Primary Arms 1-8x24mm Platnum Series | TFBTV | SHOT 2017

One of the products that has been on the market for a little while that Patrick wanted to put hands on while at SHOT was the Primary Arms 1-8x24mm Platinum Series scope. With ultra clear glass and outstanding reticle choices, the Platinum series is a huge value in variable one power scopes. It is made in the same factory as other high-end scopes with a price point that is near half competing scopes.

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Patrick R

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  • Jason Lewis

    I hear nothing but good about the PA Arms Platinum.

  • glenn cheney

    The one tenth adjustment says precision. Your comment on glass clarity is duly noted.
    I always go to light transmission and lens coatings first, glad to see the most important items caught your attention.
    That scope is a hunter’s dream for sure.

  • valorius

    All these Shot Show “Articles” on TFB the last few days have been very light on details.

  • Ben Pottinger

    Since PA has built their reputation on “good enough” Chinese clones I’m not sure releasing a 1200$ scope under the PA brand is the best idea. I guess we will see, but I’m not sure I’d spend that much on one when a little more gets you a “name brand” scope. Maybe the warranty will help.