10 Years Of The Magpul PMAG Exhibit | SHOT 2017

To celebrate 10 years of the PMAG, Magpul set up an impressive display to show the development cycle of the PMAG. They had some really rare and interesting mags on display to include some of the very first prototypes. Just recently it was announced that Magpul would be the new magazine of the USMC.

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  • Ron

    It is authorized for Marine Corps usage, but it is not the “new magazine of the USMC.”

    • Joseph Goins

      It actually is. All USGI magazines will be used exclusively for training until they are no longer serviceable. The PMAGs will be the only type of magazine used for combat.

      • Ron

        Speaking as someone who is actually still in and runs a Regiment, that is actual is not what is happening. This will more than likely be an interim solution till they fix the mags received via the NSN. Big Army is the executive agent for small arms and has been shown time and time again, they don’t like to buy from non-traditional acquisition sources.

        I passed to my subordinate commanders the other day to buy PMAG to bring their SL3 up to 100 percent, but they will only have to buy a couple mags to do it so the that leaves about 30K of other mags within the Regiment.

        • Core

          Cool info. So will this be the new official mag for the USMC M16A3/4 and M4A1? It sounds like it is a gap solution? I have been wondering why Magpul hasn’t replaced the usgi for those not using the HKs with the proprietary magwells, but now new pmags are cross compatible. Sounds like a good opportunity to field better mags? I have been using pmags for years and truly believe they are better. My former brothers in the Navy have been using them with great success.

          • Ron

            We are not sure yet, the PMAG is a great mag but when every Battalion in Marine Corps has anywhere from 50k to 200k in legacy magazines I think you will see a Pictanny solution well before all the legacy mags need to be replaced

          • Core

            I would guess Magpul can produce polymer mags cheaper than using aluminum. The mag’s I’ve used (mostly gen I) have been extremely reliable, and can take more abuse than the aluminum before the bodies become unserviceable. Well, thanks and Godspeed, we will see how this plays out.

  • KestrelBike

    Sorry this doesn’t have to do with Magpul (all hail MP), but where’s the coverage for IWI’s booth? Specifically, any news on factory-SBR for the X95? (.223/5.56)

  • jono102

    The gen 3 mag is the standard service mag for the NZDF with new MARS-L coming to service. Nothing on par with US purchases but still a reasonable stack of mags since they are replacing the entire inventory of the out going Steyr mags.

  • 2805662

    Would’ve liked to see the PMAG-AUS for the AUG.

  • L. Roger Rich

    just got 2 sand 40’s on clearance from Midwest. They can be dyed with Rit any color

  • Wow!

    I hope the Marines aren’t paying more for the PMags than new USGI or hopefully paying a little less (due to lower cost per unit of polymer injection). I like Pmags but the USGI mags with the newest followers work just as well. The issue with USGI mags like anything in our inventory is that it is allowed to wear out when it should be regularly picked out of circulation and replaced with fresh units.