Deadfoot Arms DFA Modified Cycle System AR-15 Folder | TFBTV | SHOT 2017

Having a folder on your AR-15 is nice, but the large downside to that is you can’t shoot it folded. The guys at Deadfoot Arms saw this as a large problem and came up with a solution that allows you to shoot an AR-15 with the stock folded. No other drop in solution exists for this problem, now your weapon is aways ready.

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  • Ki

    so, BCG is not milspec

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      It is and it isn’t. They cut a milspec bolt down a bit. They can modify milspec bolts for a small fee.

      • noob

        if you have a MPI tested BCG that they cut down, are the old MPI test results still valid? does cutting it change things?

        • DW

          I think it is still valid, the rear of the BCG basically act only as weight

        • Ebby123

          Yes they would be.
          MPI testing is not to detect machined features, but material flaws. Machining a BCG would not affect the material properties.

    • Wow!

      Milspec used to be a bigger factor back in the day when commercial rifles were of slightly different design than the military contract. Today, the standards of manufacturing are so refined that milspec really doesn’t mean much of anything. All that is important is that the part is tested, and frankly I have bought tons of untested bolt carrier groups for my rifle builds and they haven’t failed in over 7000 rounds I and co workers fired over the years.

  • Shankbone

    Before you type your complaint about the price, just think how nice it will be to take the AR-15 pistol you already (can’t afford?) and make it a compact sidefolder…you can shoot folded.

  • Lou

    From the author (my emphasis in CAPS):

    “Having a folder on your AR-15 is nice, but the large downside to that is YOU CAN’T SHOOT IT FOLDED. The guys at Deadfoot Arms SAW THIS AS A LARGE PROBLEM and came up with a solution that allows you to shoot an AR-15 with the stock folded. NO OTHER DROP IN SOLUTION EXISTS FOR THIS PROBLEM, now your weapon is a(l)ways ready.”

    Really? If you are only considering the Law Tactical product (which I would NEVER buy) then the above is a true statement but here is why it is not:

    1) Olympic Arms had a side folding AR-15 (AO-93 rifle version of the pistol) back in the early 1990s which shoots folded.

    2) ZM Weapons had a side folding AR-15 in the late 1990s and was bought out by Para Ordnance to be their entry into the AR-15 market which the Remington/Freedom Group did a great job is destroying this brand like most companies (& firearm models) they acquire.

    3) There is the JARD J-16 which is another side folding AR-15 product and it can also fire with the stock folded. It has been around for almost 10 years I believe.

    As far as “Drop in” – since the AR-15 is a very modular firearm any of the systems above are as about as “drop in” as this one from Deadfoot Arms. Having said all of this, I am considering buying the parts from Deadfoot as it looks like a good system.

    • Stephen Paraski

      It does look like a solution that a larger Company would have engineered. Good for them and I hope they sell a lot.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      No, they’re correct, Mr. Nitpicker. None of those were/are sold except as complete rifles or a complete upper, so definitely not drop in.

      If it is even close to the Law Tactical in durability, one might follow me home.

  • ExMachina1

    Would be interested to see how reliable this set up is over the course of 1000-1000s of rounds. That spring looks dinky.

    If it proves robust, I would definitely be interested

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Yeah, completely agree.

  • noob

    does their stock tube still offer as many positions of adjustment as the regular one? or does the 2 inches of buffer tube subtract a couple of clicks?

    • dshield55

      It doesn’t look like you can have an adjustable stock

    • Joe Gamer

      You use whatever tube you want. They do offer a lightweight buttstock of their own that’s proprietary but it’s not necessary.

  • Peter Nissen

    I’m looking forward to some shooting tests with this set-up! Very interesting!!!!

  • Joseph Smith

    If a person is going to modify the AR system this much just to achieve folded firing, it makes more sense to me to just dump the system and go to something else.

    • Ebby123

      For many, but not everyone.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Never know without hands on, but it looks pretty simple to me.