCR back from the firearms graveyard IMHO. To be continued…

        • Ebby123

          For those that followed it from its inception, maybe the love is gone, but don’t forget there are hundreds of new shooters entering our ranks every day as Firearms continues to become more and more mainstream.

          So many products that seasoned gun enthusiasts greet with “Meh, nothing new” get a “Wow, what is that?” from gun owners who haven’t been reading/collecting/learning for over a decade.

          • Stan Darsh

            That is a good point. It may not be the hot new product anymore, but if Bushmaster follows through with the replacement barrels and parts and increase the QC/QA on the ACR they will have plenty of new sales. I would likely buy one, even after the disappointment with the initial release.

  • Jeff Smith

    I kind of hate that James didn’t use the phrase “Damn, Son” during the interview.