New Streamlight Models For 2017 | TFBTV | SHOT 2017

Streamlight has not only introduced some new models for 2017, but updated some old favorites like the Protac line. The Protac rail mount 2 is a favorite of Patrick’s and he was pleased to learn that they have updated it with a new 1000 lumen version. Streamlight also expanded the TLR 6 line with new options as well as a very exciting 1911 model that is designed to work with just about any non railed 1911.

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  • Blake

    Thanks. Streamlight has a ton of great stuff.

    PSA: when buying 18650 batteries, stick to verified name brands, & trusted resellers.

    Cheap “high-capacity” cells never live up to their capacity (any 18650 that says it’s more then 3500mAh is lying), & could get you injured or worse:

    Cheap Chinese units are often rebuilt from old worn-out power tool batteries. Here’s a video of one exploding in an e-cigarette in some guy’s pocket:

    Personally I use Panasonic NCR18650B bought directly from Amazon (not a reseller). 3400mAh & built-in protection circuit; this battery was developed for the Tesla Model S.

  • Bill

    Streamlight is rapidly replacing Surefire for me, what with me being a mere mortal and all.

  • rezin23

    Thank you for keeping the videos nice and short. I hate the 45 minute reviews for some stupid knife (nutnfancy).